tagGay MaleStraight No More: Getting Ahead

Straight No More: Getting Ahead


Straight No More: Getting Ahead

Summary: Straight man's interview includes taking cock in both holes.

NOTE: This is a NUDE DAY 2014 contest story so please vote.

Thanks: Richard, goamz86 and MAB7991.

Straight No More: Getting Ahead

This was the biggest opportunity of my career. A shot at joining the most respectable law firm in Seattle. I had already gone through two preliminary interviews and today was the big day.

I felt very confident I would get the job.

The interview lasted over two hours, and by the time it was done I no longer felt as confident. The interview went well, yet a lot of their questions were a bit strange. For example:

-Are you willing to do whatever it takes to close a deal?

The question itself was obvious, of course.

Yet the follow up question had me slightly perplexed.

- On that note, are you willing to do things that may upset your wife if she found out?

The question was strange and I joked that I often upset my wife.

One of the partners, Mark, an Italian, pointed out, as if to clarify the oddity of the question, "It's just that you must understand that what happens at the firm, stays at the firm."

Jim, one of the two black partners, added, his tone ominous, "Especially concerning our after work meetings."

"Yes, especially those," Mark agreed.

A few more questions and they asked me to step outside for a few minutes as I tried to wrap my head around the strange questions and peculiar tone that accompanied them.

A few minutes became half an hour which at first had me thinking the longer they talked the better, then I realized that the longer they talked the more likely they had questions about me.

Finally, as my anxiety grew, Mark came out and asked, "Can you stick around for a while?"

"Of course," I nodded, willing to sleep over if I had to.

"Great," Mark nodded. "Sarah here will give you a tour while we finish up some last minute issues."

"Okay," I nodded, as a busty blonde walked out of the office.

"Come with me, Simon," she offered, leading the way in a tight leather skirt and black seamed pantyhose, the kind you never see anymore.

Half an hour later, introduced to a ton of people whose names I wouldn't remember, including two more partners, Arron and Bobby, I was back where we started.

I was brought back into the big interview room where Mark, Jim and now, the head of the firm, Oliver, were sitting.

Oliver greeted me jovially, "My boys here say you are a perfect candidate for the firm."

"That is great, sir," I nodded, thrilled to hear those words.

"This is a very close knit family here, Simon, there are no sirs here," he explained, before adding again ominously, "although at our after work meetings you may meet a few sirs."

Both Mark and Jim broke into laughter at an inside joke I didn't understand.

"Okay, Oliver," I nodded.

"Great," Oliver announced. "Now, Sarah will have a contract for you to sign tomorrow, but first I insist you come and join us for some relaxation."

"Of course," I agreed without hesitation.

"Excellent," Oliver nodded. "Boys, take Simon with you and I will meet you there in a while."

I was curious where we were going, but I just followed along, happy to be close to being hired. When we got downstairs, a car was waiting for us. I asked, "We have a driver?"

"It's better for discretion," Jim answered, which really only confused me more. But not wanting to look like a novice, I just went along with it.

Fifteen minutes later we were pulling up to a place called Steamworks. It wasn't a restaurant like I thought we would be going to, but I thought it may be a strip club...ironically I was kind of right.

Jim stressed as we walked into the building, "Just be casual, Simon."

"Of course," I laughed, casually, even though his words were again ominous.

Inside, I realized it was indeed a club...seemingly an exclusive strip club, as Jim nodded to the Brad Pitt lookalike at the entrance who greeted, "Welcome back, Jim, Mark. And who is the new recruit?"

"Simon, he may be our newest associate," Mark replied, before adding, "just add him to our monthly."

Jim added, "If all plays out as expected here."

Again his tone was ominous, as if I still had a test to pass...at a strip club.

"Welcome, Simon," the ridiculously good looking guy said, not that U was remotely interested in men at the time, I just could tell when a guy was good looking.

"Thanks," I nodded, the treatment very strange.

"You will leave here a different man," he added, again adding to the strange undertones that this day was filled with.

Jim laughed, "That's the truth."

Mark said, "Let's go hit the sauna."

"Sauna?" I asked, "I didn't bring any trunks."

"It's a men's only club," Jim laughed, "you don't need any trunks."

