tagFetishStraight Laced

Straight Laced


Note: This story contains submissive, but consensual, piercing and serious body modification. If this isn't your scene, please don't continue reading.


"Are you sure?" Tom asked.

Rachel stood a moment twirling her hair, and emphatically answered, "Yes!"

"I'm sorry—I'm not really sure I understood you! Could you please repeat it?" he requested, somewhat confused.

"I hereby give my body over to you for your decoration. You may permanently tattoo it, pierce it, or modify it as you see fit." She beamed as she stood before him, naked.

Tom was also naked, seated before her. He looked up at Rachel's face and saw that she was completely earnest.

"What brought this on?"

She immediately replied, "As your lover I wanted to give you the ultimate gift. I know you're a creative artist who adores the female form. I want you to use my body as a canvas. I'm looking forward to seeing what you will do with me."

He smiled, and held his hand out to her hip.

"No matter what? What if my artistic vision isn't the same as yours?"

"I won't back out. A gift is a gift."

A tear welled in his eye as he considered her beautiful gift.

He laid her down, and started stroking her body all over; she purred in response, her feminine instinct soaking up his touch and her body flexed to meet his hand. He felt her everyplace, lingering tantalizingly long before touching any of the softest places. She was squirming with agony by the time he finally reached down and placed himself at her opening. Slowly, he inserted himself as he bent down to begin simultaneously nursing at her breast. She arched her back and let out a long moan as he began thrusting.

The next day, they both got up late, languishing in bed. Tom finally got up first, and went directly to his studio after making a cup of instant coffee. Rachel made herself something to eat, and puttered around the house, reading a magazine, getting the paper, dusting the bookshelves. After about three hours, he came out of his studio with a handful of papers.

"Do you want to see what I've come up with?"

"No. I want it to be a surprise."

"Alright. Then we have to leave the house for an appointment in two hours. And don't wear a bra, but bring one in your purse."

She was dying from anticipation the rest of the time, but decided to busy herself with showering, dressing, and makeup. Before she knew it, it was time to go. They drove across town to an area she hadn't gone to often, and pulled into a tattoo and piercing parlor. He opened the door for her, and they walked in.

The place was very clean and had lots of artwork on the walls: various photos of clients or of especially interesting tattoos and piercings. Her lover obviously hadn't been there before as he introduced himself as the guy who called earlier that morning. She waited for him in a small chair by the door. After some formalities, they were ushered into a back room. This too was clean, with a doctor's table covered with paper. The tech Jimmy asked her to take off her top and lay back.

Rachel glanced at Tom, and he smiled back. She unbuttoned her blouse, letting her beautiful breasts fall free, handing her blouse to him. She had never been topless in front of a stranger before, but the tech acted as if this was nothing new, and it put her at ease. She lay back.

Tom held her hand as Jimmy donned gloves. He examined her breasts—they were smallish, between an A and B cup, but with big gumdrop-sized nipples. Her nipples and areola were a lovely shade of dark brown. Her nipples were oblong, taller than wide. The tech asked "horizontal?" and Tom answered for her, "Yes."

Jimmy wiped her right nipple with a cotton ball soaked in alcohol and it immediately got hard. Then he took a implement looking like a pair of pliers that instead had two loops at the end and clasped her nipple with it. He said to Rachel, "I'm going to clamp you first, then pierce you. It will hurt, but it'll be over quickly."

She grimaced and said "Okay. I'm ready."

He fine-tuned and adjusted the clamp until he was satisfied that the area in-between the loops was symmetrically placed, and reached to his side table to grasp a large needle. "Okay, here goes," he said, and he plunged the needle through her nipple.

She yelped in pain, and crushed her lover's hand. A small tear rolled down her cheek. While Tom was comforting Rachel, the tech was quickly pushing a small gold ring through the newly created opening. She eventually realized it was all over: she saw that a golden hoop was now protruding from her nipple. The tech had rotated the ring through her nipple until the gap was in the far end. Her nipple softly throbbed.

Jimmy smiled in satisfaction over a good placement. "Okay, now the other side." He moved his stool and side table to Rachel's other side, and repeated the alcohol swab on the other nipple, which became instantly erect. Again, he carefully positioned the clamp, and finally asked, "Ready?"

