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Summary: Straight married man sucks his first cock & becomes addicted.

Note: This story is dedicated to Mark who told me his story and requested I write it for all other straight curious men. After hearing his story, I was compelled to write it.

Note 2: Thanks to goamz86 and MAB7991 for editing this story.


I am a straight cocksucker. I know, I know, what you are thinking. That is the most ludicrous oxymoron ever. I would have agreed with you a couple of years ago, but now that I live two parallel lives I have to disagree.

I am happily married with a still quite attractive wife who still gives me head every week or two and we fuck at least 4-5 times a month. I have three children and a great job where I get to travel a lot. While at home, I behave like a normal husband and father doing stereotypical husband, and father things. I live the typical generic vanilla life...not that there is anything wrong with that.

Yet, when I am on a road trip, my other life comes alive. I go to adult theatres, stranger's hotels and gay clubs where I focus on one thing...sucking as many cocks as I possibly can.

That said, I have become the exact oxymoron I mentioned:

I don't want to have sex with a man.

I don't find men remotely attractive.

I don't want to kiss a man.

I don't want to get sucked by a man.

I just want to suck cock.

In other words...I am a straight cocksucker.

It all started a couple years ago....

Silkstockingslover is partly, if not entirely, to blame for my transformation from thinking gay sex is a sin and disgusting to eventually participating in the act. I love her work, especially her lesbian and incest stories. Eventually, I read her entire catalog except for her few gay stories. Bored and horny one night, alone in a hotel, and with no new silkstockingslover stories to read, I decided to read one of her gay stories. By the time I finished one that first story, I couldn't believe how rock hard I was. I ended up reading all her gay stories and without realizing it I began to be curious about gay sex.

I joked to myself it was my early mid-life crisis. I didn't instantly start craving cock, but the seed was planted, the thought that was once disgusting, was now intriguing. I read more gay stories mostly of straight men turned gay, of men who were cuckolded by their wife's (which didn't really do much for me) and more stories focusing on sucking cock. It wasn't long before my stroke fantasies began to include sucking cock and no matter how much I ignored the growing curiosity, it always returned to my sub consciousness.

I created a new yahoo username and email, 'straightbutcurious' where I chatted with many, many gay, straight and bi men, as I began to flesh out my uncontrollable intrigue with sucking cock. I began searching craigslist when on the road for potential gay opportunities, still not expecting to do anything other than talk. I would read the plethora of ads, reply to many, have a few respond back where we talked the talked, but never ended up walking the walk per say.

While on a business trip to Pittsburgh, I chatted with a guy who changed my outlook on the whole labelling of sexual orientation and the myth that it is okay to be bi if you are female but not male:

straightbutcurious: hi...cuminme

cuminme: stats

straightbutcurious: 40, white, 6'0, 200lbs

cuminme: cock size?

straightbutcurious: almost six inches

cuminme: decent

straightbutcurious: u

cuminme: 25, white, 5'9, 165lbs, seven inches

straightbutcurious: impressive

cuminme: so has your curiosity yet been satisfied yet?

straightbutcurious: no, sadly...it only grows with time

cuminme: what is holding u back

straightbutcurious: I'm married, I'm straight, the idea of being caught overwhelms me

cuminme: straight is a state of mind

straightbutcurious: what do u mean?

cuminme: well, let me ask u this first. What r u curious about?

straightbutcurious: sucking cock

cuminme: that's it

straightbutcurious: I think so

cuminme: do u want to fuck a guy?

straightbutcurious: no

cuminme: do u want to take a cock in your ass

straightbutcurious: no

cuminme: but u want to suck one?

straightbutcurious: yes

cuminme: aaaah

straightbutcurious: what

cuminme: U r a straight cocksucker

straightbutcurious: funny

cuminme: I'm serious...let me profile u...

straightbutcurious: okay

cuminme: u are happily married, with kids, good job, still getting laid from ur wife...but it is rather vanilla

straightbutcurious: creepily accurate...although we still have a lot of sex and do try new positions

cuminme: Great...but when u r alone jerking off the thought in ur head is not ur wife, not ur hot secretary or some sexy slut u saw today..it is a cock...a faceless cock

straightbutcurious: shamelessly answering yes

cuminme: and the more u resist the temptation to try, the more the idea appears when u r horny?

straightbutcurious: yes

cuminme: but once u shoot ur load u r mortified by ur thoughts

straightbutcurious: yes again

cuminme: textbook straight cocksucker

straightbutcurious: thanks for the diagnoses

cuminme: no problem...there is a cure

straightbutcurious: there is

cuminme: Suck a cock

straightbutcurious: it's not that simple

cuminme: actually nothing is simpler. Do it once and u will know once and for all and either be mortified by ur weakness and what u did and think 'I will never do it again' or u will revel in it and become a straight cocksucker...

straightbutcurious: I'm scared of both options and yet turned on as well

cuminme: u see many men refuse to allow their curiosity to become reality and will always wonder what if. Based on our conversation u will be one of those guys

straightbutcurious: u may be right

cuminme: Like I said u may feel that a cock in ur mouth and realize it is not u...