I wanted to protest...I don't get naked with other men usually, yet I didn't want to lose out on my dream job because I was seen as a prude. "Oh, okay," I nodded, pretending to be all right with the awkward situation...still unaware of what kind of club this was. I assumed at the time it was a YMCA type of place.

The attendant gave us towels and I followed along down a long hallway that had a bunch of rooms, a few closed, others open. Glancing inside I realized these were not normal rooms but private rooms like you would see at a strip club...but this wasn't a strip club...suddenly the light bulb went on inside my head. I was in a gay club. A chill went up my spine at all the ominous comments and anxiety began to hit me at the prospect that they expected me to perform some sort of sex act.

We reached the lockers and Mark and Jim both began undressing while I stood there unsure what to do.

Jim, shirt off, said, although it sounded like an order, "Get undressed, Simon. Otherwise the sauna isn't overly comfortable.

I laughed, again trying to be casual when in reality I was freaking out, "Yes, I guess I would stick out like a sore thumb."

"Oh," Jim added, "you already stick out."

I began taking off my tie as the other two began dropping their trousers. I had seen many men naked before, as I had played college football and worked out at the gym almost daily, yet somehow this was different. I mean, I have seen men naked often, yet never even gave a second thought to it. For example, I have seen my good friend Barry naked a thousand times at the gym, yet I couldn't tell you if he has a big or small cock. Yet, as I finished taking off my dress shirt, Jim tugged off his underwear and I was staring at his massive black cock.

I quickly looked away not wanting to give any remote hints that I was anything but 100 percent straight. I finished undressing, never looking towards either of them, as I heard locker doors open and close.

Jim said, "You can put your clothes in locker seventy-three, Simon."

"Okay thanks," I nodded, looking up and seeing him looking directly at me now only in my underwear.

Mark said, as if sensing my trepidation, "Don't worry, Simon, no one here bites."

"Unless you ask them to," Jim added with a laugh.

I couldn't help it, I glanced down again to see his flaccid cock dangling between his legs, which seemed bigger flaccid than mine was erect.

"No worries," I shrugged, as I took off my underwear to reveal to them, if they were looking, a very small, shrivelled up cock.

I put my clothes in the locker, and followed them out of the locker room and shower area to a steam room. It was massive. You could stand or sit and it even had a large television in it. When I glanced to see what was on, expecting sports highlights, I gasped as I saw a white guy taking black cocks in both his mouth and ass. I immediately looked away even as my own cock began to grow against my will.

I begged for it to behave itself, getting an erection in front of a group of men, was definitely not what I wanted...especially at a gay club. A couple men were sitting relaxing, and seemed to be watching us. I continued to follow Mark and Jim as they walked across the steam room.

I gasped a second time as I saw an older man, easily in his sixties, sucking a much younger man's cock. I had never seen a live sex act not involving myself ever...never mind a gay one.

Jim said, "Hey, Calvin."

"Hey Jim," Calvin nodded enjoying the blow job, "Whose the fresh meat?"

"Our newest potential hiring," Jim answered, before adding, "if he passes the last part of the interview."

Calvin laughed, as the old man never stopped bobbing on his cock, "Well, you do have a very through hiring process."

I couldn't believe I was watching this old man suck cock, seemingly not remotely embarrassed to have others watching while he did it; I also couldn't help but feel excessive trepidation at their discussion and the implications I assumed went with it.

Calvin added, now looking at me, "Looks like your new recruit is excited about completing his oral interview."

My face went beet red at the obvious implication and the reality that my cock was almost completely hard.

Jim looked down at my crotch and smiled, but didn't say anything.

I followed along through the sauna and saw there were also glory holes to the one side. Most were empty but one young man was sucking on a cock.

Shockingly, frustratingly, my own cock was now completely stiff...even though the idea of sucking cock was repulsive and the idea of being sucked by a guy definitely felt like cheating on my wife.

Mark and Jim both finally sat down in a somewhat secluded area and Mark began, "Simon, do you believe in loyalty?"

"Of course," I said, still standing, unsure what to do.

Jim clarified, "We mean utter loyalty."

"Sure," I said, although my tone was more a question than an answer.

Mark continued, "You see, our firm is very busy and we often don't see our wives enough...but we still have needs that must be taken care of."

"Okay," I said, unsure whether he was explaining why we were here or what he expected from me.

Jim asked, "Have you ever sucked cock before?"

