tagLoving WivesStories, Screenplays, and Reality Ch. 01

Stories, Screenplays, and Reality Ch. 01


"I don't know if we can make it work," was the flat response from the other end of the line. I looked at my phone in irritation; was it possible that people were just this dense? The deal couldn't possibly have been any better, with minimal risk and up front investment, and a large profit potential.

"That's fine," I said after a moment. "I'll keep looking around and you can hang on to my number in case you change your mind." And that was that. It was the third rejection in five weeks, ever since I had decided to finally make a real effort to bring my erotic ideas into the mainstream adult entertainment world in the form of videos.

To be sure, I'd had enough requests over time for customized stories, and photos and videos. People wanted to see my wife Kelly and I doing the sorts of things that crop up in my stories - smoking, creampies, large dildos, and complex fantasies. But the truth was that there was no way that was ever going to happen. Still, the idea really sank in, and it began mixing with our own opinion as a couple that most of the erotica on the market was simply of poor quality, or had elements that spoiled the rest of the product.

Of course, that doesn't mean that we don't enjoy watching a porn flick; far from it. But it seemed to me that there were so many ways to make it better, and probably make some money at the same time. I had no illusions. There was no way that anyone was going to consider making a movie unless there was a substantial profit opportunity involved.

I made an effort to quantify and qualify the factors that ruined otherwise decent erotica, as well as the missing elements that would make average porn great, and started seeking out companies that might be interested in trying something new. Having a degree in business coupled with substantial experience to boot, I had a sense of how to market my ideas appealingly to the players involved. I did my research and targeted several companies ranging in size from amateur productions to a couple of large and well known film companies whose cast of performers were virtual household names in the industry. Of those, only three had responded thus far, and none of these had gone farther than initial concept.

Why, you may wonder? It seems that there's a certain prejudice in the adult industry that assumes that the only target market worth producing for is men. And not to stop there, the product itself is largely undifferentiated and frequently demeaning to women. How many times have you heard a woman groan in disgust at the clichéd facial come shot in a film? How many of you rent or buy movies specifically to watch them with your significant other? How many of you are, in fact, women?

Now, I'm realistic and certainly willing to grant that the majority of consumers buying adult videos are indeed men. However, there is undeniably a solid niche of consumers who fall into these other categories I described - couples, women, or people simply looking for a different kind of video. Men who place women on an equal footing, and who would prefer watching a film in which the actress is enjoying herself. People who value eroticism, realism, and a certain level of intellectual stimulation while being physically aroused. No, not a majority by any means, but when you add it all up, you quickly realize that not a single adult entertainment company is in the business of satisfying this audience. Instead they slug it out in a glutted market where most consumers could care less whose films they rent or buy. When I got the email from Julie I was definitely starting to become a little jaded...


It began simply: 'Dear Biff, I've recently become aware, through a friend of a friend, of your ideas for a new line of erotica. After extensive experience both in front of, and behind the camera, I've struck out on my own with a new venture. I think we should talk, and soon." It was signed Julie Morgan, a name that I didn't recognize. Of course, I realized later that when acting a few years back she had used a pseudonym under which she had achieved moderate recognition - starlet but not mega-star?

Julie, it turned out, was basing her operations out of New York. After an exchange of email and phone calls, we arranged a meeting. She would fly into town to discuss my ideas and talk about her budding company. I was very excited about the opportunity. From our limited conversation thus far, it seemed like there might be a good match in our interests and aspirations, as well as enough chemistry to make the project feasible. We arranged a lunchtime meeting at an outdoor café that had enough potted trees and shrubbery around the tables to provide a hint of privacy. I arrived early and had been waiting patiently for about 10 minutes before she arrived. Since it was nearly 2:00pm, it was easy for us to recognize each other when she appeared.

Actually, I noticed her almost instantly when she appeared from a cab that pulled up to the curb. Julie was a slim, slightly busty woman standing about 5'6" tall. Her hair was naturally a dark brown but nicely highlighted with light blonde streaks. She was casually dressed in an attractive, businesslike blouse and skirt, and wore only a moderate amount of makeup. Still, there was immediate recognition; I had seen more than a couple of films in which she had appeared. I felt my cock stiffening as I realized that I was having lunch with a woman whose only prior introduction to me was being fucked on camera for my viewing pleasure.

