Stranded in the Outback


Joanna kept her eyes on her son's face, so she could determine early signs of alarm. She kept a steady rocking pace, working up to another orgasm. The world before her eyes began swimming. She had lost all sense of time and direction. She twirled her ass around like a vixen. Jack's dick was touching, and caressing, every point inside of her vagina. She lifted her hips all the way up, until Jack's cock was about to pop out and then slid back down on top of it. She was sweating rather profusely now and she could hear the sloppy wet sounds of her cunt. Her breathing was fast but, like a thief, she tried to make as little noise as possible. Finally, her orgasm was approaching and she closed her eyes. It seemed that Jack's cock was harder than ever before and so warm. It was filling her up with pure warmth...

"Mom? What...?" Joanna heard the words that shattered her delirium.

The words were hard, cold words of reality. They crashed her hazy dream world with a hard slap across the face. In a split second, all of Joanna's sanity and consciousness returned. Hard realization of her actions sunk in immediately. She flung open her eyes and stared in horror at her son's face beneath her.

Such intense fear and confusion Joanna had never felt. In an instant, she jumped to her feet. Something warm seemed to be spilling out of her insides. She looked down and saw white, gooey sperm pour out from between her legs, landing all over her son and the hot sand. Without another moment of though, Joanna briskly walked away, her son's cum running down her legs.


Jack looked at his penis and tried to comprehend everything that had just happened. He woke up to an amazing feeling all over his body. He'd had wet dreams before, but this was nothing like that. The first thing he saw was a pair of breasts swinging just over his face. Thinking it was a dream he felt his orgasm shoot out of the end of his cock. It was then that he saw his mother's face and it was then that he realized that it was no dream.

Jack took a second to catalog everything in his mind. He saw his mother storm away into the desert. He sat up and looked at his cock again. It was covered in a messy concoction of love juices. The smell of his quickly drying sperm was heavy in his nostrils. He looked for something to clean himself off and noticed his surf shorts. Quickly he wiped his cock clean and looked in the direction that his mom walked off. He realized right away that she was headed the wrong way!

Jack gathered all of their things and quickly went to catch up to his mom.

When he finally caught up to her, Joanna seemed to be in a deep thought or trance - staring blindly ahead as she walked. Jack walked a few paces behind, unsure of how to proceed. He noticed the white streaks that have dried up on her legs. He felt a familiar jolt in his cock, which was still stiff.

Jack tried to think of some icebreaker to start the conversation, but nothing seemed to make sense.

"You're heading in the wrong direction," he said finally.

Joanna simply changed direction.

"No, it's this way," added Jack and pointed. She turned and walked the way he was pointing.

They walked for sometime in silence. Jack kept pondering the fact that his mother had just fucked him and now she was waking in front of him fully naked. He also realized that she probably still had his sperm inside of her. Jack's cock became rock hard again and he couldn't tear his eyes away from his mother's swaying ass.

Joanna was lost in her thoughts. She wasn't even embarrassed; she was mortified with her actions. She couldn't imagine what Jack could be thinking right now. She was aware of his presence and wondered if he despised her now. She thought about saying something, but what words could make things right?

Jack knew they needed to take a break. The sun was burning hot. They headed out too early, due to Jack's early awakening. Yet, they would die in this heat, unless they took cover.

"We need to stop. It's too hot," said Jack when he walked up along side his mom.

Joanna nodded.

They headed for a small hill that had several short trees growing on it. It seemed that they were getting close to civilization. At the top of the hill they saw more hills and they also saw more signs of vegetation.

They took a long break in complete silence. Finally, Jack got up and prepped the bag. He looked at his mom, who got ready to head out.

"Mom, don't you think we need to talk?" Jack asked.

"What would you like to talk about?" asked Joanna without looking at him.

"How about the weather? Or the scenery?" Jack joked.

Joanna gave a weak smile. "Funny guy. I don't you want to talk about that."

"Want some water?" asked Jack handing her a bottle.

"I would kill for a bite of food," she replied.

"Well, you've just wasted perfectly good protein," as soon as Jack uttered those words, he wondered what compelled him to say that.

Joanna gave Jack a quick, precise stare. She quickly calculated that joking her way out of this might be the easiest approach.

"I don't like sand with my protein," she replied feeling braver.

"I know where you can get it fresh."

