tagIllustratedStranded on Black Friday

Stranded on Black Friday


Dear Diary,

Today was an eventful day, a day I will not likely ever forget. Now that it is over my emotions are much different then when it was happening. Today was Black Friday, supposedly the busiest shopping day of the year, a day when the best deals and sales start when the stores open early.

I woke early, had a quick breakfast and got dressed. I chose to wear a black leather mini skirt, lace blouse, red heels, and finished with my leopard print coat.

Once I was ready I went to my desk and arranged for an Uber ride to the shopping district. This way I would not have to deal with finding a parking space on such a busy day. The Uber ride was uneventful and I was dropped off close to the shops I wanted to visit.

However, once I hopped out of the car and opened my bag to get a tip for the driver I realized I had taken my wallet and phone out and left them on my desk when arranging my ride this morning.

I thought to call a friend, but I couldn't remember any phone numbers. I rely on the contacts list in my cell phone. Even if I did remember number I'd have to find a public phone, which I don't recall seeing since 2005. I searched every where in my bag, I didn't find as much as a dime. I depend on my credit and debit cards and keep a few dollars in my wallet which I didn't have.

The only thing I could think to do is ask passing strangers for some money to take a taxi home. I was ignored or looked down upon by the people passing by. It didn't take long for me to feel like a homeless person. How often have I treated others the same way I thought, was this karma? Thinking the less affluent would be more generous I walked a couple blocks away to an area of small shops instead of the high end ones.

I asked a couple men for help as they hailed a cab. At least they stopped and talked to me. The one made a rude comment about how he would be happy to take me home with him. I was so taken aback I could not speak. The other told his friend he would see him later when the taxi arrived. He turned to me and apologized for the rude comment his friend made and then said he would like to help me but he does not believe in giving to beggars, but would consider paying me $20 for 15 minutes work, more if it took longer. I hesitantly asked what kind of work and he responded he was a photographer and needed a model.

I was very nervous and tightened my coat around myself. Fearing what the response might be I asked what kind of modeling. He explained he would be taking photos as I undressed. I only had to go as far as I wished and be paid accordingly.

I tried offering to promise to pay back $50 in an hour if he would lend me $40 for cab fare now. He refused saying there was no guaranty he would ever see me again. He sensed my reluctance and pointed across the street to his studio and said he would be in there for the next couple hours if I changed my mind.

I held out for almost an hour, trying to find another way home but in the end I crossed the street and entered the studio.

Once inside he greeted me and offered me a cup of coffee and gave me a contract to read and sign. It said he would be able to use the photos but not reveal my name. The pay was actually better than my regular salary considering the hours I typically worked. Once I had signed he had me touch up my makeup and instructed me how to pose.

I had butterflies in my stomach at first but poses were easy and very conservative. Me posing with my coat open, hand on my hip or holding my necklace. Then he instructed me to take off my coat. It was then I remembered my blouse was very lacy and sheer.

As I stood there, my coat already off my shoulders, I could feel the cool air on my breasts and nipples reacting as I let my coat slip further down.

"You are doing great" he said, "take the coat all the way off and lift the bottom of your blouse a little." I can do this I thought as several photos were taken.

No different than wearing a bikini I told myself. Just a showing a little bit of my tummy, everything else is safely tucked away. "How about pushing the skirt waist down just a little please" he asked.

I felt a moment of regret that I chose to wear stockings and a garter belt instead of pantyhose today as I revealed what I wore under my skirt to a stranger. The photographer gave words of approval and encouragement saying I was doing a good job before instructing me to left my blouse to reveal my breasts. I checked the clock, I would not have earned enough to take a bus halfway home yet so did as started doing as requested. I slowly pulled upward, exposing more and more of my tummy as photos were taken.

I paused a moment, revealing only the underside of my breasts, deciding if I was going to do reveal breasts to a stranger. The photographer had been behaving professionally so far and I am surprised to admit there was a certain thrill to this. I went for it, even smiling as I revealed my breasts completely.

