tagFirst TimeStraight Boys Touch on Holiday Ch. 04

Straight Boys Touch on Holiday Ch. 04


In that moment between sleeping and waking I could feel a tickling sensation on the end of my cock. My eyes slowly opened to the light of another Greek morning, making out Paul's pillow in front of me, smooth, white, and missing Paul. In seconds I realised I'd woken with a hard-on and that someone, Paul of course, was licking it. Looking down the bed I could see the covers had been thrown back and Paul was lying on his side down by my groin. I could see the top of his head leant in to me, his left hand was lightly holding my penis, and again I felt that tickle, a wet lick of his tongue. I twitched, closing my eyes quickly, to pretend to be asleep. This was amazing, I wanted to wake up properly before breaking the spell - the spell of Paul's close, quiet concentration on my cock.

Below, he'd paused, still holding me, and then shifted, his tongue slipping over the head of my cock again. It was so gentle, almost tentative, but the sensations it sent down my shaft were incredible. Becoming awake, I felt a surge of increased blood in my cock, twitching again, bumping Paul's lip. He stopped again.

"Hey..." he said.

I opened my eyes and looked down at him, smiling, "morning..."

He smiled back, his hand still holding my cock. "Morning, sleep well?"

"Yeah...so...this is surprising to wake up to..."

He looked back at my wet cock by his chin. "Yeah, sorry, I..."

"Shit, mate, don't apologise...it was nice."

"Yeah?" he looked pleased. "I woke up and felt something pressing in my leg... you were rock hard mate." He waggled cock, demonstrating its rigidity.

"Morning glory again..." Looking down past his hand and my cock I could see Paul was naked too, his own cock was jutting out, bent against the bed.

"Yeah, too right mate...so I kinda thought...well maybe I did owe you something..."

"You don't have to..."

"No, I kinda wanted to..." He leant in again and licked my glans. "It's not so bad is it..."

"It feels great from here mate..." I said. My penis twitched by his lip. He stuck his tongue forward against the tip of my cock, pushing under my foreskin, and swirling round.

"Oh fuck mate..." I said, "it really does feel fantastic..."

Paul licked harder, and as he did do his hand grasped my shaft more firmly - I pushed my cock up against his grip, and my foreskin pulled back, exposing more wet, shiny glans for Paul's tongue to slide over. I saw his eyes flick up to me occasionally, watching me for reaction to his attentions. My chest rose and fell above him with heavy breathing, with growing excitement.

His tongue lapped under the head, rippling over the stretch of skin there, that super sensitive spot, which got my cock jerking spasmodically. Looking down I saw clear pre-cum oozing from the tip, and Paul's tongue splaying up and round and then licking up the juice, smearing it over his lips.

"Oh shit, that bit...oh my god..."

"Uh-huh?" he murmured, his mouth closing slightly on the end of my penis, like he was kissing me there, like he was tasting my cock, testing it out, working out what to do. What I wanted him to do was put his mouth right over me - god I just wanted my friend to suck me off there - the thought of it was making my heart pound.

"Paul..." I said quietly.

"Mmm?" still licking and kissing delicately my cock.

"Can you...put your mouth...can you let me feel it in your mouth...?" I looked down at him with undisguised lust and need in my eyes. He stopped licking and paused, inspecting the wet cock in his hand. Looking up he seemed to see my state and a mischievous grin appeared.

"You want me to put your cock in my mouth?" he asked.


"I dunno mate...I think maybe we should stop," but he was almost laughing, winding me up, and he tapped my penis against his lip. "Yep, maybe you've had enough..."

"You bastard..." I groaned. "Just suck me off already..." I jerked my hips, bumping my cock into his mouth. He laughed, and parted his lips and my cock slid into the warm wetness of his mouth. The smothering of his mouth on my hard bare cock was amazing. He held me there, and rolled his tongue round me, murmuring as he did so. He pulled his mouth off briefly, saying "what a fucking mouthful!"

"Thanks... it fills your gob right? Now you know how I felt..."

I was almost transfixed by the sight of him mouthing my erection, his hair ruffled, a slight shadow of stubble on his chin, his reddened cheeks. I could see my shaft, his fingers holding it steady, his lips circling it, sliding up and down. His face concentrated and he was making a low grunt with every push of his mouth. His saliva was glistening on my cock, and in his mouth the tip of my penis was tingling as he swirled his tongue around.

"Mate...that's incredible."

Paul pulled his head back, making a moist slurping sound. "Yeah...just warn me when you're going to come yeah?"

