tagFetishStraight Laced Ch. 02

Straight Laced Ch. 02


Note: This story contains serious body modification. If this isn't your scene, please don't continue reading. The story picks up directly from Part I.

Tom had laced Rachel tonight for the first time since her pussy had gotten its eyelets. Tom had, with her permission, and in fact her request, installed two rows of eyelets in her pussy. She had six holes in each outer lip, perfectly symmetrical, capped with golden eyelets. The two halves of each eyelet, on the inside and outside of her labia, were permanently affixed—they had pressure ridges that were snapped together by the man who pierced her. The eyelets had a wide rim, polished and rounded for comfort. They matched her golden nipple rings, welded and polished shut, which he had decorated her with months before. Her pussy was now like a pink precious little shoe, finally rewarded with its dream of being laced. But up until tonight, lacing her was off-limits while the piercings had healed.

Rachel was nude, turning to and fro in front of a full-length mirror admiring the pink lace Tom had threaded through her pussy lips, tied with a little bow on top. Her pussy looked beautiful and feminine, the golden hollow rivets a refinement to her sexuality. Tom had tied the laces tight, pressing her lips together, and hiding her now engorged clit deep within her slit, behind the crossed pink ribbons. She didn't want to disturb her new decoration, but after months of build-up she was desperate for relief.

Rachel had been shopping for shoelaces in the months prior in anticipation of this event. Letting Tom pick from her selections—all different colors and finishes of shoe laces—she had sprinkled out all her many purchases over the bedspread. Now, they were just in the way for the rutting behavior that Rachel craved.

"I don't want to untie myself. Could you take me from behind?" Rachel asked, leaning onto the bed, using her arm to clear a path, flinging away the dozens of laces in their little paper wrappers and plastic bands to clear room for her prone body.

"Of course," he said eagerly. They had first started experimenting with anal sex while Rachel's pussy was healing. Now it had become a natural part of their sex play, a welcome activity, even by her.

She raised her ass in the air, waiting for his penetration. He reached into the nightstand, procuring a bottle of lubricant, and made sure that his cock and her ass were both thoroughly lubed. He placed himself behind her, and using his finger, worked it into her rear, making sure she was wet inside. Then he guided his cock to her ass, pressing himself against her beautiful asshole for several moments to let her adjust before slowly pushing inside.

She moaned with desire as she felt his head push pass her sphincter. After their month or two of practice she was now used to the sensations, and she relaxed herself to accommodate him, letting him fill her and push in to full depth. Once he had entered her all the way, he could feel his balls brush up against the bottom of her cunt, and to his surprise he could feel her laces. She too could feel him bumping against her sutured lips, the taut laces magnifying his motion. He started slowly stroking in and out of her ass, building both of their excitement, taking his time gently assaulting his lover's ass. Rachel started playing with her nipple rings as she was being sodomized, tugging them and stretching her nipples for extra stimulation.

Rachel had never thought she could be a woman that would enjoy anal sex. But in surrendering her body to her lover for decoration, she had also uncovered the pure bliss in surrendering herself completely to him in that way. She felt him filling her ass, each stroke gradually gaining speed. The tension on her tightly laced labia was transmitting the end of each stroke to her caged clit, while his cock completely filled her ass. He went slowly and surely, at each stage waiting for her body to be ready for him, adjusting his speed and position to ensure her comfort and pleasure.

He reached underneath her with one hand and cupped her vulva, using his fingers to strum the tight laces. The confident feeling of his hand plucking at her strings all the while he was plumbing the depths of her rear drove her crazy, and Rachel cried out "Oh God yes, fuck me!"

He sped up marginally, still pulling at her laces. When he tugged a lace anywhere, the tight string interwoven throughout her whole pussy made her entire vulva feel like a musical instrument, strung for pleasure.

Tom's patient ministrations finally had their effect, as Rachel cried out, her orgasm finally flowing over her. She grasped the sheets as she moaned on each wave, relishing the feeling of her anus rhythmically contracting around the cock buried deep in her. Hearing Rachel come and feeling her ass clutching at him brought Tom over the edge, and he gripped Rachel's hips, pulling her to him as deeply as he could while he pumped her full of his semen.

