tagLesbian SexStraight Top to Gay Bottom Toy Ch. 04

Straight Top to Gay Bottom Toy Ch. 04


As I walked toward the beach, my mind whirling, at the new-found passion and sexuality Tina had awoken in me. I was terrified and thrilled all at once. I was in disbelief of the level of control she seemed to have over me. More frightening was how much I liked giving up control. I only knew I had to see where this could lead. My lifelong friend had made me lose all control with just one finger...Her eyes cut right through my defenses.

I felt happy and horny and relaxed. I just wanted to crash on the beach in my hot new yellow bikini and tease the guys with wandering eyes. Time to leave work and the family in the back of my mind and have some girl time!

When I got to the beach I saw Tina, lying face down in her matching yellow bikini. I walked quietly up behind her and admired her round firm ass bursting out of the string bikini, already tan, from her pre-vacation tanning routine. I stood there slowly shaking my head jealous of her sexy full ass. I was proud of my own ass, but Tina's was world class.

I glanced up to see a group of college aged young men, laughing at me as I was busted checking out her ass. I raised my eyebrows and smiled. Then I proceeded to turn around and bend down to put my beach bag on the ground, purposely giving them a show of my own semi exposed ass. As they lightly applauded, I turned and took bow, giving them a little boobie shot as well. Then I waved over the beach waiter, a well-built California dude with long sandy hair in a pony tail in a tight button down and white shorts.

"How may I serve you ladies?" he asked suggestively.

"Hmmm?" I replied looking him up and down, smiling. "How about two Long Island Iced Teas Sweetie? Sound good Tina?"

"Sounds great C.L. Thank you young man. Stay close!" she said raising up giving him an unintended boobie shot.

I was a bit shocked with the new nick name. My first name is Candy and she has called me C for years. After our encounter in the shower she said she was going to call me C.L. from now on (short for cunt licker). Our husbands would think it was short for Candice Lauren (my first and middle name). But it was a bit unsettling hearing her use it in public. She watched the waiter walk away and gave a sigh of approval as he strutted off.

"Teasing the boys already? I like it!" she whispered nodding at the college men. "Shall we give them a little show? Lay down on your stomach, feet toward the audience and let me put some lotion on you."

Something about men and two ladies, gets them going like puppies in heat. I did as suggested and lay flat with my feet spread. Tina got on her hands and knees behind me on the towel giving a great ass shot for the drooling young men. She sat up on her knees and applied lotion to her hands before bending back down to apply lotion to my calf, slowly and deliberately. I turned my head to give the sound the best chance to carry.

"Oh, sweetie that feels wonderful," I said for their benefit. I heard a couple mumbles and moans."

"Need any help ladies?" a voice chimed up, followed by some laughs.

"I think I have the matter well in hand," replied Tina, looking back over her shoulder. Producing more grunts and giggles.

She slowly covered both legs, then stood up and straddled my back facing the horny young men. She sat slowly down resting lightly on my back, her warm soft inner thighs touching my sides. Based on the reaction she was flirting with them as her hands applied lotion to my inner thighs and lower buttocks. The moans increased as her hands slid under my suit.

"Don't want to miss any tender spots," she said in their direction. The whoops and hollers got louder.

I could feel the heat coming off her pussy as she leaned forward giving them another boobie shot. My own pussy moistened again as her hands spread lotion over both cheeks working toward my ass crack and down between my legs.

"Oh God!" said one of them. "What a show!" His voice sounded like he was in pain.

Her fingers worked down around my slit covering some newly shaved areas. I nearly jumped up, unsure how much she was exposing to the young men and afraid of who else might be seeing this. The people in my line of sight seemed oblivious. I wished we were doing this in the room, where there were no limits. Just as I was about to protest she slid out from my suit and worked my lower back.

Tina dismounted and turned around straddling my ass, giving the boys a view of both asses as she worked up my back. I noticed an older gentleman off to the side trying not to be obvious with his stare. She untied both strings on my top letting it drop to the ground, as she continued to apply the sun screen to my back. She leaned down and whispered to me as she reached my shoulders.

"Oh honey, I can't wait to give you the full treatment," she said sighing. "I can't stop thinking about how your eyes were locked on my ass at breakfast. Now that you've given yourself to me, I want you to tell me what you were thinking at that moment C, I mean, C.L."