I realised this was one of those moments I wouldn't forgot from this holiday. My best friend lowering his mouth to my penis, having indicated he was going to lick me until I came. As the movement of his tongue pushed my cock against the inside of his cheek, as I heard the click and slurp of saliva and pre-cum, as we lay naked on the bed side by side, I felt pleasure sparkle throughout my body, a powerful surging of heat and excitement that had its absolute core in my thrusting shaft, thrusting through my friend's lips. I was now pumping my body to him, his hand trying to hold on to stop me gagging him, but he was working hard, maybe like I had been, determined to meet the challenge of a boy's raging cock, with its single minded desire to penetrate, to explode. It was the thought of all this, as much as the feeling of his mouth on my cock, that was all of a sudden overwhelming.

"Ah...ah... mate...now... I'm gonna cum..." I gasped, suddenly stopping my thrusting and holding still. Paul pulled back, but my cock began to spurt and through my closing eyes I saw splashes of cum hit his lip; he held his mouth just by the tip and more cum seeped onto his chin. My body jerked each spurt out of me, stars exploding in my head as I released my semen onto my friend's face. He used his hand to rub the last out, more glistening cum dribbling over the end of my cock.

"Wow, never been so close to the business end before..." he laughed.

"Ahhh...that was amazing..." I said, my body relaxing from the release. "Thanks mate..."

"Glad you liked it..." he said.

"Fuck yeah...what a way to wake up..."

"No problem," he laughed. What a long way my friend had come from the cautious boy of a few nights ago. His fingers still curled round my cock, which was gradually softening. He let it rest in his hand, but shuffled his body up the bed, until his head was on his pillow by me again. I smiled at him, thinking that actually in what can be that vulnerable moment after orgasm, I felt pretty relaxed with him.

"You know what..." I said.


"We're both cocksuckers now..."

"Guess so..."

"Some girl has got high standards to live up to when she sucks me off!" I laughed.

"You never know, maybe later when we meet those girls..."

"Ah yeah mate, definitely...ahh, you thinking about them?" I had suddenly felt the tip of his penis touch my thigh, and looking down saw he was erect. "Or was that from sucking me off?"

Paul looked down too, "bit of both I reckon."

"Do you want me to sort you out mate, seems only fair..."

He looked at me, "shit, we can't keep doing each other...um...favours..."

"We've only got today and tonight left mate. Back to normal after that..."

Pauls' face said one thing, his cock said another. His cock was leaving wet, pre-cum kisses on my leg.

"Ok then..." I added, and began to move myself down the bed. By his chest I leant in to lick one of his nipples, murmuring "what happens on holiday stays on holiday..."

Pauls' nipple hardened as I tongued it, then letting my mouth slide over his sternum to find the other nipple. I heard Paul say "what are you doing?" but I kept on kissing his chest, my right hand stroking down his stomach to grasp his cock. Paul let go of my limp penis and moved his arm out the way. My fingers felt his hardness, pressing and rippling over his shaft like I was playing an instrument. I looked at his brown torso, the tight nubs of his nipples, the slight definition of his chest, and I kissed my mouth against the wisps of hair, sliding myself down, following the hair as it spread round his belly button and down his abdomen. I felt appreciation of this young, fit, male body, and all usual sense of being attracted to the opposite sex was out the window. My mouth licked over his tan line, seeking over the pale white skin, into the dark bush of his pubes, my nostrils taking in the sweat of his crotch, the metallic tinge of the base of his cock. This was opportunity pure and simple, we'd come together on this holiday and were horny and up for it, it seemed so natural to be helping each other to do it in this way, naked, all over each other.

And his cock. God, I was falling for his cock. I held it between my fingers, inspecting it.

"It is a nice cock, mate..." I said. My fingers squeezed his foreskin into a rippled bunch at his tip, stretching over the mushroom head of his cock. Then I pushed it back, revealing the red wetness beneath.

"Oof...I guess..." sighed Paul. "I guess having a cock means you know what feels nice about touching it..."

"Yeah, that's right," I said, tweaking his foreskin slightly back and forth, stretch, crumple, stretch, twist. "That's what's amazing about this..."

