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As my cock began to deflate, the fluids from our love making slowly drained from Theya's pussy and soaked the bed beneath us. Later, I marveled at the amount of cum that our bodies produced. It's a good thing that we weren't going to have to sleep in that bed without it being changed first!

After we rested, we took a shower together and gently washed each other. Theya's pussy was tender and sore so we just took our enjoyment from washing and holding each other. And, oh yes, kissing each other, often!

After our shower, we dressed and I took her out for a late breakfast. While we were eating I asked her if she needed to go over the story line as she had intended to in the first place.

"Only if you'll personally walk me through it!" she said with a gleam in her eye!

"Well, I think that can be arranged." My god I was hard as a rock and raring to go! "But, I think there has to be one significant change to the story line."

"Oh, and what would that be?"

"The couple will be in love. They will be in glorious, undisputed love with each other!"

"Oh yes! I know the feeling!"

"That will make their love making very intense, very romantic, and very sensual! I know it was for me...." I whispered that last bit as I looked into Theya's eyes.

"Yes, it was for me also ....." she whispered back before she kissed me. "Thank you for loving me."

Theya had to get back to her office and so caught her flight later that afternoon. However not before making arrangements to return the weekend after so I could "personally walk her through" the story line!

Theya put the story together as a romantic piece and posted it on the company's website. And it was well received. Certainly not their most read story, but no negative comments. She said that the editors wanted to do a video and wanted to know if she and I could help to produce it. I said so long as we didn't star in it or our names didn't appear in it! The last thing I needed was to have some relative or close friend find it and let everyone else know! So we did!

Theya came back as scheduled and we walked through the story line. I had rented the cabin, making sure that it was one that was fairly well secluded and off on its own. Unfortunately there wasn't a stream nearby but there was a hot tub on the deck. And the cabin was really nicely appointed. It was more like a fully furnished one bedroom home set in a forest.

Well, we 'walked' the story line over and over that weekend! We made love in the kitchen, on the living room floor, on the porch, in the hot tub, all over the cabin! We even did it on the hiking trail! We had been hiking for about an hour when Theya started to undress and told me that I had yet to walk her through the love scene on the trail! I think we scared away all of the wild life in the area with our moans and screams!

I'm pretty sure that our daughter was conceived that week, even though Theya had been on the pill for years! As she happily told me later, "it wasn't surprising with the amount of cum that you put in me! And I enjoyed every minute of it! When can we do it again?"

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