tagSci-Fi & FantasyStrange Days Ch. 58-60

Strange Days Ch. 58-60


Welcome to the latest segment of Strange Days. I only had enough time to proof this once, so forgive me for any errors that I have undoubtedly missed. I'm hoping the next segment will be ready to submit in a week.

I do have a special request though. If you don't mind, I'd like to request a touch more feedback. Basically, if you're unable to rate me at a 5, I'd really like to know why. I realize all kinds of things can prevent someone from giving a story a 5. It happens to me as a reader. Sometimes, mechanically, a story is perfect, but maybe it just didn't quite hit all my buttons, so the best I can give it is a 4. Sometimes the grammar isn't very good, so same thing there. But, what I'd really like to know from you, the reader, is what it would take for my story to earn a 5 from you. I realize I won't be able to satisfy everyone, and that's okay, but I think your feedback could help me improve. It doesn't matter to me if you provide this feedback via comments or email, anonymous or not, whatever you're more comfortable with.

Thanks for reading, for voting, and for commenting. Now, on to the story.



Sarah and I woke up the next morning to the ecstatic wailing of Violet getting thoroughly plowed by Holly. We snickered to ourselves and almost got up to sneak a peek, but instead, we took the time to just lay there in bed and cuddle, kissing and petting. At one point though, our sweet moment of intimacy was interrupted by Violet's guttural cry of...

"Fuck that fat horse cock into me you tiny slut!"

...and we burst out laughing.

We got dressed - I'd gone all night with my penis hanging free, so it kind of sucked to make it go away - then made coffee and breakfast. Trevor came walking in after the sounds of Holly and Violet screwing each other into oblivion died down.

"Good morning," I kissed him, handing over a cup of coffee.

He smiled and took his coffee.

"Want some breakfast?" Sarah asked, cooking up scrambled eggs at the stove.

He shook his head. "Actually, I need a shower first. Tabby monopolized her bathroom this morning."

As he walked away, Sarah asked him, "Everything go okay with her?"

He stopped and looked at her over his shoulder. "What do you mean?"

Sarah looked at me with a smirk, I looked at Trevor, then he looked at me too. The corner of his mouth turned up.

"Oh, that," he chuckled and went to take a shower.

"Hey!" Sarah called after him, not one to tolerate being teased. "So what happened anyway?"

Trevor just waved over his shoulder, laughing now. While we finished making breakfast, Holly came out to join us and help.

"Dinner was wonderful last night," she kissed my cheek and went to make toast. "Violet really needed that."

"How's that?" Sarah asked.

"I dunno," Holly shrugged, buttering toast and stacking it up on a plate. "She's just been...weird lately. Not her usual bubbly self, I guess."

"Depressed?" I asked, wondering if this had anything to do with me. She'd recently confessed to being in love with me.

"No, just...off, I guess," Holly said. "Moody, maybe."

"Well, maybe it's just..." Sarah began, but then I saw Violet strut out of the guestroom, naked as the day she was born, winking at me and heading for the shower, which I happened to know was already occupied.

"Shhh!" I shushed Holly and Sarah, gesturing for them to watch. "This is gonna be good."

One, two, three...

"Gah!" Trevor yelped. "Jeezus, Violet! Do you mind?"

"Oh, don't be such a prude," she said, sounding like her usual bubbly self. "Besides, it's not like you're short-stacked or anything."

I tried not to laugh, but had to cover my mouth.

"Excuse me?" I heard him balk.

"Oh, for crying out loud," Violet sighed loudly, then said, "I mean you have a nice dick, pretty boy."

All three of us burst out laughing.

"Yep," Holly nodded, smiling ear to ear. "That's more like her."

As we were setting the table, Trevor left the shower in a hurry, a towel wrapped around his waist. Violet was right on his heels, toweling her hair dry, but otherwise still quite naked, her big breasts shimmering with droplets of water, and her full ass swaying side to side.

"Since when have you been so shy?" she teased him, catching up to him. "Come on. Lemme see!"

And with that, Violet caught the edge of his towel and yanked it away. Trevor spun around, covering himself with his hands, yelling her name, then dashed away. Violet just chased him, giggling all the while and snapping the towel at his tight butt.

"Oh my gawd, I love her," Sarah laughed.

