tagBDSMStranded Ch. 02

Stranded Ch. 02


Jack could hardly believe it, they were kissing, and she was responding. The last person in the world he'd have pegged as a submissive was the sweet little thing he held in his lap.

Not sure how far she'd let this go, Jack slid his hand from her waist and around to her heavy breast, his palms itching for the feel of her.

Deborah jerked at the touch of his fingers, then arched her back into his palm, a soft breathy moan coming from her. With his other hand Jack efficiently undid the snaps of her bra.

His questing fingers slid under her bra, desperate to feel her tight little nipple against his palm. Deborah groaned again, tearing her mouth from their heated kiss, her breathing harsh. Jack gently lowered her to the ground, the grains of sand sliding cushioning them. Clinging tightly to Jacks broad shoulders, Deborah's eyes closed firmly against the glaring sun. Jack quickly slid her buttons free, his eyes hot on her breasts, his eyes greedy for the sight of her tight pink nipples.

"Beautiful." he whispered huskily.

Deborah opened her eyes briefly, dropping her eyelids and blushing at his direct gaze. Shyly she allowed her lids to droop back down, urgently pulling him back to her, needing the oblivion that his kisses offered her. Jack hesitated, not happy with letting her have control, but reluctantly allowed it, his mouth sliding softly over hers, seducing her senses.

Sliding a hand down his chest to the clasp of his jeans, Deborah undid the snap, eagerly groping for his cock. Jack groaned as her small hand struggled to wrap around it, sliding up and down, testing its length and breadth. Closing his eyes to shore his strength, Jack reached down and removed her hand. Deborah's eyes flew up to his in surprise.

"I didn't give you permission to touch me." Jack growled. "You're going to have to ask nicely before I let you have the privilege of stroking my cock."

To ensure that she kept her hands to herself Jack stretched her arms over her head, linking her wrists in one big hand. Deborah pulled futilely at his grip, trying to free herself, a feminine thrill shot through her core at the effortless way he could control her. Jack's eyes glowed, his lips curling into a smug little smile, and he bent his head down to her breast, sucking its hard tip into the moist cavern of his mouth.

Deborah whimpered at the sharp bite of his teeth, and then moaned as his moist tongue soothed away the hurt. He shifted to her other breast, repeating his actions until Deborah was a mindless, writhing mass of sensation, her legs shifting restlessly, hips moving urgently.

His mouth still busy at her breast, Jack helped her out of her slacks, leaving her in her white lace briefs. Sliding his knee between her spread thighs, Jack pressed firmly against her. Deborah groaned at the minute relief, grinding herself against him, desperately trying to relieve the pressure in her loins.

Jack could feel her moist panties rubbing against his leg, and his cock throbbed relentlessly. Sensuously he slid his hands down her stomach, under her panties, and through the soft hair he found there. Deborah gave a small cry, her hips stilling expectantly.

Teasingly Jack slid his finger around her swollen clit, before slowly slipping it into her clinging, wet canal. Deborah panted, her legs clamping around his wrist. Slowly Jack slid another finger in her . . .

"Please, please." Deborah begged, the feel of his hard fingers sliding in and out of her wet passage driving her to distraction, past the point of dignity.

"Please what?" Jack asked, moving his mouth up her chest to her neck, where he bit sharply.

"Please, help me." Deborah pleaded. "I need . . ." Uncertainly her voice trailed off, her flushed cheeks burning brighter.

"Do you need something?" Jack said, teasing her clit, just barely brushing it with his thumb. "Tell me, where do you want me to touch you?"

Deborah met his eyes, and saw the determination there. Shaking her head, she struggled to get her hands from him, determined to bring herself to relief. She cried out in surprise when he pulled his hand from her panties to give her a sharp slap on her already sore bottom.

"Stop it." he scolded.

Deborah stilled, giving herself over to his sure touch. With a little hic-up she gave in. "Please touch my clit. I need to cum," she sobbed, tears glistening on her flushed cheeks.

Jack instantly rewarded her with the return of his finger on her clit. With a gentle touch he sent her screaming over the edge, her cries echoing around them. Lifting his head, he watched the flicker of emotion over her face, enjoying the feel of her body as it arched and shuddered under his.

When finally her body relaxed beneath his, her muscles lax, Jack teased her through another, and then another orgasm, until she lay there, exhausted.

Jack eased back from her, hurriedly standing up to undress. He pulled off his pants, and was just pulling his shirt over his head, when she drowsily turned her head to look at him. Her eyes flickered at the generous sight of his cock, straining away from his body, and her mouth parted in a gasp. Jack stood there for a minute letting her drink in the sight of him, before sliding between her thighs.

Expectantly Deborah spread her legs, eager to have him in her, gasping in shock at the thick feel of him pushing against her. She cried out as his large cock stretched her pussy around him. Jack waited until her muscles had relaxed, before pulling himself back out. Deborah cried out in denial, her eyes flying open.

"I want you to look at me when I make you mine." he growled, locking his eyes to her. "I have your body, I want your soul."

Deborah whimpered, then arched her back as he slid back into her clinging pussy. "Oooooh." she moaned, moving her hips urgently, her eyes once again beginning to drift shut. She jerked her eyes open, at the sharp tap of his finger on her cheek.

"I'm sorry." she whispered, desperate to keep his big cock in her.

"Don't do it again." Jack warned.

Deborah nodded earnestly, her hand restlessly moving up and down his back, grasping the strong muscles. Wordlessly she lifted her mouth to his, needing to feel the comfort of his mouth on hers. His hips steadily pistoning, Jack ground his lips against her, sucking her tongue hungrily into his mouth.

Sensing that her peak was near, Jack pulled his head back, wanting to watch her eyes as she fell over. Deborah's movements became more and more desperate, her nails digging into his back, before she finally soared off the cliff. Jack grunted at the feel of her muscles caressing his cock, before succumbing to the ecstasy that was Deborah.

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