Jack was looking intently at his mom. She felt his stare and it made her very uncomfortable. She decided the conversation was over. She gave Jack an indifferent look and said: "Let's get going."

Joanna noticed that her son had a full on erection this whole time. She tried looking the other way, but his penis seemed to be everywhere she looked. They still had Jack's surf shorts, but neither of them seemed to have any use for them. After what has happened it hardly mattered if they were naked or not.

Joanna battled guilt and her conscience, but soon something else began taking over her mind. She felt that familiar tingling feeling in her pussy and she realized that she never achieved that second orgasm. She was so close when he woke up...

For some unknown to Joanna reason, she began getting wet again. Maybe it was because Jack's sperm was still clinging to the walls of her vagina, or maybe it was because she was under the spell of the desert heat. Nevertheless, she felt an itching and burning sensation deep inside her pussy. The more she walked, the stronger the sensation grew. Her vagina felt like a plumbing pipe that needed a good cleaning, with a stiff cock.

Joanna closed her eyes and shook her head. Her thoughts were not her own.

As they walked, the landscape began to change. More bushes and small trees were popping up here and there. Jack consulted his map again.

"We are almost there!" he tried to sound cheerful.

"Looks like it's about five more miles."

"I can't walk anymore," said Joanna plainly. Her legs felt rubbery and she didn't know how she took each step.

"Okay," said Jack stopping and looked around. "Over there, where those trees are."

Joanna saw the place he mentioned and they walked towards it. Once they reached it they shared a drink of water.

"It'll be dark soon. We should break here for the night," offered Jack. "I'm betting we can get to one of the Uluru resorts in the morning."

Joanna nodded and looked for a place to sleep.

The sand was mixed with dry and hard grass and it was harder to find a comfortable spot. When she finally found a little clearing, she prepared for the night. Carefully she touched herself between her legs and felt how sensitive her aroused lips had gotten.

Suddenly, she head Jack walk over to her and stand near.

"What are you doing?" she asked a bit annoyed.

"I'm here to see if you're still hungry," replied Jack.

Joanna couldn't place the tone of her son's voice, but she was in no mood for jokes. She peered at Jack angrily, but couldn't quite see his features. It was getting dark and his silhouette looked like a figure out of a story.

"Smart ass," she said. "Go sit down and keep watch. I need to sleep."

Jack was taken a back. He didn't know why his mom did what she had earlier. He was very horny now and was thinking that she'd want more. Why would his mother use him for sex when he was sleeping and now she was so cold? He decided to try it one more time.

"Mom, I'm totally okay with doing this. You don't have to pretend," he said.

"Fine. If you won't let me sleep, then I'll stay up and you go to sleep," Joanna said harshly.

"But it's not my turn to sleep."

"It is now. And I mean now!" Joanna's tone was strict.

Jack dropped his head and nodded. He walked over to a spot that he had picked out and laid down. He lay with his eyes closed, but could not fall asleep.

A few minutes went by and he heard his mother approach. His heartbeat quickened and he wondered if she would try to use him again. He tried to appear asleep. He could hear his mother stop next to him and kneel down. He felt a hand grasp his penis and begin stroking it. Jack opened his eyes. His mom was squatting at his side, her eyes on his cock, her boobs squishing against her thighs.

"This one time," she began softly. "Tomorrow we get to the resort and get help. What happened out here will stay out here. Tomorrow we go back to being normal mother and son again." She tore her eyes away from Jack's manhood and looked at him.

"Of course, I understand." Jack blurted out in rising excitement.

Joanna stood up and turned her body, so her ass was facing her son. She stepped over Jack's body positioning herself above his chest. Next, she bent down and got on all fours. It was already quite dark, but the stars and the moon were providing enough light to see by. Joanna could distinctly make out the shape of her son's hard penis right in front of her. She snatched it up and brought it close to her mouth. She could smell the sweet male pheromones coming off of the cock's tip. She opened her mouth and began sucking.

Jack watched the way the light of the moon fell across his mother's ass crack as she lowered her pussy closer to his face. Her pussy lips were exposed and they looked swollen. He didn't need a more direct invitation, so he lifted his head and met her half way. He felt unsure about performing oral on a woman; after all it was completely new to him. Thus, he decided to bury his face between the legs and began licking. It tasted tart and salty.

