tagLoving WivesStories, Screenplays, and Reality Ch. 03

Stories, Screenplays, and Reality Ch. 03


"And action!" cried Julie loudly. We were back in her combination studio/apartment building and were standing in a cluster behind a group of bright lights. One of the two moveable sets had been configured as a middle-class living room; the other was set up as a matching style bedroom.

As I watched, an extremely sexy brunette in her early thirties descended a simulated staircase. I remembered her from the auditions – confident, attractive, and put together, the perfect woman to play the wife in the first film we were shooting, "Opening Our Marriage". The script chronicled the experiences of an attractive, happy couple as they experimented with multiple partner and extra-marital sex.

Sue was approaching the man who was playing her husband, a solidly built man in his late thirties named Mark. I recalled from the auditions that he was exceptionally well endowed even among the crew we had assembled, with a cock that easily surpassed 11" long and 7" in circumference. At the moment he was seated in a couch with his back to his "wife", reading a newspaper.

She slid up behind him and wrapped her arms around his chest, careful not to conceal the wedding band and engagement ring on her fingers. Our actors had been thoroughly prepared on every aspect of the script, including our insistence on subtle points of eroticism like emphasizing their marital status.

They nuzzled and kissed romantically for a bit under the powerful glow of the lights, making quiet, romantic small talk for the benefit of the camera. After a short while, Sue reached down and unzipped Mark's pants, fishing his proudly erect cock out and beginning to stroke it lasciviously. I leaned in and murmured to Julie.

"Cut!" she called. She stepped into the set and knelt behind the couch next to Sue. "What did you have in mind?" she asked me.

"A little more subtlety – this movie gets hardcore soon enough, so let's start gently," I suggested.

Julie took hold of Mark's cock and pushed it back inside his pants. Then she buried her hand there and began stroking him slowly. Although his dick was hidden from view, the motion of her hand within his pants made it obvious what she was doing, with an overall effect that was sexier than if it had been open as first done. Sue nodded and Julie stepped away and began filming again.

This time it went better. Sue emulated Julie's motions, kissing Mark wetly all the while. My scripts all called explicitly for a lot of kissing, which I feel is missing in most erotic films. At a subtle nod from Julie, Sue said softly, "Let's go to the bedroom."

We cut again and took a ten-minute break while Ray, the cameraman, and his assistant got ready in the second set. Sue came over to Julie and I to chat for a few moments. Julie was just lighting a cigarette and Sue asked her shyly if she could have one also.

"I thought you didn't smoke," Julie smiled slightly, handing her the pack.

"Well, I don't. But as the script says, it's a smoking role and it has to be convincing, so I'm learning." She laughed and lit a cigarette, drawing shallowly and concentrating on inhaling and exhaling smoothly. "What do you think so far?" she asked me intently.

"So far, so good. You and Mark have nice chemistry together. You look natural, and seem to be enjoying yourselves. Remember, you've been married for seven years. Your lovemaking should be experienced, comfortable. But now you're introducing a new dimension to the relationship. The viewer needs to understand, watching and listening to you, that you've talked about this before, but this time something is different. You're deciding to go through with it."

I noticed Mark listening in as well. "Just remember, the sex has to look good and be hot, like any other video. But the acting has to be much better, so that we believe in your characters." Julie nodded and put her hand on my arm in agreement.

"We're ready," she said simply.

A few minutes later we were filming again. Mark had backed Sue through the doorway and pressed her onto the bed, their hands stripping each other furiously. They kissed passionately and I felt myself becoming very aroused watching them. Sue took his powerful cock into her hands and started stroking and sucking it, seated on the edge of the bed. However, as indicated by the script, they were to keep the foreplay relatively short and soon enough Mark pushed her flat and penetrated her neatly trimmed pussy with his thick prick.

I doubted that Sue was acting as her moans filled the air. Even an experienced starlet probably didn't get fucked by such a large cock very often; Sue had only done two films before auditioning with us. I watched, entranced, and barely noticed when Kelly came in and slipped an arm around my waist.

"How's it going so far?" she whispered in my ear. I nodded positively and she focused her attention on the scene in the room, her hand idly sliding down to cup my crotch. Meanwhile, the couple on stage was beginning to set up the theme of the film. Their intra-coital dialogue had begun.