I could smell his pre-cum, could smell the rising heat off his cock and balls. I moved my head in closer to push my nose against the base of his cock, his pubes tickling my cheek. I savoured that metallic tang of pubic sweat, and wiped my tongue round the root of him. My mouth climbed his shaft - I could hear him groan - to the top where I parted my lips and pushed him into my mouth. His pre-cum eased the passage and I squelched my mouth, drawing up more saliva to wash round his meat. The smooth hardness of his cock against my tongue was turning me on again. I bobbed my head back and forth, tightening my lips so his foreskin slid back with my movements, Paul's body lurched with this, and I continued back and forth faster, spit splashing, his cock sliding in and out of my mouth. I could taste the saltines of his pre-cum, and the staleness of last night's emissions, but the filthiness of the situation was inspiring. My hand gripped his hip, fingers digging into the curve of his buttock, using his body to brace myself as my mouth fucked his cock.

"Oh mate...fuckin' hell!" Paul gasped.

Hearing him respond with panicked desire spurred me on, and I worked his cock like a machine, bumping it in and out of my mouth, slapping it inside my mouth against my tongue.

The movement of cock in mouth squeaked and squelched, getting erratic, the wet slipperiness of it meaning my mouth slipped off him, a trail of saliva linking us and then I was back on slurping at him, and sliding too far so his cock hit the back of my throat and I coughed, and choked, and pulled off again.

"Ah!" I gasped too, mouth full of spits and pre-cum. His cock head was before me, marbled with my saliva, and bubbles of whiteness glistened by his pushed back foreskin.

"I need a breather..." I said.

Paul looked down at me, "sure...me too." His cock twitched, more spit dribbling down the shaft. "Only cum last night, and could easily cum again..."

"Yeah, what's that phrase? Young, fun and full of cum?" I said.

"I think it's dumb..."

"Hah, ha, yeah that sums it up," I laughed. My forefinger trailed over his glans, easing the saliva over him like a polish. "Last night was good though...in the end. Thought you hated me yesterday..."

"Nah, but we have to stop right...after the holiday." His face looked seriously at me.

Looking up from his groin, I replied: "Yeah, of course. Just a bit of holiday messin'".

He smiled. "Sure...though I wondered where you were going last night..."

"Eh? When?"

"When you were behind me..."

"What do you mean?"

"Mate I thought you were gonna try to stick it in my arse..." Did I imagine his cock tensed as he said that? I felt around the shiny globe of his penis, running my finger along the wet ridge of his glans.

"Oh right...nahh" I said jokily, "was just kinda cool to press against bare skin is all."


"Yeah of course, was imagining it was Isabella's arse!"

"Course you were..."

"Probably got a bit carried away in the moment," I curled my hand round his cock to gently wank him. I licked him again, distracting him. My hand came down to rub the base of his cock then further to stroke over his balls, which were warm, hairy and tight.

"So...could I ask you something mate?"

"Go on..." he was enjoying the attention I was giving his scrotum, head back on the pillow, eyes closed.

"You ever sneak a cheeky finger in your arse when you're wanking mate?"


I looked back up, his eyes had opened. "You do don't you?" I said.

Paul didn't say anything.

"It's cool mate, I have... bit of fun isn't it?"

"Er, yeah...well maybe I've touched it...not put a finger all the way in though..."

I winked at him and bent my head back down to his cock, lifting it into my mouth. With my lips I held him there not really moving much, just rolling his glans gently over my tongue. I pushed my fingers up and down his shaft, lubricating them with saliva and pre-cum, and felt my way down, over his balls, my forefinger extending down, under him, pushing to his perineum. With added sweat from the heat of the room, my finger's seeking was smoothed on its way, pushing between where the tops of his thighs pressed together. It was very tight, the weight of his left leg on his right kept his thighs squashed together.

"Lift your leg a bit mate..." I said softly, briefly pushing his cock out of my mouth with my tongue.


"Go on..."

"What are you going to do?"

"Nothing much...just shift a bit...give me some room..."

Paul lifted his left leg up slightly, his knee bending to create a bit more of gap between his thighs. My hand was able to slide further underneath him, his scrotum spreading in my palm. The tip of my finger squeezed over skin and pubes and I felt the crinkle of his anus as I pushed my hand down under him more. My finger was squashed tight against it, barely able to move, but enough to press slightly against the bud of his hole.

"So..." I said, his penis balancing wetly on my lip, "bit like this..?"


"Tell me when to stop mate..." My finger tip pressed further, and I felt the rippled rim of his anus spread and a hot wet slickness was exposed. I eased my finger back and forth over this, nail lightly scratching his rim.

"Ah...that's enough I think..." Paul said from above.

