tagNonHumanStory of YOU: The Kitsune Lady

Story of YOU: The Kitsune Lady


For the backstory, read the 60000 word Theo: Blood Angel of Lescatie for a story of monstergirl sex and war.


...Another rainy day. Dark clouds are already over you. You took refuge in the woods, the rain battering the leaves of endless forests.

You keep running, thinking you saw a fox. The endless northern woods are home to many creatures, from wolves to exotic monstergirls that can seize a man, to take him away to parts unknown...

Worried, keeping the sight of your trail but running for higher ground, finally you find a hut in the distance showing lights. Too scared to knock, you approach the hut gently, but come face to face with the occupant who just arrived, coming up from the riverside.

A cute, adult monstergirl.

She looked like she was carrying water to her home but freezes when she sees your scared form, gasping in surprise at you.


It's a fox woman.

A mysterious Kitsune, with blonde hair, blonde fur, and a smiling, adult face which showed some slight hint of maturity, topped with two LONG, fluffy fox ears, gasps in surprise at you appearing in her hut.

She is thick. Voluptuous legs show white stockings constraining the ample flesh of her legs and thighs, large breasts held by her kimono, and her clothes, looking like a Far Eastern woman with animal features.

"Good evening, young man, are you lost?" She talks with the sweetest voice you can hear. Her eyes gleam with interest, and she seems so harmless.

You nod weakly, explaining how you were foraging to feed your family.

Her eyes soften hearing your trouble. "Please, come in, I am brewing tea and the night is getting dark."

Her tails swish beautifully when she turns around, revealing her plump backside straining her clothes.

You gulp and follow. She has one THICK ass that can break one's pelvis, and still she looks like a sweet motherly lady, perhaps a neighbor's young widow that makes passes at young boys.


You are a male. A freshly adult one, and still innocent despite the world. You heard monstergirls drain men of power and eat them. Can this be true?

Yet the Kitsune lady, who looks like a prettier, younger version of the neighbor's wife you saw, smiles sweetly as she leads you, and smells like peaches and flowers.

"Please, sit, young human. Where are you from?"

She gently listens to your story as she sips tea. She hands you a large cup...your favorite with berries. How does she know?

"It's the only one I have left, with berry and tea mix." Strangely she knows all about you, her demeanor sweet and the warmth of the hut helping you recover. She sits very close to you, her fluffy tails creating another majestic blanket as they swish and some rub your neck. You sigh and relax, the warm pillow and tails relieving you of your fatigue.

She watches you with amusement.

"So how come you found my hut?"


You tell her your story, how you were collecting fish and mushrooms for the village, and got lost.

"Aww..." She reaches to cup your cheek, smiling, her eyes twinkling with mischevious desire.

You don't think you can untangle yourself from her.

"I'm glad I was found by you. There are so vile monstergirls in the woods that you can disappear, and may never come back...particularly those dark elf village next river where they live with their human slaves."

You shudder.

"And they regularly comb the woods for runaways." She smiles, leaning close to you. "Pretty boy like you would be easily get enslaved to mischevious chocolate ladies. Don't mind me saying but their smallest elfling, Phaeliss might snatch you if you get lost like that!"

"You know her?" You ask, and she laughs.

"2 decades ago she was a little elfling running around in diapers, of course I know. I'm...old..." She speaks melancholically. "Now I sit in a hut with a boy at least 20 times as old as me... I'm a naughty old lady, am I not?"

Your eyes grow. "Really? How old... oh..." You realize the faux pas and stop. "Sorry."

She laughs sweetly, and loudly. "It's alright! I'm 412 years old. Do I show my age?"

Wow. She must have been ancient.

"I know right?" She laughs softly her large body jiggling, especially breasts. You can't help but have your eyes slide down on her soft, fertile mounds topping her large, thick body. That young, you are already weak with desire, hoping that she'll take you to her bed: your instincts are on full throttle, or galloping, for the lack of a modern term.

She has obviously noticed and recognized your thoughts, and obviously, from the way she strips off her shoes and socks, you realize she slowly relaxes her clothes, making your heartbeats jump. Still, the Kitsune makes no rash moves, but takes out a small, brass pipe hidden in her cleavage and fills it with some tobacco. Her tail flicks as a small magical fire is conjured, which she uses to light her pipe.

"Kiseru." She says as if an afterthought. "A sinful habit of mine, do you mind?"

You shake your head.