She answered, "I guess so" in a wobbly voice. He didn't hesitate, and at that, the needle was once again stabbing through her other nipple. She cried out again, and just as quickly as before, looked down to see a gold ring donning her other nipple.

"Oh thank God it's done!" she cried with relief.

"Not just yet. Your boyfriend here has asked for our special service. We're going to weld the rings shut, so they're permanent."

"What?" she asked, incredulously.

Jimmy had already placed a very thick cloth heat shield around Rachel's left nipple, covering the remainder of her breast, but letting her nipple just poke through. He grabbed a roll of aluminum foil as he was explaining. "These are gold rings, which is the only metal we'll do this with. Gold is a poor conductor, which means it doesn't heat very easily, lucky for you. But it still does get hot. We're going to protect your breast from the torch with this shielding. The tinfoil will carry most of the heat away from the nipple." He was fashioning a cone around her nipple with the foil, making sure the delicate nipple was completely covered, and crushing it solidly into place around the ring. He took a pair of pliers and closed the gap in the ring shut. Then he took a small pair of scissors, and cut a very tiny square of gold foil from a small gold sheet. With a moist toothpick, he transferred the foil to the ring.

Rachel was breathing faster and faster as he was preparing, looking scared. Tom reached over and quietly whispered in her ear, "Breath slooowly. You're hyperventilating." He turned her head towards her and away from the activity around her breast, looking directly into her eyes. "It'll be okay—they've done this before."

She relaxed at her lover's voice, and then heard the click of a miniature torch start up. Before long, she could feel the heat in her nipple as a distinct burning sensation. As soon as she began to whimper, she realized Jimmy had stopped.

"It's okay—we're done." She looked down, and all she could see was a small aluminum foil mountain on top of her breast with a ring sticking out. Jimmy got a small Dremel and clicked it on. She winced at the whir, but he quickly polished the solder joint so that it was smooth and perfect. "There—this one is complete!" He removed the tinfoil and shield, and placed the shield around the other breast, pulling the nipple through the opening at the tip.

She grimaced and stared only at Tom, who stroked her hair and quietly whispered comforting words as preparations were being made on the other breast. She was trying to distract herself in him when she finally felt the burning begin on her other nipple. The burning feeling seemed more intense—she couldn't tell if it was because she anticipated it or if it was worse—and another tear fell down her cheek. Again just as it became unbearable, it was over. Again, the tech polished the other ring, and then removed the shielding.

Rachel sat up and admired the handiwork. Her nipples sported two perfectly round gold rings. The tech handed her two small cold packs. "You may want to put these in your bra to let the throbbing go down." He handed her a sheet for care instructions, and left them in the room alone. She put on her bra, tucking the cold packs in-between her bra and her tender nipples. Tom gave a kiss on her head as she put back on her blouse.

"I'm very proud of you," he said.

Over the next few days, Rachel was careful to pamper her tender nipples, religiously rotating her rings, cleaning them with antiseptic and swabbing them with antibacterial ointment several times each day. The piercings seemed to take well, and she caught herself admiring them in a mirror. They were perfect, permanent gold circles, right at the base of each nipple, and they adorned her breasts beautifully. She turned quickly back and forth, watching them glint and move, shaking along with her breasts. She loved the way they looked and made her feel: as if she were a sultan's prize.

During their lovemaking, Tom left her breasts alone, with great difficulty keeping her ring tipped nipples out of his mouth and hands, letting them fully heal. He focused his attention to her thighs and tummy, relishing in making her wet with anticipation before he plunged his tongue or his cock into her.

After a couple months, her nips had healed enough to start playing with them. Rachel loved the new sensations she had from having Tom tug at her nipples, pulling her rings to stretch or lift her breasts. She found herself absentmindedly playing with the rings in the shower, when she was lying in bed, when she was getting dressed. He adored the way they decorated her breasts, and he told her so often. He loved to suck at her breasts and play with the ring with his tongue, pulling her nipple while she was in his mouth. They both loved the new dimension this had added to their sex.

One morning after fucking each other senseless, they lay side-by-side, sweating and panting. Tom reached over, possessively cupping Rachel's left breast, fondling her nipple ring.

"I have a new adornment planned for you," he whispered.

