tagLesbian SexStraight Girl Turned at Le Chateau

Straight Girl Turned at Le Chateau


Summary: 3 friends, costumes, kinky Halloween games and lesbianism.

Note: This is a HALLOWEEN 2014 Contest story.

Thanks: MAB7991, Robert and goamz86 for editing this story.

Straight Girl Turned at Le Chateau

The three of us ladies at the office decided we would all go out together for Halloween to get back in the game. Both Sara and I had recently ended lengthy relationships, while Jane was perpetually single and on the hunt for her next one night stand.

Jane said, "And none of this conservative costume bullshit. This is the one day of the year we are allowed .no expected, to dress like sluts." Where Sara and I were conservative, Jane was very open and verbally sexual.

Sara joked, pointing to the black mini skirt Jane was wearing which was way too short for the law office, "That is every day for you, Jane."

Jane quipped right back, cupping her large breasts against her tight sweater, "If you got it, flaunt it, I say."

Jane was a ridiculously beautiful ravenous redhead who oozed sexuality. She always wore skirts two inches too short, she always wore heels two inches too high and impractical for the office, and she always wore pantyhose even when it was 98 outside. She said the nylons accentuated her legs, as did the five inch heels. And although I wasn't a lesbian, Jane was indisputably one of the most attractive women I had ever met.

I laughed, "Well, you definitely have it."

"You know it, girl," she said, slapping her own ass, before adding, "you could too if you got out of your conservative attire and dressed like a woman of the 21st century."

"I like my comfortable slacks and flats, thank you," I countered, believing in comfort first.

"I know," she sighed, as if my fashion sense was the most horrific thing in the world.

Sara chimed in, "That is why my attire is perfect. I am not dressed like a lady of the night, nor am I dressed as if I don't want anyone to notice I have a nice body."

Sara was dressed in a flowery blouse that also accentuated her breasts, a long skirt that went to her ankles, one inch heels and pantyhose.

"Ouch!" I said.

"She just meant your attire hides your assets and you have some very good assets," Jane said, flirting with me. Jane was an equal opportunist when it came to sex, bouncing back and forth between men and women.

I sarcastically replied, "Oh, I can slut it up."

"Good, I call your bluff, because I'm picking your costume for the evening," Jane declared.

"Go for it," I agreed, figuring fuck-it, it is Halloween and all.

"Oh, we are going to have so much fun," Jane said, all giddy.

Sara asked, "Are you going to pick my costume, too?"

"I am," Jane said smiling. "Wait till you see what I have in store for you two."

"I can't wait to be your Barbie Girl," I joked.

"Actually that would be a great costume," Jane said, missing my sarcasm.

"Oh God, what have I done," I said dramatically.

"Oh trust me, I'll make you look fucking irresistible," Jane promised.

"I already am," I pointed out.

"Not in that," Jane said, pointing to my full outfit. "Maybe I should dress you up for work too."

"Let's start with the costume," I laughed, knowing she wasn't kidding about changing my entire wardrobe.


The next three days, Jane hinted but wouldn't say what costumes she had chosen for us.

It drove me nuts, as she kept teasing me about how hot I would look and how I was guaranteed to get laid or eaten whole, her constant push to get me to experiment.

Sara had on a few occasions in her life been with a woman as well, so I was the lone heterosexual and Jane was determined to change that.

"No one can eat pussy like another girl," Jane would often say.

Sara hadn't been with another woman in a couple of years herself and, like me, had resisted the constant temptation that was Jane, who had offered to eat me under my desk, devour me whole in the bathroom or to turn me into her lesbian plaything.

Although I wasn't a lesbian, or even curious, my faith in men was at an all-time low. I hadn't had an orgasm in two months and thus I was probably more open to the prospect than I had ever been before.


After work on Halloween, the three of us went to Jane's condo, for a couple pre-party cocktails and to find out what Jane had chosen for us as costumes. I can't deny that, although I assumed it would be super slutty and revealing, it kind of turned me on. I would never buy such a costume for myself, but on a dare I really couldn't refuse. It somehow kept my conscience clear to think...I wasn't being a bad girl, I was just role playing.

During the cocktails, Jane kept us guessing with what she bought us, even after two strong drinks which had me already feeling tipsy, all I knew was that it included nylons, high heels, and apparently would not include any underwear.

I protested on the last one. "I am not going out in public without panties or a bra."