She lights the pipe with a fingertip touching the brass round edge with a puff of magical flame, smoking the tobacco in gentle puffs.

"So, young man. I was luckily packing up and moving west. I believe it's best if we move in two days...is that alright for you?"

You nod, grateful for her security. And her warmth.

Her thick legs, feet clad in white, thick socks, rub on your feet as she giggles.

"Warm?" You gulp and nod as her thick, soft legs entwine on yours, as her tails gently rub your face.

She isn't human, with mildly vulpine facial features like a very slightly elongated, still beautiful and human face (save for CUTEST, FLUFFIEST fox ears), but it feels SO good, her warm flesh. You have a good mind on that she'll take you to her bed. Yet you don't mind, it feels so good for a first time to get lucky like that. Your grandma warned and advised you for that long ago to be respectful to needs monsterwomen.


Your Grandma had told you:

"Imagine...born like a human but not human, them the tails, ears, features... then they are not born amongst humans, and they want a man, you'll learn when ye're older..." Your grandma had said. "Them's sad, the monsters are on the outside with these girls. When one wants yo be friend of you, don't say no. Them sad, tragic beings." She had wheezed years ago.

Back to your warm, cozy hut where you sit before a fire, leaning against large pillows no doubt conjured by this trickster creature. Yet she simply keeps chatting, asking no bets, telling no false tales and doing no tricks. She softly tells where she is from, and how long she lived, speaking in a gentle voice that enchants your heart which already rose to a crescendo.

"...so, young human, I was there where the big Dai Oni, Maou, took over the leylines of the West..."

You nod, understanding a bit.

"...you humans were abused. It wasn't right. But now all this is over."

You nod, holding her hand. Her eyes twinkle with joy, as her soft, strong hand slowly takes your fingers, and rubs her fingers on your own.

"Mmm... aren't we a bit bold?"

You shrug, saying she hugs you already with her legs. She chuckles, taking a puff of her sweet smelling kiseru, and gently blows on your nose.

You inhale, coughing a little. Her face, fox like and donned with a bright smile, comes ever closer as she leans seductively on you, her soft, huge breasts and large body pressing ever closer on you. She smiles wider as she hugs you close,her arm holding your hand, rubbing your hand. Her tails lean on your back, holding you like a chair.

"Aren't you a pretty young man, visiting an elderly fox lady in the middle of the night...I'm flattered."

Well, this is it. You sigh and smile, letting yourself drift in her arms as she sits inches away from your face.

You gulp, and shiver as she plants a kiss on your lips.

Your first kiss is by a lovely fox lady far older than you. She gently leads you on, keeping the kiss long and slow, masticating your lips and sucking your tongue as gently as possible.

"Mmm...Human boys are a treat."

This kiss lingers so nicely that you feel woozy, and collapse on her plump breasts. She caresses your hair, lovingly, mumbling: "Oh my. You fell faint from a kiss? I LOVE virgin boys."

She cradles you, kissing your forehead and even starts singing a lullaby in Zipangu.

You can make out "Ki-tsu ne...ki-tsu ne..."As your body gives up, and you fall into the soft, warm, thick body of the kitsune, dreaming of your mother cradling you.


The chubby kitsune sings gently in your ear as you slide out of the waking world. Sighing in happiness, she gently lays your body inside her small bed, taking your shoes off. The mischevious lady's golden eyes drift to a shelf.

"Now, lavender or citrus? I say...lavender."

She gently takes a candle and lights it with her magical tail, and warms some water. Had you been awake, you'd hear her singing sweetly. Gently she takes a warm basin with soap and lavender oils, and blows on the towel, gently removing your shoes, and then, clothes. You can barely feel, paralyzed with the Easn magick of the mysterious fox women as she tenderly wipes your body clean.

The part where she removes your pants is the cutests moment for her. Already straining, she giggles at your erection, carefully wiping your body with a hot towel, slowly starting with your feet, lovingly she creeps up and her gentle hands massage your legs, wiping your skin.

You cock jumps when she gently kisses your belly, chuckling.

"You passed out. wanted to give a little warm hospitality."

And hospitality it is! She nuzzles your belly before keeping up the massage and warm wipe, before finishing your chest with gentle strokes. You shudder as she kisses and bites your nipples playfully.

