tagRomanceStorms of Passion

Storms of Passion

byLord DragonsWing©


This story has been submitted as part of the RAINY DAY STORY CHALLENGE set on the Author Hangout Discussion Forum. All criteria and build up can be viewed through this link: RAINY DAY STORY CHALLENGE THREAD

* * * * *

The lightning cracked across the darkening sky as the maelstrom approached. The smell of rain filled the evening air and drifted across our senses.

Sitting on the hood of the car, Kim and I watched the storm get closer. With each boom, Kim's brown eyes widened.

"It's beautiful isn't it?"

Turning to look back at the storm, I watched the rolling clouds as they fought for position. Like lovers in bed, the clouds tossed and tumbled over each other. Sheets thrown across the room, bodies locked together. The sky spoke of passion.

"Yes it is, and deadly. Perhaps we should get back in the car before it gets any closer."

Kim's laugh carried across the wind to my ears. Taking my hand in hers, I felt the excitement flowing through Kim's lean body.

"No way baby. We chased this thing too far to sit it out in the car. I want to feel the power it has."

Squeezing Kim's hand, I turned and watched her eyes following the storm.

"Well, we might as well have some music. I'll turn the radio on."

Standing in front of the car, I scanned the cornfields around us. Each stalk danced with the wind as it teased them with the coming rain. The dust scattered in the wind as I stepped towards the car's door. It had been too long since the last storm. The farmer's fields were feeling the drought. Now, they were about to be rewarded for their wait. Or punished. A storm as powerful as this could flatten a field and cost the farmer dearly. That is the way of nature. That is the way of passion.

"Mike, do you think there could be tornadoes in this thing? I mean, look at the color of the clouds. They're not just black, but a greenish-black."

Listening to the music drift out of the car's stereo I stared at the storm. Kim was right. There was a greenish tint to the clouds. I'd seen this a few times before, in Texas when they would put out tornado alerts.

"Yea, there might be. That color does mean it's possible. We'll just have to keep an eye open. I don't care to be running from any tornado. It's not like we're real storm chasers."

Chasing storms is not what Kim and I do for a living. We just love to watch them as they roll across the flatland. When a weather bulletin would flash across the screen, we'd grab the keys and head in that direction. Crazy? Maybe, but there's beauty in a storm that few people realize.

The electricity in the air as the lightning streaks across the darkening sky. The booming of the thunder as it rumbles through the earth and into your soul. The feel of the rain as it pelts your body. The excitement of watching it approach while you sit there. Waiting for the fury it is about to unleash. Waiting for the danger it may deal you.

"Did you see that? My God, Mike that was a long bolt of lightning. It went clear across the sky and had all these fingers reaching out. It was gorgeous."

Sitting back down on the hood of the car, I watched Kim's eyes sparkle with excitement from the storm. She hated to miss a thing. To her, the storm was a passion. Strength that could not be controlled. Unharnessed power that was released from the Gods on the world of man. And, if anything happened, she wanted to experience it.

"No I didn't. But look over there. There's the rain. It's like a wall of gray."

Following my finger, Kim stared at the approaching wall of water and gasped.

"Damn! We're going to get soaked pretty soon. It's moving fast."

Looking overhead, I watched the clouds form shapes as they rolled across the sky. Dragons battling bears immediately replaced by hollow faces screaming in agony. Lightning reached towards the ground, the earth answered with a rumble from each painful hit. The empty faces screamed in concerto with the howling wind.

The car's music seeped out of the cracked windows as the first drops of rain began to fall. The heavy drops slowly fell from the dark sky to be lost in the dust of the fields. Taking back my hand, Kim's excited face looked into the swollen clouds.

"Oh Mike, isn't this beautiful? The rain and wind feels so cool. We needed this honey. The crops needed this."

Smiling as Kim gripped my hand, I stood and pulled her into my arms.

"It's amazing. But the only thing that is beautiful is you Kim. "

Wrapping her arms around my waist, Kim looked into my eyes as the rain began to fall harder. The curtain of water was closer. We were about to be drenched.

The music of Daniel Bedingfield carried across the wind. Slowly, like the stalks of corn surrounding us, we began to dance in the maelstrom that had engulfed our bodies.

My hands moved slowly to Kim's tight, jean covered ass. Pressing herself closer, she began to rub her pelvis against mine. Our lips met as the curtain of rain reached our quiet spot.

My hardened cock bulged inside my jeans, ready to be released into the storm. Kim's hips moved harder against mine as she felt the growing bulge. Reaching for her buttons, I opened Kim's jeans to the air. Soaked from the rain, her lace panties felt warm to my probing fingers.

Kim's hardened nipples pressed into chest as my tongue worked its way down her dripping neck. Reaching down, Kim pulled the rain soaked T-shirt over her head, exposing her firm breast.

The lightning cracked across the sky as I sucked her dripping nipples into my mouth. My tongue flicked across her areola as Kim arched her back and moaned from the warmth of my mouth. The rain dripped from her long blonde hair onto her arched back.