Trevor came back moments later in shorts and a tee shirt, and looking very chagrined. Violet joined us and we took a seat, digging in. All of us were grinning, smirking or smiling at Trevor, trying not to laugh or giggle whenever he would blush, which was often, but Holly finally broke the silence.

"Well, this isn't fair," she huffed, dropping her fork onto her plate and pouting.

"What isn't?" Violet asked her.

Holly flicked her hand at Trevor. "I'm the only one here that hasn't seen his cock."

"Oh, come on! Seriously?" Trevor frowned fiercely.

That set us off laughing.

Trevor mumbled something under his breath and went back to eating his breakfast.

"I bet he's a good lay," Violet suddenly blurted out.

"Oh my gawd! Really?" Trevor sighed, throwing his arms up and leaning back in his chair.

At first, we were too stunned to see the humor in it, but Trevor's exasperation made it clear, and we started chuckling.

"What do you think, baby?" Violet asked Holly.

"Beats me," she shrugged her shoulders. "I don't do guys."

"Well, what about it Trevor?" Violet put her elbow on the table and set her chin in in her palm. "Are you a good lay?"

Trevor dropped his fork and stood up from the table, picking up his plate. I knew he wasn't actually angry. Embarrassed, yes, but still playing along. "Keep it up and you'll find out."

Violet widened her eyes and raised an eyebrow, and in a perfect imitation of Barney from How I Met Your Mother, said, "Challenge accepted!"

We laughed again.

Violet spent the rest of the day teasing Trevor, but the rest of the week was bittersweet. Trevor was due to go back to school, having reached the end of his academic leave. It was his last morning with us in the apartment. We'd spent the night in the guestroom together, so that we could have each other to ourselves. I woke up early, but Trevor was still sound asleep, so I just lay there and watched him, trying not to wake him.

I hated that he had to go, I really did. But, I'm not entirely selfless. Part of me was, well, glad. I mean, with Trevor out of the apartment, I could be myself with Sarah, wouldn't have to hide my gift. Our relationship could really blossom with the freedom. Of course, if I'd just bite the bullet and tell him my secret, one way or another, Sarah and I could move forward, with or without Trevor. But I was so afraid of losing him.

That part, I simply didn't understand. I'd all but told Sarah that I wanted to marry her, and I really did want that. I wanted forever with her. I'd never considered marrying Trevor. He had obviously considered marrying me though, after the incident with Todd Redding. He'd stroked his thumb over my ring finger, and I just knew that's what he'd been thinking. But he didn't say anything.

So, if I could see myself being married to Sarah, but not to Trevor, why was I afraid of losing him? I mean, considering my feelings on the matter, it seemed to be a forgone conclusion that Trevor wouldn't be part of 'forever'. Couldn't be, really. I just couldn't see him in the picture like that. I loved him though, deeply. Maybe I was just afraid of hurting him. Not with my secret, at least not entirely. Me having a dick, well, he could get over that, move on, with or without me. But me being unable to give him all of me, because I'd already given it to Sarah? No, that wasn't something he could get over. I was certain of it, that if Trevor knew how very devoted I was to Sarah, how very important she was to me, that he would choose to move on.

I couldn't help but wonder if he was he already considering moving on. There was that look the other night, when I'd been reclining against Sarah on the couch, so happy in her arms, completely content, the world, my life, feeling perfect. He'd looked at us and seemed so sad, if only for a moment.

All of this made me realize that while I did truly love Trevor, I was head-over-heels in love with Sarah. It wasn't fair to drag him along, and the realization struck me so hard, made me so sad to let him go, that I did what I'd been doing for almost a year. I acted the chicken-shit. I said nothing. I did nothing. I chose to keep him for as long as I could.

No. What I did was worse.

I consciously chose to string him along.

Okay, so I'm not a great person. I have my weaknesses. I knew it was wrong, that I should tell him now, let him make his decision now, but Trevor was one of my weaknesses.

Stroking the side of his face with my fingertips, I held back tears of sadness and guilt, and I kissed his mouth. He stirred awake and kissed me back. What began as gentle, loving, grew heated and passionate, and soon he'd rolled us over so that I lay beneath him. His hard length speared into me, spread me open, and I cried out at the feel of him.