Then the plump kitsune stops, and stands up. You gulp as she strips off her kimono, revealing huge breasts, a milky white, soft bulk that smells like peaches and cream. Her butt is covered by a fundoshi, an eastern garment that is like a thong. She strips it off gently, revealing her crotch, shining golden with a soft tuft of hair on it. The kitsune laughs as she sees your reaction. Her eyes gleam with magic as you see the bed quiver.

Wait, what? Ropes? Wait...

Your wrists and ankles feel warm, oiled bundles of rope springing to life, your limbs fastened to the edges of the bed. Yet the restraints are gentle, and when you pull, they give some way before hardening.

"Relax. I shant hurt a young boy. But since I'm a Yokai, I want to be IN CONTROL" Her Common lapses to archaic now that she is predatory and naked, like a hungry fox eyeing her prey.

"Relax, human. Once I was a village deity, with boys offered to me yearly as mates and girls to serve me and please me...and the boys..."

She approaches you with gleaming eyes and bares her teeth, cute human mouth having a bit of canines...you gulp.

"Orgies and lovemaking found place in my demesne...Humankind worshipped me, thou children of Skyfather groveling..." She smiles, explaining more.

"Thou will not feel pain, but joy everlasting. Dost thou think I would hurt thee, child?" She sways as she walks, and sitting next to you, getting on the bed. Your heart keeps beating like a wardrum, your nose full of feminine and lusty smells, tails caressing your chest.

"I love beautiful white boys... thy kind was rare in Zipangu, now I can have all the gaijin to my heart's desire..."

Her words scare you a little, when you mewl in fear, she shushes you with a finger as her other hand massages your chest.

"My womb aches for thy life, seed, thy kiss and manhood..." You shudder a little as she winks at you, laying on top of you.

"I shall take thee as my offering this year..."

You stutter in fear, but she rises, slowly pushing a breast with a hardened nipple on your mouth, muffling your words.

"Now, young one. Let's find a good use for thy tongue and mouth."

She presses your head to her chest, raising your chest and forcing you to suckle her breasts.

Weakened and muddled with lust, you oblige. Her nipple tastes like a peach, and her breasts smother your face. It feels naughty, and strange when a lusty, older fox woman breastfeeds you as part of her sexual play.

"Gods..." She moans as your sucking rouses your captor. She gives small sounds like a fox as you kiss and suck her right breast, before she replaces it with her left breast, gently popping the nipple free from your mouth and pressing the left nipple to your mouth.

"Suck, thou child of woods. How pleasa-AHH!"

You suck hard.

Not that way.

I mean, you suck so hard she shudders and squeezes your head. You see her face, now in front of you, gleams with you. She kisses your lips savagely, pulling your tongue with her vaccuum mouth, almost hurting it.

"Sorry... I become quite the beast...you see..." She points to the night air.


Her breathing has risen to a crescendo as she presses herself close. In the distance, you hear howling and...feminine moans.

Werewolf girls are particularly horny that night. And foxes who have relation to them.

However your keeper, Kitsune, keeps herself in check.

"Boy, would you use thy tongue in my nether region as you so graciously praised my bosom?"

You gulp and nod. She smiles, laughs and leans.

"I shall be gentle and teach thee how to please our sweetest spot." Meanwhile your brain screams little more than "Shut up and sit on my face!" as your heart beats fast like a war drum.

She keeps sliding, and lands her large butt with her swishing tails, and presses her womanhood, her soft, sweet-smelling cutely haired pussy, on your face.

"Kiss and extend thy tongue, young male."

Her pussy tastes like sweet syrup, her entrance gleaming pink with magic, her plump lower body engulfs your face. You see her look down on you and caress your head.

"Go on,human..."

You kiss her soft haired slit, and she shudders, lifting her hips and sitting on your face completely as your tongue penetrates her silken slit. You can't see anything, but feel her heartbeats, and her moans. You desperately suck and kiss her pussy as her fat butt engulfs your face, her hands gripping the bed until it creaks, she shakes her hips, creaking the bed.


Her pussy overflows with magical, sweet nectar, tasting like sweet peach pulp, your tongue exploring her depths, eliciting loud moans. You eat her our gently, and she caresses your limbs in return, breathing faster. You feel her clenching as you keep hitting her little nub above her vagina, and she screams, squirting in your mouth as she keeps riding your face.

"OH GODS..." She groans, slowing down, looking at you with love.

"I needed that..."

She gasps between words, her soft, wet pussy lying on your mouth. She lovingly rubs her nether lips on your face with her fluids, marking your face. Yet you keep kissing and sucking her nethers as she keeps riding you, gyrating her hips with a lovely dance.