Even though the question shouldn't have come as a surprise with all that had led up to it, still I was stunned as I stammered, "P-p-pardon?"

"I'll take that as a no," Jim chuckled, amused.

Mark explained, "You see Simon, as he began to explain, we believe in creating a very close knit group, one where trust and loyalty overrides everything else."

Just then a rather flamboyant young man walked in, dropped to his knees and took Jim's cock in his mouth without a word.

Jim continued, as if he wasn't getting his cock sucked by a young man, "So we need to see how far you are willing to go to show your utter loyalty to your new associates."

I heard 'new associates' and understood instantly that if I wanted to join this prestigious firm, I would have to submit sexually. Although I had never even remotely considered man on man sex, my cock was undeniably stiff as I witnessed the gay sex acts that had confronted me...which only confused me more.

I asked, even though I knew the answer, "You want me to suck your cock?"

"Well, that will be part of your duties," Jim nodded.

"Part?" I asked, my shock and awkwardness clearly amusing him.

"Yes, as the newest member you would provide sexual release for all our elder associates when requested," Jim informed me, the cascade of expectations hitting me like Niagara Falls crashing down on me.

Matt added, seemingly playing good cop to Jim's bad cop, "It's not as extreme as Jim makes it sound."

"I'm not sure I understand," I said, even as I continued glancing down at the man bobbing on Jim's big cock. I couldn't fathom how anyone could take that much in their mouth. Many girls gagged on my average six inch cock.

Jim, as if reading my mind, said, "It's okay, I don't expect you to take all nine inches in your mouth the first time." After a pause, he added, "They do say, though, that practice makes perfect."

"I'm not gay," I clarified.

"Neither are we," Jim replied. "We each have beautiful wives."

"My wife wouldn't understand," I pointed out, desperate to get the job and not have to suck cock.

Mark countered, "We don't tell our wives of our Steamworks excursions, and most men here are not gay."

"Really?" I asked, trying to comprehend how that could possibly be true.

"What happens at the Steamworks, at the office or on trip stays at the Steamworks, at the office or wherever we go," Jim added.

"There are a few types of men who come here. One, the guy who adamantly declares he is straight, but loves to suck cock."

"That doesn't even make any sense," I countered.

"It shouldn't," he nodded, "I once thought the same thing. Yet, there are many who fit this description. They won't kiss a guy, they won't allow themselves to be sucked and they definitely won't do anal, yet they love sucking cock," as Mark continued his explanation.

Jim then continued, "You'd be surprised how many men actually fit this description. I'm sure you will meet Adam later today, he is a regular."

"Yes, Adam is the perfect example," Mark continued, flowing freely from Jim as if they were the same person. "Adam is an accountant, married and has five children, yet he is also the best cocksucker here."

"I can't fathom such a person," I said.

"And when you meet him, you would never think he loves nothing better than a cock in his mouth," Jim added.

Mark continued, "The second type is the flamboyant, obviously gay type who loves to suck and be fucked, like our boy Cody here. Isn't that right Cody?"

Cody allowed Jim's stiff cock to slip out of his mouth, shiny with his saliva, as he turned to me and said, his voice so stereotypically gay he could be the poster boy for the movement, "Yes, nothing better than cock in my two fuck holes."

I stared at him, stunned by the phrase 'fuck holes', as he glanced at my cock. "Did I get you that hard?"

I stammered, uncomfortably, "N-n-no."

He moved from Jim and knelt in front of me, grabbing my cock. His voice disconcertingly high, he asked, "Will I be your first cocksucker?"

I was about to protest, when my cock disappeared in his mouth. My eyes went big at the thought of a clearly gay man sucking my cock while men I admired and wanted to work with watched. I also couldn't believe how good his mouth felt...so much better than my wife or any other woman who had ever given me a blow job.

Mark, as if reading my mind, explained, "Men give way better blow jobs than women, just as women, I assume, eat pussy way better than men."

Jim chimed in, "Yes, like who the fuck cares where the g-spot is."

I wanted to talk, to pull my cock out of this guy's mouth, yet whatever he was doing by creating extra saliva was making the pleasure so intense all I could do was enjoy it.

Just then, a middle aged man came in and asked, as casual as if he was asking someone if they wanted to play pool, "Does anyone here want their cock sucked?"

"We were just talking about you, Adam," Mark said.

"All good things, I hope," he responded, looking exactly like an accountant...as stereotypical as that sounds.