She must have caught my gaze because she made a beeline for my table. I rose to greet her and she took my hand in a firm shake. "You must be Biff," she pronounced, giving me a once over, which, I was secretly pleased to admit, lingered over my bulging trousers. She settled into the chair that I held for her and then I sat again, opposite her. A slight smile played across her lips as she looked me over. "I take it you recognize me?" she inquired coyly.

In her early thirties, I decided that Julie was actually much sexier now than in her videos when her hair had been dyed an unnatural platinum blonde. In fact, rather than just admit it to myself, I went ahead and told her as well. "I do recognize you, actually - but I have to say, there are some people who look even better in person than on screen. You are definitely one of those people."

Julie beamed. I suspect that she was not used to sincere compliments from her fans and probably more accustomed to crude propositions from men snorting and telling her they'd show her a "real" man.

"Why thank you," she laughed gaily. Then with a sidelong glance clearly aimed at disconcerting me, she said, "So you don't think I looked better naked and riding on a thick cock?"

I blushed, something that I rarely do. Never at a total loss for words, I stumbled through something about not going quite that far, but... Julie laughed again, a musical, vibrant laugh that was quite pleasant to listen to.

"Well," she continued in her role of teasing me, "I do hope that whatever ideas you have for me involve getting you in front of the camera as well." She licked her lips ever so slightly as she delivered the statement, and I decided that my pants really were quite a bit too confining at that particular moment. Saved by the waitress, however, we were allowed to focus our attention on the wine list for a few moments and ordered a bottle of good Chianti and a pair of salads. That dealt with, and the initial flirting concluded, we settled down to the real reason we were sitting there.

"Listen Biff, I want you to know that although I don't have many details about what you have in mind, the little I've heard so far sounds extremely intriguing. Of course, that's why I flew in to meet with you." It turned out as she went on that my name and a description of my ideas had been given to her by a contact at one of the companies that had rejected me recently. "And," she went on, "It's not the first time I've come across your name."

At my quizzical look, she elaborated. "I'm a fan," she confessed. "I've read all of your stories online, and I have your name in an alert list so that I see new stories as soon as you post them. I love your ideas, your story lines - if your ideas for videos are anything like your writing, I can't wait to hear them. I'd love you meet your wife," she said, and then, almost under her breath, "Or be her..." Then it was her turn to blush in consternation. Before I could say anything, she changed tacks and tried to get her feet onto solid ground again. "Tell me, what's your total readership?"

I leaned back in my seat and took a sip of wine. "Unique? Mid-hundred thousand, probably... Maybe 175,000 total? It's pretty high, actually, considering that my distribution and promotion is pretty limited." She nodded as I spoke.

"Look, you know that I've been on camera, so I know what that world is like. I've also directed for two different companies over the past several years. But I think you and I are both on the same page - there's a big gap in video entertainment for the type of material you write, both your fiction and your true stories. I think that there are people who would buy those movies and love them, and I think they'd be loyal customers. No, it might not be the single, blue-collar guy who wants a stroke film - but I think that a lot of men pick out videos with the intention of watching with their wife, girlfriend, whatever."

She glanced around and, since our salads were nowhere in sight, reached into her purse. Withdrawing a pack of cigarettes, she inquired, "You don't mind if I smoke do you?" At a slight shake of my head she grinned knowingly. "Of course you don't," she said as she put a cigarette to her lips and lit it. Tilting her head back, she exhaled a rich plume of smoke and continued.

