tagGroup SexStranger on a Strange Train

Stranger on a Strange Train


Chad put his hand on my arm, tugging me towards the wall of the train station. Holding my hands with his he pinned me against the cold wall, moving his lips over my skin to find my mouth, dragging a deep kiss from me who’s like I hadn’t felt since before we’d been married.

“Kelsey,” he whispered into my ear, his breath hot on my skin. “I’m dying to have you…I can’t stand it anymore.”

Two weeks of nights spent mostly in youth hostels, which my husband and I were fortunate enough to still qualify for, had kept us apart during the most needy hours. I felt the same tension as him, and couldn’t stop my blood from pumping as he whispered the words into my ear.

“Chad,” I said, a little bit annoyed. “Don’t tempt me. I want to, but, not here…” He seemed oblivious to the crowd of native Europeans around us, all rushing towards the trains they needed to catch. We needed to catch a train as well, one that would take us on a long trip to Milan from Paris, where we’d stayed for the last three nights. From Milan we could catch a train to Rome, and we’d fly home from Rome in two more weeks.

“It’d be easy enough to slip into one of the restrooms and have a quickie,” Chad whispered, rubbing his crotch against my leg, still pinned to the wall by his body. I felt the thickness of his cock through our two pairs of pants, rubbing me, teasing me…I wanted him, but not to the point that I would miss the train.

“Come on, Chad,” I said, putting my hands between our bodies and pushing him away from me. He looked down at me, his dark eyes clouded with lust. Licking my lips, I tried to bring my brain back down to earth. “Our train is going to leave soon. We’ve got to get seats.”

My husband nodded and allowed me to move away from the wall. I looked up at the reader boards over our heads, searching for the platform our train would be departing from. Holding out my hand, I led Chad to the train and he followed me on.

It was an overnight ride, one that I wasn’t looking forward to, and the train consisted mainly of sleeper cars. Chad and I walked down the aisles, looking in every compartment, but finding most full.

“I want to be alone with you,” Chad said, leaning forward and whispering into my ear. My heart pounded again and I felt every fluid in my body boil; I wanted the same thing.

“It’s pretty crowded,” I said, stupidly. I didn’t know what to say to my husband to make him calm down. He pushed up behind me again, startling me, and I felt the stiffness of his erection once again. My cheeks burned with embarrassment, but I was also excited that he wanted me even in this smelly train.

We passed through the nonsmoking section and took a deep breath as we entered the smoking cars. Such cars were always filled with the nasty smoke of cigarettes; Europeans seemed to love them. In the states I’d never seen so many places filled with the dull gray smoke, but here, it was everywhere. The plus side was, however, that these cars were never as full as the others. Sure enough, the third compartment we found was practically empty, only one grumpy looking Frenchman sitting in one of the six seats.

Anxiously I pulled Chad inside the room. The train was about to leave and I wanted to be settled before it did. My husband lifted our luggage on top of the rack while I took off my coat. I watched as he took his off, and then plopped down beside me. Reaching over, I took my husbands hand and squeezed it softly, trying to convey to him that I felt the same urges he did. Avoiding his eyes and the lustful look I was sure to see in them, I looked out the window into the station, watching as it seemed to shift around us and the train took off.

“I need you,” Chad whispered into my ear. I almost jumped in the seat, and looked over at him quickly. Sure enough, there was that look in his eyes. Shifting uncomfortably in my seat I leaned towards him and whispered into his ear.

“I need you too. We’ll talk about it later, okay?”

Chad’s hand slipped out of mine and settled on my leg, squeezing it softly through my pants.

“I need you now,” he whispered again. “I want to fuck you right here, and I don’t care who knows or sees.”

“Well I do,” I whispered a bit harshly back at him. “Later, I promise, okay?”

This seemed to satisfy my husband and he leaned away from my ear, resting his head back against the tacky orange seat cover. His hand, however, remained on my leg, caressing it softly with fingers moving back and forth. I couldn’t help myself, it had been too long since I’d felt his touch. Squirming in my small seat, I felt my pussy getting moist.

The first stop was uneventful; I held my breath as passengers passed in front of the compartment door, hoping that they would pass and not further intrude on our seclusion. The passenger across from us, the only stranger in the small place with us, leaned his head back. It seemed that it would be a while before he got off the train. Sighing unhappily, I looked back out the window, though I didn’t see any of the scenery as we passed it by. I was still thinking about my husband’s hand on my knee, the thought of his cock between my legs, stroking the moisture there.

A noise startled me, almost making me jump out of my seat. Across from us, the other passenger was snoring.

“Baby,” my husband whispered into my ear, moving his body closer to mine. He had heard the same sound I had, and was boldly acting upon it. “I need you so bad, baby.”

“Chad,” I chastised, staring at the sleeping body across from us. “We’re not alone.”

“Close enough,” Chad said, moving his hand from my knee up my leg, lingering on my thigh before shifting its direction towards my pussy. Against my will I moaned and parted my knees, allowing his hand access to my covered slit.

“Seriously, Chad,” I said again, putting my hands on his and moving them slowly away from my private places. My whole body protested as I moved his warm hand away, his thick fingers tickling my slit as I moved his hand up to my belly, trying to be content with his arms around my waist. “Please,” I moaned throatily. “Later, okay? I promise, later.” Half to my surprise and another half to my disappointment, Chad stopped touching my thighs and moved his hand away from me. My body felt suddenly cold without his touch, and I couldn’t help a noisy sigh as Chad smiled coyly at me.