Moving my fingers inside Kim's panties I felt the warmth of her pussy. My fingers rubbed her swollen lips. Parting them gently, Kim thrust her hips towards my hand. Her hardened clit brushed against my finger as it moved deeper inside her moist cunt.

Sucking rapidly on her nipples, my finger began to move in rhythm with Kim's hips. Each thrust was going deeper inside. Each probe exposed a warmer wetness as the cool rain surrounded our bodies.

"Oh God Mike. Fuck me. Please!"

Dropping to my knees, I grabbed Kim's rain soaked jeans and pulled them from her lean legs. The rain pelted her naked body. The storm roared its approval of her beauty.

Grabbing Kim's wet ass; I shoved her shaved pussy into my mouth. The sweetness of her juices mixed with the taste of the rain. My tongue toyed with her swollen clit as I sucked it into my mouth.

Kim grabbed my dripping hair and thrust her hips harder into my face. The mud gripped my knees as I fought against the force of her hips. My tongue moved deeper inside Kim's warm cunt. Her juices covered my face as Kim began to grind her hips harder.

Gripping her wet ass tighter, my tongue began to move faster in and out of Kim's warm pussy. The sticky sweetness of her juices danced across my palate. The swollen lips of her pussy parted with each thrust of my tongue. Her clit rubbed against the tip of my tongue.

Curling my tongue, I moved against the inner walls of her pussy. Licking furiously as the storm raged, I sucked Kim's juices into my mouth. Gasping for air, I continued to drink Kim's sweet nectar as my tongue worked furiously with the storm.

Overhead, the lightning continued to streak across the darkening sky. The rain came down in large drops that stung the body. But we continued. The passion of the storm had overtaken us. We were now part of the storm.

Feeling Kim's body begin to quiver from my tongue, I thrust a finger into her tight little ass.

"Yesssssssss! God Yes! Eat me baby. Taste my cum."

My tongue moved faster as Kim's pussy began to explode. Thrusting my finger deeper into her tight ass Kim ground her pussy into my face. With the strength of the storm I thrust my finger faster into her tight little ass.

Arching her back into the wind, Kim released the building orgasm. My tongue worked desperately in her warm pussy to taste her cum. Moving in and out of her cunt, licking the nectar she had given me to drink, Kim tugged on my rain-drenched hair.

"Fuck me baby. I want your cock inside me."

Rising from the mud, Kim ripped my shirt open exposing my chest. Taking her face into my hands, I kissed her passionately. Kim's tongue moved inside my mouth, as she tasted her own juices.

Reaching down, Kim opened my mud-covered jeans. Like the lightning all around us, my bulging cock shot into the fury of the storm seeking its release. Kim grabbed my swollen cock and stroked it gently as my jeans fell into the mud.

Pressing her wet body against mine, Kim rubbed the swollen lips of her pussy over my throbbing cock.

Cradling her head in my hands, I look deep into Kim's passion filled eyes.

"God I love you Kim. You are the only woman I ever want to be with."

Licking the last of her cum from my lips, Kim turned and bent over the hood of the car. Thrusting her ass into the storm she looked behind her at my naked body.

"Fuck me baby. Fuck me hard."

Grabbing the head of cock, I teased Kim's clit. Her pussy quivered at the touch of my cock. As a large bolt of lightning cracked overhead, I rammed my swollen cock deep inside Kim's moist cunt.

Throwing back her head, Kim screamed into the howling wind.


My fingers gripped her ass as I began to drive my cock in and out of her tight little pussy. With each stroke Kim's pussy gripped my throbbing cock. Our bodies moved with the fury of the storm. Kim's hips thrust back against me as I continued to drive deeper inside. Each stroke spreading her wider. Each thrust being driven harder. Each thrust echoed by the storm.

The rain had become a hard downpour. The lightning roared through the sky as I drove deeper inside Kim's cunt. The stalks of corn bowed to the wind and our passion as Kim moaned from the pleasure of a hard fuck.

Looking down, I watched as Kim's pussy opened with each stroke. Sucking my swollen cock inside her cunt. The rain mixed with her cum as I rammed my cock inside her pussy.

Kim's ass shook from the ramming of my cock. My fingers gripped her harder. Letting my balls slap against her shaved pussy as I thrust every inch of my cock deep inside her pussy, Kim moaned from the passion.

Kim raised her body over the hood of the car. Arching her back, she thrust her hips faster with each stroke. The rain ran down her athletic body and dripped from her swollen nipples. Her hands gripped the wet hood of the car as I drove her body harder to the edge of pleasure.

Feeling Kim's cunt grip my driving cock harder, I began to feel my balls ready to explode its fury inside her. As the storm raged around us, I felt my body quivering from the need to release it's warm cum inside Kim.

"Oh God Kim. I'm going to cum!"

Working her hips faster, Kim lowered her head to the hood of the car as she screamed into the wind.

"Give it to me baby. Fill me with your warm cum. I want all of it."

Moving my hips faster as the storm grew more violent, I fought against the urge to cum. Kim's muscles worked the length of my cock as I drove inside her quivering pussy.

