tagFirst TimeStr8 Sex to be near Gay Dream Ch. 01

Str8 Sex to be near Gay Dream Ch. 01


This is based in fact. I've changed a few things, both to make it less clearly identifiable for all involved and also to smooth the story out a bit, since life is never as simple as we'd like. So I took out some of the more convoluted teen dopiness that we all (or me, at least!) engaged in.


When I was in middle school, we all were a bundle of raging hormones. I know, everybody is at that age. Some of the guys claimed to be getting laid, but we all know guys lie. Still, some probably were. I was good looking enough to get interest from some of the other kids, but that was all girls. I wanted to want that, but my heart wasn't in it. On the other hand, some of the guys got my heart beating faster. There were a few out gay guys, but none of them caught my eye. Also, I was still a closet case at that point.

I kept wanting to like girls. I wanted to be a regular guy. I went through the same dumb thoughts lots of guys do when they deny who they are—if I just find the right girl, a pretty girl, a special girl. But when I was alone and jerked off, that didn't do it. I tried thinking of what I'd do with a girl, how good it would feel when I was like one of those guys I saw in porn online. But as I stroked, my mind always wandered to some guys I knew. And then I came hard, only to feel guilty after I was done.

That was my life back then, until we moved on to high school. The high school was a larger school, and our class there was a combination of kids from my middle school and the other middle school in our district. I met him the first day of homeroom. His name was Todd, and I'm not going to be able to do him justice with my words.

The first time I saw him, my breath caught in my throat. He was stunning. You know how you sometimes look back at a high school crush and wonder what you thought was so hot? Yeah, not this time. Back then, I thought he was a god, and when I occasionally glance at old high school photos now, I have the same reaction. A vision of human beauty! Todd was a little taller than me (5'11" versus my 5'8"). He had beautiful blond hair and a lithe, muscular body. He also had blue eyes that were mesmerizing. I've never seen hotter eyes in my life! He was a soccer player, and he had that classic build. On top of all that, he was nice. Not the arrogance I'd unfortunately come to expect from a blond stud but just warm and friendly.

We spent the first couple of years just being casual friends. Not close but still friendly. And he drove me nuts, although I wasn't sure at the time if he knew it. He'd sometimes wear these cutoff shirts that showed off his abs, and he had these lace-up shorts that looked like they had a built-in cup in front and hugged his beautiful ass in the back. I'm probably not descrining any of that right—there's probably a name for such shorts—but I never was a jock. All I know is that he drove me wild. In hindsight, I would be more surprised that one of my classmates didn't catch me staring except that I'm sure they were too busy staring at him, too.

By the time we all were 18, I'd be spending plenty of time moaning, "Oh, Todd!" as I jerked off and shot load after load onto my chest or down the drain in the shower, but that's also about the time that I realized something was going on between him and one of the girls in class. I had no doubt Todd got around. He was a gorgeous teen who could have practically anyone, so I was sure he wasn't without some fun in his life. But then he seemed to get close to a girl named Debbie. I was disappointed to have his heterosexuality confirmed, but I also felt some strange disappointment that the girl getting in his pants was... how do I say this without sounding mean? Well, Debbie wasn't either the smoothest or the sharpest girl in class. But later, I'd come to realize that she gave him what he wanted more simply than other girls.

Their fling went on, and it wasn't really a secret. Then things took a turn into a weird realm. Debbie wound up sitting behind me in history class. Right behind me. And with our desks very close, she took the opportunity to whisper to me. Sometimes she'd also rub her knees in the small of my back. What was really wild was what she'd whisper to me... sexual suggestions. She literally said things like, "let's fuck." And "I want to feel you inside me. I bet you've got a nice dick!"

Now remember, she was with the hottest guy in the school. The guy practically everyone wanted—or so I imagined, since he was my ultimate crush. But she was whispering things like that to me? As I continued to blush (to her amusement, I was sure) and ignore her as she continued to do this for weeks, she added, "I'm very good. Do you want references?" And even, "Ask Todd. He can tell you how good I am!"

What the fuck was with this girl?! And I sure as hell wasn't going up to Todd to ask him how his girlfriend was in bed! But apparently she liked me and this was something she really wanted, because this weird situation got truly surreal as I continued to ignore her. One day after homeroom, Todd came over to me. "Hey, Jess, can I talk to you after school?" (If I didn't mention it before, that's my name. Jess—or Jesse to some.) I'd take any attention from Todd that he was willing to give, so of course I said yes and we set a time to meet.