Trevor covered me with his tightly muscled body. The feel of him was incredible, and not just because he felt so big inside me, thanks to a case of raging morning wood - gawd, how do you guys survive that on your own? My senses were heightened by such raw emotions, both good and bad. I wrapped my arms around his neck and lower back, held him tight while he moved in and out of me, slow but firm, his heavy testicles slapping against my ass with every deep thrust, the swollen end of him rubbing that sweet spot inside me. He took my breath away, so intensely did he make love to me, pushing hard and deep, so long and warm, throbbing inside me, grunting against my neck. Digging my heels into his ass, I urged him on, moved my pelvis to match the movement of his hips, a full partner in this dance of flesh.

He brought me screaming around a mouthful of his shoulder, my teeth surely cutting into his skin, but he didn't complain. I felt him swell inside me, throb, grow just a little harder, just a little longer, just a little bigger.

"Amy!" he gasped, growled.

He shoved his hands under my ass, and with a heave, he sat up, bringing me with him. He pulled me down into his lap, onto his achingly hard cock, crushed his mouth to mine, and his hot release filled me. I shivered and shook as he pulsed inside me, over and over, his length twitching, jerking, so warm and alive inside me. I held him, and he held me, his arms around me, tight, as though afraid to let go. When he spent the last of himself inside me, he loosed his hold, but somehow held me closer to him, his face in my chest. I nuzzled my nose into his hair, stroked his sweat-slickened back with my hand, dove into the scent of him, the feel of him.

"Really gonna miss you," he said breathlessly, and he sounded so sad, already alone.

I shivered, couldn't help it, but I hoped he thought it was because of the feel of him inside me, and not because I was sad too. I couldn't think of anything to say, so I just kissed his face, his mouth, held him while he softened and slipped out of me, and still I held him after that.

After freshening up, I'd hoped he'd have breakfast with us, but Trevor wanted to get on the road, so Sarah and I walked him to the elevator. He wore a mask, expression unreadable, but he did smile when Sarah gave him a hug. Trevor held her tight, said something softly in her ear, too quiet for me to make out. She nodded against his shoulder, kissed his cheek, and left us alone together.

I took her place and hugged him. I loved him, wanted to tell him, as I had so many times before, but now it felt mean, cruel. I felt his mouth form a smile against my neck.

"See you at Christmas?" he asked.

I nodded. "See you at Christmas."

He took my hand in his and kissed me. "Love you."

"You too," I kissed him back, and he was gone.

Sarah went to work shortly after that, then I was alone for the rest of the day. With my return date set, I had one more day before going back to work, and two more days before my shoot with Lucas. With nothing else to do, I went through my physical therapy routines, worked on my portfolio a bit - mostly just candid shots I'd taken of Trevor and the girls over the last month or so - then found a bottle of wine and settled in on the couch.

That was one of my favorite ways to pass a lazy day now, curled up on the couch with a glass of wine, and maybe some cheese and crackers to munch on. The only drawback to days like this was that I had a lot of time to think. So that's what I did.

I thought about how things were changing between me, Sarah and Trevor. Despite my belief that I could have both of them, I had made my choice between the two of them, and picked Sarah. Mom had all but told me I would choose eventually. She hadn't pushed, hadn't told me outright that what I wanted was a fantasy, unrealistic. I couldn't help but wonder if she'd been speaking from experience, because now that I thought about it, her reaction to my confession that I wanted them both wasn't so much just acceptance of her daughter's wishes, but patience, maybe waiting until I made my choice, to support me in whatever choice that was.

I thought about my secret, my decision to stop trying so hard to keep it hidden from everyone. In fact, I was pretty excited about Christmas, having decided there on the couch with the encouragement of my glass of wine, to tell my mom about Freyja's gift. I needed to tell someone about it, specifically someone I wasn't having sex with, or ever going to have sex with.

I thought about Violet, my friend, so dear to me, and in love with me. What had I dragged her through all these months? She'd had to watch me fall deeper and deeper in love with Sarah, watch me love Trevor. She'd had to watch me have relationships with both of them that she wanted with me, but could never have. She'd had to watch me get hurt, watch me heal. And she'd never said a word.

Violet couldn't have me the way she wanted, and neither could Trevor. In a way, I'd hurt them both. Not directly, not intentionally, but it still sucked to realize it. Yeah, having a lot of time to think wasn't always a good thing.

I watched a couple of mindless shows on television before the wine told me I could use a nap, so I stripped and crawled into bed. My dreams were intensely erotic, and definitely skewed in one particular direction. I was surrounded by Sarah, Violet, Paula, and Tabitha, all of them naked, all of them craving me, and me craving them. We touched, tasted, rolled around in a great pile of soft flesh and tangled limbs. Just as the dream was getting really good, when Violet was laying on top of Sarah and somehow I was fucking both of them, I woke up.