I saw approval in his eyes that reinforced the thrill I felt. Without being asked I pushed down the top of my skirt and reveal more of my lingerie.

"I did not expect to see lingerie like that today. It looks wonderful on you. Would you mind removing your skirt for me so I can see all of it? he asked. I turned around and shimmied my skirt down. I was beginning to enjoy showing myself off.

I looked over my shoulder to see if he was enjoying the view of my ass. I am sure it was quite visible since all I was wearing was a tiny back thong. After he took a few more pictures I turned around.

I lifted my top to and let the photographer and his camera see all they wished. I could not believe it, I heard my voice asking "Would you like me to take off my blouse?" Where did that come from. It did not surprise me that he said "Yes, please."

There I was, willingly taking my clothes off for a stranger with a camera and enjoying it. Was I an exhibitionist and didn't know it? I could say circumstances forced me to do it but I don't think I could convince myself it was true. I embraced the feeling and went from pose to pose.

Soon I found myself taking off the garter belt. I don't even remember whose idea it was but I didn't hesitate. His comments and compliments gave me confidence. Having a guy enjoy seeing me like this was definitely a thrill. The events of the day gave me the oppurtunity to discover I was exhibitionist?

I stood there being photographed in a thong, stockings and heels I felt like I wanted to do more, I wanted to tease. What was left? I hooked my thumbs in my thong and pushed the front down to reveal my mons was bare.

"Ok, that is far enough. " He said. If he didn't stop me would I have gone further.. I will have to think about that. "Lets do an old style pin up style pose", he suggested. He had me pose kneeling on my coat, hands on my thighs, knees parted slightly. I recall a similar pose being very popular back in the 40s or 50s.

I felt glamorous and sexy posing that way. "let's finish up with one last photo", he started, "Put just your coat back on up to your shoulders." It felt odd putting on the coat while nearly naked. It seemed naughty.

I checked the clock, I was 10 minutes short of what I needed to get home by taxi. I asked, "Isn't there a few more photos you can take, I need a few more dollars to get cab fare?" His response was "No, not in the outfit you have. I do like the skirt and top though for another shoot I have scheduled. I would rent them from you for $20." I asked him, "So you expect me to go home like this?"

It was up to me he said, but his offer was for the clothes now, not later or tomorrow. I think he realized I am an exhibitionist before I did. He offered, "If you like when you come back to get these clothes bring some other outfits and we can do some more photos.

I stood there with my coat on and decided I would take him up on his offer. I will go home just like I was dressed. If I buttoned my coat no one would know I was basically naked under it. I collected my pay and the rental fee for my skirt and blouse. I had plenty to get home now.

As I walked to he taxi stand I passed a lingerie shop. I paused and thought, I could get home by taking two buses and spend some of this hard earned cash picking out some new lingerie for next time.... yes, Diary, there will be a next time. It was exciting modeling and revealing myself. Maybe next time I will show a little more.

PS: The bus rides were fun. I inadvertently let my coat open a little and the gentleman across from me got a peek. Ok, well, truthfully, the first time was an accident, the times after that were not.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous09/02/19

I See A Party Or Office Truth Or Dare

You seem to have the perfect model for a Truth or Dare series of shots. Just thinking out loud.

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by Katie_Monthermer06/29/19

Another great short story.

I have only just discovered your work and really like the style. Short, sexy and almost like a comic book. So much fun!
Is that you in the pics? I had thought of using my own in my stories, but don't quitemore...

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by Anonymous02/09/19

Thank you for coming back!

I was halfway into "Lost Luggage" before I became curious about who had written it, the narrative and photos being of very high quality. It was then I realized it was you. All I could manage was, "Oh mymore...

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by Anonymous02/05/19

Sequel please

Would enjoy a sequel to this story. Hope you can find the time to explore this further

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by Anonymous12/12/18

Best nipples ever

Love everything about this woman. Just perfect.

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