That image is forever etched in my mind. She lay on her stomach, her gorgeous ass in full view and shaved pussy, slightly agape. A flood of wetness came upon me, as she rubbed my shoulders, the fantasy of planting my face into that perfect ass and tasting her glistening hairless pussy returned. I sighed audibly and closed my eyes.

"I was just admiring your shaving job..."

"Really Honey," she interrupted, raising up and sliding a hand between her legs and grabbing my crotch lightly through my bathing suit. "You're soaking through your bikini cunt licker!" she said a bit too loud.

I gasped at the feel of her hand on my pussy, as did the peanut gallery behind us. Before I realized what was happening, I began to rub myself against her fingers. She leaned in and I could feel her breath on the back of my neck. The college boys were getting a full view.

"Damn cunt licker, you really need me to take command, don't you?" she said pressing my bikini into my steaming slit. "This is all mine isn't it?"

I nodded as I heard one of the boys, let out a heavy breathy, "Fuuck meee."

"Tell me what you were thinking about at that moment you horny little cunt licker," she whispered again.

I really had surrendered myself to her, with her hand on my pussy I would do anything she wanted.

"I was thinking about how beautifully shaped your ass is Tina. I wanted to touch it and feel that silky skin. I wanted to kiss it all over and feel your skin on my face as I licked your sweet wet pussy." I whispered in disbelief, that I was telling her this. "It almost hurt to look at, I wanted it so bad. I wanted to bury my face in your ass and suck your pussy. (I began to breath excitedly.) "I even wanted to kiss your tight little asshole Tina. You are making me crazy and all I can think about is being your cunt licking little slut, Please!"

Suddenly a throat cleared from right next to me, "Whu hum. Your drinks ladies. Can I get you anything else?" said the waiter, slapping me back to reality.

Tina raised up not moving her hand, "Can you just please set the tray down, my hands are full at the moment. But thank you, we will run a tab. We will let you know if we need anything else, thank you."

"You are surely welcome ladies. Thank you!" he said emphatically and then walked off to a rise of chatter from the boys' club behind us.

"I thought he'd never leave," whispered Tina. "Continue Honey, my cunt is getting wetter with every word. (She increased the pressure on my crotch). "Damn, I could make you cum right now if I wanted."

My face reddened, and I was speechless. The waiter heard every word of my slutty remarks. Yet my own pussy was drenched at the thought of living out my now public fantasy and I wanted her to make me cum right there on the beach with the college crew watching. I tried to push her fingers deeper.

"Easy Honey, we are giving you a break before our massage remember?" she said pulling her hand away. "You just came in the shower twenty minutes ago. What a slut you are cunt licker."

"Ah no!" came a voice from the horned-up guys behind us, "Don't stop please!"

Laughter erupted as she sat up and began to retie my top, causing more groans and mumbles. Once retied, she stood up straddling me. "Turn over Slut," she said firmly. Once I did her eyes locked onto mine. She stood their squirting sunscreen into her hand and looking hungrily at me with her big brown eyes.

"Spank her!" yelled a voice from the college boys, followed by another roar of laughter.

Tina broke our gaze, stepped over me and re-positioned herself. She was looking at the boys, standing over me straddling me at the hips. I raised up on my elbows to get a look at the action, as the young men were like puppies hoping she was going to reward them with a treat. I looked at their faces between her legs as they waited anxiously for her words. I could not help but look up at her towering confidently over me. I focused on her round ass bursting from the small tight bikini, her golden-brown skin contrasting the bright yellow fabric. I felt a sense of pride at the large wet oval in her bikini bottom, knowing I caused that. I wanted so much to taste her. Her firm legs flexed as she began to speak.

"Boy, we've enjoyed giving you a little show this morning, but you need to tone it down a bit." She said smiling. "You're all cute, but my friend and I are here for some girl time if you know what I mean. (A few whoops and hollers erupted.) So, if you have nothing better to do than gawk, this is a free country, but please keep quiet and do not make a scene. Ask yourself who security will remove from this beach, you, or us?" she asked doing a little Vanna White hand wave over us before putting her hands on her hips.

