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Stormy Night


Fujin and Raijin are well-known Japanese gods. They appear in various forms in a lot of games, anime and manga, e.g Mortal Kombat, Naruto, Demon Blade et al. The ones appearing in this chapter are the original Fujin and Raijin from the mythology, not popular culture.

-- Stormy Night

Across the sombre grey clouds, lightning followed a jagged course like cracks in a china plate. In the unsheltered park, the stone statues glimmered briefly with hard edged reflections of the storm light. The wind gusted, whipping up the trees. Rain beat with sudden fury against the windows of buildings, then streamed down the glass, blurring the view beyond.

"What a terrible day," Caitlin remarked, from the comfort of her apartment. She'd spent the past week feeling somewhat at a loss. For it had been exactly a week since she met the blue Oni...and she'd been unable to think of anything else since. How could she? She longed to meet him again and every day had returned to the park and walked beside the river, hoping to catch a glimpse of him once more, but he was never there. She brought offerings -- more boxes of cupcakes, she prayed to the statue...well begged at it, but always returned home disappointed and alone. Maybe it had been intended as a one-off encounter and she was destined never to meet him again.

"Well a typical man after all," she said out loud. "Have their way and then clear off. Oni men are just the same as humans it would seem." She sighed. Realistically speaking, how could she ever have a "normal" relationship with a seven foot blue ogre-type being anyway? Imagine introducing an oni to your friends...or your parents. She chuckled at that thought. That would be an awkward situation!

Outside, the storm-dark afternoon sky grew steadily darker as the thunderheads changed colour from grey to blue black, thickened and pressed closer to the earth. Lightning zigzagged across the sky. The day flickered and, for just a second or two, so did the lights of the apartment.

Caitlin stared at the ceiling. "Fujin and Raijin must be angry." She'd been reading up on the gods of wind and thunder. The night with the Oni had given her a sudden interest in Japanese gods and demons and she was keen to learn as much as possible.

Lightning slashed through the panoply of clouds again, nearer this time than before, and it seemed to strike the ground no more than two houses away. The ensuing crash of thunder rattled the windows. The lightning flashed again. This time it seemed to flash even closer than before, only yards away. Thunder cracked, then cracked again. The lights dimmed, fluttered, then reluctantly came to full power. For the past few minutes Caitlin had been aware of the distant wail of sirens. Fire engines. Now they were rapidly growing nearer, louder.

"One of those last two bolts of lightning must have caused some real damage when it touched down." she said to herself. She stared at the other apartments down the road, but couldn't see smoke rising from the rooftops. Maybe it was too wet for smoke to be seen. Visibility was reduced by the water-spotted pane of glass and curtains of mist and grey that wavered and billowed outside. The sirens swelled. Evidently there was more than one truck. It sounded like they were only next door. As the first siren dwindled just a little, new ones shrieked. She hoped there hadn't been another earth tremor. Earthquakes were never far from people's minds in Japan. Even more since last year. Maybe she should check the news reports...

Then a thought snapped into Caitlin's mind, startling her as if a whip had been cracked in front of her face.

"Something's wrong...here." A powerful, inexplicable current of panic surged through her. She gripped the window frame so tightly, that her fingernails blanched.

"Wrong...so wrong."

The air was suddenly oppressive and heavy, as if it was no longer breathable but a noxious gas.

"I've got to get out of here and get a breath of fresh air," she said. She couldn't explain it but it was almost as if an invisible force...or presence wanted her to go outside.

As the apartments lacked any kind of space for gardens, a small communal courtyard had been constructed, complete with benches and shrubs in pots -- plus a few acer palmatum trees. It wasn't as luxurious or relaxing as the park but it was a pleasant sanctuary after a hard day at work. In the centre of the courtyard stood a small, weathered shrine. Caitlin headed out to it. The rain was relentless and she was already soaked to the skin despite having only run a few yards. She huddled against the shrine and it provided shelter, of a fashion.

"Oh I'm sorry," she said, remembering that it was a shrine and not a shelter. She bowed. "Please allow me to shelter here just for a little while." Caitlin smiled to herself. She was picking up the local customs now. Besides, with what had happened recently, it was important to show the utmost respect. After all, there could be another lusty Oni lurking nearby. Which she quite hoped there would be because...


