tagNonHumanStranded Ch. 01

Stranded Ch. 01


"This view is amazing." Ash called through the radio.

"Too true!" Sonya said back, sitting at the helicopter's controls. They were flying over an azure blue ocean, off the southern coast of India.

"What's this thing's top speed?" Asked Em.

"130 knots." Sonya replied.

"What are we doing?"


"Then let's pump it up!" Em leaned across to try force Sonya to speed up.

"Chill out Em." Ash said. "This speed's good."

"C'mon. Don't be a pussy. Let's rev it."

"Okay, okay." Sonya said. "I'm going."

The Bell 206 sped up, and the sea below became a blue blur, glittering with the sun light.

"We should start back soon." Sonya said. "I didn't fill her with enough fuel to last much longer."

"Oh come on! We've hardly been out here for 5 minutes." Em complained.

"Its been half an hour, Em." Said Ash. "Besides, the rest of the film crew will get impatient."

The 3 girls were part of a team visiting India to search for famous wrecks, and film a documentary about them. Sonya, their pilot, had wanted to take out the chopper for a look around the intended sites, and Em and Ash offered to come along.

Sonya had deep black hair, and olive skin which she claimed came from her Mediterranean roots. Em and Ash were both of paler skin, but Em made up for it with bright red locks, and Ash with light brown curls.

"What's that over there?" Em asked, pointing at a dark shape poking out of the sea ahead of them.

"I'm not sure." Sonya replied.

"Maybe its a wreck. Let's check it out." Said Ash.

They pulled in closer, circling around and descending to get a better look. It was indeed a wreck, but exactly which one the trio couldn't be sure.

"What ship is it?" Em asked.

"Doesn't look too old. Maybe a tanker?" Sonya guessed. "Its not on our list of film sites."

"How come its still above water?" Ash asked.

"Its on a reef, look down there." Em said. "You can see part of it."

"Oh yeah." Said Sonya.

"Hold on while I get a picture." Ash said, pulling out the camera.

"Sonya? You there. What's taking so long?" A crackly voice asked over the radio.

"Don't worry John, we found a wreck on the reef. Ash is getting a photo. We'll be back in thirty minutes or so."

"Great. Send in the coordinates while you're there. We can check it out more thoroughly tomorrow."

"Will do."

"Let's get moving." Sonya said, once she'd sent John the coordinates. She angled the helicopter back to shore. "Let's see how fast this thing can actually go."

"Yes!" Said Em. Ash laughed.

"You just want to get back to John, huh Sonya?" She blushed.


"Of course she does." Laughed Em.

"So? Have you spoken to him?" Ash asked.

"Yeah, right now, on the radio."

"No, I mean TALK."

"Uh, I guess."

"That means no." Em added helpfully.

"I don't know what you mean." Sonya said defensively.

"You need help." Ash said. "When we get back, we're going to go see John.

"What? No! That's crazy. He probably doesn't like me."

"Have you asked him?"

"Uh, no."

"Then I will." Em announced.

"Don't do that! You'll make it awkward."

"It'll get him thinking."

"Trust me Sonya," Ash said. "This is for the best."

"Are you sure? I mean--Shit!" She suddenly screamed, as a huge flock of seagulls appeared directly in front of the chopper. An instant later they collided, and the three women found themselves flying through a feathery storm of birds. The front windscreen cracked, and Sonya began to lose control of the Bell.

From somewhere behind them, they heard another bird catch in the tail rotor.

"Shit! I can't control it!" Sonya shouted. The chopper began to spin, spiraling downwards. Closer and closer to the sea they fell, still being assaulted by the flock of seagulls.

"Oooooh shiiiiiit!" They cried in unison. At the last moment, Sonya yanked blindly on the controls, desperate to regain control. It was too late though, and the tail rotor was already damaged. All her efforts earned them was the helicopter tilting to the side, and the blades of the rotor cutting the water first, jarring their very bones. In a final attempt to save them, Sonya cut the engine, and they finally hit the water.

"Open the doors, now!" Em shouted, leaping over one of the seats to shove open one of the rear exits. Ash did likewise, while Sonya tried to contact the rest of the team over the radio.