"Oh Mike I'm cumming. Cum with me baby!"

Hearing the excitement in Kim's voice my cock thrust deep inside her cunt and released it's warm cum. Gripping her ass harder, Kim began to shake as her orgasm met mine. Using her muscles, Kim began to squeeze the cum from my cock as I continued to drive inside her.

I could feel her cum mixing with mine as our hips thrust slowly against each other. The stickiness of Kim's pussy covered my shaft. Standing in the cool rain, I felt Kim reach around and grab my cock.

"Now it's my turn baby. I'm going to suck you dry."

Sliding from Kim's tight little pussy, I watch as she turns and sits on the hood of the car. The rain and wind had slowed. The lightning was in the distance. The thunder echoed through the air. The stalks of corn stood still and watched as Kim opened her mouth and took my cock.

Feeling Kim's warm mouth surround my cock, I run my hands through her wet hair.

"Oh yes baby. Taste yourself on my cock. Suck it dry."

Grabbing my balls in her small hands, Kim kneads them between her delicate fingers. Her tongue moves over the length of my shrunken cock. Sucking it within her mouth, Kim begins to slowly stroke my cock.

"Oh baby, it taste so good."

Watching Kim's head work over my shrunken cock, I run my hands through her hair. Like a soft wind Kim moves her tongue across my cock. Releasing my balls, she moves her hand over the back of my thighs.

Raising my head to the sky I moan as Kim sucks the cum from my cock. With each stroke of her tongue, I feel my cock growing. With each suck of her cheeks, I feel the arousal inside me.

Overhead, I watch the clouds dance. There are more dragons now. The color is a more dangerous green. The wind has become silent. The rain as diminished to drizzle. I can feel the danger. We should leave. But I can't. There is a stirring inside me as Kim sucks my cock. There is a pleasure I can't resist.

Lowering my head, I watch Kim's head move over my growing cock. Her tongue begins to move swiftly at the feel of my arousal. Her cheeks begin to suck harder as my cock begins to grow inside her mouth.

"Mmmm, you taste so good lover. Drive that cock deep into my throat."

As the wind slowly begins to pick up, my hips begin to move. Reaching down, I grab Kim's hair and force my growing cock deep into her throat. Opening her mouth wider, Kim sucks every inch of cock deep into her throat.

Feeling my cock grow inside Kim's throat, I arch my back to give her every inch of my cock. With each thrust I feel Kim gag as I ram into her mouth. With each suck I feel my body tremble from pleasure.

Opening my eyes to the heavens, I watch the clouds swirl overhead as Kim sucks me deeper into her warm mouth. I ignore the olive drab sky as Kim sucks harder. Grabbing my balls with her free hand, she begins to squeeze.

Kim's tongue begins to work around my cock, as the wind grows more violent, Kim thrust her face into my hips.

With each stroke Kim sucks harder. My now hard cock rams into the back of her throat. Kim moves her tongue around my cock. Her cheeks work rapidly to suck my growing bulge.

Grabbing Kim by her rain soaked hair; I ram my cock between her lips. Moving my hips faster, I begin to fuck Kim's soft lips. With each stroke of my cock, I feel Kim's cheeks sucking my cock deep inside her throat.

My balls begin to swell with cum as they slap against Kim's chin. Feeling her lips part with each stroke of cock, I listen to Kim's sucking. Grabbing my cock, Kim leads my strokes into her mouth.

Arching my back, I feel Kim's cheeks suck my cock within her mouth. Her tongue moves around my cock as she forces me deeper inside her throat. Tasting my pre-cum, Kim's mouth sucks harder on my erect cock.

Grabbing Kim by her rain soaked hair; I thrust my hips harder into her mouth. With each stroke Kim sucks my cock deeper into her throat. As each stroke rams into Kim's mouth, the rain and wind howls.

Looking down, I watch Kim's cheeks fiercely suck me into her throat. Her tongue works miracles as the rain rages around us. Thrusting my cock deeper into Kim's throat, I feel the suction of her cheeks around my throbbing cock.

As the fury of the storm explodes I erupt into Kim's mouth. Her lips move over my cock as she swallows my warm cum. Grabbing my firm ass, Kim forces my shooting cock deep into her throat.

With each thrust, Kim sucks my erect cock deep into her mouth. With each stroke, the rain covers our dripping bodies.

As my hands run through Kim's hair, I look into the tumultuous clouds. My eyes watch the shapes forming above our heads. The princess conquers the dragon. My soul is lost to the passion.

Feeling the rain run down my body, I lower my head and watch Kim work her way to my mouth. Pulling her up to my lips, I grasp her dripping body and pull Kim close. Running my hands through Kim's dripping hair, I look into eyes.

"Shall we track another storm?"

Kim smiles as her lips touch mine.

"You bet lover. I'm not done with you yet."

Smiling, I grab my clothes and look to the horizon. There, at a distant, is another storm. It's time to run. Time to track. Time to continue the passion.

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