As his tongue made its way trough folds in the flesh, Jack felt the way his mother's warm mouth worked his cock. It felt so good, that he desperately wanted to return the favor. He grabbed his mother by the hips and began flicking his tongue up and down her pungent slit. The faster his tongue moved, the harder his mother sucked.

Joanna's cunt gushed with juices. Her pussy lips felt almost numb, as her son toyed with her. She could barely take any more of this foreplay – she needed to be stuffed. She let the cock out of her mouth and tearing her ass away she crawled off of Jack.

"Take me from behind," she whispered, remaining on all fours.

Jack quickly stood up on his knees and shuffled over to his mom. She threw her hair over her shoulder and turned to look at him. She had a wicked glint in her eyes. Jack couldn't believe that all this was actually happening; after all he wasn't asleep this time. He pinched himself for reassurance.

Jack placed his hands on his mom's ass and rubbed it with his palms. Her skin felt warm and sticky. The bare head of his cock was hovering inches from her hole. He gave her ass a firm squeeze and pocked his dick inside.

Only about an inch of his cock went inside – just the head itself. His mother's pussy felt wet and hot on the sensitive skin of his tip. He immediately felt a tickling sensation around his scrotum. Jack paused, afraid that he was about to cum. He tried to think about something else, anything other than the embrace of his mother's cunt. No matter how hard he tried his cock was ready to blow. Any small movement would set him over the edge.

"Well?" Jack heard his mother. "Are you going to fuck me or not?"

That's when Jack unleashed. He squeezed his buttocks and thrust deep inside. So deep that Joanna pitched slightly forward and let out a groan of discomfort. His cock exploded as he held it firmly inside.

"Oh yeah," whispered Joanna, not realizing that her son was heaving an orgasm. "Just like that."

Jack barely heard her words, as his mind buzzed in ecstasy. However, he willed himself to pull his cock out and slide it back in, his sperm oozing out of the sides. It took him a few seconds to recover and he realized that his mother wasn't aware that be just blew his load. Albeit his cock felt very sensitive, it was still hard. Jack slowly and gently proceeded to penetrate his mother.

"Faster," Joanna moaned, enjoying the stretch her son's cock was giving her. Her pussy felt extremely wet and hot the moment he shoved himself in. She felt a slight tickle of his balls on her clitoris and that made her curl her toes. She felt a powerful urge to be fucked hard. "Harder."

Jack decided to comply. Pulling his hips back, he thrust roughly inside, causing another groan to escape his mother's lips. Again, and this time she let out a moan. Jack increased the tempo and soon his mother's body moved in rhythm with his. The still night air was filled with noises of skin slapping against skin and soft moans.

Joanna clawed at the sand as she worked up to her climax. Her ass and tits jiggled every time Jack slammed into her. Her nipples tingled with excitement and her asshole relaxed and opened up. Her son's cock was like an intoxicating drug as it slid across her her G-spot. The pleasure was unimaginable and the orgasm hit her like a tsunami.

Her eyes went dark and her arms buckled. Her body fell froward and her face face hit the desert floor. She tasted sand on her lips as her orgasm shook her body. She lay there gasping helplessly for air.

Jack wanted to cum again. Grasping his mother firmly by the hips, he continued fucking her. He felt that his sensitive cock would not be able to last much longer, especially the way his mom was whimpering. Her warm, juicy vagina made Jack's dick feel as if it was a hot knife slicing through butter.

"Oh god. Oh my god," she kept saying.

His hips moved rapidly and he felt an immense tension build up in his balls. From deep within his being there came a sensation of ultimate pleasure. His body twitched and his dick released what felt like the biggest load.

Jack felt spent and complete as he collapsed onto his bent-over mother. They rolled off the rock and tumbled on the sand, his cock still deeply lodged inside of her pussy.

They simply lay there, silent, breathing deeply. Jack hugged his mom close to him and felt a strong will to sleep. As his mind drifted into the dreamland, he wondered: "Will this all end tomorrow?"

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Way too far fetched

For my taste, far too many ridiculous scenarios: mom so scantily dressed and with no other clothing available so he has to fashion shoes from her skimpy shorts. Her thong mysteriously falls off in themore...

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They died!

As a member of the State Emergency Service I have to search for idiots like them.
Distance from Darwin to Uluru 1218 miles south. Drove for an hour left the road broke down and found themselves 20 milesmore...

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