He held her tight as he finished, and now exhausted he directed both of their bodies to fall on the bed, still connected. They lay there, still intimately joined, panting in recovery. Tom stroked Rachel's back and pet her hair, while his erection began to subside. After a while, we was finally soft, and he pulled his penis from her, her anus staying open while his come dripped out.

Tom jumped up and got some tissues from the nightstand, wiping her carefully clean before taking care of himself. Rachel passively lay there, satisfied, letting Tom clean her off. When he was done, she needed a shower. Not wanting to get her laces wet, she reached between her legs, and undid the bow.

With the sex leaving her pussy wet, throbbing and unfilled, the touch of undoing the laces only served to arouse her further. She worked slowly, pulling each lace free from its eyelet, letting the string drag against her swollen labia. She was at the bottom two holes eventually, when she pulled the lace completely through and out. It was tugging at her labia the entire journey, and when she had pulled the lace free of her pussy, she felt a little incomplete.

Rachel had sprung her unveiling on him immediately when he had gotten home from work, and now Tom had gone downstairs to start dinner. She spent her time gathering up the laces scattered over the bedspread and putting them in a shoebox she now kept under the bed. She walked into the shower, and turned it on. While she waited for the water to warm, she sat on the potty and relieved herself. She had lived with the eyelets now for four months, and the nipple rings slightly longer. Like a wedding ring, they felt just like another part of her.

She wiped herself, flushed, and stepped in the shower. She poured a healthy amount of vanilla bodywash into a sponge, and languorously lathered herself all over, letting the suds stay on her body until a turn of her body revealed the jet of water ready to blast them off. She daydreamed with the water playing over her. Her erotic shoelace shopping trips had given her mind plenty of fertile ground to cover. Now that she had tasted the lacing for the first time, she knew she would love it. She turned up the heat, and closing her eyes, put her finger down to her clit, masturbating herself while the steamy water ran down her body in rivulets.

The next day, Tom left for work early and was gone by the time Rachel woke. After she had wiped the sleep from her eyes, she crawled out of the covers and sat on the edge of the bed. Rachel slept in the nude. She decided to get dressed first, so went under the bed and fetched her shoebox. She had let Tom lace her last night, so it was her turn today. She picked through the choices, finding a nice black round dress lace. She took out one lace from the pair, placing the other back in the box, and sliding it back under the bed. She fondled the black lace for a moment, then stretched it to its full length. She spread her legs and arched her back so that she could give herself the best access to her pussy. She had discovered that she still couldn't see the bottom holes, so she sat on the floor in front of the bedroom's full-length mirror, spreading her legs wide.

With this view, she could see herself fully. She admired the work, the golden eyelets running up each side of her pussy, making her look like a living lace-up shoe. She threaded the hard plastic tip of the lace through one of her labia at the bottom, and passed it to the other matching hole on the other lip. She pulled the lace through to the halfway point, holding the string far from her body to measure that the two tips were equal. The act of pulling the string taut away from her tugged her lips. Everything about it was still so erotic, that she couldn't help noticing every little motion of the laces. She softly bit her lip in a pose of feminine eros.

She then worked at suturing herself up, threading the laces from one side to the other, then crossing with the opposite side. When she reached the top, she found it difficult to tie the bow upside down, so it took her several tries, pantomiming the bow tying in the mirror then trying to move her hands to the position at her crotch to repeat it. She finally got it right, and looked at her handiwork.

Her pussy was framed by a series of crisscrossing black X's, culminating with a floppy bow on top. She stood up and admired herself, turning to see it from all angles. The golden metal eyelets fixed into her skin were a beautiful contrast to the dark cloth laces. Happy with her first lacing, she lay back on the bed. She was aroused by the act of installing the lace, and she wanted to rub one out.

She slid her finger under the bow and between the laces to reach her clit. She had laced herself more loosely than Tom did last night so there was room for her finger to slightly spread the laces apart. Even this act caused the laces to adjust themselves, pulling and tugging everywhere along her pussy.

