The train was surprisingly emptier than I'd expected. Given the time of year I'd expected it to be much busier. I'd boarded the train at Glasgow Central heading for Stranraer and the boat to Belfast, where I was going to see in the New Year with some friends from University. As we travelled down the Ayrshire coast the weather got steadily worse. Thick snow was falling, blotting out what little would normally have been visible in the early evening gloom. The train was already running about an hour late but all going well I would still have plenty of time to make the connection with the boat.

I sat at a table seat. Across the table from me sat Liam. He was from Belfast and was travelling home for New Year. We chatted easily as the train made its way through the late December evening. Liam was a Chemistry student at Glasgow University. He was 23, single and pretty good looking. His accent had an almost hypnotic quality. As we talked I told him about myself. I was 22, also single, studying Economics in Edinburgh.

We bought some drinks from the trolley as it came round. Liam was very easy to talk to and I have to confess that I was soon flirting outrageously with him. It wasn't all one way, I caught him staring at my chest on a number of occasions. Entering into the spirit I surreptitiously undid the top two buttons of my blouse and would lean forward on the table giving him a clear view of my cleavage. It was all fairly obvious and we both had a laugh. All in all it made an otherwise boring journey quite enjoyable. Outside, the weather got worse and our train was getting progressively later with every mile.

Eventually we reached Stranraer. With more than two hours delays we'd missed our sailing and with the worsening weather it was unlikely that the next service would go. There were only about 25 of us who had missed our connection and we were left standing in the terminal building while someone from the ferry company went to get more information.

I stepped outside the terminal building for a smoke. Liam was outside, using his mobile to let someone know he was delayed. He spotted me and walked over as I stood there shivering in the frigid December gloom, inhaling deeply on my cigarette. He offered me his mobile, enquiring if there was anyone that I needed to inform about my predicament. I took the proffered phone deciding that I should warn Katherine that I was delayed and that I'd call her when I knew more. That completed I returned the phone to Liam and we went back inside.

As we stood around waiting Liam offered to go and get us both a coffee. While he was away there was an announcement that all further services that evening were cancelled and that accommodation was going to be found for us. A representative of the ferry company would be coming round shortly to finalise arrangements with regard to those who were travelling alone, as couples or as part of a group. When this was announced a wicked idea occurred to me.

Liam returned with our coffees. Gulping mine down, I thanked him profusely as its warmth spread through me. "You heard the announcement?" I asked. He nodded and I smiled a wicked little smile. "So tell me," I drawled suggestively as I noticed one of the terminal staff walking our way, "does your buying me a coffee constitute us being a couple?" Liam stared for a second then laughed. "Are you asking what I think you're asking?"

"Depends on what you're thinking," I replied coyly. He hesitated and I pushed on, "One night, no strings and don't tell me you're not interested."

"I'd be lying if I did," he replied with a grin. "That's settled then," I said and suddenly I was in his arms being kissed soundly.

A polite cough interrupted us. The company official didn't even ask if we were together or not he simply informed us that there was a bus outside waiting to take us to a near by hotel. We walked, hand in hand, out of the terminal building to the waiting bus. As we boarded and took our seats I could feel the excitement mounting inside me. We had no sooner sat down when my lips were on Liam's again.

The bus journey took no more than five minutes but I was oblivious to its passing. As we kissed my hand surreptitiously stroked the front of his jeans. The satisfyingly large bulge that I felt growing beneath the material added to my growing anticipation. My jacket was open and Liam's hand found its way inside and was soon stroking and gently squeezing my breasts as our tongues explored each other's mouths.

By the time the short journey was over I was on fire. I knew my pussy was already wet and I was longing to feel Liam's cock slip inside me.

We checked in and made our way to our room. We simply dumped our bags on the floor one moment and the next we were on the bed, our lips together, our hands gently exploring.

Despite our obvious excitement we were in no hurry and took our time. We kissed and caressed, slowly undressing each other as we did. Each new area of exposed flesh was explored thoroughly with mouth and fingers before moving on.

Liam, dressed only in his boxers, spent a great deal of time on my breasts. Licking and sucking, stroking and squeezing, making them wet all over. I had one hand in his hair pushing his head forward, forcing more of my breast into his hungry mouth. My other hand was between his legs, stroking his thick tool through the material of his boxer shorts. From what I could feel I knew I wouldn't be disappointed when I finally had it unwrapped and inside me.

Slowly I pulled his boxer shorts down, allowing his cock to spring free. I slid down the bed until it was in front of my face. Taking it in one hand I ran my tongue lightly along its length. My tongue swirled round the head and then I slowly wrapped my lips around it and drew him into my mouth.

"Christ Clare, that's so good," he exclaimed as my lips slid up and down his shaft. One hand squeezed and stroked his balls as I sucked on the head of his cock. Relaxing, I slid my mouth down, taking him in deep until his pubic hair tickled my nose. I could feel his balls swell as my mouth moved slowly up and down the length of his engorged member.

It only took a few minutes of this to have Liam at boiling point. His breathing deepened, I briefly disengaged my mouth and smiled up at him. "I hope there's more than one load in there," I said coyly. Liam nodded then gasped as my mouth began to work on his cock again.

Up and down, my lips slid rapidly along his cock. One hand wanked him the other lightly squeezing his balls.

"Oh God! Oh God!," Liam cried. I felt his balls swell and his cock begin to twitch. My mouth pulled back until only the very tip of his cock was between my lips. I sucked hard, my hand wanked him furiously. "I'm cumming, I'm cumming!," he moaned as he erupted into my waiting mouth. Jet after jet of hot, sticky cum shot down my throat. I swallowed frantically, determined not to waste a drop. The last few spurts fell on to my tongue. I held them in my mouth, savouring the taste of his cum. I swallowed it down and licked the last few drops from his flagging cock. "I hope there's more in there," I asked with a wicked grin." Liam simply smiled then held me close.

