Strange Days Ch. 66-68


"Oh my gawd," Ginger blinked at my dong. She chuckled and shook her head. "That's way too big for me."

"It's for me," Rose breathed, then looked at me. "Isn't it?"

I licked my lips and nodded.

Holly groaned then. I glanced over to see Violet still fully seated on Holly, twirling her hips, stirring the petite girl's dick deep in her steamy cunt, but I still couldn't see anything. Violet's nightie was in the way. I felt Rose moving her hand on her own and looked at her. Her gaze met mine, full of wonder and confusion. Her hand felt so fucking good, and with Ginger still fingering me, I was going to come, and soon.

"You're gonna make me come," I warned her breathlessly.

Rose raised an eyebrow. "You can actually come with this?" she asked, and she squeezed my cock in her hand.

"Yes," I hissed, feeling my length throb dangerously, a huge glob of pearly prefuck boiling up from my dick.

"Oh, I wanna see that," Ginger cooed, and she stroked that spot inside me relentlessly.

The effect was immediate.

"Ohmy...gawd!" I threw my head back.

Something swelled inside me, coiled up tight, then snapped loose. My cock pulsed hugely in Rose's hand and a finger-thick rope of white cream blew out of the hole at the tip of my cock. It sailed right over my head and behind the couch, landing in a hot line across my chest and face, the rest hitting the hardwood floor behind the couch with a loud splat.

"Whoa!" Ginger laughed.

Rose cursed in Spanish when my cock lurched again, spewing another fat rope of cum across my face and behind the couch, pasting my eye shut. I turned my head when more cum flew out of me, making a mess of the side of my head with three thick ropes. Rose had been thrown into a kind of state of shock, and she'd stopped stroking me, so my climax tapered off fairly quickly. My dick spit the last of my cum onto my chest and neck, and finally stopped.

"Is it real?" I heard Ginger ask, then I felt her fingers slip out of me and her hand stroked up my chest, smearing the still warm cum over my tits. I watched her bring her hand close to her face, spread her fingers. Thick cum webbed her digits. Ginger extended her tongue and licked up one of the webbings between her fingers, drawing the pearly goo into her mouth and swallowing.

"Ginger!" Rose gasped with disbelief.

"What?" Ginger said defensively, then shrugged. "Taste's real."

"It is," Sarah told her. "But she can't make you pregnant."

"Are you sure?" Ginger asked.

"Why?" Sarah smirked. "You wanna take a ride?"

My cock tingled again, narrowing considerably, just a little wider than for Paula, but a little shorter than for Sarah. Ginger looked at me only for a moment, then she stood up and straddled me on the couch, pulled the crotch of her panties aside, grabbed my cock and dropped her hips, hilting me inside her.

I couldn't believe how wet she was. But oh, fuck, she was tight. So fucking tight.

"Holy shit, you're fucking hard," Ginger shivered, putting her hands on the back of the couch and leaning over me, much as Sarah had done before.

"I can't believe you," Rose said.

"Gawd," Ginger moaned, lifting her hips and settling back down, her snug tunnel squeezing every last inch of me. "You would if you knew how good this felt."

There was no slow buildup. Ginger rode me, picking up the pace until her ass was slapping against my thighs.

"Jeezus, this feels good," she moaned, cupping her breast and tweaking her nipple. I felt the end of her nudging against my cockhead every time she took me to the hilt. "So fucking perfect."

Sarah nuzzled the side of my face. "Does she feel good, baby?"

"Gawd, yes," I groaned, flexing my abdomen and making my dick twitch inside of Ginger. "She's so tight."

And she was, just like Paula, the muscles of her cunt so strong, squeezing me so deliciously. Ginger's big beautiful tits were bouncing up and down in front my face now, so Sarah gave me a soft kiss on my ear and moved back to give Ginger more room to work.

Ginger stopped to get her feet under her, then she began riding me in earnest, using her strong shapely legs to fuck every hard inch of me. Her shapely ass slapped loudly against my thighs, the new position letting me fully penetrate her. The end of me almost banged against her cervix with every plunge of her hips, so hard that I thought it must have been hurting her. I know it was uncomfortable for me, but Ginger was going wild, lost in heavenly bliss, fucking me harder, faster. I felt the strong walls of her cunt fluttering around me, sucking and pulling, then she arched her back and screamed.

Dropping her hips, Ginger buried every last hard inch of me inside her and came. Warm fluid leaked out of her from where we were joined, trickling over my sopping wet cunt and between the crack of my butt. Seemed Ginger was a gusher. She ground her hips down, stirring my cock in her swampy heat, spine bowed way back, big beautiful tits thrust high into her air.