She found her quarry, and started slowly rubbing her finger side-to-side against her clit. She could feel the wetness building inside her, and she continued her attack, more furiously now. It didn't take her long to finish herself, and as she did so, she pressed her finger hard against her clit, smashing it within its cage while she came.

Her immediate need satisfied, she started getting dressed. She had stopped regularly wearing panties after the golden tunnels were inserted because of the discomfort when they were raw, angry, and fresh. Now she almost always went commando, combined with a skirt or dress. No longer used to wearing underwear, she thought of the lace itself as her panty, and picked her bra to match her lace. After some quick sorting of clothing, she was dressed and outfitted for the day. Another shopping trip was in order.

Over the coming weeks, Rachel yet further expanded her collection of laces. The eroticism involved in lacing herself each morning had given her a new appreciation for the style of lace. She also started buying lots of shoes with laces, not confining herself to standard dress shoes or sneakers, but progressing to all sorts of laced high boots, including some obviously slutty thigh-high black latex models she got from Fredrick's of Hollywood.

Her lacing style had started out pretty plain vanilla, using the same pattern that every schoolchild learns by first grade. But she graduated, her repertoire of lacing patterns ever growing, trying fancy lacing combinations she found that urban kids had posted on the internet. She found a bunch of functional lacing patterns that different military organizations promoted, designed for keeping the tongue fixed while letting the sides of the boot flex, or purely ornamental patterns like those used by ceremonial guards. The fashion industry had some tips too, like lacings that would hide some of the inner crossing behind. She usually preferred the simplicity of the original, but she did appreciate some of the other designs for their unique benefits. Some of the lacing patterns pulled her in different ways, or held her lips rigid and tightly together, or placed more of the lace on the inside where they could stimulate her clit as she walked. Some of her fancy lacing patterns required using two laces, which gave her more color matching options. She loved experimenting with new styles, and became quite proficient with different patterns. She got excited when she saw a new pattern, automatically translating the shoe parts in the instructions to her female equivalent: "tongue" to "clit" and "inside crossover" to "clit cage". She got to know almost instinctively the advantage and the feel of any particular lacing.

Rachel set the tone of her day with how she laced her pussy. If it was the weekend and Tom wanted to take a hike, Rachel would select the thickest leather lace she had. It was almost too thick for the small eyelets, but she could force it through the holes if she persevered. She pulled those laces very tight, just like she would her hiking boots, binding her pussy closed with the thick leather laces. There was something about the leather that was primal, and she responded with a pressure that rippled her labia, working all of the slack out of her laces with two passes from the bottom to the top. She wanted each stride of her legs on the trail to pull her entire pussy along for the ride.

If she was just going shopping with friends, she'd use a running shoe lace, loosely tied, almost carelessly like she was throwing on a pair of sneakers before dashing out of the house. She could have left the laces out, but she never left the house without lacing herself. Even if in a rush, she would quickly thread a lace through, topping it off with a sloppy bow. She didn't dream of leaving herself unlaced—it would be like leaving the house naked or without makeup. By now she had completely equated wearing her laces to wearing panties. The colored thread that stitched her pussy shut each morning was as important a choice to her as any other part of her wardrobe. She hadn't worn her panties for months, and she decided to get rid of them.

Rachel's fetish also started to drift towards corsets. She had already regularly visited Victoria's Secret and other more boutique lingerie shops, buying almost anything corset-style with laces. In the downtown of one of the local college towns she had found a medieval fantasy shop that had a selection of real corsets, and she practically cleaned them out. For those she would need Tom's help.

When she brought home her corset collection, Rachel was tentative, working up the courage to ask Tom at just the right time. But he loved the idea, and helped her try one on that night. She had selected a nice lavender one, and she had already changed her lace to a pretty matching purple in anticipation. She handed the corset to Tom for his inspection.