It didn't take Liam long to recover his ardour. Within minutes he was kissing and caressing my breasts, sending bolts of pleasure through me. His mouth clamped on to my nipple and he sucked hard as his free hand ran up the inside of my thigh. I moaned with pleasure as his hand teased me, never quite making contact with the warm, wet folds of my pussy. His tongue circled my breasts, making them wet all over. He moved his body and positioned himself between my legs. Slowly he dipped his head. I held my breath as I waited for what was to come next.

Liam's tongue snaked out, lightly touching my lower lips. I cried out as that fleeting contact sent a shiver of pleasure through me. His tongue began probing. With short darting movements it had my lips apart and was flicking in and out of my entrance. His hands were on my breasts, squeezing and teasing them as his tongue lapped up and down my pussy. I could already feel the tension in me building. He sucked my lips into his mouth and I screamed with delight. My pussy began to pulse, I was so close. "Oh God, that's so good," I cried as his tongue slid inside me again, the walls of my pussy contracting around his tongue. Then, with just the slightest of touches as he squeezed my nipples, his tongue lightly flicked my clit.

That one touch was all it took. My back arched, my heart pounded in my chest, wave after wave of pleasure broke over me. "Oh! OH! Mmmmmmm Ahh!," was the only sound I could make as my orgasm took me and held me in its embrace. My body shook with the intensity of what I was feeling. Liam lifted his face from my pussy, but I was having none of that. Wordlessly, I grabbed his head and pushed it back down. Liam's response was immediate. His tongue flicked out and swirled round my throbbing clit, sending new pulses of pleasure though me. His hands still squeezed my breasts, heightening the sensations. He began sucking on my clit, gently drawing it between his teeth. My pussy contracted even more violently in response, the intensity of the sensations moved up another gear. I was coming but the peak of my orgasm seemed to be nowhere in sight.

By now I was so wet I could hardly feel his tongue as it lapped at my cunt. He was alternating between my clit and my pussy hole keeping me at the boil. My pussy and my womb spasmed uncontrollably as my orgasm continued. It was so intense it was draining me to the point where I thought I would pass out. With the last reserves of energy I managed to whisper, "Fuck me Liam. Please. I can't take any more. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck….uhh, ooohhh."

His cock had slid effortlessly into me. I was so wrapped up in the sensations that I hadn't noticed him moving to comply with my feeble demands. I wrapped my arms round his back and held him to me as his hips slowly pistoned his cock into me. My pussy gripped him tight as slid in and out causing him to gasp involuntarily.

"Christ Clare, you feel so good," he moaned as he pounded in and out of me.

I opened my eyes and smiled up at him, "You feel good in me too!" It was such a silly thing to say but at that stage neither of us cared, we were to wrapped up in what we were feeling to worry much about conversation. My hand slid up his back and I pulled his head down to kiss me. His breath was like fire in my mouth. I could taste my pussy on his lips and tongue. "Mmmm," I murmured dreamily as Liam began to increase the pace of his thrusts.

In and out, in and out, his thick cock pounded into me, filling me with its length. My hips moved to meet each thrust as he buried himself deep inside me.

We rolled over and I found a rhythm, sliding up and down. My breasts were just inches from his face and he was soon sucking on them as I impaled myself on him. I reached back with one hand to gently stroke my clit as my hips effortlessly rode his cock. I slid my fingers back to feel where he disappeared inside me, my juices had made his cock slick to the touch and we were moving together in an easy fashion.

Liam's cock inside me, his mouth fastened on one of my nipples, his hand squeezing and teasing the other and my fingers on my clit soon had me ready to come again. It was less frantic this time, not nearly as powerful as the last but it still felt wonderful as I felt my pussy contract around his cock. "Oh yes! Oh Yes! Oh God fuck me, fuck me harder," I cried as my body shook, orgasmic waves pouring over me.

We rolled over again. My hands gripped Liam's arse as he thrust deeply inside me. "Harder," I moaned, "Fuck me harder. Give it to me. Ooohh yessss! Fuck me." His cock slammed into me with increasing force and power. His balls slapped against me with every thrust My body was trembling, on the verge of another release. I looked up at him, my eyes silently urging him on.

I was coming again. The contractions in my pussy were milking his cock as he slammed into me. Liam was breathing hard. "Oh Clare, oh Clare," was all he could say as his own climax approached. A loud moan escaped from my mouth as I felt his body stiffen then shake. With one long, powerful thrust he pushed his cock into me and I felt it erupt as he unleashed his cum deep inside me. Another thrust, another jet of hot, sticky cum poured into me. Another and then another and then finally, Liam collapsed, exhausted, on top of me.

We lay there for a while, still joined, as we recovered, basking in the warmth of our post orgasmic glow. Finally, aware at last of how late it was we quickly tidied ourselves up and got ready for bed.

Sadly we had no time for any more the next morning. We'd slept late and just had time for a quick breakfast before heading for the ferry. We disembarked in Belfast and I gave him a final kiss goodbye before I headed out to meet to meet Katherine who was there to collect me. I wondered what she'd say if I told her about my evening. She gave me a warm welcome hug and helped me carry my bags to the car.

"So did you get up to anything last night?" she asked enquiringly.

I paused, smiling inwardly as the memories of last night quickly replayed in my mind. "No," I lied and then sighed theatrically. "What could I have possibly got up to in a place like Stranraer?" Laughing, we drove off our minds already on our New Year's party.

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