Water was already pooling at their feet.

"Nothing, I've got nothing." Said Sonya. "There's no reply."

"Start sending SOS signals to random frequencies." Em commanded.


"Do we have life jackets?" Ash asked.

"Damn it, we left them behind. It didn't seem necessary." For a moment Ash felt panic rising in her throat, but logic kicked in just in time.

"The seats! Maybe they'll float. Quick, pull them outside."

Together, Em and Ash began kicking at the seats, and Sonya continued calling for help.

"Sonya, there's no more time." Ash told her when the water was lapping at their knees. "Let's go."

She nodded, and set down the transmitter. Together, each woman grabbed a ruined seat, and praying they would float, leapt into the ocean.


Her first instinct as she woke up was to panic. Recent events came racing back, and she remembered the crash, and jumping into the sea holding a broken chair. Holding tight, and watching the rotor sink below the waves.

Staying above water had been difficult. The seats could flip over with the slightest nudge, and send one of them under. It had taken several icy dunks before Em had gotten the hang of it, but even then the other two had trouble. The next problem had been trying to stay together. At times Em would have sworn there were three currents all acting at once to pull the trio apart, and the fact that Sonya was terrified of water hadn't made anything easier.

It had been hard, too hard, and when they had been ripped apart for the umpteenth time, Em, to her shame had given up. She was cold and wet and oh so tired. After fighting for more than an hour, she had succumbed, and closed her eyes to rest.

It was the crash of an unusually large wave on top of her that woke her up, and as soon as she recovered for the shock, (and mild surprise at still being alive), it dawned on her that large waves only form close to shore. Another one hit her, this time knocking Em's seat from her grasp. She was a passable swimmer, but knew that unless she actually close to shore, she wouldn't last long.

Spinning around wildly, she finally saw it. A thin stripe of green above the rolling blue mass.

Suddenly elated, she began swimming with renewed energy, helped along by the waves, and already unable to wait until she could see all the members of the crew again.


Sonya had often wondered what death would be like. Would she see flashbacks? Would she see her body below as her spirit floated away?

What if nothing happened? What if she simply ceased to be? Sonya hoped that wasn't the case.

It had come as only a small surprise then, when she awoke and felt fine sand under her fingers. What better place to spend eternity in than on a serene beach? Sonya had always liked beaches. Not the actual sea, but beaches were nice.

Why did this feel so much like life then? Why was she still choking up water, bent double, and gasping Surely the afterlife should be peaceful?

The alternative was more worrying. If she was actually alive, it meant she had somehow washed up on a beach somewhere. Where was Ash and Em? The last she'd seen of them had been Em losing consciousness and herself falling under once again. When she had righted herself again at last, both had vanished.

Sonya looked around to take in her surroundings for the first time. It was a kind of tropical island. Even from here, she could see the curve in the beach, and knew this couldn't be the mainland. The sand gave way directly to a jungle, with deep green leaves leaning outwards, as if the plants were fighting to get to the sea.

The plants didn't look like any kind Sonya had seen before, though. Instead of tropical palms, there was a strange variant which featured wide, umbrella like leaves the size of beach towels. From each of the eight or so leaves, a long rope-like vine hung to about a foot off the ground.

All of the plants seemed to be exaggerated in some way. There were specimens with enormous leaves growing next to ones with thousands of tiny leaves. There was even a fern-like one with needles, like a pine.

"Where the hell am I?" Sonya said absently to herself.


This island is fascinating, Ash thought to herself. She'd been ploughing through unfamiliar greenery for several minutes, feeling almost happy, despite the crash and her missing companions. She was happier here on land than in the air, especially over water. Land was solid. Land was certain.

Already Ash had seen fifteen unfamiliar species of plant life, taking mental notes of everything. Her clothes were becoming ragged, and salt was crusting on them, but Ash didn't care. Once she'd explored a it more and found her bearings, she'd return to the beach and look for Sonya and Em. Then it would be a matter of survival until help arrived.

From what Ash had seen so far, surviving might not be terribly difficult. Many of the plants had fruit or nuts. She wasn't foolish enough to try any of them, but common sense told her at least some must be edible.

