tagLesbian SexStranded Ch. 02

Stranded Ch. 02



Knowing that someone would be at the door in a minute I managed to stagger off the bed and start grabbing clothes. I snatched a pair of panties off the floor. trying to ignore the wet spot that settled against me as I put them on. Fortunately I had other clothes scattered about the room since I had been sorting some older ones that I intended to take to the church tomorrow. I pulled a top over my head and then all but hopped into a pair of shorts as I closed the bedroom door behind me and rushed on wobbly legs for the back door as I heard the doorbell ring.

Glancing out thru a window I saw that the visitor was a friend named Jayne. At least this meant she probably would not wander through the house until hopefully Dot got dressed. I certainly did not want to explain exactly why I had a naked woman in my spare bedroom. I did manage to put a smile on my face as I opened the door and waved her in.

"Hi Patti," she announced brightly. "Its that time of year again."

For a moment my mind went absolutely blank. Than I realized her arms were full of the brightly colored boxes that meant it was Girl Scout cookie time. She followed me in and spilled the cookies in her arms across the kitchen table. I pulled the pitcher of tea from the refrigerator and poured three glasses.

"How's your out-of-state visitor Patti?" Jayne inquired as she sipped her tea. "Did she like it?"

For one brief moment I thought somehow she knew exactly what was going on with Dorothy and I. Then I realized Jayne simply was talking about the truck.

"Just fine," I answered, having swallowed the urge to look down where I had thought she was talking about. "She's changing clothes. Let me go check on her."

I walked down the hall and stuck my head in through the barely open door. Dot had on a pair of panties and was rummaging through her bag. "Good, better get dressed," I whispered. "I have a friend visiting and she might not understand your cute butt being naked." As I turned and started back towards the kitchen I paused with my mouth wide open as I realized exactly what I had said. From the giggle inside the bedroom I knew it had hit Dot too. The mental picture of her dressing had also let me know exactly why I had kept plucking at my panties as though they were too tight. She was wearing mine, which of course meant I had hers on.

I sat down across from Jayne and commenced the usual small talk about all the topics usually associated with small town life. Normally I enjoyed these conversations immensely. Today, however, all I could think about was Dorothy. I still could not understand how this incredible attraction had sprung full grown in a single meeting but it had and I wanted to take advantage of every fleeting moment.

As these thought ran through my mind Dorothy appeared in the kitchen dressed in a loose top and a denim skirt. I introduced her to Jayne as my new friend who would probably be going on with her trip shortly. As Dot sat next to me a took her hand under the table and squeezed it. "Jayne will be leaving shortly, I hope," I whispered to her.


Chatting like old friends, I told Jayne and Patti that I was just traveling to escape a bad romance, and decided to see a part of the country I had never been through. I had just pointed my car south and east and headed for the water. Patti squeezed my thigh as I mentioned the romance to tell me not to go into details. Putting my hand over hers, I acknowledged her plea. I settled into a long chat with Jayne and Patti. Jayne seemed to know all about my car problems, the marvel of a small town.

I was telling Jayne of my own girl scout adventures, or rather misadventures when I was startled to feel Patti running her foot up and down my leg. Determined to appear every bit the inquisitive woman I am, I asked Jayne about her children.

She showed me pictures of her two brunette girls, Margaret and Nadine. Both were as pretty as their mother. All the while Patti was running her bare toes up and down my calf. Having a bit of the pixy in my soul, I kept Jayne talking until she finished her tall glass of tea and looked quickly at the clock in the kitchen.

“6 o’clock! I have eleventyhundred things to do! Thank you Patti, as always. Nice to have met you, Dot. I hope you enjoy your stay in our town.”

I said I had already had a surprisingly friendly greeting, and looked directly into Patti’s sparkling eyes.


As I went to my purse and gave her the money for the cookies Jayne suddenly reached in her purse and pulled out Dot's rainbow emblem. "Laura gave me this when I stopped by there and said you might want this since you were leaving soon. She seemed to think it was important. Pretty thing, I haven't seen one like it here." I walked Jayne to the door and closed it behind her. I turned, put my back on it and looked Dorothy right in the eyes

"Dot," I began to speak.

"Shhhhhhhhhhh," she answered me, holding out her hand. I took it and followed her to the bedroom. We stood motionless for long minute, staring in each others eyes before she continued. "No need to tell me Patti. I will be long gone by the time your husband gets home. I have no intention of causing you any trouble. I see the pictures of your children and the two of you and this warm home you have here. This is so wonderful but it is just this afternoon. So lets not waste it."


