tagLoving WivesStories, Screenplays, and Reality Ch. 04

Stories, Screenplays, and Reality Ch. 04


A few weeks had passed since the unusual events in New York that had taken Kelly and my relationship to a new and unexpected level. While we had certainly fantasized any number of times about including others in our lovemaking, usually men since I find the idea of my wife being fucked by another man to be very exciting, up until that point we had never acted on those fantasies.

I reflected on the unexpected experiences briefly. There were the ongoing encounters with Julie, the sexy blonde-streaked starlet-turned-businesswoman who had eagerly partnered with me to bring my written ideas into the visual realm. Something about the busty producer simply drove me wild. Us wild, I corrected myself instantly. It wasn't just that I found Julie sexy and loved to fuck her. Even my wife Kelly, a committed heterosexual, was somehow deeply turned on by the successful, classy woman and had done things with her that I never thought I'd see.

Then there was the flirting and playing at the auditions, and with Cami, one of Julie's assistants. I hadn't actually fucked any of them, although I very much wanted to. The farthest that anything had gone, aside from kissing and a little touching, and some brief blowjobs during the auditions, was when Cami jacked me off in a bathroom. But thinking of that brought one of the wildest experiences to mind...

I recalled coming around the corner to find my wife kneeling on the floor before Jake, Julie's other assistant, with his big cock drilling in and out of her mouth. She didn't know I was there until later, when she looked over her shoulder while he fucked her from behind. It was very exciting for both of us, and we had relieved it in fantasies many times since. Somehow I knew that this was only the beginning for us...


"So Biff, why don't I fly in this week to go over the plans for the 'For Couples' series with you?" Julie asked over the telephone. In my mind I could picture her leaning back in her comfortable upstairs office, her long, tanned legs up on the desktop.

"That sounds great. I know we'll enjoy having you – you'll stay with us, of course."

Her soft chuckle was answer in itself. "Of course. I assume you have a large enough bed." The chuckle became full-on laughter after that, and then, after a brief pause, "Perhaps I should bring Jake along too?"

I only had to think for a moment before responding. "Yes, I think Kelly would like that."

We chatted for a few more minutes about various topics related to the films that we had already worked on. Shooting was all done on the first title, 'Opening Our Marriage', and Julie would be bringing copies of the initial proofs to review. Several scenes had already been shot for two of the titles that would start off the For Couples series, 'Romance' and 'Threesomes', but we still needed to work out the specifics of the third, 'Flings', before shooting could start.

We agreed that Julie would arrive late Friday afternoon and take a taxi directly to our home.


In fact, when the taxi pulled up to the front of the condominium, I felt my pulse quicken to see that not only had Julie brought Jake with her, but that she had also brought Cami as well. The women looked fabulous as usual. Julie was wearing a stylish, cream-colored Donna Karan suit with flowing pants and a finely cut single-button jacket. Underneath the jacket was a simple, sheer black top that was thin enough to reveal a few freckles on the skin of her chest. Her blonde-streaked brunette hairstyle was flawless as always, and the light makeup she wore looked great on her.

Cami, a stunning Venezuelan beauty, gravitated more towards tight fitting, short black skirts, tall wedge-heels and tops that could have been bought in Milan that morning, and today was no exception. Her hair was long and raven dark, with flowing waves that gave it a playful, sophisticated texture. She tended to wear a bit more makeup than Julie, and her lips were luscious in a deep mahogany lipstick.

I could see that Kelly's attention was somewhat more focused on Jake than on the two women, which was not shocking. Having watched her fret about her outfit and hair for the entire afternoon, it was no surprise that she was concerned about his reaction. She had finally settled on a tight pair of black Capri pants and a thin pink blouse that barely managed to contain her large 36C breasts and did nothing to hide the bumps from her erect nipples. She had finished the look off with a pair of 4" pewter colored Italian heels that fairly dripped sex appeal, and a glamorous but fun frosty pink and blue lipstick/eye shadow combination.

As far as us guys were concerned, getting ready was much simpler. We were both attired similarly, with dark pants, fashionable shirts and black leather shoes. It isn't fair; we know it, and there's nothing we can really do about it, so we just accept that men have an easier time of dressing than women. I like to think that I make up for it by working extra hard in the bedroom.

