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Strange Encounters


Cam Hill was the location for all the old style ritzy mansions, including the eerie and maligned "Swanson Manor" the site of the horrible murder of Karla Swanson and her lover at the hands of her husband who then killed himself with his revolver. The house had been on the market for over three years with nary a buyer. Tim Regent of Regent Reality got his fair share of curiosity seekers who wanted to see the inside of the house and retell the stories they've heard about it being haunted. Tim had seen and felt many strange things inside the large house, but he would never offer any of these insights to the visitors.

The bank had been riding him pretty hard about selling the property, meanwhile the city was getting pressure to turn the mansion into a historical landmark. Either would resolve Tim's headache regarding the property and get it out of his hands.

Sitting in his office one afternoon, Tim received a phone call from a producer for the show 'Strange Encounters' who wanted to do a story on the mansion. Tim figured the coverage could only help sell the place and quickly agreed.

The host of the show was Rob Hobson, a dark and mysterious fellow, quite the contrast to Tim's 'All-American' look. Rob wore a black suit with a black shirt and had several rings on his fingers. Around his neck was an ankh and a pentagram. Rob's hair was thick and dark, carefully managed by the programs hairstylist.

Tim on the other hand, while equal in height, wore polo shirts and khakis, white deck shoes in the summer and his blonde hair was cut in a boyish style. The two men chatted about the reliminaries of the upcoming show.

"First we like to do the history on the people. We'll do some re-enactments and interview a few people who knew them. Then we'll bring the cameras to the house. For this show we are going to use a medium, Paula Weathers, she's very good. She'll attempt to make contact with the spirits there, attempt to discover why they are still there and ideally find out exactly what transpired on that fateful night," Rob explained to Tim.

"So all you really need from me is access to the house?" Tim asked.

Rob nodded, "That and we'd like to interview you about your personal encounters inside the house."

"I don't know about that, that well, I've never spoke about my experiences inside the house," Tim hesitated.

Rob waves his hand, "We can discuss that later, maybe after Paula does her thing you'll feel more comfortable talking."

"Maybe," Tim said gazing out the window.

The following weeks were a rush of activity. Tim let crews in and out of the house to set up lighting equipment and take measurements. Finally, Tim got a chance to meet the medium, Paula Weathers. She was stunning. A pale skinned, redheaded woman, quite thin came up to Tim. "Hello, you're Tim Regent, correct?"

Tim was a bit stunned at her beauty and finally was able to speak, "Uhhh, yes, Tim Regent of Regent Realty. You must be Miss Weathers, Rob Hobson told me to be expecting you."

Paula smiled at the smitten Tim. "Call me Paula. I was hoping to do a walk through of the house, find the 'hot spots' of activity for the spirits. That way I can go right to them and the cameramen can make sure the area is cleared."

"Sounds good," Tim said as he lead her inside the house. They spent the next 30 minutes walking in and out of rooms. Every once in awhile Paula would make a chalk mark on the floor or wall. She finally took one more walk through and underlined a few of the marks. All the while they chatted quietly, often stopping as Paula closed her eyes to 'feel' the area.

"This is going to be interesting. Rob is going to love this," Paula said as she was leaving the house. "You will be here for the taping, won't you?"

Tim nodded. He was eager to see what Paula would come up with.

The afternoon of the taping, everything came together like clockwork. Rob and Paula discussed the pacing of the show and certain elements that needed to get into it. Some of the re-enactment had already been taped and they wanted to make sure signature items would be echoed in this segment. "The re-enactment has a lot of action near the fireplace so we want at least twenty seconds of you standing in front of the bedroom fireplace," Rob said.

"Unfortunately, there wasn't a lot of psychic energy in that area, I guess we can do the introduction from there, but most of the energy was coming from downstairs - I know they were killed upstairs, but the energy is definitely downstairs."

Rob shrugged. He had done over forty of these shows and they always came out the same way. The medium would relate some generic details and emotions and he would spend ten minutes on pure speculation to pad the time.