The shrine was struck by lightning and everything went black...

Unseen by anyone else, two mysterious figures materialised out of thin her and carried Caitlin up into the sky...

******* Fujin and Raijin's yellow eyes moved hungrily over the unconscious Caitlin's soft, round curves, their mouths watering to lick and suck and taste her pale skin. Both felt their members harden and they suppressed groans, knowing their lust for her was at risk of going too far for her fragile human body to endure.

"She's a beautiful human," the wind god Fujin murmured. His groin tightened in anticipation as he allowed himself to become fully aroused, his gaze locked onto her petite frame, desiring her desperately. The two gods' opinion of humans had suffered over the years. They watched the selfish greed of the human race start wars, and the destruction they had wrought upon the Earth. And yet despite being destructive, they were still so vulnerable in the presence of the awesome powers the gods could conjure up. It was wrong to demonise an entire race though and as they continued to stare at the young woman that lay before them, Fujin and Raijin sensed nothing but goodness about her.

"Damn," Fujin thought, wanting nothing more but to ravish her there and then, yet he held back. Sure there was nothing stopping Raijin and himself from doing just that, yet part of them just couldn't take her forcibly. They were pranksters, yes, but they weren't rapists.

"What now?" Raijin asked. "Want so bad..."

Caitlin awoke, aware of hot breath on her face. Opening her eyes she saw the wind and thunder god for the first time. She opened her mouth to scream but Fujin quickly backed away and knelt in front of her.

"It's alright. We won't hurt you!" Fujin said, trying to calm her.

Caitlin's eyes widened as she realised she was in the presence of the wind and thunder gods. The gods she'd been reading up on only last night. They resembled the blue Oni a little. Suddenly she remembered the inscription on the Oni's bracelet -- the one about random encounters. Was this yet another of those random encounters?

"Where am I?" She asked, becoming a little bolder seeing as the two gods were merely observing her.

"Inside a cloud," Raijin replied. "What's your name, human?"

"I'm Caitlin," she replied. "And I know you...you're Fujin and Raijin, yes?"

The two gods blinked and looked at each other.

One who knows our names. This one is someone special. "Yes we are, how do you know of us when you've never met us before?" They both bowed to her, feeling very honoured that Caitlin knew of them.

"I was reading a book all about you yesterday," she replied.

Fujin tilted his head. "You were? Well, that is good." Caitlin stared intently at him. His green skin was glistening with the rain. He looked even more immense than the blue Oni. His eyes were radiant, like flames, a large twisted horn grew from the top of his head. His hair was reddish brown and he appeared to be carrying a large sack -- a wind sack, just as had been described in the book. Like the Oni, both he and Raijin wore gold bracelets, anklets and loincloths. Raijin looked similar to Fujin, except his skin was a greyish colour and he possessed two horns. His body was illuminated with an aura of electricity.

Caitlin struggled to her feet and bowed to the two gods. "It's nice to meet you....but what do you want from me? Have I offended you in some way?"

Fujin shook his head. "No, not at all. In answer to your first question, I want..." He paused and placed his wind sack on the floor. "I want...may I kiss you?"

Caitlin blinked. "K-kiss me?" She stared at the large protruding teeth on his lower jaw. "Yes...if you must..." She wasn't in a position to say no.

Fujin gave in to that need with a low growl and leaned down to her, careful of his teeth, and ran his tongue over her pliant lips. She moaned and opened her mouth to his kiss. Encouraged by her acceptance of him, his rigid cock twitched beneath his loincloth, and he moved to gather her in his arms. She resisted and pulled away, but Raijin quickly approached her from behind began kissing the side of her neck and running his hand up her skirt. She gasped at his touch, but relaxed as the kisses continued, travelling up to her earlobe. The blue Oni's kisses had been amazing, but these were something else entirely. Caitlin didn't realise that Raijin was slowly removing her clothes, because as Fujin broke the kiss, something else caught her eye.