I turned to Kelly as the three made their way up the sidewalk. "I think we may need to use the guest room after all," I said.

"I'll take it," she said easily, her eyes never leaving Jake's muscular chest. I stifled a grin, since that arrangement seemed to leave me in the master bedroom with two incredibly desirable women to occupy my weekend.


The sound of laughter filled our living room as Jake gamely finished off the last plump piece of hamachi, a delicious morsel of sushi atop a bed of sticky rice. The rest of us were full and lounging around the furniture in various positions of relaxation. Sake had been flowing freely to accompany the excellent takeout sushi, and in the warm late summer evening we were all feeling a bit flushed. Julie had removed her jacket, giving everyone a nice view of her lacy black bra through the sheer top she wore.

Kelly lit a cigarette and took a deep drag, letting the smoke fill her chest before she casually exhaled and passed the pack to Julie, then Cami, who each followed suit.

"Who wants to take a look at the proofs for 'Opening Our Marriage'?" Julie asked brightly. There was a general chorus of yea's throughout the room and I stood to adjust the television and VCR, while strategically also lowering the blinds to preserve some vestiges of discretion. While I was up, Jake poured another round of sake for everyone and then took a seat next to Kelly on the loveseat, leaving me between the other ladies on the full sized couch.

I pressed play and the large TV screen was filled with graphic images of sex and nudity. Although still in the rough edit stages, the video was obviously extremely well filmed, and I was very pleased with the quality. It was no problem at all to spot wedding rings on the fingers of the main characters, and the actors had really brought my script to life. Cami commented that it was very easy to believe that they were a real married couple edging into experimental territory.

At one point, a rough cut went black briefly, then opened back up on a backstage moment that left me blushing slightly as the sight of Julie and I kissing wetly behind the set appeared. I remember the moment and hadn't realized that someone was capturing us with a handheld video camera. A chorus of laughter and good-natured teasing erupted around us as the shot appeared.

Julie shrugged unconcernedly and smiled, tilting her head to the right and leaning in to kiss me hard as if mirroring the recording. Our lips locked together and our tongues dueled wetly for several seconds before we broke apart, breathing raggedly.

"If that's the worst you have on us," she began, taking a pull from her cigarette, "Somebody had better bring a camera to the bedroom tonight for a proper show." My wife whooped and gave her a high-five to my embarrassment.

The rest of the video went fairly uneventfully as we enjoyed the work and made some notes for edits that still needed to be done. By and large we were very satisfied with the results, and Julie summarized things very nicely, making me feel very good.

"I know more than a bit about this business, and although I've seen plenty of individual scenes that were very sexy, I think I can objectively say that on a whole, this is the most exciting adult film I've ever watched."

Everyone chimed in heartily, heaping praise on me for the script, Julie for her direction, and our actors in general for doing such a fabulous job. Kelly came over to give me a huge kiss, saying "Just watching that makes me want to come over and over again!" I felt like we were really off to the right start with this line of films, and had no doubt that they would be highly successful.

"Speaking of coming over and over again Kelly," Julie began as she lit a fresh cigarette, "Part of the reason I wanted to come into town was to talk to you." Cami smirked, and Julie admitted, "Well, talk, and see, and touch... Anyway – we're planning to start filming for the fifth title, 'Unfaithful', in a couple of weeks."

"Fifth?" Kelly interrupted. "How did you go from the first to the fifth so quickly?"

"The three we're doing now are collections of individual scenes more than linear plots," explained Jake. "The 'For Couples' titles tend to be more specific and it's been easy to slip in filming a scene here or a scene there, although we do need to have him come back down for the middle title, 'Flings' for some more consultation."

"At any rate Kelly, I think you should consider playing the lead in Unfaithful," Julie went on.

I felt a pulse in my cock at that statement, and I have to admit being a little stunned. We had chatted about doing some extras scenes, or maybe even some outtakes where one or both of us fucked onscreen for our own home video library, but this was something else entirely. Plus, having written the script, I knew exactly what the lead part entailed and I wasn't sure that either she or I was up for it.

Kelly seemed intrigued however. "Unfaithful," she repeated. "I remember reading the concept of that one during one of our early meetings, but I don't remember the details or having seen the script. But isn't it something along the idea of a woman that is cheating on her husband, and things get more and more wild for her, until he finally catches her?"