"You promised I could dress you and that includes everything," she pointed out.

"But...." I again began to protest but was cut off.

"Tonight you two are both my bitches, is that understood?" She said, surprisingly firm and out of character.

I joked, "I'm not eating your pussy."

She smiled, her tone back to its usual playfulness, "Interesting that is what popped into your head."

A bit of liquid courage in me, I quipped, trying to replicate her usual sexual predator persona, "Oh trust me, Jane, if I ever did dyke out I would rock your world."

"Challenge accepted," Jane smiled, her eyebrow raised.

Realizing the challenge I made, I didn't say anything more even though her look had my panties slightly damp. I was clearly going through withdrawal.

"Dress up time," Jane declared.

"I'm a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world," Sarah sang, making all three of us burst out laughing.

"Follow me, my bitches," Jane said, heading to her bedroom.

We both followed and both gasped simultaneously when we saw the costumes laid out on the bed.

"Can you guess whose is whose?" Jane asked.

"Three teenage sluts," I joked, looking at the plaid school girl skirt.

"Close," Jane countered. "The school girl outfit is yours, Beth."

"I figured," I sighed.

"The cheerleader outfit is yours, Sara," Jane announced.

"Apparently, it is high school all over again," Sara laughed, grabbing her very short skirt.

"It's slut night," Jane announced.

"So it seems," Sara and I said in unison.

"Get dressed, bitches," Jane ordered.

"And what are you wearing?" Sara asked.

"You'll see once you sluts are dressed," Jane teased.

"That is the pot calling the kettle black," I quipped.

She shrugged, "Stop delaying and get dressed."

Sara and I looked at each other, shrugged and began getting undressed. For some reason I was excited to let Jane see me naked, the rum loosening my inhibitions and making the thought of a lesbian tryst suddenly appealing.

I got undressed, grabbed the plaid skirt and began to put it on.

"This is a no underwear evening, remember," Jane said.

"You weren't serious?" I questioned.

"Tonight we let go off all inhibitions," she explained.

"Dressing as a slut isn't enough?" I asked.

"We are all in tonight," she retorted, "now get rid of your grandma panties and bra."

I sighed, but deciding to have a night where I let go of my conservative past, I pulled down my panties.

Jane gasped, "When did you last shave that thing?"

"2004," I joked.

"Well, we can't take you where we are going with a bush like that," Jane declared, going to her washroom.

"Where are we going?" Sara asked.

I wondered where we could possibly be going that would require me to not have a hairy bush.

Jane returned with scissors, shaving cream and a razor and said, "Sit on the chair."

"You got to be kidding me," I said, wearing only my bra.

"I never kid about cunt hygiene," she responded seriously, "Now sit down."

Again accepting that she was in charge today, I obeyed.

"Spread em'," Jane ordered.

"You've fantasized about me obeying those words for a while, haven't you?" I playfully replied as I opened my legs.

"All things happen to those who wait," she joked, as she moved between my legs.

Using scissors, she cut and cut, getting rid of the majority of my pubic hair. Strangely, having her face so close to my long neglected vagina had my mind playing tricks on me. If she would have leaned forward and licked me, I would not have protested.

Once the trimming was done, she sprayed my remaining hair with cream before saying, "Now don't move, I've had three rums."

I joked back, "Is that supposed to make me comfortable?"

"Nope," she answered, as she moved her razor to my vagina.

I closed my eyes and just allowed my friend to shave me. My pussy tingled at her touch and I wondered what it would be like if she licked me.

Sara, who I had forgotten was there, said, "This looks like the beginning of a lesbian porno movie."

Opening my eyes, seeing Sara in her tight, cheerleading outfit, I joked, "You're dressed for the part."

Jane added, "Maybe it is."

Sara joked, "Why don't you just bury your face in her pussy and get it over with?"

"Is that a dare?" Jane asked, looking back at Sara.

My cunt tingled with anticipation at the thought of crossing that line today. In the past I would have never considered such an idea, but today anything was possible.

Sara laughed, playing along with Jane, "Sure, I dare you."

Jane looked back at me and said, her smile mischievous, "A dare is a dare." She leaned forward, extended her tongue and licked from the bottom of my pussy lips to the top, gently flicking my clit."

I let out a moan I couldn't control.

"Hmmmm, yummy," Jane said, standing up.