She turned on her side, curling around him with her head on his chest. "Oh?"

"Do you want to know what it is?"

"No. Surprise me."

"Okay. When do you want to get started?"

"Anytime you want," she said. Her pussy tingled in anticipation of a new pleasure.

He got up and led her by the hand to the shower. They both stepped in, and he started leisurely soaping her up and sponging her down, washing her hair, her back, her breasts and stomach, then crouching down to wash her legs, her pussy, her ass. He turned off the shower, took a can of shaving cream from the lip of the tub, frothed up a ball of cream in his hand, and frosted it evenly across her pussy. He had done this before for her, and so she relaxed, naturally raising her leg and spreading it, resting her foot on the edge of the tub to give him full access. Tom took a razor, and slowly and methodically shaved off her pussy fur, going over each section carefully to make sure she was clean. He would carefully grasp each lip, shaving it, then splashing her with a little water to observe where he needed to stroke again. After he was finished, he turned the shower back on, making sure she was completely rinsed off.

He then quickly soaped and rinsed himself, and turned off the shower. Rachel had her eyes closed, enjoying the sensuous feeling as he used a soft plush towel, drying her off completely. He took special care to dry off her newly bald pussy, and gave it a big wet, lingering kiss. He gave her pussy a second longer kiss, full and wet, slowly rubbing his mouth side-to-side against her labia, gently sucking her into his mouth and then releasing her. He stood up and briefly tousled his own hair with a new towel, wrapping it around his own waist while he shaved. They individually dressed, and they stepped outside, entering the car. He drove them to their new destination.

A new piercing studio, different from the first, greeted her when the car pulled up to a parking space. Again, Tom led them inside and spoke to the owner Brandon, who led them into a back private room. Her lover turned to her and asked her to take off her skirt and panties. Rachel did so, although she turned a little pink and started unzipping her skirt slightly more reluctantly with the other man in the room. But she did as she was asked, and placed her clothes at the end of the table. She lay down on the table with her legs closed.

Brandon took out a folder with a large number of transparencies in it. He started pulling them out and set them on a table, just outside of her view. Tom and the Piercer were pouring over them, pointing and selecting. She heard Tom say "No, not like this. Yes this one, but more eyelets. This one right here." Brandon turned to her and asked her "Can you spread your legs, honey?" The man spread her lips fully apart, then letting them relax back to a closed position, smoothing her outer lips over until they were perfectly symmetrical, hiding her inner lips and her clit.

The two men looked once more over the selected transparency. Her lover nodded his head, and the other man took a pair of scissors to cut the selected design out from the sheet. He took the cut piece of clear plastic, and placed it centered over her slit. She could now see what it had printed on it: two columns of silver circles, with a small hole punched through the center of each one. There were six rows and a pair of circles in each row, evenly centered on either side of her slit, and fully extending from top to bottom of her outer lip: twelve circles in total. She looked at her lover, a question in her eyes.

"They're eyelets. I want to be able to lace up your pussy," he answered her unspoken question.

"You mean, like a shoe?"

"Yes. Or like a corset."

Rachel opened her mouth silently, and her hand instinctively covered her privates, inadvertently knocking the clear template to the floor. Brandon reached down and picked it up, keeping it in his hand.

Tom looked at Rachel with eyes compassionate, yet passionate. "You wanted it a surprise, remember? You don't have to do this if you don't want to."

"It's just—well, I wasn't expecting anything like that. Is it permanent? What am I saying, of course it is."

"Yes, it is. But if you don't want to, you won't disappoint me."

She reached her open hand out to Brandon, who handed her the template. She looked over the piece of clear film in her hand, with its twelve evenly spaced circles around twelve evenly spaced holes. She looked through the holes, realizing that if she went ahead with it, those same holes would soon be in her. She turned it over in over in her hand and her mind, amazed that such a small piece of plastic could hold her fate. After a minute, she had finally decided.

Rachel spread her legs wide, and placed the plastic template back over her slit, looking at her lover as she did so. Tom looked at her with raised eyebrows, to which she replied, "I really want it. Please go ahead."

Brandon asked her, "Do you want to do them all at once, or two at a time?"

She answered immediately, "I want to get it over with—let's do all at once."