Several of them put a finger to their lips signifying quiet and one did the lock and throw away the key gesture. Tina then turned back around and lowered herself slowly down on to my pelvis. I could feel her damp warmth on my belly as she spread her legs wide, touching her crotch to my stomach. I could not imagine the view they were getting as I lowered myself down on the towel, so she could continue her task.

"Damn," sighed one of the college boys.

She rubbed my shoulders and chest with sunscreen, "Tell me what else you want cunt licker. I am soaking through my suit baby, keep it going Honey."

I could smell her wetness as the wind swirled around us. "I want to rip that bathing suit off you Tina. Then, I want you to sit your wet cunt on my face and let me lick you clean. I want my tongue in your hot pussy till you cum all over me," I grunted gyrating my hips slightly.

She very slowly rubbed her moist heat on my stomach, trying to avoid an obvious humping motion for the world to see, but letting me know my effect on her. I could only imagine what my bikini bottoms looked like for the fan club to see. She was breathing heavy sitting up straight applying the sunscreen to my shoulders.

My pussy tingled as the words poured out of me, "I want to feel our tongues intertwined as you make love to me Tina. I want to feel your breath on my neck as your nipples press against mine while I'm cumming for you Tina."

"Damn, C.L., my bottoms are soaked, I gotta rinse off," she said jumping up and running full speed toward the ocean.

I turned over just in time to see her cheeks bouncing in the yellow bikini before she took the running dive into the cold water. I closed my legs, aware of my own wet spot. I was terribly disappointed she stopped, but also revved as hell that I made her have to hose herself down. I jumped up and followed, running in and diving into the icy water. (68 degrees felt icy to me anyway). That definitely cooled things down. We got out and dried off for the boys, nipples at attention. We laid on the blanket with our drinks in hand sunning our backs while we sipped our Long Island Iced Teas, watching the waves.

After 90 minutes we turned to our backs, talking about natures cruel ironies, that men peak sexually at 22 and women at 42. Now that we are at the age of wanting it more, our husbands are three pumps and a snore. When they were ready to go all night twenty years ago, we were indifferent after 2 times tops. We wondered if that was the real reason for husbands trading in for younger models. Younger ladies are OK with hitting it once and passing out.

"Ever since I turned 36 or so I have been getting hornier each year," I confessed. "With Andy traveling the vibrators have become my good friends," I said laughingly.

"But not your "best" friend!" she replied.

"No that has always been you sweetie," I said brushing her thigh with my left hand.

"Yeah, Don, has really gotten into the mode of falling asleep after. He still fucks like a jackhammer though. I do love his cock, ten inches of pure steel, but I don't see it nearly as often anymore." she said sighing.

"Ten inches, really? Andy is six and that's seems big sometimes." I said awkwardly.

"Honey, remember, I saw your big black dildo. Ten inches is what you crave. I'll let you try Donny sometime if you want, I don't mind sharing." she said holding her glass out to toast.

I tapped, my glass to hers and smiled, "I'm not sure about that..."

I smiled wider on the inside. I had thought about that many times, I even had Andy considering it a few years ago on vacation. We both know we have a tendency toward getting off on pleasing others more than taking charge in the bedroom. We thought another couple could spice things up a little.

There really was no other couple I would consider beyond Tina and Don. The problem with that was Andy really did not like Don and the thought of the macho prick fucking me disgusted him, so the discussion never went further.

"That's OK C.L. I think we can take care of each other just fine." She said giving me a knowing grin.

I could not believe, I was the one that planted the "Cunt Licker" moniker in her brain. It made me cringe a little whenever she used "C.L." "But it was fine for me to shout it out in the throes of an orgasm." I thought to myself.

My whole body tingled at the thought of "taking care of each other." My mind went in a hundred directions at once. The things she said we would do while she made me cum in the shower, the picture of her ass and shaved pussy while she laid on the bed, the feel of her naked body next to mine this morning...

"A little sun on this side and we can get some lunch and have our massage," she said finishing her drink, laying back down and closing her eyes.

I laid down the effects of Long Island Iced Teas kicking in, imagining the rest of the day. Eventually I fell asleep. When I woke Tina and the audience had gone. I sat up and soaked in the beauty of the pacific, the blue skies, sea birds and cool breeze. I got a text from Tina.