I couldn't believe she licked me briefly and then left. I wanted to say, 'What the fuck...come and finish what you started,' but I was way too proper to say that. Instead I acted like nothing had happened, not wanting to let her know I may be willing.

"Get dressed, Beth," she said, "I'm going to get dressed myself."

I grabbed the school girl skirt and put it on. It was so short that without underwear there was no doubt I would flash someone. I joked to Sara, "My pussy is going to be on display all night."

Sara, who clearly gets out of her shell when she drinks, lifted up her skirt and said, "Mine too."

"Especially if you do that," I quipped back.

"Watching Jane lick you got me horny," Sara said.

"When was the last time you got laid?" I asked.

"Two months," she answered.

"Me too," I admitted.

"Tonight I'm fucking the first guy who I find remotely hot," Sara said.

"Well, dressed like that you won't have a problem," I smiled.

"Plus, pretty easy access," she added.

"Agreed," I said, grabbing the red shirt that went with my outfit. I was about to put it on when I saw it had words. Reading the words, I gasped.

"What?" Sara asked, downing another drink.

"It says 'your wish is my command'," I pointed out.

"That is so Jane," Sara laughed.

"I can't wear this," I protested.

"It's Halloween, it enhances the outfit," Sara countered, not helping my cause.

"Fine," I sighed, putting it on. "It's so tight on me."

"I can see your nipples," Sara giggled.

"Fuck, we should never have let Jane have such power and pick our costumes," I said.

"I am enjoying it," Sara said, moving to me. "Plus, you look so hot in that."

I had that deer in the headlights look as she reached me. I thought she was going to kiss me, but instead she took the beige thigh highs from the bed and dropped to her knees.

I watched as my usually shy friend rolled up the thigh high and then put it onto my foot and began rolling it up my leg. When she reached the top of the lace, her face was directly at my now slightly wet pussy.

Jane walked out, dressed as Barbie, all in pink, including stockings and five inch heels, and said, "I dare you to lick Beth."

Sara instantly leaned forward and licked my pussy lips from the bottom to the top and flicked my clit just like Jane had done.

I moaned, "Oh, God," my whole body quivering instantly, it having been so long since I had human contact down below (well, if you don't count Jane's brief tease).

"You sure you're not curious, ladies?" Jane asked.

Sara stood up and said rather matter-of-factly, "Nothing wrong with helping a friend."

I joked, "I'm not sure that was helpful."

Sara looked at me with a look that I couldn't tell was serious or playful, "Do you want me to finish what I started?"

Before I could respond, my head spinning with both the positives and negatives of my answer, Jane said, "We need to go, you two dyke wannabes."

"That's the pot calling the kettle back," Sara shot back.

"Unlike Beth, I accept that I like cock and cunt," Jane shot right back.

"Let's just go, before Jane tries raping us," I quipped.

"Just one more thing for each of your outfits," Jane added, going back to her closet and coming to us with collars.

"You've got to be fucking kidding me," I said, with disdain.

"You promised I got to dress you," Jane countered.

"Just put them on us," Sara said, "I want to get dancing."

"Fine," I sighed, as Jane put the collar around my neck.

After she put one on Sara as well, she called a taxi and we headed out to a place called Le Chateau Club, a club I had never heard of, that was on the other side of town.

Jane declared as the taxi pulled into a very nice looking establishment, "You girls are in for the night of your lives."

She paid the taxi driver and we walked into the bar. A bouncer greeted, "Hi, Jane. Who are the new recruits?"

"Two of my best friends," Jane replied, "who are about to have the time of their lives."

He chuckled, "That's a guarantee. Welcome ladies."

He allowed us in, his smile implying there was something he knew that we didn't.

Jane paid our cover charge and each of us wrote down our names for some Halloween door prizes.

Jane said, her tone seemingly a warning, "Just do as I say once we get in the club."

"Yes, Mistress," I joked.

"I like that," Jane nodded. "Both of you bitches call me Mistress tonight."

"Good luck with that," I smirked.

The moment we were in the club I realized where she had brought us. It was a lesbian club. I had heard there was one in the city, but never put much thought into it. I stared at the women all dressed in their skanky best, the scene straight out of a lesbian porn movie made by a man. There were girls on all fours, there were girls making out with others, there were girls groping girls on the dance floor, there were women having a drink at the bar scoping out the newest recruits...which I realized was Sara and I.

Jane declared flamboyantly, "Welcome to paradise."