“Why do you stop me when you want it as bad as I do?” he asked, moving his hand again and running his longest finger along my leg. I shivered and looked out the window, watching the unfamiliar scenery move by.

“Not here, Chad. Just not here, okay?”

He sighed and moved his hand away again. Struggling to not make a sound, I cried out inside for the lack of his touch. “You wouldn’t do it even if we were alone,” he accused. I felt awful, but it wasn’t true. My mind spun with the thoughts of what I would do to him if we were alone. Across the small aisle from us, the other passenger snored loudly and shifted in his seat, sitting up straight, as if his own noises had awaken him. Keeping my eyes out the window, I tried not to look at the stranger as he picked his coat up from the seat next to him. The train was slowing to a stop as we pulled up to an outdoor platform, and the other passenger, to my surprise, opened the door and walked out. This must be his stop.

Suddenly Chad and I were alone in the room together, the other passengers seeming a million miles away. My own daring thoughts of moments before were challenged with the fact that now would be the time to put them into action. Taking a deep breath I stood up, pushing off of the ugly orange seat, and moved to the door. There was no lock, but I drew the curtain across the small window, giving us a tad bit more privacy.

When I turned back to my husband, his eyes were wide, but his expression stoic other than that. He was trying to play it cool, and that almost made me smile, but I was trying to be serious as well. Slowly I walked back towards him, moving my hips in what I hoped was a seductive way, until I stood in front of him. With the same still expression on my face, I slowly bent my knees, kneeling down between my husband’s legs. I put my hands on his knees, nudging them apart, giving myself room to bend my head down to the crotch of his pants and tenderly kiss his growing cock through his jeans.

“No,” Chad said. My eyes widened at his protest.

“No?” I repeated.

“I want to pleasure you,” he said, grabbing for my shoulders. In a flash we had switched places, and he was on the floor between my legs. I parted them easily. As unhappy I was about the surroundings, I wasn’t about to give up a good dose of oral sex from the most talented tongue in Amer…Europe.

Through my pants he began to tease my pussy, rubbing his mouth against the fabric, causing the pleasant sensations to flow through my body. I moaned, spreading my legs apart further and thrusting upwards towards his face.

“But be quiet, baby,” he reminded me. My eyes darted over to the sleeping man across the car. The last thing I wanted was to see his eyes open. And when Chad nipped my clit and I cried out, that was exactly what I saw.

The man’s eyes opened slowly, but when he saw Chad kneeling between my legs he seemed to wake up instantly. He uttered some things in Italian, or at least it sounded like Italian, and Chad jumped up.

“No, no,” the man said, gesturing for Chad to get back down. My crotch was burning, and even though I was shocked the man had discovered us, I wanted Chad to return to his position on the floor. Slowly, the stranger walked closer to me, and Chad and I both looked on in shock as he opened his pants.

Chad’s finger still lingered on my pants crotch, tickling my hard bud. I cried out again and with scared eyes watched the stranger’s cock come closer and closer to my face.

“It’s yes,” the man said with heavily accented English, pointing the staff directly at my face.

“Just do it, baby,” Chad said, and with that he began to unbutton my pants and pull them down my legs.

The air on the train was warm, but my legs still sprouted goose bumps as they were exposed. Slowly, too slowly, it seemed, Chad peeled my panties away from my cunt. I could feel the skin there separating, opening up to let him inside.

The stranger’s cock was right in front of my lips now. Closing my eyes, I opened myself to Chad and the stranger, allowing both of them to touch my private parts.

The strange cock was not bad to the taste, and not overly large in my mouth. I began to suck it softly, feeling Chad’s tongue began to pry at my pussy. The tongue flicked my lips as surely as the cock penetrated the others, and I felt that I needed something to grab with my hands. The stranger’s partly exposed legs were the best thing, and by grabbing them I inadvertently pulled him forward, choking myself on his member.

My throat got used to the contact quickly, and I began to suck in earnest, the moans coming from the two men and myself mingling until I couldn’t tell which sounds were coming from whom. My body was burning, and feelings of pleasure were everywhere. I pulled off the cock and whispered:

“Fuck me.”

As if it were the magical phrase, which I guess it sort of was, the man withdrew from my mouth and Chad got out from between my legs. As a team they pulled me up. Chad bent me over, reaching my mouth towards his cock. I opened eagerly and let it in, my bottom feeling hot with embarrassment at being exposed to the stranger behind me. The stranger took my hips in his hand and positioned me just right, and then, with my pussy thrusting back, pushed into me.

I gasped around Chad’s cock at the penetration, but the pleasure was there instantly. The man behind me was skilled, and I was soon having the best orgasm I could imagine.

“Oh god,” I said, my words muffled around Chad’s cock. His thrusts into my mouth had long ago stopped me from doing my thing; all I had to do was sit there and he would get his pleasure from me. At the same time I tasted his salty cum spurting from that purple head, I felt the stranger behind me stiffen, and soon I was swimming with sperm in both ends.

We collapsed into each other’s arms, the group of us, panting for air as the train came to a stop.

With more words uttered in Italian, the man pulled up his pants, grabbed his bag, and left. Chad and I went on to the next stop. It was a few hours before we could speak of the event again.

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