Todd and I met after school. He looked embarrassed. That was a look I wasn't used to seeing from him. He wasn't arrogant, but he was a confident enough guy. Todd was having trouble getting the words out. I'd never seen him like this. "Todd, what is it?" And then he started talking... "Well, you know Deb and I..." I laughed. "Yeah, stud, everyone in school knows that." I don't know how I'd become the confident one, but maybe it was the strange situation. Anyhow, he went on. "Well, she's really awesome in bed. I mean, I've been with other girls, but she really knows what she's doing."

With that, I was both hard and frustrated. I just said, "yeah, that's great." And then he said, "well, you know she likes you." I nodded. "Yeah, she's said. She's messing with me." Todd shook his head. "No, man, she's not. She wants you." Now I didn't know what to think. Was he mad? Was he going to hit me? I hadn't encouraged her. It was all her doing. "Todd, look, I'm not trying to pull anything. I swear, I didn't hit on her or even encourage her. It was all her doing."

He smiled. "Relax, Jess. I know. Some people are just sex machines. That's her. It's why I'm with her. I've never been with anyone who's so made for sex like she is. She's strong and skillful and loves to fuck." And there went my throbbing cock again! "But she's got a crush on you. She told me I need to get you to say yes. She said I wasn't getting any again until I talked to you and asked you to come over."

I was blown away. "Uh, come over?"

"Yeah, come over when Deb and I have some alone time and... well, join us."

I really had no interest in fucking Debbie. Todd, oh yeah. I'd get on my knees for him and stay there forever if he asked. But Debbie? But how could I say no? Getting to see him have sex would be hotter than any porn I'd ever seen. I'd just have to figure out the rest when it happened. So after I got over being stunned, I asked him how that would happen.

He said her parents were going away and they had her family's house to themselves all weekend, and he gave me a time to come over Friday night. He said they'd leave the back door open, and he also said he wasn't waiting for me if she was horny. So if they weren't downstairs to greet me, I'd be able to follow the sounds and find them.

I couldn't believe it, but I also wasn't going to say no. I nearly rubbed my dick raw the rest of the week, just thinking about what I might get to experience on Friday. Finally, that day arrived. After school, I ran home, showered and changed, and then I told my mom I was going to hang out with my friend Todd. "Okay, honey, have fun!" Ha! If she only knew!

I got to Debbie's house and went around the back, like I was told. I was nervous and some little part of me was afraid this was some kind of sick joke. It was just too amazing to be real. I knocked on the back door, but there was no answer, so I turned the knob. As promised, it was unlocked. I went in and locked the door behind me.

I called out, "Todd? Debbie?" Nothing, but then I heard it. Apparently, she was a moaner and they'd started without me. I walked further into the house and found the stairs. I followed the noise, went up those stairs and quickly found them. As I walked in, my whole world changed. There he was, the man of my dreams, the 18-year-old blond god soccer player, on his back and naked. Well, I couldn't see his face at first, but he was making sounds of pleasure to go with hers. What I saw at first were his feet, those awesome soccer player legs and his balls. I also got glimpses of his cock as it appeared and disappeared as Debbie rode him, impaling herself on his hard rod.

She heard me walking in, looked over her shoulder without missing a bit of her rhythm as she rode him, and said, "come on over." She actually looked pretty hot like that, and I did notice that she had a certain prettiness. Well, for a girl. As she encouraged me, I slowly walked over by the bed, getting an even better look. And once I could see him... my god! Todd was flush from the effort and his face had a look of pleasure that by itself was almost enough to make me cum. The whole scene was almost too much to take.

Debbie said, "I think you're overdressed," so I quickly started stripping off my clothes. I'd like to say I did so calmly or seductively, but all I wanted was to be a part of this. Maybe I'd even get to "accidentally" touch him. Whatever happened, I wanted to finally experience sex! As my clothes came off, the raging hardon in my underwear was impossible to hide. She smiled at me and said, "someone is liking what he sees." All I could say—practically shouting—was "Yeah!"