Holding her in my arms, I felt her tremble slightly. She offered her lips and passionately kissed me. Patti hungrily pushed her tongue into my mouth. Tasting each other’s saliva, my head was reeling at the unexpected familiarity at her touch. Not that of another woman starved for love of a special kind, but that of a long lost lover, as though we had known each other for years and had been destined to have this special time together. She removed my top and my skirt. As her hands touched my panties, she smiled and laughed softly, that wonderful Southern accent pleasant. Slipping them down, she knelt and once again gave a quick kiss to my mons. This time I did not protest, or try to stop her. Lying her back on the now rumpled bed, I knelt at her side and kissed her gently. Feeling the warmth of her soft skin, my hand wandered to her rounded belly. She let out a small whimper and lifted her hips. Patti surprised me by locking her ankle to my knee and rolling me effortlessly onto my back, I touched the top of her head as she kissed my still moist slit. My eyes closed as she hungrily devoured my puffy and sparsely furred furrow. She flattened her tongue and lapped me, making me cry out so I bit my lower lip to stifle the gasps and moans of pleasure. I rolled my hips, pushing up to her humming lips, my hands guiding her to those special places I needed touched, the hidden spots only a lover need know. Patti was my lover, though I knew it was only for this afternoon, this brief slice of eternity. I felt her hands on my asscheeks, lifting me effortlessly to her, drawing my clit between her lips, I clutched her hair, not simply stroking, but urgently begging for my release. She nibbled and sucked my engorged pearl. I tensed and wave after wave of blinding light overtook me. Flowing nectar escaped my body, flooding her mouth, her throat rippling as she swallowed my essence. Recovering my breath slowly, I reached down to draw Patti to me, lifting her top to free her firm breasts. Her shorts and my panties somehow fell from her, as I finally realized the meaning of the chuckle when she removed my skirt. She lay back on the bed and I knelt to kiss her wet lips, tasting myself as I have never tasted that honey thick juice before. I licked to her neck, pausing over the pulse there. I gathered a small tuft of her translucent skin and mindlessly sucked it, biting until I heard a gasp of protest. Settling back on my heels, I looked into those compelling eyes, and whispered, “Patti, no marks, no evidence of our time together.” Leaning forward I kissed the swell of her breasts, making a figure eight with my tongue round both, licking the valley and the warm underside. My cheek was touching each nipple as I passed over and under her breasts. Capturing first her right then left nipple I sucked and pulled each, tongueing the very ends and took as much breast as I could into my greedy mouth.

Shifting, I nestled between her slim legs, lying full length against her. Holding her wrists with my hands, I parted her legs with my knee. Settling down to touch just her nipples with my own diamond hard nips, she shivered. As I rolled my hips to kiss her wet slit with my slippery mound, I felt our clits kiss, then she lifted her knees to feel my clit enter her silky inner folds.

I whispered, “Enjoy, be mine for now, for how long as it lasts.” I slid up to touch my whole body to her. When I returned to our mounds brushing, I gyrated my hips and felt her opening more, accepting my clit into her sweet folds. I began a rocking motion, long suppressed, the memories I had sought to escape totally gone as I gave myself to Patti, fucking her, girlfucking her as I had only fucked one other, totally, unselfishly. She fucked back, wrapping her legs around my hips and pulling me tightly to the juncture of our slapping pussies. My clit buried itself between her lips, throbbing as I touched her clit with each upward thrust.


Never had I had sensations like these. I felt as though every inch of Dot was caressing me. She spread her arms and supported herself over me, her breasts wobbling over mine, just the nipples coming into contact. She moved her body a fraction lower and began to thrust her hips forward, her wide open slit kissing my own at each contact. Her clit was so hard and erect it touched my folds and my own clit at each pass.

My hips began to respond to her. At each thrust down they pushed back up. I had never thought of being fucked by another woman. Her clit was like a line of fire where it rubbed me. Faster and faster her hips moved, pounding herself against me. At each push slapping noises arose from the force of our pussies kissing. Overcome with passion I didn't recognize the voice screaming at first as my own.

"Oh God Dot!" I was screaming, not even knowing what I was saying. "Fuck me. Girlfuck me. Make me cum. Fuck meeeeeeeeeeee..."

I wrapped Dot up with my legs. I pulled her tightly to me as she threw back her head and cried wordlessly as both of us came. We held each other as we shuddered and shook to the force of our orgasms, drenching each other.

I collapsed completely against Dot, my energy spent. I murmured endearments to her, so much softer than the cries of passion I had been making moments ago. Then I froze, for a shadow had fallen across us from the doorway. In one blinding flash of panic I realized what had happened and rolled over even as I heard the voice speak.

"You must be Dorothy," my husband said. "I brought the rest of your luggage."

(to be continued)

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