"Are you sure?" I was completely electric with the both the thought and feel of his arsehole at the end of my finger. Face buried in his crotch, cock poised on my lips, finger against my friend's anus, this was quite the moment.

"That's good, but no further in..." he said. "It's pretty intense this mate...you could probably make me cum in a second..."

So I dabbled at his anus while my mouth descended to suck him off again. I got a rhythm going, mouth sliding back and forth over his cock, finger pulsing against his anus. Everything at my face and finger was wet and slippery, ripe with the smell of lust, and at the centre his cock hard like a steel rod. My hand pressed against the underside of his balls felt the rock hard root of his cock while my mouth had to widen as far as it could to take in the rigid shaft and the bulging bulb of his penis.

Paul's body was thrusting, shifting, as if ready to explode, but still I continued sucking and fingering. Minutes passed, the sounds of bed squeaking, cock squelching and his moans filling the air. I was tiring, this was hard work, and almost too exciting to bear.

"Mate...mate..." murmured Paul.

I paused, lifting my mouth up but not entirely off his cock. "Mm-mm?"

"Mate...sorry... I thought I was about to cum...now lost it..."

I knew what he meant. Sometimes you're so fucking hard and so ready to cum but suddenly it goes; you're still hard but your mind wanders, you'd become so focused on cumming, the actual physical act of cumming suddenly gets distracted.

"No worries mate..."

"Sorry...I want to cum...you know..." He was looking down at me, his erect penis resting against my bottom lip. Maybe the craziness of the situation had hit him. I needed to change it up.

"S'ok mate. You'll cum..." I kissed the tip of his penis and then shuffled my body up the bed. Paul looked at me quizzically as I turned on my side, rolling over in front of him to turn my back, and my arse to him. With my left hand I reached behind me to grab his cock and I backed into him, holding his cock almost parallel to his body, pointing up his stomach and pressing my buttocks against his shaft.

"What are you doing?" Paul asked again.

"Try this...you'll like it..."


"Rub against me..." I said, and manoeuvred my arse so I rubbed my cheeks up and down his cock. My hand sill held him steady against my skin.

"Uh...ok..." he said, but his voice dropped lower as he felt the sensation of my skin, the pressure of an arse cheek either side of his shaft. He pushed harder against me, his solid balls squashed above my anus, his penis beginning to slide easily a bit higher up between my cheeks. I could feel the movement in my anus, it wasn't being touched but the proximity of his cock to it was extremely arousing. Having Paul press his body to my behind, I mean, wow, it got me thinking.

"Good, huh?" I said, moving slightly in time with his thrusts.


"Go harder if you like," I said.

"Uh...ok...oh fuck..." he moved his hips faster, his penis splaying my arse cheeks more, his balls bouncing against me. Instinct was taking over him, the urge to push and push his cock into the flesh of my arse obviously turning him on. His hands grabbed my hips to better hold on as he bumped me. The impact of his cock, balls, body against me was pushing me over the bed. I braced myself and pushed my rump back, which had the effect of making his cock slide lower. The head of his penis was now further between my cheeks, I could feel his shaft slide now right against my anus.

"Oh shit mate..."

"Don't stop" I gasped.

The bulb of his cock briefly slid down and I could feel the rub of it on the puckered skin of my rim. We both paused, realising he was poised at the entrance of my arse. He sunk forward a bit, the tip of his penis slipped up away, nosing along my arse crack. He pulled back and again his cock was at my anus, squashing the opening ever so slightly. A slight panic rose in me, but the pressure of the bulb of his cock at my anus was amazing. I pushed back more, I didn't know why, I just wanted to push myself against that hard cock. It felt like we needed just one more push.

And then, "oh...oh..." Paul tried to control himself, but I felt his penis pulse and cum suddenly flooded over my anus, thick and wet. "Oh god, oh god..." His hands tightened on my hips as he ejaculated against my arse, his penis sliding upwards on its own wave of cum. "Fuck, fuck...oof!" I felt his body press behind me and reached to lay my hand over his to hold him close as the spasms subsided.

We lay spooned together, Paul's sighing relaxing, his grip loosening, his cock lying between my arse cheeks. If I shifted slightly I could feel the stickiness of his cum between our skin.

"Ohhh..." he said, his hand sliding over my hip and buttock. I could sense him move to look down at where our bodies were pressed together, his abdomen came away from me, a sticky line of cum pulling from me. Paul's hand slid down and I felt his fingers slide through the cum smeared on my buttocks. He lifted his cock from my arse.

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