She looked down at Todd. "Your turn to do some work." He smiled his killer smile and quickly flipped her over. His cock slipped out of her, and it was very nice. I'm not going to claim, like so many stories do, that is was "10 inches" or some nonsense like that. But it was big enough—probably around 7 inches—and a nice thickness. And it was bouncing around and very hard. Red with some veins showing, and I had to fight my urge to reach for it.

As Debbie got comfortable on her back, Todd lined himself up and pushed back in. Just watching him move, seeing his ass clench each time he bottomed out, and hearing her moan as he slid back and forth in her, was amazingly erotic. I was still wearing my underwear, and Debbie hooked a finger in them and said, "these need to go." So I quickly pulled them off.

She gasped and said, "wow, look how thick he is!" That's the first time I'd heard that—probably because it was the first time I'd been in a situation where anyone else could see me hard. My dick wasn't quite as long as Todd's. I am around 6 inches long. But it's very thick! The circumference, measuring around the base, is a hair under 6 inches. Well, Debbie was happy! And she said, "come here!" So I inched closer. She said, "no, here!" And grabbed my dick. It's kind of amazing I didn't shoot the moment a hand other than my own touched my dick! But I didn't cum, and she pulled me towards her head. When I was in range, she slid me into her mouth. And that was the most amazing thing I'd ever felt up to that point in my life!

Watching Todd pump his magnificent body, his hips moving like he was dancing the hottest dance in history, and feeling the power of his thrusts as he pushed into her and she was sucking me, I still don't know how I didn't cum in her mouth. I don't cum easily from blowjobs, but this was so erotic, I was right on the edge!

After a few minutes of her sucking me deep (he was right, the girl had skills!) and scraping her nails on my balls, Todd was getting faster with his thrusts. Listening to him through all of this, I had some idea what she was doing. She couldn't make a sound, because she was completely clamped on my cock. But he was saying things like, "oh yeah, baby, squeeze my cock!" "Oh yeah, milk it!" While I'd later learn that she apparently had some trouble getting off from being fucked by Todd—or anyone to that point—she knew how to work the muscles of her pussy to make it great for him. He'd later tell me that was another thing that always left him wanting more!

A little while longer and he was over the edge. With a loud moan and a balls-deep thrust, it was clear that Todd was cumming in her. He tried to thrust a few more times, but he was pretty well spent. She let my cock drop from her mouth, as he laid his body on her and kissed her. Hmmm. Todd was kissing the lips that had just been clamped on my dick. He had to realize that. He was watching the whole thing. But it didn't seem to bother him at all. At the same time, he was still giving little thrusts into her, and she still was moaning. Finally, they pulled apart, and I watched as his softening cock slowly slid out of her. It was covered in a slick coating that probably was her juices but clearly was his load, too.

She grabbed my dick again. Or maybe she'd never let go after she let me out of her mouth. I had lost track in the haze of all this incredible excitement. "I need this in me." Well, as I've said, girls weren't really my priority. I'd come to grips with that, more or less, by this point, but I also was horny beyond words and just wanted to fuck someone. But then, "want to eat my pussy first?" Ummm... So I said, "I've never done that. Really, I've never done any of this."

She said, "yeah, I kinda figured. That's okay. I love breaking in a cute boy like you. So give it a try." Okay, I could have gone my whole life without going down on a girl and as I moved between her legs, I was trying to think of a good way to back out of that. But then I saw semen oozing from her. Todd's load was coming out in an impressive quantity. Man, how much cum did he shoot?

I'd never tasted anyone's load—well, except for my own—and the thought of having a chance to taste Todd's cum. The seed of my godlike super-crush? I don't remember how I started but I dove in there. I licked up his oozing cum, and I loved the taste. I was thinking "this was in Todd's balls just two minutes ago." As I was licking, Todd moved closer to help me out. "She likes it if you lick nearer the top of her pussy. Yeah, back and forth, up and down, and try to work your tongue in there." I couldn't have been too bad, since Deb was moaning. As she moaned and I kept at it, Todd moved his head really close, right next to mine, and whispered, so low I don't think our moaning girl could have heard it, "you like the taste of my cum, don't you?"

Oh, shit! How did he know? What was going on? Well, maybe I was busted, but there was no point stopping now! After a few minutes of licking, she yelled, "oh, damn, fuck me! Give me that cock!"