Above the other trees, Ash caught site of something that looked like a giant umbrella, and walked over to get a better look. It was similar to a palm tree, but bigger, and strangest of all were the vines hanging from the leaves. Now only a few feet from the trunk, Ash could see what looked like fruit growing close to the top, at the base of the leaves. They looked like pears, but were slightly bigger, and bright orange. If she was going to discover which fruit was edible, she may as well start collecting some.

With the vines hanging so low, leading right to the prize, Ash didn't think obtaining the fruit would be too difficult.

She had been a strong climber when she was young, and an athlete later on. Hopefully some of her fitness and strength were still with her.

It was. The vine she gripped was strong, and supported her easily as she climbed arm over arm up towards the fruit. About half way up, she began to tire, but noticed that she was close enough to the trunk to reach it with her feet, which made climbing positively simple, as she more or less walked up the trunk, supporting herself with the vine.

Before she knew it, the orange pears were before her, and she smelt them for the first time. The scent was rich and citrusy, and Ash actually paused, fifteen feet above the ground standing horizontally and hanging onto a vine, so she could smell the fruit. It soothed her, and she felt herself even becoming a bit drowsy.

She decided she had spent enough time in the tree, so reached out to pick some of the pears. Hanging on with one hand, she pulled on a pear, and it popped off rather easily. Just as she was about to drop it to the floor though, Ash suddenly felt something grip her ankle. She jerked in surprise and panic, and lost her grip on the vine. She fell back, about to cartwheel through the air to the ground when something else grabbed her wrist, stopping her fall. The jerk made her drop the pear, which hit her on the face as it fell, and smeared some juice across her cheek.

Ash's breathing was coming very quickly now, as she hung in limbo high above the ground. She looked frantically for whatever was holding her, and gasped when she saw one of the vines.

Another was around her ankle still, its iron grip the only thing between her and several broken limbs, which on a strange island all alone is synonymous with certain death.

"What the fu-" she was about to say when suddenly, in a flurry of movement, all of the other vines came to life. Two grabbed her free limbs, and together the four spread eagled her in the air, facing the sky. Another two came up below her, and she though they were going to help support her until they began fumbling at her clothing. She drew in a sharp breath, wondering what this strange plant was doing, or going to do. Unbidden, she remembered studying a Venus fly trap back in school. If this palm was anything like it, she was about to be eaten. Ash wondered whether fly traps tried to undress the flies before devouring them. She almost laughed,were it not that she was possibly about to die.

Is this what we do before we die? She thought. Come up with inappropriate jokes?

The vines seemed to have realised that her clothes' buttons were at the front, and two vines at the top promptly tore them all off as it pulled her shirt apart. The vines holding her wrists then somehow managed to slide it off her arms without dropping her.

Her pants proved more difficult. The jeans fit snugly, making the button and zip difficult to manipulate. Ash was shocked however when a hole at the tip of one vine suddenly opened, and a dozen small vines appeared out of it. They looked a little like the tentacles on a sea anemone. Ash noted this, despite the fact that she doubted she'd ever tell anyone about it.

The small vines were more agile than the think ones, and they undid her jeans relatively easily, and those were removed too. Ash found herself wishing they'd been as thoughtful with her shirt, rather than ripping all the buttons off.

My goodness, she thought. You're about to die and you're worrying about a shirt.

Its strange how being stripped down to ones underwear by a the vines of a tree can give one a different perspective on life. Only now did a nagging idea poke its way into her brain.

Ash knew only one thing for which it was necessary to strip a woman of her clothes.

"Oh shit. No, no no no no." She whimpered, and began struggling against the vines. It was to no avail, and before she could say, "Plants aren't meant to do this", her bra had been ripped off as well, exposing heaving breasts. As the small tentacles of one of the vines pulled at her panties, one of them brushed against her sex, and despite herself, a shiver went down Ash's spine.

Now that her clothes were gone, the vines became more tender and gentle, and tentacles sprouted from the ends of several more vines. Another vine reached up, and began picking its own fruit. Suddenly it was squeezing the fragrant juice onto her, and even rubbing the soft flesh of the pears all over her. The overpowering scent was beginning to make Ash dizzy. More worrying though, was the wetness beginning to spread between her legs. Ash didn't think it was fruit juice, but she was sure it was the cause.