Having come just minutes ago, I wasn't anywhere near coming again, so I grabbed her hips and helped her stir me inside her, prolonging her deep vaginal cum as long as I could. When Ginger came back down though, she could barely move. My cock was throbbing inside her tight sticky canal, and I wanted to come so bad it hurt.

Grabbing Ginger's ass, and to my amazement, I stood up from the couch, carrying her aloft with ease.

"Ohgawd!" she whimpered, wrapping her long legs around my waist, helplessly impaled on my dong.

Turning around, I set Ginger down on the couch, bent her legs back until she was practically doubled over and thrust fully into her damp sheath. Her mouth fell open with a cry. Feeling that knot forming inside me again, I began sawing my length back and forth through her wet heat. I fucked her hard, fast, furiously pounding my groin against her upturned butt.

Ginger's gooey cunt made the sexiest sucking noises as I plowed her wide and deep, heightening my arousal, my need to fill this fiery haired vixen with cream. She grabbed my wrists and held on for dear life while I fucked her relentlessly, speeding her from one shaking climax to another.

It hit me out of nowhere. Cum ripped up my shaft and shot out of me so hard and fast that I wondered if this was what it felt like when a guy peed.

"Holy shit," Rose gasped, and I felt thick jizz spew out of Ginger's overstuffed pussy.

Pushing up on my arms, I held myself over her with my thick tool pumping hot goo into the deepest recesses of her body. It was only then that I was able to fully appreciate how sexy Ginger was. The muscles of her neck, shoulders and arms were corded with strain, both from holding so tightly to my wrists and from coming so very hard. I heard heavy drops of spunk hitting the floor, every spurt of my cock forcing yet more spent cream out of her.

When the flow subsided, I collapsed atop Ginger, her chest rising and falling. She snaked her arms around me, and though it was really nice to be held like that, it was even better that her arms had mushed her huge tits around my face. I don't know when she'd taken her camisole came off, but she had, and her panties were in ruin, hanging off of only one thigh.

The scent of her hot sweaty skin drifted into my nostrils and I couldn't help but take a deep breath of her, couldn't help but turn my head and kiss the vast slope of her tit, couldn't help but latch onto her nipple and pull it into my mouth, and when her creamy cunt tightened down around me, I really couldn't help but begin fucking her again.

I tried to push back up onto my arms, but Ginger held tight, so I just pumped my hips back and forth, fucking my cock through her cum-soaked cunt. I couldn't stroke as long and deep as I wanted, but gawd, it still felt fucking amazing.

Ginger grunted in my ear as I plowed her, "How...many come?"

Slamming my hard length fully into her, I ground myself inside her tight sheathe. "I'll need a little break now and then, but as much as you want."

Ginger giggled and kissed my ear. "Oh, you are just heavenly, Amy."

I felt her loosen her arms around me, so I pushed up and back, so that I could look down between our sweaty bodies and see myself going in and out of her. Ginger's breathing picked up again. The sight of my cock stretching her pretty pussy was incredibly hot, my shaft a mess of frothy white. Grabbing my head, Ginger pulled my face between her tits again. I sucked, licked and kissed her breasts while plowing in and out of squishy cunt.

"Are you gonna come again?" she asked me, and I pushed up onto my arms to look at her and nod. "Come all over me."

That she wanted me to do that just flat did it for me. My dick ballooned inside her. I felt cum boiling up my length and drew out of her, grabbing my cock with one hand to stroke it while I leaned back. I painted her body with long thick lines of creamy white goo, half of each heavy rope landing on her, the rest of it making a mess of the back of the couch, and I thanked my lucky stars the damn thing was pleather.

"Jeezus, Amy," Ginger laughed breathlessly, flattening her hand on her busty chest and pushing it down her cum-soaked body.

My penis lurched two more times, laying long thick ropes from her stomach to her face, the last straight down the middle. A huge strand fell into her open mouth, and I watched in awe as Ginger's tongue caught the strand and pulled it into her mouth, but seeing her throat working to swallow my cream was even better.

Smacking her lips, Ginger smiled at me, and I shook my head with a breathless laugh. Shaking my head made me dizzy though, so I sat down on the edge of the coffee table.

"Want some water, sweetie?" Sarah asked.