Julie nodded. I myself was simply holding my breath and watching my wife intently. I didn't know whether I wanted her to really do the scene or not, much less how she would actually react. After all, it was one thing to write about a woman who fucks around on her husband, with multiple guys; it was another to be that guy in real life, even if it was just acting. But my straining erection was making quite another statement, and I knew Julie and Cami, sitting next to me, were aware of it. Kelly saw that as well.

"Well, something tells me that Biff, who has a pretty clear idea of what the script calls for, likes the idea of me doing it. And," she grinned slyly, placing her hand on Jake's bulging crotch, "It's not like me fucking around on my husband is completely out of character. What the fuck, why not?"

Julie looked slightly startled at the rapid agreement, and cleared her throat slightly, smoking her cigarette speculatively. "You're sure you don't want to read the script, or even hear what it involves, before you say yes?"

Kelly thought about it briefly. "Well, my husband wrote it, and I know him well, so I know it isn't going to involve being pissed on, or fisted or anything like that. So I guess, what do I have to lose – in fact, I suspect it will be a lot of fun, knowing him. I'm sure. Count me in." She paused to light another cigarette of her own and drew the smoke into her lungs before breathing a stream towards the ceiling. "Now, why don't you tell me what I'm in for?"

I was somewhat in shock. I hadn't really expected Kelly to say yes, and certainly not without knowing what was involved. Julie started to speak, but I felt Kelly's eyes boring into me, and she held up a hand. "Wait – I want my husband to tell me what he's got planned for me. No edits or rewrites – if it was good enough for another woman, then it should be fine for his own wife. Now, go ahead honey."

I took a deep breath and looked at the four faces in the room. Amusement played across all of them, and on my wife's was something else – hunger? Or excitement? I decided that I believed her after all; Kelly would go through with this film as she had vowed.

"The premise of the film, like you summarized, is a happily married woman who has a chance encounter on a business trip that changes her life. She ends up cheating on her husband, and this awakens a passion in her that simply cannot be quenched," I began. Kelly nodded, already knowing all of this.

"The first scene is a powerful one," I continued. "The woman-"

Kelly interrupted me. "We know who the woman is now, so don't beat around the bush."

"OK," I agreed, "You are at a business dinner out of town. One of the clients is a handsome black man. You end up having drinks with him in the hotel lounge, and unplanned, have him back up to your room and you fuck him. He has by far the biggest cock you've ever experienced in your life."

"How big?" Kelly asked with a wide grin. "Bigger than Jake here?" she went on. I noticed that her hand had not left his crotch and that she was toying with his thick bulge as we spoke.

"By quite a bit, actually. The man we picked for the part is simply ridiculously well hung. He's about 12" long and 8" around," Cami offered helpfully.

Julie stepped in. "I was in adult films for several years. For good or bad, I've fucked nearly three hundred men in my life. I've never had a cock that big inside me." A charming smile appeared, "Although being the boss has certain benefits, one of which is that before long I will most certainly have had this man."

Kelly took a deep breath. "Jesus, that sounds too big to even be real," she sighed. But I noticed that she was grinding her thighs together in a kind of moist anticipation. "OK, so the guy with the telephone pole for a cock fucks me. What next?"

"Well, according to the script this awakens a new desire in you, a new sex drive that you've never experienced. Over the next few weeks once home, you fuck two more men besides your husband. None of them are as over the top as the first guy, but all are well hung. Your husband starts to get suspicious."

"I suppose you're supposed to play my husband," Kelly said to me with a grin.

"No, actually, Jake is. You have a couple of scenes fucking him. Then there is the three-way scene with another woman." I kind of expected her to wrinkle her nose at that, but perhaps being with Julie had affected her more than I expected.

"OK, so you've now got your wife fucking five different men, one of whom is going to open me up like a Christmas present, and eating pussy. Sounds like fun, actually! What is the grand finale?" She arched her eyebrow at me. "There must be a grand finale, I know you!"

"Well, in the final scene Jake's suspicions of your infidelity are confirmed when he walks in on you cheating on him. You're being basically gang-banged by four men. He lets them fuck your brains out, and every one of them comes inside of you. Then he joins you and fucks you as well, and eats your pussy which is literally seeping come like a leaky faucet." There, the big surprise was out.

