tagGay MaleStraight Cocksucker Ch. 02

Straight Cocksucker Ch. 02


Note 1: Thanks to goamz86 for editing this very short story.

Note 2: This is the second story in the straight cocksucker story. The first had the main character, a middle aged straight, married man, and use craigslist to make a long held curiosity a reality. This story the curiosity now fulfilled, he hungers for more.

I am a cocksucker and not a faggot...a distinction that is important to make.

I am married to a sweet wife and I love eating her cunt and fucking her pussy...and ass the rare time she has enough wine. She gives me head on occasion and our sex life is still pretty good. Yet, after sucking my first cock, hoping it would end my curiosity, it only confirmed my thoughts.

I don't want to kiss a man.

I don't find men sexually attractive.

Men don't turn me on...cocks do.

Big ones...

Small ones...

Thick ones...

Juicy ones...

Hard ones...

Soft ones...

Young ones...

Old ones...

I love them all. As soon as a cock is in front of me my hetro mind shuts off and I become a drooling fool eager to please with my mouth.

I don't want to make out with a man.

I don't want to talk to him or get to know him.

I just want to pull down his pants, release his cock from its fabric prison, wake it from its slumber with my mouth and then worship it until it rewards me with its own special sauce.

Again I am not gay, I am a straight cocksucker.

After my first cock, a month went by and a couple Craigslist potential set ups failed before the right opportunity presented itself.

I was in Toronto, visiting my parents, when I attended a Christmas party with them.

Figuring I would try a hook up after the party, I made a Craigslist add:

Eager Cocksucker


I sucked my first cock last month and my curiosity for cock was confirmed. Hungry to do it again.

Every time I put up a Craigslist advertisement I get giddy. I check every few minutes to see if it is up. Once it is up I continue checking compulsively to see if I have any responses.

I always get quite a few but often they just feel sketchy. The ones I reply to must be more than:

I'm game.


I have a big cock.

What does draw me to responding is your age, the size of your cock and your race. I am not concerned about race but it is good to know before what I am getting in to it more specifically what is going to be in me. A picture of their cock is also a bonus.

This time I got quite a few responses including a couple that had potential, but as is often the case it ended up being just talk.

I replied to a couple but they couldn't host and I was not into a car experience. The last comedian was on and I was expecting another night without trying my second cock when I got a response I would usually ignore.

Still looking?

Hungry for cock, I decided to reply:

Yes...can u host? Be available in about forty-five minutes. How big r u?

I grabbed another drink and vaguely listened to the comedian before checking my phone again.

Yes...I can host. I am eight inches and thick. Do you have any pics?

My mouth watered at the brief description and I quickly replied:

No I don't. I would like to come to you in the dark, drop to my knees and serve u. What part of town do u live?

I prayed that he was going to be close to where I currently was. A couple of minutes later he responded:

I am on Queens.

Queens included the university and suddenly the thought of sucking a college stud stiffened my cock. Also, I was less than four blocks from Queens. I instantly replied:

Perfect. My party will be done in about half an hour.

I listened to a few minutes of the comedian who was funny, but not hilarious, before checking my phone again. A response was waiting for me. Feeling giddy made me feel slightly ashamed and yet my hunger overshadowed such shame:

Text me when you are leaving and I will give you the address.

I responded:

Great!! I'll text you as soon as I am done here. Where abouts on Queens are you?

I again returned to the comedian but so distracted by the thought of sucking a college guy's cock I wasn't really listening, even though I had no idea if he was even a college student.

I check my phone three times in five minutes and was just getting agitated when a new response popped up:

I'm in the dorms at the University of Toronto.

My mouth watered. It was a college student. I was a five minute walk from the university of Toronto dorms.

I replied back:

Excellent...I am game if you are.

I no longer even pretended to listen to the comedian as I stared at my phone willing a response. I couldn't believe how badly I wanted to do this...to suck a college guy's cock.

He replied a few anxiety riddled minutes later:

You have half an hour.

Buzz 2 to get in and then 2 again once up the stairs. My room is 202.

My door will be open walk in.

My cock was rock hard. I didn't hesitate as I told my family I was heading out early to meet some old friends.

I hugged my mom and shook my dad's hand neither of them aware that their son was turning into a cocksucker.

As I began the walk, I replied to him again:

I'm on my way. Will it be dark?

I hurried out of the club, walked the few blocks at a brisk pace and reached the dorms.

He replied:


I pressed the button and a few seconds later I was buzzed in. I walked up the stairs and buzzed the second room. I walked past a couple of college guys before reaching the room.

I took a deep breath, didn't look behind me to the college guys, and entered the room.

"Come here," came a voice in the dark.

I turned the corner and saw a silhouette of a man sitting on a couch.

I walked to him, dropped to my knees between his legs and pulled his cock out of his boxers.

I was here for one reason and one reason only: to suck cock. So I leaned forward and took his already semi-hard cock in my mouth.

His mushroom top was bigger than the first time I sucked a cock. Also, he was sitting down which was a lot different than sucking a cock when he was standing. It was an adjustment and I focused mostly on his mushroom top unsure I could take much more in my mouth.

I swirled my tongue around his swollen head and sucked it like it was a lollipop. After a couple of minutes of this, I felt his hand on the back of my head pushing me down further onto his cock.

I obeyed, a rush of adrenaline pulsing through me at being told what to do, even if it was just a firm hand gesture.

The first cock I sucked was small in comparison and he came very quickly with me never taking more than a couple of inches in my mouth. This time though, with a firm hand on my head, I slowly tried to take more and more of his stiff cock in my mouth, but gagged at first not used to having anything go so deep in my throat. In the dark, I couldn't tell how big he was, but his eight inch description from the text seemed to be accurate, but as he pushed me down on this thick rod I just focused on pleasing him.

Slowly, I continued taking more of his cock in my mouth. I have no idea how many inches I got in my mouth, but soon I was bobbing up and down and his breathing was increasing.

His legs tried to move so I backed up a bit so he could straighten his legs as I continued slobbering all over his delicious cock.

My own cock was rock hard, the hand on my head somehow turning me on more. I wanted to pull my cock out and stroke it, yet that wasn't why I was here, I was here to suck dick.

I wanted his cum.

I wanted to feel him cum in my mouth.

I wanted to swallow every drop like a good cocksucker.

I wanted to continue sucking him until every drop of his seed had been deposited in me.

Finally, he warned, "I'm going to come soon," and I gave my indent to swallow by bobbing faster. My mind was on neutral as I cared only about the task at hand...getting this stranger to come in my mouth.

A few moments later without a sound, I felt his warm seed fill my mouth as his erect missile seemed to allow his cum to just pump out jizz after jizz after jizz.

I eagerly swallowed every drop like the hungry cocksucker I was becoming. I also continued moving up and down on his cock retrieving every last drop of his cum as I didn't want this moment to end.

Alas, it did. I got off my knees, gave a nod in the dark and left his dorm room. I walked past a couple guys as I left the dorm wondering if they could see past my manly exterior to my submissive cocksucker persona. I also wondered if they wondered why a forty year old was walking through a dorm at that time of night.

I returned back to my car that was back at the comedy club and headed back to my parents.

As I drove, I pondered what my sixty-five year old father, who is as old school as there is, would say if he learned his married oldest son left his party to go and suck a stranger's cock. I shuddered at what he may do or say...yet the reality was I was already thinking about the next cock.

The end

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