Desire for this moment had loomed in her head for years now. The anticipation and sexual excitement that took over her mind was beyond all control. She had waited to live this fantasy with him with great anticipation. She watched as each man walked into the bar wondering as the door opened if it may be him. He glanced around the bar trying to find her, their eyes met and sparks could be seen between the two. Many nights she had imagined this encounter and tonight he would take her as two strangers meeting on a chance encounter.

She had worked very hard for this night to become a reality. Earlier she had carefully chosen to wear the white knit sweater, black skirt with garters and black thigh high stockings, purposely not sliding on the black thong panties that lay on the bed before her. Sitting down beside her he placed his hand on her leg, her body shivered with his touch. She wanted him so bad and could hardly stand to finish her drink and make small talk while she waited to leave with him. He leaned over pressing his lips against hers and their tongues eagerly explored each others.

He began to move his hand, rubbing the inside of her thigh, slowly upward, she could stand it no longer. She had to have him, the passion inside her was overwhelming, the desire that she had for him was beyond any that she had experienced before. She placed her hand on top of his, guiding his hand between her legs where her desire for him was evident from her hot moist pussy. He smiled at her when he noticed that she wore no panties for their encounter. He rubbed his fingers along the slit of her pussy, feeling the heat that was out of her control. She need not worry about having to wait, for he shared her desire.

Slowly they both instinctively rose and walked towards the restrooms in the bar for she had told him of her fantasy. As they got around the divider passion exploded between the two of them as he pressed her against the wall, exploring her body with his hands and probing his tongue into her mouth. She felt his cock pressing hard against her stomach, her legs grew weak from her desire to have him inside her. He slowly pulled her into the restroom and locked the door behind them.

He backed up against the sink and she began to explore his body, lifting his shirt, she rubbed her hands over every inch of his chest, pinching his nipples gently as she rubbed around them. Her head lowered as she began to gently rub her tongue in circles around his nipple, biting gently, pushing her body hard against his. She began to trace her way down his body with her tongue, kissing his body and enjoying the sensation that was building between her legs. Now on her knees she ran her hands on the inside of his legs upwards towards his hard cock that was pressing against the material of his pants with great force.

She released the buckle of his belt and unbuttoned his pants. She began to kiss and lick at the top of his cock that was dripping precum from his desire for her. She unzipped his pants and released his cock, pulsating from his excitement of having her lips on his cock, she began to lick and suck the head of his cock into her mouth. Her tongue circled the head of his cock, as she began to rub his balls thru the material of his pants. Then she grabbed both sides of his pants and pulled them to his ankles, her mouth lowering on his cock with her downward motion.

She began to suck with all her desire, circling the head upon the upward spiral of her descent upon his cock. The taste of the his cock was making her pussy drip with desire. She rubbed her hand against her lips, pressing her finger hard against the opening of her pussy. She needed to have his cock deep inside her, fucking her with the passion that they had talked about on so many occasions. She sat back on her spread legs and began to lick his balls as she rubbed her clit with her fingers. Knowing that he was watching her just made her excitement grow. She licked all over his balls tracing back to the sensitive area before his anus.

She loved the taste of his body, and enjoyed the aroma of his sex. Her fingers were soaked from her pussy as she began to rub his cock with her hand, spreading her moisture upon his hard shaft. Her mouth moving up and down, sucking with great force upon his cock was bringing him to the brink of cumming. She continued to rub her hand on his balls as she sucked his cock with her mouth, her other hand was now busily fingering her wet pussy.

She enjoyed the taste of her own sex upon his shaft and herself was close to orgasm. She rubbed her swollen clit and began to moan with desire with his cock in her mouth. His cock began to pulsate inside her throat as she tightened her grip around the base of his cock, causing his cock to almost bounce with the force of his cum that was about to be released inside her mouth. Her pussy began to clench down upon her own fingers as she had her first orgasm with the man of her fantasies. He exploded inside her mouth as she released her grip and drove her mouth deeply onto his cock. She could hardly contain all his cum inside her mouth and it began to drip down her chin.

She looked up and smiled as she wiped away the cum and began to lick the end of his cock. She could hardly wait to get back to their house to feel him inside her.

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