tagExhibitionist & VoyeurStranger in the Dark

Stranger in the Dark


My wife and I have been married for 10 years. She is as sexy as the day I first met her, with long black hair, a fit body, a great ass and nice average sized, natural breasts.

Me, I'm athletic with a muscular build, blonde hair and around 5'10". We are considered by many to be an attractive couple.

We have always had a very active sex life within the boundaries of our marriage but have also had frequent discussions, usually just for the excitement, about adding another male or female to the mix. Being cautious in our sex play though, we would opt to tell each other of past experiences with previous lovers, being as explicit as we could to keep the fire alive in the bedroom. That worked great until about a year ago when I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and had to go on a medication that all but destroyed our sex life.

My wife was very tolerant of my condition and was now using a only a vibrator to give her the climaxes that my hard cock and our collection of sex toys used to give her. I would hold her while she masturbated and started imagining the movements and excitement that she was experiencing would feel the same as if she was being fucked by another man as I laid next to her in bed. When I told her to imagine the same scenario that I was fantasizing she would get extremely wet and fuck herself even harder. It was obvious to both of us that the thought of fucking someone else was really turning her on too.

After a few months of fantasizing I suggested that we should take it to the next level and that she should find someone to fuck her. My only conditions were that she did it at home, in our bed and with me there. It took another month of me bringing it up and pointing out prospective males before she finally appeared to start breaking down.

One Saturday night after already having a few margarita's at home, she was horny enough to bring it up herself. Now I have to say that, the thought of her actually doing it almost caused me to back out, but I also remembered how exciting it was for the both of us when we talked about it while fucking and how hot she got.

We agreed that, because she was already drinking that we would have a cab pick her up and if she didn't find anyone to fuck she would also take one home.

With anticipation, my wife went into the bedroom to get dressed. She started with a shower where she shaved herself totally smooth, she then put on a short jean dress that showed her white cotton panties when she sat down. She topped that off with a tight, low top to show off her breasts and very pronounced nipples. She looked totally hot without looking trashy.

As I watched her leave in the cab, I realized that for the first time in a long time I was getting feelings in areas of my body that I hadn't had in quite a while.

She arrived at the bar with mixed emotions about the night ahead of her. It had always been fun to fantasize about fucking a complete stranger but now she was actually going out with the sole purpose of finding that stranger. With only a few sexual partners in all of her 30 years, the idea of tonight's adventure was both exciting and anxious for her. For the moment, excitement was her overwhelming emotion and she just decided to let the night play out however it happened. Right now the prospect of a hard cock inside her again was making her wet again and she knew she had to put her anxiety aside and get down to the business at hand.

Entering the bar alone was a new experience for her since she had been part of a couple for so long. She made her way through the crowded dance floor to a small table in the back of the bar. Although there was a drink already on the table she assumed the previous patron had left for the night and the busy barmaids hadn't gotten around to cleaning up. She pushed the half empty drink aside and sat down.

She ordered a margarita and listened to the sounds of the country band playing. As she settled in she remembered her reason for being there and wondered if her husband was going nuts by now wondering what she was doing.

The buzz her drink was giving her coupled with her horny thoughts had her panties getting wetter by the minute. She felt like she needed a release. Just as she was deciding that it would be a hell of a lot easier to just go home and masturbate, a tall man wearing a cowboy hat came back to the table obviously, to finish his drink. Embarrassed, because she had not only taken his table, but had also thrown away his drink, she started to get up. He told her not to be concerned about the table but that she at least owed him a drink. She agreed.

He was about five years younger than her, well built and actually quite handsome. He told her that he was in town that day on business and was just relaxing after a hard day of negotiations. He was looking forward to returning home to his wife tomorrow and suggested that the two of them just kick back and have some innocent fun.

The two of them continued to drink and dance and soon became very comfortable with each other. Both of them were feeling the sexual tension that was building up between them but kept it at bay out of respect for the others spouses. She thought of telling him about the arrangement that she had with her husband, who was waiting anxiously at home, but she didn't want to assume that he would be interested and anyway she was enjoying the playful flirting that was going on between them and would have settled for that anyway.

