tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersStory of Heather Ch. 01

Story of Heather Ch. 01


So I have been struggling with who I am ever since I could remember. I guess the main point I'm trying to make is I was born a boy, but have always had the urge to be a girl. For years I have battled this and the growing hunger of letting this inner woman come out. As I have progressed through the years I have started to let her out, prancing around in a pair of panties when I was alone, pretending to be a housewife cleaning everything waiting for my man to get home. Dreaming of our wedding day and how special it would be. The more I suppress these feelings, the urge grows stronger.

These feelings started when I was very young, seeing my Aunt and Uncle together, and how they were. My Uncle would say, "Woman! Coffee!" and she would immediately move and get it for him. He would always impose his will on her and she seemed not to mind at all, as if she not only accepted it, but wanted, and enjoyed it. I can only imagine moments when they were alone and she would have to get down and suck his dick while he sat in his recliner and watched a football game. I wanted her life, to be like her, giving her man everything she could to make him happy. Like a good woman and a good wife is supposed to.

The first time I found myself on my knees staring at a dick was in college, my roommate's actually. I don't quite remember how I came to be on my knees that night, and it only happened once with him. When I took his dick into my mouth, my first taste of a man, it was so natural as if I had done it before. All I wanted to do was give him pleasure and make him cum. After about 10 mins of blowing him, that's exactly what he did. I'm proud to say that my first blowjob ended with me swallowing his whole load. But afterwards I felt so sick, I even threw up later trying to get what I had done out of my head. I wanted nothing to do with that ever again, and for a little while this was the case. But that urge built over time and it came back stronger.

I found that I could not deny the fact that I legitimately enjoyed sucking dick. Every time I watched something erotic on TV seeing a girl going down on a man, or getting fucked by a man and I had this overwhelming feeling that I wanted not only do what she was doing, but to be her. Not only that, as I began to look at myself in this light I noticed similarities between me and women. I was skinnier than most boys, my arms were always smaller, and I tended to be shy and meek compared to all the other boys.

My next semester of college took me farther in my ways as a woman than I had ever been. I had transferred schools and now had a room of my own. This allowed me the privacy to dress up here and there. I went out and bought clothes, makeup, hair, and various things. I can remember the first time I put makeup on, although a little rough, I couldn't believe the person looking back at me. It was the girl inside me, the one who has been screaming to get out. For a while I would dress like this and just stay in my room, but one night I couldn't take it anymore. I put on a set of black knee high heeled boots, a plaid skirt, and white sweater top. I was soooo nervous but I walked out of my room for the first time as a woman. There was no one around until I got out of my building. I walked through the night feeling as liberated and free as I had ever felt in my life. I didn't really have a plan, I just started walking. Occasionally I would see a guy looking towards me, I wasn't sure if it was because he liked what he saw or he knew what I was. I tried to keep my distance from anyone so it wouldn't be that apparent as to what I was.

I found myself walking passed an adult bookstore that I knew about but never actually went in to. In fact, at the time I had never been in one of these bookstores but had heard stories about what men do in them and with that, my curiosity got the better of me and I managed to quell my inhibitions of how I was dressed and go into this public establishment. When I walked in the guy behind the counter gave me a look, but more so as to see who was walking in rather than a judgment look. I held my breath as I walked through the store, looking at all the erotic literature, illustrations, toys, and videos they had to offer. It wasn't long I could hear the sound of what I recognized as a porno coming from the back. I noticed that people who were coming and going came from this back area of the store.

I decided to go back and see what it was like back there and made my way through the door into a dark, red lit hallway. I could see a man standing at the end of the hall just staring. I walked past several doors in which I could hear women moaning and the sounds of sex emanating throughout. I found an open door and went inside. I sat down alone and noticed the t.v. screen and slot for quarters. I decided to put on one of the movies in which there were several to choose from. I picked one at random in which soon I was taking in the images of a beautiful, well-endowed woman sucking on a very masculine looking man's cock. He was forcing her head down onto it making her gag as she tried to take it the best she could. What I didn't know, was there was a mirror as a dividing wall between the stalls, and that is wasn't just a mirror, as I soon came to find out. A light came on that notified me that the person next to me wanted to share my movie. I was nervous but hit accept anyway. Slowly the mirror faded almost like a fog clearing and now I could see the guy next to me. There I saw a young black man staring at me stroking his cock. I didn't know what to do, but I knew I could not stop staring at his dick. The images playing in front of me already had me wanting a nice big dick in my mouth and now I have one that is only separated by a pain of glass.

I licked my painted lips and then I noticed he gave me a nod to come over. I wasted no time in leaving my stall and walking next door. I heard the door lock click open and began to walk in, noticing the guy at the end of the hall still lingering, watching me enter this stall that awaited another. There were no words as I dropped to my knees in front of him and with an animalistic passion began to suck that dick. I was so geared up that I bobbed my head on his member as fast and ferociously as I could. I heard him breathing harder and harder as he put his hands on the back of my head. I pulled off right as he shot his load, spraying my face with his salty sperm. His dick went flaccid in my hand as he slumped down in his seat. Almost immediately after, he put it away, zipped his pants, got up and left the stall.

Still on my knees I found a tissue box mounted next to the seat and began to clean my face. Suddenly another man entered the stall, and without warning, flopped his dick out in my face. It was the man I saw waiting at the end of the hall and now my lack of knowledge of how a place like this worked was becoming clear. Just as clear as what my duties to this man were right in front of me. Still in shock of the moment, I hesitated, but just then he grabbed my head and forced me to suck his dick. He jammed his cock down my throat and I had no choice but to blow this man. I gave another blowjob that night to a stranger who again shot his load on my face. He zipped up, and as he began to leave I could see more men almost lined up outside the door. I was scared but excited that these men were looking to me to pleasure each and every one of them this night. I'm not sure exactly how many blowjobs I had to give that night but there were at least seven men who entered my stall. I'm sure if more than one at a time could fit in there with me that I would have found myself sucking two or three guys at once.

Sometime later the men were gone and I was alone in the stall, covered with the baby batter of multiple men all over my face. Not to mention I had my own orgasm throughout the course of my fellatio marathon. I left the stall in which the back seemed empty now and made my way to the front. I walked straight toward the door, but right before I made it, the guy working behind the counter said to me,

"Come back anytime Sweetheart."

I gave him a smile and made my way out the door and walked back to my dorm room. I didn't realize at the time, but my jaw was so sore as well as my throat, but my sexual urge was satisfied more than I have ever experienced before.

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