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Story of an Indian Village Woman


(Dear Readers,

As I am trying to complete Adorable Woman – Part II, this story came up as one, which a maid told the mother. This couldn't be included in the main story, as it is too long as a side story. So, I am publishing this story as an independent one. I do hope you like it and vote. I apologise to a specific section of readers who do not like using Bengali version of the convesation in some parts. But I cannot help it as this makes a large number of my readers happy.)

All characters are above 18 years of age

My hubby was a great fucker in the early years after marriage. He knew all the tricks of making me happy. I suspected he was very experienced in fucking women, though he never admitted. He fucked me in all the positions and before each fuck he used his fingers & tongue so well on my breasts, nipples, bellybutton, thighs, even in the asshole and most of the time I climaxed before the first fuck. (O jiv ar angul diye amar mai, maier bonta, nabhi, uru, emonki ponder phuto te porjyonto emon khela khelto, je ami prothom chodar agei jol khosiye pheltam.) And then he fucked me with such gusto, I can't tell you. (Ar or choday emon josh chhilo, je ki bolbo.). He fucked me in all positions, from top, from behind in doggie style and even in standing position. (Amake, bibhinno bhabe chudto, opor theke, pechhon theke, emonki danriye.)

Sometimes, he asked me to fuck him from top. Placing my cunt on his rod I moved my hips up & down and he pushed back his rod in return stroke. (Ami amar gud or danday bosiye pacha opor nich kortam ar o ulte amar gude banda chapto.) He taught me to contract & expand the passage of my cunt alternately on his cock and that gave him & me an extra kick. (O amake banda bhetore rekhe gud dhile ar tight korte sikhiyechhilo. Ar tate o ar ami dujonei onek beshi moja petam.) He sometimes fucked me in my ass too. (O amake majhe majhe pondeo chudto) He also taught me how to suck a cock properly. Sucking his cock later became an obsession for me. Often I made him discharge his full load inside my mouth. (O amake sikhiyechhilo ki kore bhalobhabe banda chuste hoy. Pore banda choshata amar kachhe neshar moto hoye giyechhilo. Prayi ami oke chushtam je o bandar rosh chhere amar mukher bhetorta bhore ditto.)

The wild kind of fucking continued for a couple of years and then gradually became less exciting. The frequency of having sex also came down. Sex was still quite satisfactory for next five six years. I never got pregnant and though it was a disappointment, it gave us the opportunity of sex without protection. After a few years my hubby started drinking heavily and gradually lost interest in sex with me. We didn't fuck more than two three times a month. By the time I was 30, my sex urge was strong and I felt desperate as I missed his wonderful fucks. At this stage, a young cousin of his, Ratan, came to stay with us for a couple of weeks. The 21 year old guy was quite strong & well built. I admired his looks and secretly desired him.

Our house was very small. It was like a hutment. There was a small balcony in front, behind which there was the only full size room. There was a small kitchen on the side and behind the house there was a backyard. There was a toilet with bamboo fences as its walls. There was a bathing space, which had a tube well and was covered on one side with bamboo fence. We had only one bed and the guy slept in the same bed as us. Initially I didn't like the idea, but my hubby was cool.

My hubby slept at the centre and we slept on two sides. My hubby had early morning duty and I got up with him to make his tea and pack his lunch. It was still dark when my hubby left and some days I went back to sleep after he left. When the young guy was there, after going back to bed I noticed his dick was fully erect under his shorts and I was awed at the size. I was already attracted to this guy. But now I felt extremely greedy and decided I must get fucked by this guy. (Ei chhonratake diye maratei hobe.)

I decided to start acting without loss of time. It was very early in the morning and I thought it was a good time as I wouldn't open the front door before a couple of hours. I usually slept without petticoat & bra, with only sari wrapped around me. But after this guy came, I had to be fully dressed at bedtime as she shared the bed with us. Now I took off my petticoat & blouse and kept just the sari. I lied down on his right side and got close to him. There was a gap of an inch or so between him & me."

I placed the top of my sari very loosely on my breasts, so that my cleavage was clearly seen and my erect nipples pushed against the thin fabric. I untied my sari and pushed it down well below my waist, exposing a little bit of my thick pubic hair and a couple of inches of the crack between my butts. (sarir anchol soriye dhile kore buker opor rakhlam jate maier majher khanj onek khani dekha jay ar sokto duto bonta patla kaporer bhetor theke phute othe. Sarir gint khule komorer onekta niche namiye dilam jate amar guder ghono bal olpo ektu ar pachhar majher kata jaygata inchi duek beriye thake.)