"Before we talk about your ideas, let me finish by telling you what I bring to the table." I realized suddenly that Julie was actually selling herself to me, much as I had expected to need to do with her. "Obviously I know the industry, and I have connections. I have capital, some mine, some from investors. I have equipment, distribution channels, and I know what it takes to produce, package, and market a video. I also have a brand new company that has not yet produced a single film, which makes me an unproven quantity. But, I don't want to compete with all the stuff that's out there now." She took a long pull from her cigarette. "What I want is to make movies that turn me on, movies that turn my friends on - that turn real people on. I want to sell people something worth watching. And if I make a few bucks at the same time..." she trailed off with a twinkle in her eye.

"Listen Julie, that all sounds fabulous. From what you've told me, and my impression of you so far, I believe you can do exactly what you're describing." I was having a bit of difficulty staying focused on the subject at hand, while watching this sexy woman rolling her cigarette between her fingertips and smiling at me. "I'm not sure where you think that I fit in though - it sounds like you have plenty of your own ideas already."

"Ideas, yes," she agreed. She took a final drag from her cigarette and put it out, exhaling slowly. "But what I need is a writer, a choreographer, a cinematographer. I need someone who is on the same page as I am. Someone who can push me artistically and sexually, and vice versa. I have the mechanics, the business - but I need the artist to make it all happen. I believe you're the missing piece to my puzzle."

The salads arrived on that note, which gave me a moment to consider my response. "Julie, I'm not sure if you're interviewing me, or convincing me."

She winked at me as a forkful of lettuce slid between those luscious lips. "Maybe I'm propositioning you," she said dangerously between bites.

Christ was this woman sexy! I was more than a touch concerned that my attraction to her could be a problem, but then again, there are worse problems to have. She indicated that I should go ahead and talk to her about my ideas as we ate.

"Well, as you know from my writing already, there are some fetishes that I enjoy writing about - the creampies, the smoking, large cocks and dildos. But more than just fetish fare, I envision a line of erotica that is aimed at stimulating both men and women simultaneously. Give both of them what they want to see, and get rid of things that detract. For just a few examples, the de rigueur facial..." She wrinkled her nose even is I began.

"Let me just tell you, a woman does not want a guy's come all over her face, in her hair, in her eyes... I mean, once in a great while and in the right setting it might be sexy, but enough already!" she interjected. I found myself nodding in agreement.

"OK, so that. Also, spitting on a woman's pussy to lubricate her, or even a woman spitting on a guy's dick - not sexy. Grabbing the woman's head and pulling her down on you during a blowjob - degrading. Unattractive actors of either gender have got to go - I mean, what the fuck's with Ron Jeremy, for Christ's sake?" Julie giggled; I was getting warmed up and into my element, and the wine was smoothing my inhibitions. "What woman thinks a fat, hairy guy nicknamed 'Hedgehog' is sexy? And on the flip side, absurdly large fake tits with bad implant scars - come on! I'm not opposed to implants, but unnatural is not sexy. And all of the peroxide blonde superstar actresses - look, I'd rather watch a sexy, beautiful, unknown woman have an incredible onscreen fuck than see the same mediocre scene with a moderately attractive, big name star."

"Well, we can agree with all of that for sure," Julie laughed. "So that's all stuff you DON'T want to see - what do you put in its place?"

"Men who are genuinely sexy to the women viewers, with big cocks. Women who are actually attractive and who are enjoying what they're doing. Seductive storylines that a couple can get into - I'm not talking about big silly plots where some private investigator has to track down a murder and fucks half the witnesses during the film. But scenes that have some mental stimulation, like a couple who fantasizes during sex about having a hot threesome, then goes out to the bar where she picks up a guy and brings both of the guys home with her."

Julie seemed to be shifting in her seat as I spoke. "And in a movie like that, you don't leave any doubt as to their marital status. The couple is wearing wedding rings that you actually see during the sex. The woman actually acts like she hasn't been with another guy besides her husband in years - tentative at first, but when she becomes comfortable she really goes for it completely. The men treat her like a sexy goddess, and she has multiple, real orgasms. They double-penetrate her and have to take it slow so that she can handle the stimulation because she's never been fucked like that in her life before, and you can see that in her face..."

Julie took a slightly shaky breath and lit another cigarette with hands that trembled a bit. I could sense underneath the table the movement of her rubbing her legs together softly. "Mmm..." she murmured. "That sounds fabulous. What else?"

