tagNonHumanStranger Things Ch. 02

Stranger Things Ch. 02


I had spent the rest of the day in a small, dark room with just a mattress and a blanket to occupy my time. To say this stranger, Klaus, had just murdered my fiancé and kidnapped me from the street, his longing for me seemed short lived. The first five hours had been spent in a corner, sobbing for Sam. My chest began to ache with the grief and my eyes with the floods but I could not stop myself.

After a while it seemed my body could take no more and consoled itself by shutting out its surroundings. I lay on the dingy makeshift bed and turned off. I don't know how long I remained like that but my silence was interrupted by the large door squealing as an unknown man entered. He was attractive, no doubt about it, with his amber eyes and shaggy blonde hair. But I saw it, the resemblance. He looked like him. The stranger.

My fight-or-flight reflexes kicked in as he knelt to take a look at me. His hand swept across my cheek as I brought my knee up hard and released my foot into his shoulder. I made my point as the 4 inch heel hit the soft spot beneath his collarbone and wedged its way beneath his skin. He yelled as he fell away from me giving me enough space to clamber to my feet and escape through the door.

'That's such a bad idea.' I heard him say through gritted teeth. By this point, I didn't care what he or anyone else had to say. I wanted out.

I ran through corridor after endless corridor until I came across two large, ornate wooden doors. For some reason, the markings on the doors seemed familiar. The panic and cautiousness I had turned into curiosity as I stroked my fingers down the gilded edges. It was decorated with a large circle filled with 3 smaller circles arranged in an upside down triangle. The top left circle held a sun that was oddly coloured a very deep blue, unusual since so much of the door held the golden trim. The right circle contained a moon symbol painted an ominous black. It was splattered with a dark red paint that seemed to have been simply tossed over the elegant work. However it was the smallest circle that caught my eye, beneath the two. I had seen the symbol it held, the sun and moon held together by an interlocking chain. It was my necklace.

I'd had my necklace as long as I could remember and my mom had simply kept lengthening the chain as I grew. Was I part of some creepy occult bullshit? I wasn't staying to find out. I turned sharply and my face connected hard with something solid as two hands grabbed my upper arms, the pressure painfully stopping my circulation.

'That wasn't very wise, was it sweetness? Hmm?'

The smooth voice made my knees go weak and my body drooped, held up only by his grip.

'Klaus.' The tears formed in my eyes instantly, memories sweeping over my mind and engulfing me in the reality once more.

'Well that's convenient, no need for introductions. We can get straight in with it.' He smiled broadly and turned, dragging me as he walked.

'With what?' Silence 'Goddammit, you better answer me or I swear I'll...'

My back hit the wall with such force, the wind left my body. His hand was around my throat lifting me off the ground and hanging suspended with only his wrist for support.

'Or you'll what?! What the fuck will you do pet?'

His anger was clear, burning in his chocolate eyes. I could feel the blood burning trapped against my face as my breathing became laboured and my chest grew weaker. I wasn't going down without a fight. If he was going to kill me, I wanted him to know I wouldn't submit. I spat as hard as I possibly could directly into his eye. It got the response I wanted as he dropped me to ground ungraciously.

I held my throat, gasping for air when I heard him laugh. And it wasn't friendly.

'Fine, I was willing to be nice but you just fucked over your only protection.'

He grabbed my hair and yanked forcing me to crawl behind him down the corridor. I screamed obscenities at him as I trailed behind.

Klaus kicked open a door about five minutes of pain later.

It was a bedroom. A large kingsize bed stood in the centre covered in deep red satin sheets. The walls hosted carcasses of dead animals, glaring down at me threateningly.

He tossed me onto the bed and stood at the edge menacingly.


I remained face down on the bed, refusing to move in a very childlike manner.

'Emma. Now.'

'No, fuck you. I will not bow to your commands, you prick.' My voice was muffled by the bedsheets.

My head was ripped backwards as his hands wrapped in my hair. I could feel the roots detaching from my head.

'You don't have a choice sweetness.'

Without a moments hesitation, he yanked up my skirt and ripped off my panties. Then with one swift moment, he bottomed out his cock in my extremely dry pussy.

My scream echoed back at me off the darkened walls.

'You're very dry little one. Are you not enjoying yourself?' He grunted with each agonising thrust inside me.

'I was very upset that someone had already claimed you this way. I would had love to heard you shriek as I stole your innocence.'

I was grateful that my body's natural defences had kicked in and I was getting wet. It at least helped with some of the pain. This guy must be at least 8"!

The tears rolled constantly down my face but I wasn't giving him the satisfaction of hearing my cries. I lay there as silent as possible while he finished with a deep grunt inside me. I could feel the warm liquid running down my thighs as he pulled out.

Before I could even recover myself, he turned me over violently and forced me to make eye contact with him.

'Listen, you little bitch. I AM your nightmares. I will hurt you in ways you can't imagine. You are mine. Deal with it.' He stayed there for a moment, clearly waiting for a reply.

'My response will always be no.' I sounded a lot braver than I felt.

Klaus's reaction added to that fear. He let out an ear piercing shriek and faster than I could see, bowed to my neck and sunk in his teeth. For the second time that week I was losing consciousness as I felt my blood leaving my body. Right before the darkness peaked, he pulled away slightly and licked and kissed the bite mark, almost as if a lover.

'We'll see.'

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