Stormy Night Love


The sun was already up by the time I woke, and so was I. Marcelina was straddling me, her knees on each side of my hips gently rubbing the head of my dick around her pussy lips, making it wet and teasing it to full length. "I thought that would wake you up." She said seductively before she seated my head into her pussy and slowly pushed her hot wet tunnel down on it, sighing deeper with each inch she took in. "Ohhhhhh yes. This is how I should wake up every day." She moaned as she began to rock on my dick, grinding her clit into the base of my dick. I had to admit it was a great way to wake up.

Marcelina slowly ground her clit into the base of my dick, working my cock in and out only an inch or so, but definitely driving herself up the slope toward climax. She muttered how good it felt and practically purred as she worked her hips around in little circles. I helped her along by twisting and pulling her hard nipples, receiving a moan of pleasure in response to the new stimulus. "Are you trying to make me cum?" she muttered quietly

"Uh huh."

"Ohhhh Bad boy. I'm supposed to be making you cum first."

"Who says?" I answered with a grin.

"That is what I learned... men cum first." She sighed, clearly not far from having her orgasm wash over her.

"Not in my house. Here we both get to. Doesn't matter who gets there first. Besides... I really liked that tit fuck you gave me yesterday."

"Ohhh You want some more of that?" she moaned.

"Oh yeah" I said just before she tensed up, her orgasm making her face flush red. Her whole body shook and trembled as she rode wave after wave of pleasure. Slowly she lowered herself down on my chest, my hard dick still stuffed fully into her. She practically purred in contentment as I worked my hips slowly, pushing my dick in and out of her a few inches.

"Very nice." She whispered into my ear as she lay her head on my shoulder, her tits pressing her hard nipples into my chest. I could feel them working up and down slightly as I stroked more and more of my dick into her. We stayed this way for a long time, just taking our time, not getting in any hurry. I knew I was getting much closer and wanted to fuck her tits again before all this ended. I pulled my dick from her wet pussy and rolled her on her back. She smiled up at me as I straddled her chest with my knees and pushed my dick down into the valley between her firm globes. She pressed her tits together to capture me there and I started stroking my pussy juice covered dick in and out of the tight passage she had created. I watched her as she watched my dick slide in and out, each time coming closer to her waiting mouth. My head disappeared into her waiting lips, only to reappear again as I stroked back, disappearing into the tit canyon. There was no way I was going to last to long doing this, the sensations and the view were just too hot.

"I'm going to cum!" I said between gritted teeth.

To my surprise she let go of my dick with her tits and quickly pushed her body up the bed so I was straddling her stomach. "I want to watch you!" she said as she wrapped both hands around my dick and began stroking me, sliding and twisting her hands to urge my climax closer. It didn't take to many strokes before my cum shot out and into the air, landing in a long string across her body and face. She continued to stroke my dick, urging each gush of my juice toward her open mouth, some of it making it and some of it ending up on her body. I groaned with each squirt, watching it splash on her smiling face and hot body, until there was nothing left but a slow drool of juice from the tip of my spent dick. This didn't go to waste either, as she coaxed as much from me as she could before she began massaging it into her tits like lotion, wiping the cum from her face and licking it from her fingers like candy.

"Ohhh Very nice cock. I wish my husband could cum like that."

"He doesn't?"

"Sorry, my ex-husband... he has a smallish dick that just doesn't quite fill me up. Not like this at least. I wish I could let you fuck me all day."

"I wish I could, but it doesn't get up as easily as it did when I was a lot younger."

"Ohhhh I bet I can get it up again."

"If you can get it up, you can have all you can get from it." I said, wondering what she had in mind.

"ohhhh I like that idea." She said as she pushed me over on the bed. She moved so I was laying on my back and then crawled over me so I was looking up at her wonderful pussy. I felt her mouth close around my soft dick, gently suctioning it and playing with it with her tongue. While she did this she lowered her pussy to my face and gently rubbed the wet lips around my face, encouraging me to gently lick between the wet lips. I felt her moan around my dick when I found her clit with the tip of my tongue and flicked it a couple times teasingly.

"Oh god. Who's supposed to be getting who turned on?" she asked as she pulled my dick from her mouth.

"Does it matter?" I asked as I pulled her ass down, allowing me access to her pussy again.

"Not if you keep doing that." She moaned as I found her clit again.

She sucked my dick back into her mouth again and began stroking under my balls, working her finger from my puckered anus to my balls. She soon moved her mouth down, nearly taking her pussy out of range of my tongue as she licked the spot that her finger had been working. She giggled delightfully as she stroked my hardening dick and licked the sensitive spot that was having such an effect. She soon had me harder than I had any right to expect.

"Have you ever fucked outside?" she asked me from her spot between my legs.

"Once or twice."

She climbed off of me and stood next to the bed. "I want you to fuck me outside."