It was beautiful—a curvy formed rectangle of heavy lavender fabric, very feminine with little trimming of white lace. Inside the garment there were stiff vertical bars called boning, these days made of plastic. Both outer edges of the corset had rows of silver eyelets running up each side about every half inch; Tom thought it looked like Rachel's pussy, and Tom started getting hard. She handed him a very long white lace, and explained what she wanted. She donned the corset, adjusting it so it rode just above her hips and half-way across her breasts, turning to face away from Tom.

Tom started lacing her from the top, pulling the laces tight as she asked. There was a good deal of Rachel's back visible between the two edges of the garment as they were brought together. The corset was designed to slim, being deliberately much narrower than her body, leaving plenty of extra room to squeeze its female owner. There were a huge number of eyelets to lace, so it took a while for Tom to get it laced all the way down to the bottom. It wasn't tight enough for her—she felt it, but she wanted the corset to do its real job.

"Please go back to the top and snug them as tight as you can," Rachel asked, sucking in her breath. Tom started over, pulling the strings as hard as he could, using his hand against Rachel's back to pull the strings devilishly tight while he resnugged all the laces. Rachel could feel her breath being squeezed out of her, as she had hoped. Tom finally got to the bottom to tie a big open bow as Rachel was just getting used to her new confinement. She strode over to the mirror. Her hourglass figure was even more accented, with her waist narrowed and her breasts pushed up. "I'm taking delicate shallow little breaths, very befitting for a lady," Rachel thought. She loved this body cage, and she could feel the wetness inside her starting to drip out onto her labia.

That first night when she had been laced, she had been too cautious to mess up her pretty new decoration, and so she had chosen to take it anally. Since then, she had lost her fear of getting her laces dirty—now she washed her string "panties" in the laundry in a mesh bag so they wouldn't get all tangled up. She had also discovered some workarounds to having sex while still being laced. She found that she could lace herself loosely which would allow Tom to slide inside, his cock constantly sliding against her strings as he fucked her. And she had found some lacing patterns that left her vagina free, with one bar barely below her opening and the other crossing laces just above it, just right for strumming. She had opted for the latter tonight, knowing that putting on the corset would definitely end up in her getting a good hard fuck.

Rachel lay back on the bed on her back, spreading her legs nice and wide for Tom's benefit. He saw the pretty purple laces woven through her pussy and noticed that the pattern left an open space near her vagina. He knew exactly what her signal meant, and didn't waste any time stripping and climbing up on the bed with her. He brought his hard member close to her, rubbing it against her opening where she wasn't stitched shut, feeling her wetness. He pressed into her, thankful that she was sopping. She hadn't criss-crossed the laces over her vagina, but the lacing throughout the rest of her pussy still made her very tight, pressing each labia tightly against its mate. Whenever he entered her while still laced, the tightness of her lips against his pole made her seem like a virgin, and tonight was no exception. Her cunt enclosed around him as he entered her. He pressed forward as slowly as possible, gradually retreating back to pull forward her moisture and advancing again, a couple millimeters with each slow stroke.

He was poised above her, and Rachel had been stroking his chest while he penetrated her, pinching his nipples, running her hands down his back and pulling his ass towards her. Finally he was in to his full depth, and Rachel lifted and closed her legs over his butt pulling him to her to feel him deep within her, filling her. Once she was satisfied with the feeling of fullness his cock gave her, she let her ankles relax so he could continue pumping. Her cunt was tightly puckered around his cock, providing maximum friction as he went in and out, her engorged and lace-bound lips extending the tunnel of her vaginal canal. He took his time with his strokes, teasing her with his lack of urgency, in complete control of himself despite bursting with desire to fuck her fast and senseless. His control let her build slowly, increasing her pleasure.

The corset had molded her body into the narrow-waisted Victorian ideal, pushing her breasts up and making them look bigger. He fell to his elbows so he could use his hands, and he played with the portion of her breasts jutting over the corset, tugging at her nipple rings, and running his hands across the stiff material. Her breaths were shallow and ragged, partly enforced by the tightly constricting garment and partly because she had become desperately animalistic, panting like a dog in heat.

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