"You brought us to a lesbian club?" I questioned, even though it was a rhetorical question, because this was definitely a lesbian club.

"I told you, tonight we live on the wild side," she continued, taking my hand and leading me to the dance floor. Sara followed, her eyes as big as mine.

As we danced, to a song I didn't remotely recognize and was stupidly heavy on bass, I continued to survey my surroundings. The women here ranged from not looking of legal age to be here, to old enough to have grandchildren. Some of the women were ridiculously beautiful like movie celebrities and others looked like the prototype for the butch lesbian stereotype we all imagine. Yet, what was uniform was the complete lack of clothing on most patrons, as they too followed the Halloween slut rule.

Every possible costume you could imagine seemed to exist, just with the word slutty in front of it, including: spider-girl, nurse, teacher, nun, cowgirl, just to name a few and what looked like the sluttiest, sexiest Hermione character ever...I am sure JK Rowling would be having a heart attack if she saw the character she created dressed in such a way. She would be doubly mortified, I imagine, if she witnessed what I did, which was the Hermione lookalike, crawling under a table and assumedly between the legs of a woman in her fifties dressed, ironically, as a witch.

The song ended, and Jane grabbed our hands and headed towards the last open table. She sat at the back so she could watch the entire bar as Sara and I sat on opposite sides of her.

Jane asked, "What do you think of the club?"

"It seems to lack a bit of testosterone?" I quipped.

"Oh trust me, they make up for it," Jane smiled, as a pretty waitress arrived at our table. She took our orders and Sara asked, "Do you come here often?"

"I both come and come," she answered, air quoting the second 'come', "here often."

I was about to ask why she had brought us here, even though I knew the answer, when a middle aged, chubby woman, asked, "May I, Ms. Jane?"

"Of course, Mrs. Hamilton," she nodded.

The woman wordlessly dropped to her knees in front of us, crawled under the table, rubbing my leg as she assumedly went between Jane's legs.

Jane continued conversing as if it wasn't strange to have a woman eating her out under the table. "So, if you look around you will notice that many are currently checking you both out."

I instantly did, feeling a strange mixture of curiosity and nervousness. Although most of the women were oblivious to the fact that Sara and I were La Chateau Club first timers, there were a few who definitely were looking our way...as if we were fresh meat...which I suppose we were.

I asked, "Why did she just do that?"

Jane shrugged, "I'm told I have one of the sweetest tasting pussies around, although not quite as perfect as Big Rosie's."

"Big Rosie?" I questioned", the whole evening becoming surreal and bordering on the absurd.

Jane pointed up to the second floor, which I hadn't really noticed up until now. There were a few private rooms and a line of five women waiting before one closed door. Jane explained, "Big Rosie is a beautiful, larger black woman with the most sensational, addicting pussy in the city."

"And people line up to taste her?" I asked.

"All night," Jane nodded. "That woman can have multiple, multiple orgasms."

"Have you waited in line?" I asked, unable to fathom waiting in line to pleasure another woman.

"Many times," she nodded, as she moaned. "I have even been to some of the special parties she hosts."

"Huh," I said, trying to take it all in.

"Trust me," Jane moaned, her hands holding onto the table, "once you taste a cunt or have your cunt licked by a woman there is no going back."

"Why did you bring us here?" I asked, even though I again knew the answer to the question before I even asked it.

"It's where the party issssss," she moaned, her facial expression implying the woman below was doing a good job.

"For you," I pointed out.

"Do you want Mrs. Hamilton to please you once she is done with me?" Jane asked.

Sara, surprising me, said, "I do."

"Sara," I gasped, thinking we were partners in this.

"When in Rome," Sara shrugged.

"That's the spirit," Jane smiled, before adding, "one quick lick of Beth's pussy and you were instantly recalling your past cunt munching experiences, weren't you?"

Sara shrugged, "Just horny, and since she's already down there."

Jane came, hitting the table three times as her orgasm hit her.

"I can't believe you're coming at a club," I said, even though I was a bit envious, I too was horny as hell, but I wasn't ready to have some stranger lick me in a public place. That said, flashing back to both Jane and Sara briefly licking my pussy was consuming me.

"I can see through your facade," Jane countered a moment later, as her orgasm began to subside.

I was about to respond when Sara eagerly said, "My turn!"

"To crawl under the table and eat me?" Jane questioned.

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