Tim spent his time around the craft service table, snacking on a bagel and drinking coffee. When Paula and Rob emerged the crew sprung into action. Lights were moved into position as were the cameras. Tim walked over close to the director to get a good look at the action.

They went through some basic elements filming the basic introduction and getting camera shots of Paula. Tim noted that her long flowing dress clung tightly to her, highlighting critical curves on her body. She was a very appealing woman and he knew he was going to ask her out once they were done. Rob was wearing his standard dark clothes and looked suitably eerie.

It wasn't too long before Paula went into her meditation and began calling for the spirits. The room suddenly grew very very cold. Tim shivered and a few of the crew began to look at each other with puzzled looks on their faces. The director made a silent motion to keep the cameras rolling.

What happened next took Tim by complete surprise, because he was no longer pondering how sexy Paula was but how sexy Rob was. He couldn't help but keep staring, noticing things about him that he never bothered looking at in other men - like skin tone and physical presence.

Rob himself seemed entranced with Paula. Fully aware the cameras were rolling he approached her and encircled his arms around her small waist. She didn't react at all, but did seem to melt into his arms.

Tim didn't quite realize what came over him as he walked into the camera view and approached the two. Rob opened his arm and drew Tim in, kissing him. It was the first time Tim had ever kissed a man but he craved it for some reason. As he kissed Rob, he could feel Paula slide down and fondly at his crotch. She soon had both their cocks out and alternated between them with her mouth. The three of them became blissfully unaware of everything around them. Tim fell to his knees and began sucking Rob's thick penis with Paula's help. The two worked the cok with lips, tongues, and hands. In minutes Rob had his first orgasm, spurting his cum onto Tim and Paula. Tim began licking up the hot fluid from Paula's face as she leaned back, pulling her dress up past her waist. She wore lace panties and her trimmed pubic hair poked out from the little holes. Tim undid his trousers and let them drop as Paula pulled off her panties to fully expose her very wet, very aroused pussy. Tim slide his cock inside her and began to thrust. He wasn't startled at all when he felt Rob's hand on his shoulder and then the soft pressure of Rob's penis against his asshole.

Rob used Paula's juices to lubricate his cock and then gently pushed it into Tim's rectum. Tim's action slowed as he felt the cock push deeper and deeper inside. Then Rob began his fucking motion, pulling it out and sliding it in. Tim matched the motion as best he could as he fucked Paula.

Forty minutes passed with them fucking and sucking each other. Rob slurped up Tim's cum from Paula's pussy while Tim returned to sucking Rob's cock. Paula masturbated as she watched the two of them 69.

When they were all drained, Paula and Rob began making plans to leave. "We must go, it was nice meeting you Tim."

Tim became enraged and felt betrayed in some fashion. He had just found two new great lovers and now they were going to leave! "You can't go, I love you both!"

Rob laughed which through Tim into a rage, "If I can't have you I'll kill you, I'll kill both of you!"

Suddenly all the lights went out.

The crew, most of whom took a long break when things turned weird, began running around trying to figure out what had happened. From the dark, Paula's voice could be heard intoning the spirits to return to their resting places, that they have fulfilled their purpose.

It was three days later before Tim heard from either Rob or Paula. He spent those three days in a complete state of confusion. The phone rang and it was Paula. She explained what happened, that they were possessed by the Swanson's. That the husband didn't kill his wife and her lover. The third man was THEIR lover and he had fallen deeply in love with Karla and the two of them were going to leave. Derek Swanson was obsessed with both of them and killed them and then killed himself because he couldn't bear not having them.

"Now that that is settled, the show probably won't air, there wasn't any footage that didn't have a naked body part in it - we will salvage it though with more reenactments and I will do an interview with Rob to fill in the details, you don't have to worry about any of that getting out to the public."

"Oh, I wasn't, not really. I knew the show would keep it hush hush."

"Yes, but, well. Rob and I were wondering if you'd like to go out for dinner sometime?" Paula finally asked. Tim was delighted.


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