Tina: Lunch is on its way. I ordered seared ahi tuna salads and real iced tea. I am taking a shower to get ready. Come on back and do the same whenever you feel like it. I will keep your salad in the fridge, if you want some time. ūüėä

My heart skipped a few beats at the thought of our massage session. "Massage Session", what a phrase. I was thinking of anything but a massage. My bathing suit was going to soak through again if I wasn't careful. The image of her naked ass laying spread eagle on the bed, was HD clear in my mind. The feeling of her lone finger rocking my whole body...

I snapped out of it and grabbed my beach blanket and gear, and walked toward the hotel, trying to remain calm. What if this ruins our friendship? What if it ruins our marriages? What if I can't satisfy her? Oh but I felt her soaked pussy in the shower and again as she pressed it against my belly earlier...

When I arrived at the room, I stopped outside the door, thinking of my next move. Finally, I took a deep breath and opened the door.

Tina sat on the sofa, in the hotel robe, eating her salad.

"Welcome back Honey," she said happily. "Did you have a good nap?"

"I did. I haven't been this relaxed in a long time," I said, hoping she did not see me trembling. "That salad looks delicious. I am starved for some reason."

"Sunshine and fresh air works up an appetite," she said going to the fridge and pulling out the salad and drink.

She set it next to hers on the coffee table. "Here you go Honey," she said sitting back down and tapping the cushion next to her.

I sat down and ate quickly, due to real hunger combined with incredible nervousness. I felt more nervous than my first car date.

"Looks like you got a little color today," she said leaning back and looking at me.

I took a final bite and swallowed it down, "Thanks," I said taking a drink of tea.

The glass shook in my hand as I did so.

"Oh honey, you are a nervous wreck," she said, touching my hand.

She grabbed my hand and turned me toward her, looking me in the eyes.

"Honey, there is nothing to be afraid of. No matter what, we will always be friends. If you are uncomfortable we will stop, OK?" she said as I was lost in her eyes.

I nodded, entranced, feeling the stirring in my whole body.

"You sure seemed pretty comfortable in the shower this morning," she grinned. "And riding that massager last night..."

I bit my bottom lip, thinking about it when she leaned in very slowly, barely touching our lips, before backing away. Her breath had a touch of mint as it washed over my face. My heart raced, and I parted my lips hoping she would continue. She pushed back in tilting her head and touching lips teasingly, before backing up and pushing in for real. Her lips were soft and warm, her breath rushed past my cheek as she sighed through her nose.

As our lips melted together blood rushed through my entire body. I was like a nervous teen experiencing this for the first time. It was my first time kissing a woman. Her tongue pressed in and wrapped around mine, causing my pussy to moisten quickly. Her hands slid up my bare back pulling me closer as her tongue probed deeper. I instinctively began to lean back, letting her take control.

She broke free, panting. "Honey, let's slow down a little. You need to get cleaned up and wash off the sunscreen and salt. The massage is first. You go ahead, and I will get things ready. Trust me Honey, it will be worth the wait. Oh God, hurry C.L. I can smell your wetness Honey."

She bit her lip and leaned back away. I jumped up and into the bathroom. I used the toilet and turned on all 4 shower heads, washed every nook and cranny as fast as I could. I had not shaved my legs this morning when she shaved everything else. So, I quickly did that cursing my lack of forethought. When I finished I washed my hair and got out quickly. I brushed my teeth and put on a touch of perfume, and deodorant.

I stood there, nude, looking at myself in the mirror. Nothing she hasn't seen before I told myself. I look good! I took a few moments to comb my hair and take some deep breathes. I put on the hotel bath robe, synched the belt, took one last breath and walked into the room.

She was standing there next to the bed, the Cinnabon candles lit, music playing with the ocean sounds. Here bathrobe was untied revealing a long slender v starting at her belly button and just covering her nipples at the top. She twirled the silk sleep mask on her pointer finger.

"Come stand right here honey," she said pointing at the floor in front of her.

I could barely breath as I stepped slowly closer. My skin tingled everywhere. I stopped a couple feet in front of her. Her eyes pierced mine. So big and bright and intensely brown...

"Closer," she said, smiling confidently.

I was shaking as I stepped closer.

"Oh Honey, you smell wonderful she said leaning in to smell my perfume. Do you trust me?" she asked softly.

I nodded.

"Good, this is going to be the beginning of something magical," she said staring into my eyes.

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