Her eyes were heavy lidded and her lips parted as she panted heavily, she was staring at the outline of Fujin's cock, which was presently tenting his leopard-skin loincloth, standing proudly at attention. She lay back on the clouds, her foot slowly stroked up the inside of his thigh and gently pushed his loincloth away and began caressing his green manhood. The wind god moaned at her sensual touch and thrust his hips instinctively against her foot. He raised her leg, ran his tongue lightly along the sole of her other foot, making her giggle. A low laugh rumbled in his throat as he went back to her toes, kissing each one before working his way up her silky leg. The closer he came to her moist sex as his lips danced up her leg, the more his head swam. Her foot was gently caressing his balls, the pressure of her toes causing him to rotate his hips, groaning at the sensation.

Caitlin murmured his name in a needy whine, spreading her milky thighs further apart as his mouth slowly kissed and licked closer to her core. Unable to resist such an invitation, Fujin settled on his stomach between her legs. He drew his tongue along her hot slit then closed his mouth over it to suck up her sweet juices. The girl gasped, arching her back and threading her little fists in his long hair. He began to worship her eagerly, her taste inflaming his want and he growled low. She cried out then, rocking her hips, coming in his mouth.

Relaxed, Caitlin looked down at him, her eyes shining with warmth and a smile on her lips. The wind god stared back into those blue eyes, continuing to lick up the remainder of her feminine release. He then sat up on his heels and began lazily stroking his throbbing erection as he gazed down at her beautiful body. She purred at the sight, sitting up in front of him and wrapping her hand around the base of his cock. Fujin moved his hand and allowed her to stroke him. She crawled in his lap, straddling him, and continued to pleasure him with her hand as she moved her head to kiss him. The feeling of having her so close, in his arms as she jacked him with her hand was intense because her pussy hovered so close to the head of his cock. Growling, he grasped her ass cheeks, his finger lightly caressing her dripping cleft.

Raijin decided to join in and knelt behind Caitlin so that she was sandwiched between the two gods. His fingers crackled with static electricity as he began caressing her breasts. She let out a little moan as she received a small electric shock from his touch. Enjoying her reaction, Raijin moved his right hand down and he very gently used his index finger to massage her anus. Arching her back and squeezing Fujin's cock with her hand, she uttered a breathy scream. She reached back and pushed Raijin's hand closer to her, indicating that she liked him touching her there.

"Does that feel good, Caitlin?" Raijin whispered huskily, knowing full well that it did. She whimpered in response as he put firm pressure on her rosebud, moaning when her pussy drenched his hand. He grunted, suddenly desperate to feel the tight walls of her sex engulfing him. Meanwhile Fujin shifted his hips so the head of his aching shaft was nestled at her entrance. Raijin continued to stroke her anus, gradually putting more pressure until the tip of his finger was inside. Caitlin sobbed in pleasure, steadily lowering herself onto Fujin's cock. The wind god knew nothing in the world could ever feel this amazing. This was better than creating a thousand storms.

A tortured groan escaped Raijin and he pushed his thick digit a little bit further inside her tight anal passage. She let out a surprised squeak of pleasure and wiggled her hips until he was fully embedded inside of her....his finger and Fujin's cock now filling her sweet holes.

Breathing hard, Fujin felt like his body was surrounded in searing warmth, the heat of her core engulfing him in white hot pleasure. Raijin's finger in her ass caused even more pressure on his shaft. He whimpered, looking into her eyes when she began to rock back and forth, the feeling so intense he knew he would not last long before he shot his load. She had her hands on his broad shoulders and he leaned his forehead on hers. They began to move together, their thrusts driven by need, their hips meeting and grinding in an erotic dance that was ancient, primal. Fujin moaned as he squeezed her fleshy hip, and he intensified his strokes, plunging his cock in and out of her blazing tight sheath. Caitlin cried out in delight at this and then Raijin's finger pressed deeper still and suddenly she was coming. She never imagined a threesome would be as good as this...mind you it was a threesome with two gods...would human guys ever be able to pleasure her as well as a god? She doubted she'd ever be able to return to regular relationships after all this. Her clenching walls coupled with a finger embedded in her ass created a tightness around Fujin's dick beyond anything he thought possible and with the first compression of her orgasm around his cock, a low whine escaped his throat. As she threw her head back and screamed her completion his balls tightened and he felt his climax bombard his senses. He sped up his thrusts and howled as his cum shot into her depths in hot spurts.