The juice was making her skin tingle as well, especially her more sensitive areas. Once again, her body was betraying her, and she felt her nipples stiffen. Even her lips, coated in the damn stuff, felt almost electrified.

The taste of the juice was sweet, as expected, but there was something more. Something Ash couldn't put her finger on. It tasted good though. So good, that once she'd licked her lips dry, she looked around for more. Right on cue a vine squeezed a fruit above her mouth, and she drank again.

They were becoming braver now. Two sets of tentacles attached themselves to her nipples, swirling and massaging. She even felt a sucking sensation, and realised there was even more to the vines than she had thought.

The suckling vines, coupled with the little tentacles coupled with the fruit juice's effect was really starting to make Ash huff and puff. She arched her back, trying to push her breasts closer to the vines.

What are you doing? Ash thought. This thing is raping you!

Her mind was wiped blank all of a sudden though when one of the vines began exploring her pussy.

The small tentacles were probing gently, flicking at her clit, and lightly pulling at her folds. Ash couldn't think straight. She was now gasping uncontrollably, even bucking her hips. Another vine had now found her ass, and was probing that even more gently than her pussy. Last came the vine which held the pear. Squeezing the last of the juice into her waiting mouth, it dropped the dry pear, and slid itself into her mouth. She hadn't been expecting it, and it was firmly inside before she could even think of shutting her mouth. She tried to bite it, but the vine didn't even seem to notice. Besides, it tasted of fruit juice.

It began to slide in and out of her mouth, closer and closer to the back of her throat. Down below, her awaiting pussy finally received a full vine, which pushed itself in slowly, while the tentacles tickled her inside, driving her crazy. The vine at her ass was tired of waiting as well, and it too pushed itself inside. Ash had never tried anal. The sensation was uncomfortable, but also pleasant, as more tentacles rubbed her insides.

The vines began pushing harder, and the one in her ass managed to slide 7 inches into her, and the one in her pussy got even more. They drew out, and as one pushed back into her. Again. They sped up, almost overwhelming Ash with the feelings of pleasure as all her holes were filled. The vines were secreting something as well now, and from the one in her throat, Ash could taste more juice.

The pleasure rose another octave, and Ash found herself groaning into the vine lodged in her mouth.

Without warning she was flipped over, her ass, pussy and mouth still filled, so that she could now see the ground. Pulling her legs inwards, the vines lined her up so her chin was inches away from her knees, and her ass was exposed behind, giving the two lower vines unrestricted access.

Again their pace increased, and squelching sounds started emanating from her pussy. Deep inside, the little tentacles were going wild, rubbing and stroking and heightening her pleasure tenfold. To Ash, whose sexual encounters had been mediocre at best, leading to her focus on work, it was beyond description. Her tits were still be sucked on, and she was being pumped into by three large vines with tentacles inside seeing to anything they should miss. Her whole body shuddered at the feelings, and the excitement of being so high up, supported by the things which were simultaneously fucking her.

Deep inside, she felt it building. Like a tsunami, it rose and rose, and the vines intensity increased until she was literally screaming into the vine in her mouth. All thoughts stopped, and she became and animal, writhing in absolute ecstasy, on the edge of bliss. When the orgasm finally hit her, Ash almost exploded. Her pussy walls were spasming, along with the ones in her ass. Her nipples, already incredibly sensitive, were being sucked on with such force that Ash could hardly breathe. Her arms and legs were flailing, kept in check only by the vines.inside her pussy, ass and throat, the tentacles were going as crazy as she was.

For a full minute, Ash reeled in the throes of her orgasm, mindless and panting. When at last she came down, her cheeks were flushed, and sweat covered her. Deep in her pussy, she felt the vine begin to suck, drinking in the her fluids. After an orgasm like that, it took a while.

At last it laid her down on the ground, onto a soft patch of moss in the shade of the strange palm. Ash was already asleep.


-Hope you enjoyed this. Comments appreciated-

~The Scrawler~

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