"Tell me again," moaned Sue. Mark thrust within her. "Tell me the fantasy." She had her eyes closed.

"I want to see you do it..." Mark began. "I want to see you with another guy. Maybe several guys."

Sue groaned loudly and wrapped her legs around his waist, pulling him deeper into her. "What about you? Do you want to watch? Or join in?"

"Both," Mark grunted. "I want to see your face while he's inside you, pleasing you. Fucking you. Fucking my wife."

Sue had a spontaneous orgasm. The scene called for her to climax somewhere around this point anyway, but I think it was a surprise even to her. Her pleasure caused Mark to come as well, kissing her hard and blasting jets of his come inside her belly to foam out around his cock in between strokes.

I held my breath for a long minute. Now was perhaps the most intense part. Very few movies included creampies, and even some of our actors had disdained from doing creampie scenes. But Mark had been more than willing, and the shot called for Sue to slowly push him down between her legs while finalizing their plans.

They kissed romantically for the longest time before Sue slowly sat up and gradually pressed downward on his shoulders until he knelt before her. A line of sweat glistened on her neck and she sighed lustily, looking every bit the well-fucked wife. I could see Julie motioning to the cameraman to get a close up of the sperm running from Sue's snatch before she pulled Mark's mouth to her. He began eating her come-filled pussy and she spoke again.

"Mark, I'm ready to do it. Not just the fantasies when we fuck. Tomorrow night, I want to make it happen." She pulled him tightly to her and let the camera capture every detail of him eating her spunky hole. I once again became aware of my wife standing next to me, slightly behind my shoulder, as her soft intake of breath became audible. She clenched my arm fiercely.

"God, look at that," she whispered. "She's oozing his come right into his mouth. He's literally drinking himself out of her with every lick of his tongue. Is that what it's like when you do me after sex?"

I nodded silently with a grin, while before Sue tightened her legs around Mark's face in another screaming, messy orgasm.


The morning's filming had gone extremely well. After the first scene was complete, Julie called for a light lunch to be brought in, and Sue and Mark headed for the showers.

"Well, what did you think?" I asked Julie. She looked around for a moment, and seeing no one in the room besides the core team, she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me soundly. Her mouth tasted fabulous. "I'm so wet right now that I'm going to have to change my underwear," she admitted.

Kelly cupped my bulging crotch again and rubbed me hard. "Me too," she said, "And it feels like my husband could use some relief as well."

We chatted for a while over lunch, discussing the way the movie would play out. The order of the scenes in the movie called for a preparation scene where the couple got ready to go to the bars, followed by a scene of flirting and dancing at the clubs. This was to be followed by a threesome between Sue, Mark, and the man they picked up at the club. Then there were two 'solo' scenes – one of Sue's girlfriend who would seduce Mark after Sue talked about their exploits, and then a masturbation scene in which Sue imagined, in the camera's eye, being fucked by two other men while Mark watched. Finally it concluded with a couple swapping scene of Sue, Mark, and two of their friends.

Due to the availability of both cast and set space, and the miracles of modern film editing, I was not surprised to discover that Julie planned to shoot out of sequence. Hence the plan for the afternoon was to film the 'getting ready' scene, Sue's 'solo' scene, and Mark with Sue's friend Jackie. We would also do the club scene this evening.

The 'getting ready' scene was extremely sexy. We started with Sue coming out of the shower wrapped in a fluffy towel. She sat down at a vanity table and carefully did her makeup. Then, before working on her hair, she lit a cigarette. She was making a lot of eye contact with me while she smoked, although to the viewers it would appear as if she were looking into the camera. All through the scene she and Mark talked about their plans to bring home another man to fuck her. She finished by dressing in sexy lingerie and a black dress and they set off.

Most of the rest of filming went according to plan as well. Sue's masturbation scene was very sexy. We had procured an extremely large dildo and she took it like it was custom made to fit inside of her. My favorite part of all was filming a section that would show what she was imagining while she was masturbating. We had Mark in the corner stroking his cock while Sue was double penetrated anally and vaginally by two other guys. It was incredible!


Several hours later we were preparing to go out for the club scene shoot. Well, perhaps that isn't exactly accurate. At first it was preparation – showers, hair, makeup -- the usual sorts of things. Somewhere around the point that I found Kelly on her knees working three fingers into Julie's steaming box was where things went astray.