"How about a scenario in which a woman teases her husband all day long while he's working, driving him sexually wild but with no way to deal with it. She might call him several times at work and let him listen to her masturbate with big dildos or vibrators, and he would be envisioning her in various sexual settings at other times. It would build until he couldn't stand it and left work to be with her."

"Kind of like that story you wrote about the time your wife did that to you?" Julie offered.

"Yeah - that was real, and incredibly erotic for me. And that's why people would watch this, because they'll feel it too. Or even edgier things, like a film that starts with a man coming home unexpectedly to find his wife or girlfriend lying in their bed, freshly fucked. Full of mixed emotions, he would nevertheless be intensely aroused and she would pull his face to her come filled pussy to eat her. Their lovemaking would be intense, powerful, and gradually they would seek out the same experience again and again." I felt sweat upon my brow even in the low seventy-degree temperatures, and my cock was painfully swollen. Julie's smoking was also getting to me, I realized as she blew out a cone of white smoke before me. She caught me staring.

"I suppose that some of the women in these films would smoke, wouldn't they?" she teased me.

I grinned. "It's statistically likely." We both knew that if we made movies under my creative control, it was more like a statistical certainty.

"Biff, I want to work with you. Badly. God, I might have to go play with myself in the bathroom to cool off, just from listening to you. In fact, one of these days I might just have to convince your wife to let me star in one of these scenes with you." She put her soft hand upon my wrist and her touch was warm, thrilling. "You have a sexy mind, and that's incredibly stimulating to a woman. Plus it doesn't hurt that you're fucking hot too!" She laughed again and let her touch linger a moment longer, then reached into her purse to pay the bill. I tried to protest but she insisted. "Business lunch, honey. Don't worry about it."

We made arrangements for me to begin work on some scripts and to fly to New York in two weeks, expenses paid, for casting interviews. Then we parted, Julie pressing her lips to my cheek for a few seconds - long enough for a whiff of her sensual perfume to fill my nostrils. During that brief embrace she pressed herself to me enough that I felt her firm breasts against my chest, and she no doubt got a first-hand impression of my rigid cock probing her stomach. Just before closing the door of the cab I hailed for her, Julie popped her head back out.

"Be sure to bring Kelly in for the weekend - I can't wait to meet her! We'll make her an artistic consultant and have her in on the casting calls. I have a feeling her input will be very useful." She blew me a kiss and was gone.


"Well how did it go?" Kelly demanded eagerly. At first, Kelly hadn't been aware of my writings. But some time ago, she discovered my hobby and has encouraged it often. She was especially intrigued about my meeting that afternoon and had commented several times on how nice it would be to have some "good movies" to watch. Kelly sauntered over to me and kissed me hello, sniffing. "I can smell her perfume on you - did you have to fuck her for an audition?"

The words could have come out harshly, but said with a smile I knew my wife was teasing me. Not that I hadn't been tempted, but she was quite confident in my fidelity. After all, in my stories it was more likely to be Kelly fucking another man than the other way around...

"It went well. Better than well. She's going to do it!" I responded.

"Really? That quickly?"

"She wants me to work out five or six scripts - she feels that she'll need that many titles to get the company started. And she'll pay me $5000 per title, plus 2% of net once the film breaks even - I was expecting to have to work for free, just to get the ball rolling. And she wants me - well, us, to come to New York in two weeks to work on screening auditions for the films."

"Me too?" asked Kelly in surprise. "Not that I'm complaining about the chance to go pick out the sexiest guys with the biggest cocks for the movies, but why me?"

"You're quite a celebrity to her," I said smiling. "It also turns out she's read all of my stories."

Kelly grinned wickedly and slid her hand inside my pants to stroke my cock. "And which stories are you going to turn into movies first? The one with the new neighbors? Or the one where you come home and I've been fucking other men?" She kissed me hard, sliding her tongue inside my mouth sensually. "Better be careful taking me to New York," she murmured, "I might want to audition to play myself."

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