straightbutcurious: or

cuminme: Or u will realize u were born to suck cock. You will crave to be on ur knees worshipping a cock. You will salivate when a cock is in front of your face.

straightbutcurious: omg

cuminme: the question becomes r u a natural cocksucker which u will know the moment that first cock is in your mouth

straightbutcurious: how?

cuminme: u will be eager to bring intense pleasure to the cock in your mouth...to get him off...to hear him moan...to swallow his cum

straightbutcurious: omg omg omg

cuminme: R u hard right now right?

straightbutcurious: yes

cuminme: u see for some...after they cross the line and swallow that first cock it becomes a part of who they are.

straightbutcurious: that is what I am afraid of

cuminme: What u must understand is men r like women

straightbutcurious: how so?

cuminme: most women are curious what it would be like to lick a pussy, while most men either are curious about sucking a cock or getting sucked by a guy

straightbutcurious: really

cuminme: I have sucked dozens of straight men...some end up returning the favor, some end up on all fours ass filled by my cock, others shoot their load and shamefully walk away...although they often come back for more

straightbutcurious: wow

cuminme: No guy can eat pussy like a girl can...they know their equipment; conversely no woman can suck a cock like a guy.

straightbutcurious: makes sense

cuminme: so the reality is u r like every other guy...curious

straightbutcurious: Is it really that black and white

cuminme: Yep... I want u to stroke yourself

straightbutcurious: okay

cuminme: what r u thinking about

straightbutcurious: sucking cock

cuminme: a big cock?

straightbutcurious: normal size I guess

cuminme: where?

straightbutcurious: in my hotel room

cuminme: What position would u be in?

straightbutcurious: on my knees

cuminme: why?

straightbutcurious: It makes me feel girly

cuminme: submissive?

straightbutcurious: I suppose that is true

cuminme: would u like to be called names?

straightbutcurious: yes

cuminme: cocksucker?

straightbutcurious: yes!!!

cuminme: faggot

straightbutcurious: maybe

cuminme: bitch

straightbutcurious: yes

cuminme: cum bucket

straightbutcurious: Oh yes!!

cuminme: cocksucker do u want my cum?

straightbutcurious: god yes

cuminme: cum cocksucker

cuminme: cocksucker!

cuminme: cocksucker

cuminme: cocksucker

cuminme: cocksucker

cuminme: cocksucker are you still there?

straightbutcurious: fuuuuuuck

I shot all over myself...coming harder than I ever remembered coming.

cuminme: u really came didn't u....u r not faking it

straightbutcurious: yes

cuminme: u need to suck a cock

straightbutcurious: I know

cuminme: Say it

straightbutcurious: I need to suck a cock

cuminme: say it out loud...repeat these words after me

straightbutcurious: yes sir

straightbutcurious: I need to suck a cock

I said out loud, "I need to suck a cock."

cuminme: I need to be on my knees eager to serve

I repeated, "I need to be on my knees eager to serve."

cuminme: I need to be a cocksucker

I chanted, "I need to be a cocksucker."

cuminme. I need to swallow cum

I said firmly, "I need to swallow cum."

cuminme: I'm a cocksucker.

I said it as I typed it.

straightbutcurious: I'm a cocksucker

cuminme: repeat it again and again

straightbutcurious: I'm a cocksucker

"I'm a cocksucker," I said out loud convincing myself it was true.

straightbutcurious: an on my knees cocksucker

I spoke as I typed, "An on my knees cocksucker."

straightbutcurious: a cum swallowing cocksucker

Drawn into the submissive fantasies I had continued to have even though I had denied them, I said, "A cum swallowing cocksucker."

straightbutcurious: a submissive cocksucker

"A submissive cocksucker," I finished with my mouth watering like he said it would once I had cock. I could only imagine what that would actually feel like.

cuminme: I love cock

straightbutcurious: I love cock

cuminme: I need to get going unfortunately...got my own cravings to be fulfilled

straightbutcurious: u lucky bastard

cuminme: I'm a lucky cocksucker...u can be too

straightbutcurious: I hope to be soon

cuminme: don't deny urself...if u r ever in Toronto get in contact...

straightbutcurious: I WILL

The conversation only deepened my hunger to suck a cock.

A couple of weeks later while in Nashville the opportunity finally occurred that was simply too good to resist.

I did what I usually did. I put an ad up online on craigslist.

Straight, but curious wants to suck a cock

I am 40, white, married and straight and looking to make a long held curiosity become a reality.

I badly want to suck a cock.

Then I responded to the many people who replied, but didn't get further than talking and feeling each other out.

Then just after one am, when I was getting ready to jerk off, I got an email. Usually, at this time I would have ignored it, I wasn't going to drive anywhere at this time of night, but I read it.

Still looking to suck a cock?

My mouth watered at those simple six words. Before I even had time to think, I responded back:

Hi sir,

Yes I am.

