tagNonConsent/ReluctanceStranger in the Park

Stranger in the Park


I was walking through the park, in a quite suburban neighborhood, late at night after leaving my friend's house. She had a fun BBQ. I sat down on the swings and started packing a bowl in my new glass pipe. I've got some awesome weed from my dealer this morning and I'd been enjoying it all night. It doesn't make you fall asleep which is great.

So while I'm swinging and smoking away a tall man walks out of the shadows. It was one of the guys at my friend's party. He's a cute guy, tan and fit, with surfer long hair but it was dark brown. He seemed confident which is a turn on, plus he brought his own pot to the BBQ which is also hot.

"Hey, what's up?" he sat down next to me on the other swing.

"Hey, want some?" I asked as I passed him the pipe. We smoked for a few minutes, enjoyed the night air, talked about the party, discussed that his ex was there and how awkward that was for him and how hot she looked ( I agreed, I wanted to flirt with her when I was there, but it was obvious she wasn't interested in pussy).

"Now she's got me all horny and nothing to do." He finally says.

"Well I could probably help you with that." It'd be a couple days since I'd had sex and being a nympho I was up for some good fucking. And I like it out doors.

"Really?" he said looking me up and down. I didn't think he'd say no, I'm not ugly, I'm not super model hot but I'm defiantly fuck able. I have long brownish red hair and a short decent body. My breasts aren't that big, just full B's but they fit with my body's shape. I still have an hour glass figure. He smirked, obviously picturing me naked and said "Where?"

"Here." I said getting up from the swing and walking over to him. I got down on my knees and rubbed his crotch showing I was serious. His eyes were wide, but he got a big smile on his face when I unzipped his pants. I took out his cock and saw it wasn't bad.

I love sucking cock, especially when the guy appreciates it. And he did. I started sucking his cock and suddenly it got HUGE. Like a quality porn star. OMG I was happy to see that. It was going to be a long night.

The swing made it even more fun. He fucked my face while swinging slowly. I didn't think I could take the whole thing down my throat, but he kept pumping it and sure enough I slowly got the hang out it and got further down his shaft. Soon I had the whole thing. Oh god it was fun.

"Oh man ya just like that, suck it." He said as he grabbed my ponytail and thrusted harder and deeper. I could tell he was enjoying it too much, because I wanted to still get fucked, but if he came I didn't know if he'd be up for more. And I was already too wet to not let him fuck my brains out. So I made his dick real wet with my mouth and I stopped and turned around. Lifting up my skirt and pulling down my thong I showed him my shaved tight pussy and ass.

"I don't think it'll fit, but I'm willing to try and take it." I told him.

"Oh I'm make it fit bitch." He grabbed me hard as he put his head up to my tight pussy, I maybe a nympho but I've always been super tight, unusually so, and his head of cock was like the size of a tangerine. In all his dick was like one of those dildos you see in sex shops that looks impossible to take, well turns out its not impossible.

"Oh god, no I can't!" I said as I tried to stand up. But he grabbed my ass and wouldn't let me go as he pulled me down onto his massive cock. It hurt so bad, I thought I was going to faint. But he wasn't letting me go and I like being forced so I was going to have to just shut up and take it like a good bitch. I love making a man cum; just knowing that gets off on my pain makes me so wet. This luckily made it easier to take. But even with plenty of lube it would still have been intense and painful.

He finally got the head in even with me struggling. I was amazed. He reached up and grabbed my tits and pulled me down, slow and unrelenting. I could feel my pussy stretch and tear.

"God you're tight!" He started pumping up and down deeper now, I could feel every bit of his huge cock, and I only had a couple inches in. I started to get the hang of taking it. And it started to feel good.

"Oh ya fuck me! I'm a bad girl." I let out as started to ride him harder. I wanted all of that beautiful dick. It hurt so good.

He reached down for my pussy and started to rub my clit. This was almost too good, as I could feel my body shake as I grew close to orgasm. I got dizzy as he thrusted all the way in hard. I scream in pain, but he was quick to cover my mouth and pull me down hard over and over on his massive cock. I could feel if fill me more than any had before.

I wanted more thou. This dick was too good to end just yet. I wanted it hard all night. And this dark empty park was perfect for some fun. I stopped his hand and told him to get up. He smiled as I moved on the swing, leaning over it with my ass in the air. I told him to get it ready. So he bent down and grabbed my checks firmly as he gently licked my ass, making me moan. He put his index finger in my wet pussy then he slid his finger in my ass slowly.

Now I don't do anal often, and when I have it wasn't with a well hung guy. And I can only take it when I'm super high, which luckily I was. I'm not sure what I was thinking because he was huge and my ass was practically new. But I wanted to try it and it turned out to be a good idea. At least by the time it ended.

He fucked me slowly with his wet finger, it was so intense I wasn't sure I wanted to go through with anal but I was too high to really keep it in mind. After I almost came off his finger he pulled it out and grabbed my hips. I could feel the head as he slowly tried to enter me. What was I thinking? I must be crazy. I let out a gasp trying to not scream. He put one of his hands on my back and pushed me down so I wouldn't try and fight it.

"You're going to take it, it was your idea." He said almost laughing at me. He gripped me painfully as he pushed pass the painful entrance. I've never been so stretched, and it was going to get worse.

I begged him to stop, trying to stay quite so we wouldn't get caught. He just reached around and played with my pussy, helping me take his huge cock. As I moaned from the slight amount of pleasure through the large amount of pain, he pushed deeper taking me by surprise. I struggled again to stop him and protest but he covered my mouth again and continued with my clit. Half way in now he pulled out almost all the way before ramming it in again almost all the way in. As I bucked and tried to ease the pain he fucked my ass deep and hard.

He could tell even through the pain I was enjoying it against my will. He played with my clit so well I had no choice. I finally gave in to the pain and started to push back against his cock. He finally got it all in and I moaned from pleasure. I was completely taken by him. He was close to cumming, and so was I as he fucked deep. I couldn't take anymore as he came with me.

We were both spent, lying across the swing. He pulled out quickly to make me gasp. He thought it was funny.

"Well thanks" he said, and then he walked away as quickly and quietly as he had shown up, into the shadows.

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Wish that was me

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Oh baby

I wish that was me. I'm super wet 😘

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