He was lying on his back and still asleep. I knew the guy wasn't a late riser and waited for him to open his eyes. After a while he stirred his body. Since he was likely to wake up shortly, I turned to one side and placed my right arm on his bare chest. I kept my eyes closed and enjoyed the light hair on his chest. He moved again and I guessed he was half awake. To make sure he doesn't leave the bed, I moved a bit and placed my thigh on his thigh. With this movement my sari moved up close to my knees. I felt very excited as the aroma of his young body hit my nostrils. As the rhythm of his breathing changed I was sure he was now awake. I realised my knee was dangerously close to his cock and I felt it twitched. I was sure he was watching my half naked body and I laid in the same position & breathed rhythmically as if I was fast asleep. At that time, I wasn't fat like this and my body was very sexy.

After allowing him to watch me & feel my touch for quite some time, I turned on my back. I placed my right arm on my forehead and my left hand on his waist. I opened my eyes a little bit and mumbled I was feeling like sleeping late. (Aj ektu deri kore ghumote ichchhe hochchhe) I closed my eyes again but before that I noticed he was intensely looking at my boobs & my armpit and his huge cock was towering through his shorts. I scratched my armpits a bit and in the process pushed the sari down to some extent exposing half of my boobs. As he nervously moved a little, I told him not to get up, as I didn't like sleeping alone. (Uthe porisna, amar eka ghumote ekdom bhalo lagena.)

With my eyes closed I planned my next move. I moved my hand under the loose sari and scratched my pussy a little and in the process more of my dense pubic hair got exposed. (Dhile sarir bhetore hat dhukiye olpo ektu gud chulkolam ar tate amar ghono bal aro beshi beriye porlo.) He now turned to my side and moved closer. I realised he was coming out of his nervousness. After a while, he placed his hand on my exposed belly; his touch was very hesitant but his hand was very warm.

I enjoyed silently as he was testing the water. I allowed him to keep his hand for sometime and it was started inching up. Now I decided to elude him and turned the other way. But I realised he could now see not only my bare back but also a god part of my butts. I wanted to tease him again and pointing towards the small of my back, I said the place was itching and asked him to scratch. (Ekhanta boddo chulkochchhe, bhalo kore chulke de to) As he scratched me, I asked him to go a little lower. Now his hands were energized and his fingers were on the exposed upper part of my butts. As his fingers were touching my sari and tending to push it down, I told him to stop. I pulled my sari up to fully cover my ass. I was very pleased by teasing him this way.

I wondered if I should stop the game now and then decided against it. I turned on my back and raised my arm exposing my armpit and sides of my boobs. I pointed at a place close to my armpit and breast and asked him to scratch. He very happily scratched me and slowly brushed the armpit hair. A little later his fingers moved down ward and almost on the side of my boob. Just at that point of time I stopped him. I quickly weighed my options. I knew with a little more indulgence I could get him to fuck me. But I wanted to postpone the pleasure. (Ami bujhechhilam, arektu prosroy dilei ami chhonratake diye chodated parbo. Kintu bhablam arektu deri kore anondo korai bhalo.) I got up from the bed, properly covered myself with the sari and went inside the kitchen.

The kitchen had no door but only a curtain, which ended about two feet above the ground. He could see my knees downward. I stood behind the curtain and stripped naked. He could see my naked legs and rest of my naked body silhouetted behind the thin curtain. I moved around in the kitchen for a while and watched him; he was fondling his cock. A little later I asked him to get me my clothes. As he stood outside the curtain, I pushed the curtain in such a way that he could see my naked thigh & the side of my hip.(Ami porda emon bhabe soralam jate o amar uru ar pash theke pachha dekhte pay) I deliberately kept the curtain in that position longer than it was necessary and then took the clothes from him. I dressed up quickly and came out.

Now that I was sure about his very strong desire for me, I wanted to push him to such a corner that he gets over his fear & nervousness and begs me for sex. On other days, he used to go out in the morning and come back for lunch. But that day he stayed back home and was always close to me. He was wearing only shorts and his top was bare. After he woke up he spent quite a long time in the toilet and when he came back his hard on disappeared. I knew he had jerked himself off. When I was cooking, he was by my side and helped me. As I was perspiring, he wiped my face from time to time. I was touched at this loving gesture. At one stage, he wiped my shoulder & neck too. Now I felt a strong warmth in my heart.