I have to admit that there are few sights in the world that can compare with turning the corner to find your wife diddling another woman. Especially when it's someone as sexy as Julie! Julie was sitting on her slab marble sink with her legs spread widely to allow easy access to that beautifully bare cunt. She was moaning softly and pulling at her erect brown nipples through the thin material of the silk bathrobe she wore.

But my eyes were transfixed on Kelly. She was slowly slipping the first three fingers of her left hand in and out of Julie's twat, her face only inches away. Gradually the penetration became deeper until to my surprise and deep arousal Kelly's wedding ring was disappearing inside this blonde goddess. Sensing my presence, Kelly looked at me over her shoulder.

"Come put your cock to good use," she ordered me, wagging her ass a little. I didn't waste any time pulling her panties aside and burying myself in my wife. She moaned in response and held her sticky fingers back over her shoulder to me so that I could lick Julie's tangy juices from them. We did that several times, and I drank in Julie's flavor each time before Kelly dipped in for more. Eventually she began working her pinky finger in along with the other three fingers, much to Julie's approval.

"Yes!" Julie hissed. "Suck on me while you do that. I want to come on your face!" She pulled Kelly's mouth to her pussy, oblivious to the red lipstick that instantly smeared all across her clit and labia. Julie looked me in the eye as we sandwiched my wife between us, skewered on my cock and smothered in cuntal flow.

I sensed my orgasm rising quickly, and didn't want to come before Kelly. Looking around the sink, I found a hard plastic handled hairbrush. I rubbed one hand through Kelly's slit a few times and reinserted my cock and began fucking her again. Then I gently worked the hairbrush up into her asshole and reveled in the sensation of her vagina clamping down on me in response to the double penetration.

"Oh fuck," she whimpered in between gulps of Julie's copious emissions. "I'm going to come so hard...Jesus...oh...oh!" Her climax came on quickly and with great force. I think that she must have instinctively bitten her lip at that point, except that...Julie's clit was in the way. All of a sudden Julie yelped sharply and jumped, but then began crying out a tremendously powerful orgasm while Kelly jammed nearly her entire hand into the blonde.

Seeing that both women had come I let down my defenses and rode my wife hard from behind. It didn't take long for me to go ahead and empty my balls inside of her with a loud groan.

"What happened there?" I asked Julie once we all caught our breath.

"I think she bit me!" Julie laughed. "It really fucking hurt, but all of a sudden I was coming so hard I saw stars! Wow!"

We all had a good laugh at that, and then set about the process of cleaning up all over again before heading to the bar. It was to be a big night for us: the scene being filmed in the bar would probably include us as "extras". It would be our first time on tape in an adult film, even though it was just as background. Still, that didn't stop Kelly, and Julie as well, from paying extra careful attention to her makeup and hair to get everything just perfect.


When we arrived at the club, a few blocks away, there was already a large line out front. I noticed a sign that read "Private Party: Admission May Be Denied", and in small print below that a disclaimer that by entering the club tonight, patrons gave permission to be filmed as extras in an adult production.

"At least when we do bar scenes, we don't have to worry about underage kids getting mixed up in the scenes. That's a problem you don't even want to get into," Julie laughed. We walked directly up to the door where a powerfully built bouncer cut the line and passed us right through. Inside I saw that Ray, Julie's cameraman, was already hard at work moving through the crowd with a brightly lit camera.

Just as we passed through the doors, we were met by Cami and Jake. Julie glanced at us. "Cami, why don't you two take care of Biff and Kelly? I need to coordinate with our actors for a bit." She nodded and moved off into the crowd.

I felt Cami's soft hand slip around my bicep and she pulled me onto the dance floor. I looked over my shoulder and saw Jake lead Kelly off to a different section of the floor with his hand on the small of her back. She smiled at me and waved.

Cami and I began moving to the excellent trance beats that the DJ was spinning. She was a very sexy dancer, I immediately noticed. She was wearing a skin tight black micro dress that hugged every curve of her body. I guessed that she was probably all of a size two or four, which made her 34B-sized breasts look disproportionately large.