Where are u?

How big r u?

I don't even know why I said sir, but I did and then waited eagerly like I was in high school for him to reply, my cock growing hard in an instant.

His reply had me suddenly drooling with possibility:

Hotel downtown

dark room

you come in blow me take my load and go?

Are you looking to get sucked too?

I replied as quickly as I could type:

Hi sir,

Sounds perfect.

I just want to suck u.

What hotel?

His suggestion was perfect. It was exactly what I wanted. I just wanted to go to someone's hotel, in the dark, completely anonymous, suck a cock and go.

I got dressed, praying he was going to respond back and be serious, so many of these potential situations ended around this point and then another response came.


Email me when u get here and I will give u my room #

This is your first time sucking cock?

My cock flinched again. Was this real? The Hilton was only five blocks from my hotel. I again quickly replied:


I have not sucked a cock before but really want to...I will be there in fifteen minutes if you still want me to suck your cock.

I grabbed my jacket, made sure I had my hotel key, left my wallet on the table, grabbed my phone and headed out, filled with an indescribable excitement and trepidation.

In the elevator, I realized I was going up and not down and cursed wondering if this was an omen to not go through with it. Yet, just as I was thinking this his response came:


Let me know when your here I will give you my room #.

You come in leave the lights off

get on your knees

suck me

then leave.

If you're ok with that then I will see you asap

My cock was ready to burst. Finally the elevator stopped on the nineteenth floor where, an elderly couple got on and we silently travelled down. Once off the elevator, I typed a response as I headed into the crisp fall night:

On my way, sir.

I would like to say I walked, but I jogged the first couple blocks trying to get there before I changed my mind. Yet during the whole brief walk, I never once considered turning around, even after all my hesitation in the past.

I got there in less than ten minutes and e-mailed this total stranger:

Hi sir

In hotel lobby

Please tell me where to meet u

While I waited, staring at my phone, I looked around. A young couple were holding hands as they reached the elevator. I wondered could they see through my normal looking attire and see that I was about to suck cock? Was she about to go suck cock herself? Three guys came out of the elevator and I wondered if one of them was my contact and I was about to be out-ed. I was just beginning to wonder if I was being set-up when the e-mail came.

It was just a number:


I stared at the number. It was now or never. Taking a deep breath, I went to the elevator and pressed up. A positive sign this time as the elevator opened instantly as if saying, "I'll take you where you need to go."

In the elevator, I felt a surprising sense of tranquility. This was something I had to do. This was something I wanted to do. This was something I needed to do.

The elevator opened and again another sign, I turned the corner and there was room 1003.

The door was slightly ajar with the inside lock blocking it open.

In retrospect I didn't hesitate at all; I had no last second anxiety; I just walked to the door, opened it and entered.

It was dark, but there was just a little light coming from somewhere.

A voice ordered, as I saw the silhouette of a man getting off the bed, "Close the door."

Although nervous, I obeyed without saying a word. My cock hardening at the idea of obeying an order and of what I was about to do.

He walked over to me, the dim light coming from wherever was just enough so I could see he was wearing boxers and nothing else.

'I was about to suck a cock' I thought to myself as he reached me. Without a word spoken, just suddenly knowing my role, my proper place, I lowered myself onto my knees...I was ready to worship his cock.

He pulled his boxers down and his cock popped out and was in front of my face.

I took it in my hands. It was warmer than I thought it would be. It was already semi-hard which for some reason flattered me. He was excited to have me in his room. I opened my mouth, my brain on cruise control, and took the stranger's cock between my lips.

Just like cuminme had predicted, I instantly knew I was meant to do this. I sucked on his cockhead and was surprised how thick he was...much thicker than me. I slowly moved my head back and forth taking only two inches in my mouth, getting used to the natural feeling of a cock in my mouth.

He moaned which made my stiff cock flinch in my pants.

I took the moan to imply it was time to go faster and I began moving faster on his cock taking in a bit more, eager to take more in my mouth.

He finally spoke, a moment later, "Slow down."

Oddly, I wished he would have said cocksucker. Yet, I obeyed, slowing down but continuing to try and take more in my mouth. I wanted to hear him moan again. I wanted to be a good cocksucker for him. I wanted to make him come.

For a couple of minutes, I slowly sucked his cock as his moans slowly increased. He startled me when he put his hand on my shoulder, squeezed ever so slightly and a moment later I was surprised by the feeling of gooeyness in my mouth.

I had envisioned it exploding into my mouth like bullets, I was expecting a strange unappealing taste and yet it seemed to just pour out of his cock, into the front of my mouth,the taste was at first non-descript.

I kept sucking, slowly swallowing his cum, not wanting this brief moment of cocksucking to end. I knew I would soon be returning home to my wife, my normal life and yet I also knew everything had changed. As his cum slid down my throat, I got a good taste of cum. The taste wasn't over powering, it wasn't salty as I had read about, it was just subtly tangy.

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