"Thou hast such a lovely tongue, human..." Are her words when she kisses your face. "I love young boys, teaching them the pleasures of flesh. Thy seed of course, is the payment."

That sounds a bit scary, until she goes on, and you remember at the same time: Monstergirls need humans.

She slides down, snuggling with your skinny frame, in contrast to her full, fat breasts and curvy hips that can simply be defines as "Child-Bearing" with a capital C.

Kissing, you both cuddle as she massages your already hard cock that strains your body.

"I love young boys. So eager, and virile. Shall we get to the main course?"

You gulp, and nod. She throws a leg over, sliding your cock inside her thighs as you feel a warm hole engulf your cockhead. Her tails shoot up when she moans lewdly when your cock slide until its hilt, your belly feeling the warm, wet fluids and the soft connection with her chubby bulk.

She gasps, stradding you slowly as the bed creaks, caressing your face like a mother, her tails massaging your limbs.


Your mind ablaze with the sensations, you gasp, letting the kitsune woman ride you for what seems like an eternity.

She moans, speaking what seems to be Zipangu tongue between squeals and wet slaps on your groin which already started to relax some strange sensations that followed your erection in your youth. This time the unraveling sensation is much higher, and you feel that it will break something as waves of pleasure rising from you start to reach levels you did not have. It feels like urinating to a degree. Yet you know not of its aim, which is unleashing of seed.

Pity the virgin boy, for his first orgasm without the gift of knowledge can be surprising. And amusing to the monstergirl mounting him.

Your kitsune keeper/captor/lover/...rapist??? giggles and moans when you try to stop her. Her laugh is amused.

"Silence, human." Her tails pin you as she kisses you fiercely to feel your screams tickle her throat, and you lose control of your hips.

Your first orgasm is out of this world, your pinned, skinny form shuddering, releasing all you have in a wave of pleasure, confusion, and shock.

You can't even register her screams, since the last thing you feel before blacking out is her wet, sweaty, warm bulk's lower half CLENCHING HARD on your tortured cock...


The fox lady, mating, straddling the body of the young, innoceny bot under her gasped, her naked skin glistening with wisps of demon energy blessing their lovemaking. She kissed the nose of the passed out lad.



You dream of a voluptuous vixen of vulpine origins vivaciously violating your flesh, giggling mischeviously as your seed pumps inside her.

Yet as the rooster crows, you are not there, but on a clean bed, asleep for a day.

"Good Morning..." The sweetest angeic voice wakes you up to reality.

It's her. She holds a rich breakfast table, at your bedside.

"It was so nice watching you sleep. Your favorite tea!" She only wears an apron, and nothing beneath. Youe free, so after taking the tray, you hug her, which she gladly returns.

"Did you sleep well?" She kisses your cheek like a mother.

You nod, starting to eat. And she obliges, feeding you like a child!

"Say -aah- ^^"

She feeds you scone and tea, as you stretch. The fox woman smiles, eating with you.

"How was your first time, sweetie?"

You blush and look down. She laughs sweetly, hugging you.

"I hope you aren't too sore."

You laugh and kiss her lips.

She leans on you, bosoms squishing you as she kisses back, laying the tray aside.

"I love young boys...Reminds me of my 30th husband..." As she snuggles her thicc bulk next to you, she shows a picture of a younger kitsune and a human male.

"238 years ago he was my husband..."

You chat a little with the kitsune about her past:

"Humans are so lovely, even when male monsters were around..." She kisses your chest and lips tenderly as you gasp for air, and lays next to you.

"Where are you from, Lady?" You politely ask, out of topics to talk.

She giggles, her fangs flashing. "No need to exert yourself dear. We all know about each other." She wordlessly snuggles for an hour, and pulls you.

"Let's wash. I'll seal the hut and deliver you to your village."

You thank her immensely, your eyes on her plump ass. When you follow her, she shakes her fluffy-tailed kitsune butt, giggling, in your face.

Her fanged mouth is alluring when speaks ever so slowly ,the rose red lips quiver when you enter the bath, a magically enhanced bath made out of wood and stone, buried inside the bedrock. Both of you squeeze in the magical wooden tub, the kitsune's plump bulk feeling like a warm mattress...

"You like my ass?" You gulp and nod at her words, and she pulls you in, laughing, and snaps a finger. The water warms magically with wisps of steam in moments.

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