"Telling our new potential associate about the straight cocksucker theory," Mark explained.

Adam chuckled loudly, his pot belly shaking, "You and your straight cocksucker theory."

"Do you allow anyone to suck you off?" Mark asked.

"Just my wife," he answered, before adding with another belly laugh, "on my birthday or when she is really drunk."

"And you don't give or receive in the ass?" Mark continued.

"God, no," he said disgusted.

"But you love a nice cock in your mouth?" Mark questioned.

"Nothing better," Adam agreed without a hint of shame.

"And you love to swallow load after load of cum," Mark added, looking at me.

"It tastes better than wine," he nodded, moving to Mark and adding, "on that note, I think I will retrieve my first load of the day."

Jim joked, "Getting a late start today?"

Adam, strangely comfortable with the reality that he was a cocksucker, quipped as he dropped to his knees, "I'm surprised I'm not shaking from going through withdrawal."

Jim added, witty as usual, as Adam took Mark's cock in his mouth, "Well, go and get a withdrawal."

I watched Adam suck Mark as Mark explained, acting natural, "Adam won the cocksucking showdown last year."

I moaned, not in reaction to Mark's words, but the amazing sensations this cocksucker was giving me.

"Better than your wife?" Jim asked.

"God, yesssss," I admitted, my balls beginning to boil.

"He will swallow or take it on his face, the real faggots are cum crazed cum buckets," Jim added.

His words somehow made the dirty act naughtier and I grunted as I spewed my cum down his throat a few seconds later. My wife didn't swallow, so the opportunity to get a blow job to completion for the first time since college was too good an offer to refuse.

He kept bobbing, not slowing down at all, until every last drop of my cum was in his belly.

Finally, he allowed my cock to slip out of his mouth and he looked up at me and said, all high pitched and sincere, "Thanks."

"You're welcome," I absurdly replied.

He turned back to Jim but Jim said, "Maybe later, it's time for our new recruit to finish his interview with a little bit, well actually a lot, of dictation."

Everyone laughed as I stood there realizing all that stood between me and my dream job was sucking a black cock.

Just then I heard voices behind me, "Did we miss the sealing of the deal?"

I looked behind me to see the other two partners I had met briefly during my tour.

Jim said, "Your timing is impeccable."

Bobby, a ridiculously good looking guy, said, "Thank God, I will no longer be low cocksucker on the totem pole."

Jim quipped, "Don't worry, Bobby, I won't let that mouth of yours get neglected."

Arron, the other black partner, complained, "Why do you always get to break in the new cocksucker?"

Being called a cocksucker was a huge slap in the face and Mark apologized, "It's okay Simon, we're all cocksuckers...it is not meant as a derogatory term."

Oddly, that seemed to help. I wasn't gay...I was just doing what I had to do to get ahead...pun intended...like women have had to do their whole existence.

Jim answered Arron's question, "First come, first serve."

I watched the very straight looking Adam bob on Mark's cock and thought 'well, I guess I could be a straight cocksucker.'

"Come on, Simon, join the team," Jim offered, pointing his big cock at me.

Silently, I moved the few feet to him, tentatively dropped to my knees and was staring at his big cock, which looked even bigger when it was directly in front of me. 'It's just lke sucking a lollipop...a live lollipop', I thought to myself.

"Don't worry, it won't bite," Jim joked.

"And you better not either," Arron quipped from behind.

I leaned forward, opened my mouth, and took his cock between my lips.

"There you go," Jim moaned, as the first couple inches of his cock went into my mouth.

I have since read a plethora of stories about straight men who become cocksuckers and, unlike most of those, my mouth didn't water when I first saw cock, I didn't eagerly want to try it and I didn't immediately feel like sucking cock was natural...what I did feel was awkward. His cock was super hard and much thicker than I anticipated...nothing like a lollipop. I slowly moved back and forth taking only the first inch or two in my mouth, the mushroom top feeling strange between my lips.

Jim instructed, after a couple minutes, when I was scared to take more into my mouth, scared I would gag on his cock, "Just relax, Simon, and slowly take more in."

I obeyed, realizing at this pace I would probably never get him off. I began slowly bobbing back and forth, taking a bit more in my mouth each time.

"That's it, cocksucker," Jim groaned, "I think you will make a very good addition to the firm."

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