"Got a light?" she grinned, waving a cigarette in front of my face. I realized I had been staring at her chest like an idiot and hurriedly pulled out the lighter that I bring when Kelly and I go out. I flicked it and brought the flame to the tip of her cigarette while she inhaled deeply. At a loss for bright things to say as I watched her cheeks hollow with the force of her drag, I commented to her that she smoked the same brand as Kelly, Marlboro Lights 100's.

She exhaled just past my face with a broad grin. "I think they're more feminine than other cigarettes, since they're a little longer and all-white." She wrinkled her nose. "I don't like those cork-filtered cigarettes."

I nodded my agreement and tried not to stare as she smoked in front of me. Fortunately she took the lead and wrapped an arm around my waist, pulling our bodies together. I was rock hard and knew that there was no way she could miss that fact with her crotch pressed to mine. Suddenly I became aware of a hot glow surrounding us and resisted the urge to look over my shoulder. "The camera?" I said quietly, without moving my mouth.

Cami nodded with a smile. Then she pulled my head towards her. Her mouth was already open with a wet pink tongue reaching out towards me hungrily. She kissed me hard and messy, with a lot of hot tongue action, and I could taste her delicious smoky mouth. A few seconds in, she slid her lips up my neck and nibbled my ear, as we continued to dance and grind.

"Make it hot," she urged me, "We need to look good in the movie." I tried to tell myself that this was all business, for the film, but it certainly didn't feel that way to me. It didn't take any more convincing than that, however – I slid a hand up between us and roughly pinched her erect nipple while we kissed and was rewarded by her gasp of pleasure. A few moments later I felt the heat from the camera's light leave us and reluctantly broke the kiss.

For a few seconds I was dazzled from the bright light, but I was able to make out the glowing tip of her cigarette as she took a drag, then felt her lips against mine once again.

"That was really hot," she exhaled into my mouth. "I can't wait to do an intercourse scene with you..."

I glanced at her wedding ring while she tongued my lips. "But what about...?"

"My husband?" she finished. "He loves what I do. He jerks off watching me fuck other guys, or women, on camera. Speaking of spouses...where do you think your wife is off too?" A hint of amusement played across her lips.

"Um, maybe I ought to go find her?" I said hesitantly.

"Yes, let's do that." Cami took my hand and led me off.


It took a while to find Kelly and Jake. They were nowhere to be seen on the dance floor, nor anywhere around the bar. In fact, we finally found them in one of the men's bathrooms when I went to take a leak.

"I'll be right back," I told Cami as I saw Ray, the cameraman, emerge from one of the bathrooms. "I think he had the right idea."

"Sure I can't come in with you?" she pouted. For a moment I was tempted – the Latin beauty was incredibly desirable. But I decided that it would be better to check in with Kelly before things got too out of hand.

When I opened the door, I stopped in surprise and took a quick step back, bumping into Cami who had moved closer at the sight of my reaction. She peeked over my shoulder and sighed softly. About fifteen feet ahead of us, Kelly was on her knees in front of Jake with his thick cock driving in and out of her mouth. She was obviously fingering herself underneath her skirt and was making little throaty sounds of pleasure around his tool.

I felt Cami's lips against my ear and her tongue probing among the fleshy folds of its skin. Uncontrollably, my cock sprang to life at the incredible sight of my wife blowing another man.

"Fuck, she's a real slut isn't she?" murmured Cami as her hand slid inside my pants to stroke my cock. "I mean, I've read your scripts, but I can't quite believe your wife would suck off another guy in a bathroom!" I could tell, though, that her tone was completely ironic, and the sensation of her tongue flicking in my earlobe while she began jacking me off in earnest left little question that she was just stoking my fire with her words.

Kelly and Jake hadn't noticed us yet, engrossed as they were in their own pleasure. I watched in fascination as he raised her to her feet and put his hands on his shoulders, gently but forcefully turning her until she was facing away from him and bent over the sink. He peeled and rolled her skirt up carefully – it was too tight to simply lift – until her ass was revealed. Kelly was wearing a sheer black thong that Jake pulled down and let fall to the floor. That left nothing between them, nothing to protect her pussy from the beefy pecker that he was rubbing between her inner thighs. Kelly was so wet that I could hear the sticky sound of the contact even from several feet away.

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