"Whatever you want." I said as I got off the bed and led her through the house and out to the back deck.

"Oh isn't this beautiful out here?" she said looking around at the trees that surround my house. "Can we move this?" she asked as she stepped over to the one chase lounge I sit in while I am grilling.

"Sure." I said.

"Out here!" she said walking naked into the middle of the yard. I had to admit that the summer sun shining on her naked skin and her big tits jiggling as she practically bounced around the grassy yard had my dick still standing hard and proud. I moved the chair to where she wanted and she lay down on it, holding her hands out to me. "Come sit on the end of the chair." She said pulling me down to straddle the end. "I always wanted to be fucked out in the woods!" she said as he guided my dick to her pussy, hooking her heels around my waist to pull me forward. "Ohhhh yes. Put your big dick right where it belongs!" she cooed as I pushed my dick slowly into her waiting hole. "That's it." She said as she began rocking her hips against me, working my dick around in her pussy.

"Now fuck me. Fuck me hard!" she cried after grinding her clit into my body for several minutes. "I want you to make me scream in ecstasy!" she cried out to the trees.

"As you wish." I said as I started sliding my dick in and out of her pussy. The position didn't work too well, and I soon stood up over the end, dragging her ass up with me since she had her legs hooked around me.

"Oh yeah!" she cried as she pulled her legs up to her chest, holding her ass in the air with her arms propped under her. In this position I could easily slide in and out my full length and play with her clit at the same time. I watched her screw her face up in pleasure as my dick pounded into her time after time, my thumb stroking her clit in time with my strokes. Her body shook and trembled as her orgasm built, finally breaking over like a tidal wave. She screamed as her body spasmed and jerked.

Her legs didn't stay where they were, and partly in self protection I wrapped both arms around her thighs and held onto them as she squeezed my head with her calves, my dick still plunging in and out of her wet pussy. She screamed to fuck her harder as her orgasm seemed to just go on and on. My hips slapped against her ass so loud I could hear it echo off the house, my dick plunging into her like a piston on an old steam train. She finally sagged, sliding off my dick and down to the pad on the chair, her body no longer able to stand what I was doing to it. She lay panting for breath as I stood between her legs, my hard dick slick with her juices, jumping and twitching of its own accord. She lay looking up at my hard dick, smiling in contentment.

"Is there anyplace you have ever wanted to fuck that you haven't?" she asked. "I'll do anything you want after that!"

"Actually, I'd love to just have you turn over and let me fuck you from behind."

"Ohhhh? Up the ass?"

"Nope... just your pussy."

"That's a shame. Might have been fun."

"Not so sure I'm into that." I said as she rolled over and stood with her feet on the ground and her hands holding her up. I slipped my dick back into her waiting pussy and reached down to grab her tits as they hung down.

"That's it. Now fuck me hard and cum for me... Make me your fuck toy... pump me full of your hot cum... that's it baby... fuck me.... OH yes! That's it... Fuck me like that! Oh god Your going to make me cum again!... Ahhhhh FUCK!" she cried as she once again climaxed, her spasming pussy sending me over the edge. My dick jumped and twitched inside her, giving her another load of cum that I didn't even know I had in me. We collapsed on the lounge, my dick still stuffed inside her.

"God that was good." I panted.

"Yes it was." She replied breathlessly. "I could stay here and get fucked forever."

"Don't tempt me... I may keep you here as my sex slave." I joked.

"Ohhhh please do!" she said with a giggle.

We lay there for some time, moving only to get more comfortable and lay next to each other.

"You know, we are going to have to get showered and get you into town. By now the creeks should be well down." I said quietly.

"It has been much fun here. I wish I didn't have to leave."

"What are you going to do about your husband?"

"That pencil dick? He wants to fuck around let him. He won't be having me again!" she said angrily.

"You're sure about that?"

"Oh yes. Quite sure." She said as she got up from the chair and wandered around the small grassy yard, still completely naked. "He did this once before. I won't forgive him a second time."

"So what will you do?"

"Go back to Texas I suppose. I will have to find work again."

"What kind of work?"

"I used to be an exotic dancer."

"Well, I'm quite sure you can do that again."

"With this body? I'm old! Thirty five is too old to dance!" she said looking down at her own body.

"Trust me, you could dance for me every night and I wouldn't be complaining. I think you have a fantastic body. You're hot and sexy and there isn't an old looking part on you."

"You really mean that?"

"Every word. Hell, if you didn't have to go, I'd ask you to stay. I've really enjoyed having you here."

"You really want me to stay?"

"Yes. I really want you to stay, as long as you would like." I said.

She turned and walked over to me. She lay down on top of me, her sexy tits pressing into my chest. She kissed me slow and wet. "Thank you. I would very much like to stay with you for now." She whispered.

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