He walked to a sink in the corner of the room, pulled a paper Dixie cup and filled it from the faucet. He then opened a cabinet, took out a small bottle, and shook out a single pill. He handed her the cup and a small pill. "If that's the case, you'll probably want this. It's Valium, and it'll dull the pain." She took the pill and swallowed it, chasing it with the water.

Brandon put on a pair of latex gloves, and then cleaned her with an antiseptic wipe. Once she was thoroughly clean, he again centered the transparency over her labia. He then taped the clear film down to her bald pussy with several small pieces of electrical tape. As he was doing this, he explained, "I'm going to line things up perfectly and tattoo small crosses for the center of each hole so we'll have perfect alignment once I remove the template."

He finished taping the template in place, and reached to the table and grabbed something, holding it out to her. She opened her hand and took it: two small golden tubes, each with a wide rolled flange on one end. He explained, "Those are the two halves of each eyelet. Two fit together: one on the inside of your lip, one on the outside. Notice how there are ribs only on the outside of one of the tunnels, and only on the inside of the other? The two tubes slide inside each other. The ribs are slanted one-way like little ramps. Once I press the two halves together with a pair of pliers, the ribs will ensure they don't come apart."

He then picked up a tattoo machine from the table and turned it on. It sounded like a dentist's drill. He moved in close, and started drawing little plus signs on her pussy in the center of each eyelet of the template. She felt it stinging her pussy like a bee, but it didn't hurt as bad as the nipple piercing had. He was quick—after just a few seconds, and he was done.

"Okay. Has the Valium kicked in yet?"

"Maybe just a little."

"Let's wait."

He removed the tape and the plastic guard, and wiped her vulva clean from ink and a couple tiny droplets of blood from the tattoo needle. Her pussy had a dozen little blue crosses, perfectly spaced from top to bottom on both sides of her outer lips.

The three of them made small talk, about Brandon's business and some of the more interesting clientele and designs. After fifteen or so minutes went by, Brandon asked Rachel again how she was feeling.

"Pretty good, actually. A little loopy, maybe. Mostly just relaxed."

"Good—then it's time to start."

He pulled out another device from his side table with a star-shaped wheel. She didn't recognize it. "What's that?" she asked.

"It's a leather punch. We use it for some of the bigger holes, like you have. We keep it very sharp, so it'll be very quick." He rotated the punch around to select the 3/16th inch size he needed.

She was feeling quite relaxed, and despite the look of the tool, it didn't bother her at all. "Okay," she said lazily.

The man scooted up to her spread legs, with the leather punch in one hand, grasping her labia in the other. He stretched her lip far away from her body, and placed the steel plate of the punch on the inside of the lip, being very careful to line up the hole in the center of the punch.

"Ready?" he asked.

Tom held Rachel's hand, and she quietly replied, "Yes."

Brandon double-checked his placement one final time, then with one quick motion, he squeezed the punch hard. The circular bit of the tool punched a clean hole through her labia, and she let go a loud yelp. The Valium did dull the pain, but she still definitely felt it. Brandon worked quickly, dusting the hole with alum powder to staunch the bleeding which was just beginning to ooze out. The alum powder stung her, waking her senses.

"Oh my God, that hurt!"

He picked up the one half of the golden eyelet. He slid it into the hole on the inside. The hole in her lip was intentionally slightly smaller than the tube, and he had to strongly push it through. It protruded past her skin by an eighth of an inch or so. He withdrew it, and used a small cut-off wheel to remove the extra piece of metal at the tip so the tube would be the exact thickness of her labia. He quickly burnished that off to smooth the cut edge, placed it back in her labia's hole, and put the other eyelet on the outside of her lip. With a special pair of padded pliers, he grasped the two ends and pushed the two halves together. The two golden tubes locked into place around her lip with a ratcheting sound. He took a small cloth soaked in alcohol and swabbed off the blood.

He was very quick—the whole process had taken less than a minute. She looked down at her pussy, and saw the one gleaming golden eyelet in her labia. She reached down and held her lip, turning it, and was able to see through the perforation. It was a beautiful job, and she knew she would be happy with her new ornamentation when it was finished. But she also saw the eleven other little crosses on her pussy, and was nervous. She looked at her lover. "Please tell me a story to keep my mind off of it."

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