Caitlin moaned softly as Raijin carefully withdrew his finger from her ass. There was no time for her to catch her breath for the thunder god had been patiently waiting his turn to ravish her.

"My turn, yes?" Raijin murmured, as Fujin moved away.

Caitlin nodded, exhausted but she was unable to resist the thunder god. He seemed to possess a power that had her body aching to be ravished a second time, despite her exhaustion. His member was crackling with electricity...would she be electrocuted when he entered her? She couldn't wait to find out. "Take me..." she pleaded.

Stroking her breasts gently, Raijin was pleasantly surprised by her wantonness. It would seem that this little human was full of surprises. Raijin smiled and pushed her onto his thick cock. "Gladly," he said giving her a deep kiss as he began thrusting with renewed vigor from his joy. Raijin swivelled his hips rubbing up against different parts of Caitlin's cervix with each thrust. He bit her neck lovingly before licking and kissing her again.

Fujin was enjoying the view immensely; amazed that the human hadn't collapsed from fatigue already. Yet she was yelling out loud and enjoying Raijin as much as she'd enjoyed him moments earlier. "Oh Raijin!! Oh yessss! More!!!" She raised her hands and gripped Raijin's two antler-like horns -- which only served to arouse him further. With each thrust of his cock, she received a small electric shock -- not enough to cause pain or harm; aware of her mortality, Raijin was careful not to unleash too much of his electricity. He gave a final thunderous roar and emptied his hot seed deep inside her and she closed her eyes tight. Even Fujin had to narrow his eyes as Raijin's body lit up with electrical energy.

Caitlin flopped weakly against Raijin and he growled when her pussy throbbed around his softening member. He wrapped both arms around her and held her close and without withdrawing from her sex he lay down. She snuggled into his heat, a small sigh escaping her lips. "That...was so...amazing," she panted, sweat running off her.

"Enough now, she must have rest," Fujin said. "I'll bring her a drink." The wind god tore off part of a large cloud and squeezed it. Cold water poured into his large hand.

"Caitlin, drink this," he whispered, tilting his hand gently against her lips and she gratefully drank, her throat parched. He splashed her forehead with the rainwater and opened his wind sack a little, letting a gentle breeze wash over her. She immediately felt refreshed.

"Are you alright?"

Caitlin smiled at them. "I'm fine." She reached over and planted a kiss on Fujin's lips, then did the same to Raijin. "I enjoyed both of you so much."

The two gods looked at each other and blushed. "We enjoyed you too."

Fatigue was rapidly overtaking Caitlin now and she was struggling to keep her eyes open. "Mmm...I want to stay with you...but...must sleep..."

"Ssh, rest now, lovely Caitlin," Fujin murmured, stroking her cheek. He gathered her up in his arms and wrapped her up in cumulus cloud. "We'll let her sleep through the night here, but in the morning we must return her to her human abode."

Raijin nodded. "Can't she stay with us forever? I like her...a lot. She likes us a lot. We can share...yes? You and I, we always share everything."

"Forever would mean she'd have to be rendered immortal like us and that complicates things. Getting other gods involved and all. Maybe Caitlin would not be willing to leave the human world for us? We'll sort things out in the morning."

Caitlin spent a blissful night's sleep up in the clouds with Fujin and Raijin beside her. As dawn broke, they didn't want her to leave but she was able to come to an amicable agreement. Not ready to leave the human world behind just yet, Caitlin asked if she could meet up with the two gods once a week...after all a woman needs a week to recover from a threesome with two powerful gods.

Fujin and Raijin were delighted with this arrangement and immediately agreed.

As Fujin carried her back down to earth and set her in front of the shrine, she embraced both of them one last time.

"Next Friday at this shrine then? You'll know when we're coming as it will start raining and thundering."

Caitlin nodded. "I'll be here. I can't wait to see you both again!" She bade them farewell and they flew off back to their respective realms in the sky.

She hummed happily to herself as she headed back to her apartment. The sun had come out and the blue sky was dotted with small clouds. Looked like the weather was going to be nice all week. Until Friday of course...


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