They went to the dance floor this time to dance to a slow song. His strong body pressed against hers was starting to have an overwhelming effect on her. When his hands slid down to caress her butt, she felt a familiar, yet not so recent warmth and wetness between her legs. It reminded her of the feelings that she had when she and her husband first met.

As the dance continued she couldn't help but notice the bulge that was developing in his jeans. He rubbed his hard cock against her crotch and she didn't resist. The crowded dance floor was great cover for his next move. He reached up between her thighs and slid his finger into her pussy through her now soaking wet panties. When she didn't pull away he pushed her panties aside and pushed his finger deep into her smoothly shaven pussy. She felt like she should stop him but was too weak to fight the desire that overcame her. She let him fuck her with his finger right there on the dance floor.

She instinctively rubbed his huge cock through his jeans wanting to return the pleasure she was now enjoying. All she could think about was getting fucked by this large, hard cock and decided to tell him why she was really out tonight.

It didn't take much to convince him to go home and fuck her. He didn't care who was in the bed with them as long as he could release his cum into her sweet pussy.

She excused herself and went to the ladies room to call her husband and was now hoping that he hadn't changed his mind. As much as she wanted to get fucked she didn't want to hurt him, after all he was doing this for her.

When I answered the phone and she filled me in with the details of the evening I couldn't wait for her to get fucked. I know that she was so horny now that only a hard cock could give her the orgasm that she needed.

As he drove the rental car she unzipped his jeans and played with his cock to keep him hard. She had an almost uncontrollable desire to suck his cock so she wet her lips and put her warm, moist lips on his cock. She felt that she had complete control of him as she sucked him to near climax and then stopped long enough to curb the rush of cum she knew he was anxious to release. She wanted all of his cum to fill her aching pussy and by no means was going to waste it on a blow job.

By the time they got to the house both of them were so ready to fuck that they rushed right into the bedroom with no thought of anyone else being present.

I was lying on the bed, in the pitch dark room and could feel the two of them hit the bed like young lovers fucking for the first time. They seemed oblivious to my presence as I enjoyed the sounds of their lust and the scent of my wife's sex.

My wife reached through the darkness to hold me and tell me how good it felt as he licked her clit and fucked her pussy with his tongue. He encircled her exposed clit with his tongue and quickly licked her soft pussy until she came for the first time that night, having multiple, intense orgasms. His face was covered with her cum and he was obviously trying to get every drop. He was sucking her clit now trying to make her cum again. She leaned over and told me that she loved me but that she needed to fuck him right now, giving me one last chance to change my mind. I answered her by sucking and biting her breasts gently as he pushed his thick cock into her warm pussy. She moaned loudly as he fucked her gently at first then pushing her legs back, he grabbed her butt cheeks and fucked her almost violently. She was lifting her pussy up to meet his cock trying to get all 9 inches of it deep inside her. He fucked her for what seemed like an hour. I could hear her moans of pleasure and hear the sound of his cock pounding hard into her pussy. I could tell by the sound that he was making that he was ready to cum soon.

He increased his pace and with one last thrust his cock injected his cum deep inside her. When she felt his hot cum filling her insides she too exploded into another intense orgasm. Both of them fell back onto the bed exhausted.

I was so focused on the two of them fucking that I didn't even notice that my cock was now harder than it had been in months. With the scent of my wife's come soaked pussy filling the room I pulled her on top of me. I felt the rush of a combination of hot cum and her juices dripping out of her pussy onto my cock. That made me even harder.

I rolled her over onto her stomach and had her get on all fours. I put my cock into the wettest pussy that I had ever experienced and she was loving every inch of it. I was enjoying fucking her when he stood up on the bed in front of her and put his cock in her mouth. She was sucking her own cum off of his cock. With the two of us fucking her so hard she came again and again. Her pussy muscles tightend around my cock as she orgasmed. At the same time he was cumming in her mouth and she was swallowing every ounce of it. That was all I could handle. I flooded her with so much pent up cum that she soaked the sheets when she could finally stand up.

We both fucked my wife many more times that night filling her with cum and watching her enjoying the many orgasms she was having.

Our stranger left sometime early that morning to catch a plane back home. We've never seen or heard from him again, which is just the way we wanted it.

We talk often about the details of that night and find it as stimulating now as the night it happened. My wife loves how hard I stay now when she tells me how much she enjoyed fucking that strangers hard cock.

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