As I cooked, we chatted and some kind of intimacy grew between us. I asked if he loves any girl. He said yes. I told him to tell me how far he has gone. He said, he couldn't even talk to her and only admired her from a distance. I wasn't very surprised, as I knew how shy he was. I also realised it took him a lot of courage to try to get close to me. I guessed this morning's teasing gave him all the courage. I was very keen to see him naked and thought of a ploy.

After I finished cooking, we went out to the backyard and sat under the shade of a tree. As my blouse was soaking wet with perspiration, I took it off and deliberately allowed him to see a part of my boobs for a split second. I repeatedly raised my arms to tie my hair in a bun and gave him a view of my hairy armpits & sides of my boobs. I gave him my blouse to put in the bucket kept by the side of the tube well. As he went behind the fence, I moved away to the side and watched him. He stealthily smelled my blouse for a long time. I could now see a clear bulge in his crotch. I was determined to make his hard on stronger.

I complained of itching at my back, and exposed my back to let him scratch me. Later, I lifted my sari to my knees and made him massage my calves on the plea of a pain there. After a while, I said I have to wash the clothes and went behind the fence. I asked him to come along and give me company till I finished washing clothes. As I sat down, I lifted my sari to my knees and spread my legs apart letting him have a clear view of my thighs. After washing some of the clothes, I took off my petticoat and tied the knot of my sari rather low, giving him a good view of my exposed belly. The fabric of the sari was thin enough to let him see through.

My next move was bolder as I asked him to take off his shorts & undies for washing and wear an Indian style towel (gamchha). ("Tor pant ar jangiya khule de ar ekta gamchha pore ne") (Gamchhas are made of thin fabric and are semi-transparent; Indian men & women use these for wiping the body and sometimes use these to cover their nakedness at the time of bathing. But these are quite thin and particularly when wet, leaves hardly anything to imagination.) This was too much for him and he refused to oblige. He said, he would wash his clothes himself.

On a second thought, I decided not to push it too hard. In stead, I asked him to get a gamchha for me to use. As he brought one, I wrapped it around my hips and breasts and took off the sari. It was a good enough sight for him. I casually said, on other days I get naked when I wash clothes and later take bath. But today, I couldn't do so as he was around. ("Onyo dine ami nangto hoyei kapor kachhi, ar tarpor snan kori. Kintu aj tui samne achhis bole nangto hote parchhina.") This was a good enough hint for him to leave me alone and I wanted to see if he acts decent & leaves or, hangs around in the hope of seeing more of my assets. To my delight, he made no attempt to leave.

I finished washing my sari and gave him the clothes to hang up for drying. He went out, quickly finished his job and came back. I now knew he was acting like a greedy animal and wondered if his greed would overpower his shyness, so that he makes a direct attack on me. By this time, I was pouring water on my body and the thin gamchha stuck to my body, letting him see my entire naked body. My butts & thighs were stuck to the thin fabric, my erect nipples pushed through the wetness and the dark furry patch was clearly visible. (Bheja gamchha amar uru ar pachhar opor sente bosechhilo, maier bonta duto phute berochchhilo ar kalo baler jongol poriskar dekha jachchhilo.) I was fully aware of his greedy look, but overlooked it and continued talking to him casually, while soaping my body. He was unable to talk properly and was stuttering, but I completely ignored it. I continued soaping my body; my hands moved under the gamchha as I soaped my boobs, butts and crotch. I took my time to give him the best of free show.

After I finished my bath, I walked out with only the wet gamchha on my naked body. I told him I would go inside the house, strip naked, dry my self and then put on my clothes. I asked him to finish his bath in the meantime. ("Ami ekhon bhetore giye puro nangto hobo, bhalo kore ga muchhe jamakapor porbo. Tui totokshone snan kore ne.") I made this unnecessary statement just to stimulate his hunger. I was sure the guy would now jerk off. Instead of going into the house, I waited for a few minutes to let him allow enough time to strip naked and then walked back near the fence. I saw from outside his shorts & undies lying on the ground. I walked in behind the fence and said I had left the bucket back, which I needed. By now he was vigourously jerking his huge cock.