I was lying on my stomach and humping the mattress, pleasantly surprised to feel my modest breasts squeezed around the tip of my cock, and they were slippery. Pushing up onto my elbows, I saw the head of my penis staring me in the face, dribbling clear arousal onto the bed with every beat of my heart.

"Oh, well hello there," I greeted my erection with a grin and rolled over onto my back. My hands immediately wrapped around the freakishly long shaft, one high, just beneath the crown, and one low at the base where the back of my thumb could graze my clit and my fingers could reach my wet slit. Lifting my head, I placed a light kiss right on the top of my dick, shivering with the pleasure of it. "Guess you could use some attention, huh?"

Realizing I was talking to my penis, I laughed, but soon got down to business. I hadn't done this in a long time. Raising my knees and planting my feet on the bed, and lifted my hips and hunched my upper body up, opening my mouth to let the tip of my dribbling cock slide into my mouth. Feeling the sensitive head of my dick slide over my warm wet tongue made me groan with delight, and soon I was slurping on my knob, stroking my shaft, toying with my clit and folds. Rotating my head, I fucked my mouth onto my cock, trying to take more of it.

Grabbing the back of my thighs, I pulled my legs back until my knees were close to my shoulders. My dick slipped further into my mouth, the pre dripping head sliding over my tongue, touching the opening of my throat. Pulling and easing up on my thighs, I started really fucking my cock into my mouth, felt the steady rise of lust building inside me, that knot forming deep in my belly. Soon I was shaking with the need to come, sucking and slurping loudly on myself. My cock throbbed. Arousal poured out of me and into my mouth, enough to match a single shot of cum from a normal guy, and I swallowed it down. Pulling harder on my thighs, I managed to get the very end of me into my throat, and the feel of it was divine.

My belly clenched, the knot released, and hot cum blasted down my throat. I held myself there, shooting thick sticky cream into my stomach, every gulping swallow milking my spurting member, shoot more warm goo for me to gobble up, which made me squirt more cum, which made me swallow, which made me...oh, you get the picture.

When it was over, I fell back panting, my half-hard penis dribbling warm cum onto my chest where it pooled into the hollow of my throat. I lay there for a while, arms wrapped around myself, hugging my gift to my body, and I laughed at the absurdity of it, me, once a normal everyday girl, a...what did Trevor call it? Oh, right. A dickgirl. A futanari.

Showered and dressed again, I almost forgot that I didn't have to hide myself, now that Trevor had gone back to school, so I let myself hang free. I spent the rest of the day extremely productive, which means I surfed the web for "dickgirls". I gravitated towards futanari, away from shemales, and found myself perusing various doujin that featured cute young women with massively fearsome cocks.

Not surprisingly, I got pretty aroused reading some of the stuff, though the censorship here and there was annoying. Actually, there were times the censorship seemed absurd, like this one hentai called Dulce Report. It had this girl with a cock that had to be two or three feet long. I mean, standing up, her cock reached her mouth, easily. Anyway, one of the panes showed her poised just outside of another girl's slit, and thin black strips were hiding the outline of the tip of the futanari's penis. But the huge shaft of her, the crown, and even the cum-filled gaping hole of the other girl were there to be seen. Seemed rather pointless. Imagine my delight when I found a site that had an uncensored version of the entire series.

I was awfully hard up after that, but seeing that it was late afternoon, I decided not to take care of myself. After all, Sarah would be home soon. When she walked through the elevator and set her bag down, I pounced.

"Mmm!" she squealed into my mouth around my tongue.

I had her pinned against the elevator door, my hands over hers above her head. I was wearing a cutoff tee shirt and loose flannel pants, but I was so hard for her that my dick was sticking out above the waistband. Grinding my hips against her, my cockhead slid up under her shirt, rubbing over her soft stomach.

"Amy," she gasped when I started kissing her neck, releasing one of her hands so that I could cup her warm mound through her shorts. "Wait."

"Can't," I shook my head, rubbed a finger through her cleft, where the fabric of her shorts was already getting damp.

Sarah grabbed my hands. "Amy, just..."

I pinned her hands against the elevator door again, then leaned over to capture one of her hard nipples through her shirt with my mouth.

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