So I got up, and... shit, I didn't have any condoms. How could I be this fucking stupid? I just said it. "I don't have any condoms." But Todd said, "we hate those fucking things anyhow. You're a virgin, and Deb's on the pill. Just fuck her!" Good enough, especially with my hard cock poised to slide into her.

So that's what I did! I lined up on her hole. Even as a virgin, that was easy enough to figure out, especially after it had just been well fucked, and I slid right in. I had never felt anything that good in my life, and apparently Debbie was pretty happy, too. She practically screamed! Now, she liked putting on a show, and I could see that. But a lot of this seemed genuine. "Holy shit, that's a fat fucking cock! I've never had one this thick!" Well, that certainly made me happy, as did the fact that my first fuck included pushing through the remains of the seed of the hottest guy I knew. I'm sure I wasn't the most skillful lover at that point in my life, but I gave it my all, thinking of what I knew to do from stuff I'd seen, read and imagined. I went slow, then fast. I moved side to side a little. But mostly, I just went in and out of her, almost coming all the way out and then burying myself balls-deep in her. She was getting very loud, thrashing back and forth, and moaning.

Even Todd said, "damn, Jess, she's loving this!" I was afraid of having her boyfriend watching her like this, but I glanced over at him and he was smiling. Okay, as long as we're all happy! Of course, glancing at him, naked, with his spent cock starting to harden a bit from watching us, sparked all kinds of thoughts and got me closer to shooting. As all of this was going on, Deb was gasping and what was coming out of her mouth was less and less understandable. It sounded different from when Todd was fucking her. What was going on? Then I heard, "oh, wow, I think I'm gonna... I'm gonna..." and she screamed. I mean, screamed, "I'm cumming!" I felt her pussy contract even more amazingly that when she was squeezing me as part of her regular fucking. And suddenly I felt her get much wetter down there. I kept thrusting, and she was howling with each thrust. I may not have been an expert at this, but I definitely made her happy! Apparently, the thickness of my cock was hitting her in all the right ways!

And that was all I could take. I felt my balls pull tight, my cock get harder than it ever had, and I said, "I think I'm gonna cum!" The words had barely left my mouth when I was shooting into her. I'd never felt an orgasm like that. Each shot of cum seemed very long. I was shooting huge ropes of cum deep inside her! It was the most intense orgasm of my life. As I gave a last few thrusts, I opened my eyes—not realizing 'til then that I'd even closed them—and saw Todd kissing her deeply. She squeezed my cock more, getting the last drops of cum from me, and then I slid out of her and collapsed on the bed next to her.

She broke their kiss, looked over at me and ran a fingernail down my chest. "You're coming back. I have two of the hottest men in town, and I'm keeping both of you to myself." This hadn't been part of my plans, but if I got to share sexual adventures with Todd, this would work for now! So I just smiled and nodded, as I worked to catch my breath. Then she leaned over, gave me a quick kiss and said, "I smell like the hot cum from my two hot men. Time for a shower!" And she padded out of the room. With that, Todd collapsed next to me.

My ultimate fantasy was naked right next to me. His legs were even touching mine! I had to fight so hard to maintain control! We just looked at each other, and he smiled. Damn, that smile is amazing! He half-turned my way and looked at me, his beautiful blue eyes locked on mine. And then he did the strangest thing. He traced a finger down my chest, toward my belly. Was he going to...? And then he stopped. But he moved his face closer. And closer. He was hovering a couple of inches over mine! "You know something, Jess?" I just stared up at him, speechless. He moved even closer. I could feel his breath on my lips! "Your ass is amazingly hot when you fuck!"

And then he jumped up, said "time to shower" and trotted after Debbie. Now what the fuck was that about?

More to come!

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by Anonymous

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by nygayguy01/15/18

Thanks, Anonymous

And I get that. Thankfully, as I get older, my husband and I are getting some nice attention from younger guys. Not as young as this, but 20s definitely. Adds some interesting fun to life!

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by Anonymous01/15/18

Good story

Although it and all the other instalments got me really horny , I liked the older guys when I was in my teens actively , ignoring the seniors at school ( I was slightly built and girly looking at the timemore...

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by nygayguy10/01/17


Thanks, ReefBeach! I'm happy to share these memories! There's more, and I'll keep writing!

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by ReefBeach09/26/17


Great writing! Very arousing. There'd better be more coming!

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