I was awed at the length and thickness; it was easily longer than the length of a man's full hand (from wrist to the tip of the middle finger) and as thick as my wrist. It was dark and had thick veins running across. The foreskin was fully closed, but he had opened it displaying his awesome pink head. ("Bandatar kalo chamrar opor mota mota shira chhilo. Mathar chamra puro bondhho chhilo, kintu o tene khulechhilo bole golapi matha dekha jachchhilo) My unannounced entry shocked him. He immediately stopped jerking and turned back hiding his rod in his hands. Though I was excited to the hilt I acted cool. I decided not to leave and make best use of the situation. I silently watched was his young body with firm butts and strong arms & legs. After a while, I went close to him and placed my hand on his back. He shuddered at my touch and begged me to leave.

I turned him to face me and looking at his eyes said, there was nothing to be so ashamed of. I am a married woman and not unfamiliar to seeing naked men. I have cousins of his age and I have seen them growing up. Enjoying by jerking off was quite normal for a young man. I urged him to go ahead and said otherwise he will feel uneasy with his stored energy. ("Eto lojja paoar ba ghabrabar kichhu nei. Ami biye hoya meyechhele, amar nangto byatachhele dekhar obhyes ache. Amar tor boyeshi bhaider ami boro hote dekhechhi. Sob chhelerai khinche anando pay. Tui o kor. Noile jome thaka shokti toke khub aswasti debe.")

He was totally flabbergasted at my openness and looked at me with awe. I wanted to keep him in the horny state and didn't want his cock hard on to die down. I forced him to remove his hands and exposed his huge cock, which was already showing signs of shrinking. I softly touched his cock and said it had grown nicely to a lovely size and he should be proud of it. He looked surprised at what I said and looked at his cock. At my touch the rod was getting erect again and I told him to start jerking off. Though he made no attempt to do that, his embarrassment was fading away and he was staring at my gamchha clad body.

I moved my fingers lightly like a feather along the length of his cock and it twitched. I controlled my temptation to hold his balls and poke his ass hole. Though I was dying to take the huge cock in my mouth, I kept my urge on check. I didn't want to let him know, I was as horny as him. I pretended as if I was helping him to put him at ease. I took my hand away and told him to jerk off shedding his shyness, while I would wash his clothes. ("Lojja na peye, jome thaka rosh bar kore de. Ami totokshone tor pant ar jangiya kechhe dei.")

I squatted down with my thighs spread out, letting him a view of the inner sides of my thighs almost up to the dark patch of my crotch and started washing his clothes. (Ami emon bhabe uru duto pank kore boslam jate o urur bhetor dikta pray kalo jongol porjonto dekha jay) As I scrubbed the clothes with force, the upper part of the gamchha slipped a bit letting him have a glimpse of the upper part of my breasts. While he kept on looking at me, he poured water on his body and soaped himself, but didn't touch his cock, not to speak of jerking off. I told him a few times not to feel shy and pleasure himself ("Lojja pachchhis keno? Bhalo kore khench, aram pabi") but he kept himself busy in bathing.")

I decided to take control and after washing the clothes and hanging them up, went close to him. Let me do it for you, I said ("Ay, ami toke kore dei") and knelt down in front of him. I started running my fingers like a feather over his belly down to his thick pubic hair and he shivered in pleasure. I moved my fingers along his thigh and then on his balls, the hairy stretch behind the balls and finally in his ass hole. By now he was moaning. Finally I started fondling his cock and opened his foreskin. It was pretty tight, which showed he didn't masturbate much. His pink head was awesome and I felt like swallowing it. But I felt it was too early to do that and decided to postpone it for the next time. I opened and closed his foreskin repeatedly, initially slowly and slowly increased the speed. He started moaning heavily and soon started throwing out thick milky liquid, which hit my arms, chin, neck, breasts and belly. Soon my partly naked body was full of white droplets, which looked like pearls. I felt tempted to lick the droplets, but controlled my urge.

He looked flushed in his face and when I asked if he liked it, he nodded his head emphatically. He silently started cleaning his cum from my body with water. I allowed him to touch me all over, mostly over the gamchha and his young & strong hands felt very nice. We finally came out and dressed up inside the room. I couldn't resist the temptation of teasing him once more. I asked him to turn back as I would strip naked. ("Tui pechhon phire danra, ami ekhon puro nangto hobo.") as he obediently turned back, I took off the gamchha, but made no attempt to put on my clothes. I took my time to comb my hair and sprinkled talc on my body. Though I was expecting him to turn back, as quite some time had passed, he made no attempt to do so; he was too gentle & obedient. He was sitting on the bed with only a gamchha wrapped around his waist. I went close to him and sprinkled talc on his back. As I put my arm around him and powdered his chest, I maintained a small distance with him, so that my naked body doesn't touch him.

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