That was the first moment in a while that I realized Ginger and I had had an audience. I looked around. Violet and Holly were cuddled up together in the chair, and though there were a few spots of white goo sticking to it, they hadn't made a mess. The funny part? They'd just had sex less than twenty feet away from me, and I still hadn't seen anything.

Rose was sitting back against the armrest, kind of just looking stunned, awed, aroused, and more. She had one leg stretched out on the couch behind Ginger and her other foot on the floor. Her hand was lying over her groin, and she wasn't doing anything to herself, but the way her chest was rising and falling with deep breaths told me she probably had been just moments ago.

Then there was Sarah, still sitting on the couch, her legs tucked up under her, still naked, and perfectly comfortable with it. Her skin still had that happy glow that only sex can give a girl, and her brown hair fell in thick waves over her shoulders, partially concealing her chest. Gawd, she was so beautiful.

"Amy?" she smiled.

"What?" I blinked. "Oh, water. Yes, please."

Sarah chuckled and got up, picking up her robe and slipping into it on the way to the kitchen.

"Okay," I heard Rose say. When I glanced at her, she gave me a level look. "What the fuck?"

Ginger laughed and languidly stood up from the couch. Her lightly freckled skin glistened with sweat, and the perfect nipples on the vast swells of her breasts were still swollen from me sucking on them. "Can I use your shower?" she asked me.

I was thoroughly satisfied, but still feeling pretty catty, and seeing her wonderfully naked figure wasn't helping either. "Unless you'd rather me lick you clean."

"Mmm," she bounced her eyebrows and grinned, turning away to go take a shower.

I couldn't help but stare at her lovely rear end. Unfortunately, I had to tear my gaze away. Rose had asked me a question.

"It was a gift from Sarah," I told her.

Rose raised an eyebrow. "Sarah gave you a dick, for a present."

"No," I laughed, then shrugged. "Well, yeah, kinda."

"You can't tell anyone," I told her. Rose nodded, her expression surprisingly serious, genuine. Putting my hands on the coffee table behind me, I leaned back and told her the story. "It all started on my eighteenth birthday. Sarah gave me a statue that she found in a store, a small stone carving of the goddess Freyja. She was told that I should make a wish, and I did, right before we went to bed."

"What did you wish for?" Rose asked.

I smiled fondly at the memory. "That I could fuck her properly."

Rose snickered.

"Anyway, when I took a shower the next morning, that was the first time it came out."

"Came out?" she raised an eyebrow.

When I'd sat down on the coffee table, my soft satisfied length had dropped between my legs, and I'd closed them. Rose couldn't see much from where she was sitting. I willed my penis back inside me and spread my legs for her. Rose's mouth fell open.

"Where did it go?" she balked.

"Inside her," Holly said.

"You can do that?" Rose asked her, then glanced at me. "So, I wasn't imagining things." She leaned forward on the couch and put her arms along her legs, leaning on them. "There were times I could have sworn I saw something in your pants and under your dress," she told Holly, then me. "But then the next moment, it was gone."

I blushed and gave her a crooked grin. "We were kind of teasing you."

"Teasing me?" Rose frowned.

I clarified quickly. "Well, not like that. More like teasing the truth." Rose looked pretty upset, like she'd been played with, or lied to, or worse. I wasn't feeling comfortable being naked anymore, so I got up and closed my robe, tying it off. "I was afraid of scaring you."

"Oh," she said, leaning back again. "Okay. I guess that makes sense." She glanced at Holly and gestured with her hand. "Is that how you got know...too?"

Sarah came back with a tall glass of water and sat down on the armrest of the couch opposite Rose. I drained the glass the moment she handed it over.

Holly nodded. "A small carving of Freyja, but I bought it, as a gift to myself."

"So where did you two get the statues?" she asked us.

"Can't tell," Holly said.

"What, is it like a secret club or something?" Rose frowned.

"No, just..." I began, not wanting to further upset Rose. She'd started off taking this rather well, but now, not so much. I had a feeling I knew why. "It's not the kind of thing people want to advertise, is all."

Holly added, "I was told not to tell anyone where I got the statue, that if someone was meant to have one, they would get one, one way or another."

"Even I don't know where they got them, exactly," Violet said sleepily.

Rose seemed to calm a bit, "So you've both had your...I mean..."

"Our cocks?" Holly grinned.

Rose blushed, but she smiled finally. "Yeah, your cocks. You've both had them since you turned eighteen?"

Holly and I nodded, then I said, "Uhm, I could kind of use a shower."

Everyone chuckled, except for Rose, who got up to follow me, since she had more questions. "So when it isn't out, it's inside you?"

