tagNon-EroticStory of YOU: Hub. Pt. 00

Story of YOU: Hub. Pt. 00


This is an Expy fantasy Earth setting with Monstergirls, and these stories go somewhere around the northern Baltic area, just because its cold, forested and damp there. I am neither a slav nor a Baltic Ugaric person. I just wanted the rich green woods of those lands to host mamonos. And humans. And cue babymaking and young marriages and not so dark lewds.

Enjoy what I wrote, and please give five stars. Looks like I got votebombed a little. -

Esteban von Chucha, your friendly neighborhood pervert.


INTRO -Central hub story:

The Northeastern part of the world was beset with tiny Mamono fiefdoms, villages and human villages living in a tense peace.

You live in a small forest village, a young human boy. Your features are gentle, and would fit on a boy or girl easily. You haven't matured well enough for some. Yet you are mature where it counts.

I meant your heart and head.

Still, you are unsatisfied with life. The idyllic life of Ugar forests, rich with game, honey and ample farming soil, are occasionally disturbed with mamono and human fiefs clashing. Your village is in the middle of such a disputed land. There is a dark elf village a couple of days to the north. You know they treat humans as pets or slaves, albeit decently treated. You heard that one of the neighbors sons were taken by a dark elf girl and sold to another mamono.

Your people see this as fate and shrug it off. Mamonos, monster girls take the occasional man for breeding since they have no males of their own. And sometimes take a human female as a servant, companion or house maid; if their limbs are bad at housekeeping or they are Dark Elves who snatch the lone wanderer into a wonder of sexual and domestic service.

The feeling of inferiority does not disturb you at all, though. You feel warm being close to mamono. Perhaps because you have a few friends amongst them. Ivana the Lizardgirl for example.

For years you met in the woods as kids and fought playfully with sticks as swords. She told you that if you can beat her in a fight, she will "take you as her husband.". Your mother smiled knowingly, telling that it's too early to decide on that and advising you to not to try.

Then there was Phaeliss, the dark elf girl you meet when picking mushrooms growing near the beehives. She always looked haughty and down on you, smirking when you greet her. Yet your family advised you to keep a respectful attitude lest they "take you away." Playing with her wasn't too pleasant, since the dark elf girl always wanted to tie someone up and "capture" her/him, declaring superiority when kids played "Two castles", shouting and mock fighting each other.

Sometimes she'd pick on you. When you were about to leave, she'd bark an order for you to stay for no reason. Your heart pounding, you simply stood as she chuckled, looked over you and allowed you to go with a wave of her hand. She always commented on how easy humans are to seduce and all men are only good for breeding.

"One day I will snatch you from your people. Maybe hand some coins to your family to buy you as a slave." She'd tease you into running home, her mocking laughter following you for miles. Sometimes she slapped or beat you when angry, simply to let off some of her anger, and laughing when you do nothing to resist. "I think you are built to be picked on."

And who can forget the benevolent Apple? A Holstaurus, a very motherly and benevolent form of Minotaur, she was already a single mother of a cuter, smaller holstaurus named Cookie. One day you came down with a cold when foraging, and she had carried you to her hut, gently setting you against the fire and giving you warm, heated milk. You drained the earthen cup she had presented you, and coughed violently.

Cooing, she snuggled against you and took your temperature, her daughter watching you from the corner with curiosity as Apple blushed, unhooked her bodice and breastfed you with her milk like a baby.

Three days later, she returned you herself to your worried parents. All of you sat down on a thanksgiving dinner with Cookie leaning on your shoulder like a little sister. Apple knowingly winked at you and blew you a kiss as you all ate.

So the mamono and humans lived in relative peace, and a brief struggle. Of course, some loner mamono acted on their own. Take Rachna for example.

An Arachne, her upper body was that of a human with multiple eyes, and her lower body was that of a spider. She didn't look horrendous though, living on treetops and hunting for her own game.

You found her whimpering in pain one day, one leg in a bear trap. She had gone pale, and her eyes pleaded for release. You unhooked the trap, wrapping her strangely purple-bleeding leg in gauze and helping her amble to her nest. Within minutes she lowered herself again, hugging you and giving you a silken shirt of her own making. Whispering that one day "She'll invite you for tea", she climbed back home.

Your parents were astonished by the quality of the shirt.

And who can forget Siren? A harpy with gleaming azure feathers with the body of a lovely, mature woman you found her singing near the river. She taught you how to pluck a tune with the mandolin, her dexterous claws far outpacing yours. But soon you laughed, sang and danced to simple folk songs as she held you close to her soft, feathery embrace and ample breasts which you leant your head on.

That earned a chuckle from her and a promise to "Make your 18th birthday real special if she was around."

She mostly flies from town to town, offering her services as a minstrel.

Of course, sometimes trouble presented herself. The Greywolf Girls, a mamono band of werewolves often roamed the countryside. Robbing and sometimes, doing things your mother won't tell you to male travelers, they were a nuisance. Their Alpha girl, Freya would sometimes pass you by and pet you on the head like a puppy, taking an apple or bread from your forage basket. "Short-stuff" She'd call you, in a possessing, but not demeaning way.

Her ears, shaped like a wolf hung gently on her head housing a cute face that could be called human were it not for her fangs that protruded from her lips. Being the largest and strongest of her pack she was quite well built and would sometimes carry you for fun on her back.

Heck, once she even fought off a bully thinking you are "too girly", grabbing the thuggish boy by the neck and throttling him when the bully was far too terrified to resist a werewolf jumping before you and him.

"So what? Everyone has its own way!" And led you home safely.

Of course, her possessing attitude came with a price. "Now, I better not see you looking at other girls, okay?" She had forcibly extracted an answer from you. "Big Sis Alpha will take you to her pack when you are all grown up!" She had grinned perversely and patted you to run along.

And many, many more interesting beings lived in the woods.

And now you are all grown up. Still looking very boyish, you are actually well-endowed where it counts, namely your manhood(surprise, surprise), and are wearing simple peasant clothes.

You have taken the simple vocation of a woodsman, working wood, cutting wood, shaping wood into timber planks or simply carved artworks. They sell for a middling sum. In your spare time if any, you visit the village's braves, especially Pyotr, who is a retired mercenary. He shapes the village men into effective fighters for anything going awry.

You sense that in the following days, interesting things might happen.

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