Shock played across Kelly's face. I'd known it would, and that was part of why I was so shocked when Julie suggested it.

She swallowed and smiled. "Wow...well, I guess I can see why you all thought I should know what the scene entailed. There were years before Biff and I met when sleeping with five different guys in a whole year would have been a lot; you guys have me set up to fuck five in one night!"

Julie spoke up after sitting quietly for a long time. "Look Kelly, no one here will hold you to doing this now that you know what you signed up for."

Kelly flashed a defiant grin. "Hell no! I've always wondered what taking on multiple guys at one time would be like, so here's my chance. At least, as long as I can have a drink beforehand, and maybe some ibuprofen and something soft to fall asleep on afterward," she joked. "When can we start shooting?"

"Next weekend," Julie promised her.

"Now that that is settled," Cami said suddenly, exhaling a stream of smoke and putting out her cigarette, "I'm fucking horny as hell." She took my hand and looked at Kelly. "I assume since you're going to be fucking nine different men in the next ten days or so, you won't mind if your husband takes two women to bed now?" Without waiting for, or really needing an answer, she pulled Julie and I to our feet and led us towards the master bedroom, calling good night over her shoulder.


There was a certain finality to the click of the bedroom door as it latched shut behind us. Cami, who had been rather quiet all night, suddenly took command.

"I've been waiting long enough to get your cock inside me. Strip." Her expression was serious and her tone demanding; I decided not to argue. Within a few seconds I was standing naked before her, while she was still completely dressed. Meanwhile, on my side of the bed, Julie was efficiently ransacking the drawers.

"Bingo!" she called, motioning for Cami to take a look. I realized that they had found our sex toy drawer. Cami peeked inside and nodded approvingly.

"You have a nice selection there, although not quite everything we'll be needing. Still, I'm impressed." She held up four velcro cuffs on leads. "Lie down in the center of the bed."

With a slight amount of apprehension, and a lot of excitement, I did as she said. The cuffs were more for Kelly than for me, and I had actually only been bound down a couple of times. But Cami and Julie made quick work of it and very shortly I was strapped spread-eagled on the bed with very little range of motion left open to me. They rapidly stripped down to just their bra and panties, and Julie began running her fingers over my chest.

"So Biff, I understand that you like watching women smoke," Cami started teasing me, licking the corners of my lips. I nodded with a big smile on my face. She turned to Julie, who was already lighting two cigarettes and holding one forth for her. Taking a long drag, she exhaled just above my face and continued. "Not that you have many secrets from women who have read all of your stories anyway, but would it surprise you to know that your wife gave us some tips to use on you tonight?" I didn't really respond; no response was needed. However, it didn't actually surprise me at all.

So for the next ten minutes, the women took turns kissing me in between drags on their cigarettes, letting their tongues pierce my lips with their smoky taste, and occasionally even exhaling into my mouth. When their cigarettes were finished, they spent several minutes exchanging wet, open-mouthed kisses with each other just far enough from my face that I couldn't join in, but close enough for me to feel their warm breathing.

Then Julie reached into her overnight bag at the foot of the bed and pulled out something – I couldn't immediately see what because of my narrowed viewing angle. However, when the women each straddled my chest at right angles, I could see that their panties were gone. Julie reached down between them and inserted one end of a thick black double dildo into her pussy. She groaned in pleasure as a solid six or seven inches vanished slowly inside of her. Then Cami wiggled forward and let Julie guide the other end into her. Again sighs of delight, this time from Cami, rose through the room as she took a like amount of the latex dong inside of herself. This left perhaps four or five inches suspended between them, so I guessed the toy to be around 18" total.

Thus started, the women began bucking towards each other in well-coordinated fucking motions. I was reasonably sure this was not the first time they had used a double-header. Both of them were very wet, and within minutes my chest was coated in a slick layer of vaginal lubricants. The fluids rapidly smeared across their asses with the effect that they slid back and forth across me like a slip-n-slide. I loved the feeling of their asses moving on me and reveled in the powerful smell of freshly aroused pussy that was filling the room along with their moans. Gradually they worked themselves up until the entire dildo had disappeared between them and they were rubbing their stuffed pussies against one another.

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