"Uh-huh," I nodded.

She frowned, but not upset, more like she was thinking of something. "But you were in the hospital. How is it nobody found out? I mean, you must have had an MRI or something, what with all the injuries."

I frowned too. "I'm still trying to figure that one out. You saw how big Holly was with Violet, right?" I asked Rose over my shoulder, seeing her nod. "Well, when Holly's is inside her, how the hell does it fit? Honestly, I try not to overthink it, just chalk it up to magic instead."

"Good point," Rose shrugged a shoulder.

We found Ginger in the shower, luxuriating in the endless supply of hot water. She was standing in the corner, leaning back where two of the walls met. She'd turned two of the closest shower heads to spray down in front of her, so that she could just steam for a bit.

"I am never leaving this shower, by the way," she sighed happily.

I smiled and reached out to turn on another shower head, and glanced at Rose to finish. "They had done an MRI of my abdomen, since I'd been kicked there, but there wasn't anything on the scan to see. For all I know, the damn thing turns into vanilla pudding when it's not out."

Rose laughed. "Well, you did say it was magic."

Ginger gave us an odd look. "What the hell are you two talking about?"

I laughed to and gave her a grin, then hung up my robe on a peg attached to the side of the tall armoire we used for a toiletries cabinet. Turning back to Rose, I said, "And you did say you believe in magic."

Rose grinned back, and when I stepped inside the shower, she took off her bra. I turned my face under the spray and soaked my hair, and when I saw her again, she was nude and turning on the shower head beside me.

"What's strange?" I said to her, getting her attention after she'd soaked her hair too. I set my hand low on my abdomen. "When I make it go away, it doesn't just vanish. I can still feel it, right here." I snorted then. "I can feel it shift around or something when I get aroused and it's still inside me. If it gets bad enough, it's like having a stomach cramp, and letting it out is the only way to relieve the cramp."

"Wait a minute," she blinked water out of her eyes and looked at me. "Is that why you've looked so uncomfortable during some of our shoots?"

I blushed and gave her a nod.

"Ah-ha!" she giggled.

"Ah-ha, what?" I grinned.

In a sing-song voice, Rose teased, "Amy wants to fuck me. Amy wants to fuck me."

"Hush, you," I flicked water at her, making her laugh.

A minute or so later, Sarah breezed by, asking if we wanted hot cocoa. We did, and Ginger took that opportunity to leave the shower and get dressed.

Rose still had a lot of questions, and I answered as many of them as I could before she asked, mostly by just telling her how life had been since receiving Freyja's gift. Basically, my life had become all about sex, a lot of it. I wanted Rose to feel trusted by me, so I told her about me being with Violet, and Paula too. I even told her about how Tabitha had flirted with me.

"She knows about your gift then?" Rose said.

"Oh, definitely not," I laughed.

Rose bounced her eyebrows. "Poor thing has no idea what's in store for her then." When I gave her a questioning look, she glanced between my legs. "That thing is a monster."

"Oh," I laughed, then shrugged. "Only if that's what she really wants."

"Right," she nodded and moved closer to me, leaning against the wall between the sprays of water. "You said it changes size to match whoever you're with."

I nodded back.

"Can I see it again?"

I glanced at her and she smiled, "Sure."

Just to tease her a bit, I turned away while willing my penis to slide out of me. I felt it coming out, and though it was soft, it was so damn thick. When I turned back to face Rose, my thick length hung almost to my knees, the head flared, wider than the shaft. I leaned my shoulder against the wall, like Rose was doing.

Rose kept her eyes on mine for a moment, then she swallowed and glanced down. She blinked rapidly a few times and gave a very slight shake of her head, taking a small step towards me. I didn't want to tease her, nor break the spell that my cock apparently had on her, so I had to fight not to grin. Her hand began to move forward, slowly, but then she dropped it to her side and looked at me suddenly.

"We're friends, right?" Rose asked.

I nodded. "Of course."

"Good," she smiled.

Then she reached with both hands and delicately wrapped them around my flaccid length. I couldn't help but jump a little at the feel of her soft warm hands.

"Little jumpy?" she gave me a crooked grin.

I gave one back. "Maybe."

Her grin widened into a smile before she looked down to my cock again. I looked too, watching her lower hand gently glide down my length. Turning her wrist, Rose held the wide head of me in her upturned palm, and her fingertips played with the sensitive spot on the underside of me just beneath my crown. Rose tilted her head and her lips formed a sweet smile. She was clearly enjoying herself. I certainly wasn't complaining.

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