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Strangers in the Dark


Wow, I finally did it, what I've been wanting to do for a long time. I didn't think it would ever be so problematic to find the right time and situation, but I did. And it was so cool.

As readers of my other stories already know, my name's Kelly and I'm -- well, let's say I'm young enough to have voted for president for the first time last election (go Barack!). And I have two compulsions that make me popular with the boys. I can't seem to keep my clothes on for too long. And I can't keep my mouth off the sweetmeats. Why can't I get through a day without dick? It's like I have some kind of penis magnet lodged in the back of my throat.

Anyway, I'm not going to call myself "hot," because that just conjures up old guys' fantasies about Pamela Anderson, and that's just gross. I hate having to describe how I look every time I write a story, so I'm going to quote my friend Miles who described me great in a previous story. This is what he said last year:

"OK, Kelly is ungodly gorgeous. No bullshitting. Seriously, she's like some model in a magazine. She's very pretty. Kinda tall for a girl. Dark hair that's about shoulder length. Round face and really nice green eyes. Sort of like a mix between Demi Moore and that chick from "Amelie." Her body is goddam fabulous. Not big tits, but perky and really sweet. Perfect ass, like a peach. Long, really fine legs. When I first met her, she was wearing a miniskirt and man, she was raising the temperature in the room. I got a steady girlfriend now and I try to be good, but I still get hard when Kelly looks at me that way. Now, I just try to be close and help protect her from creeps and shitheads. When you're that gorgeous and that horny, you need a little protection sometimes."

Isn't he a doll? I would totally suck his cock for that if he weren't still sticking with monogamy. His girlfriend is really cool, so I keep my hands off. Oh, well.

So, back to my story. One of my fantasies has always been doing a "glory hole." True pervs will know what I'm talking about. A glory hole is literally a hole in the wall big enough for a guy to stick his Charlie in, and on the other side is a hot little mouth to, shall we say, take the swelling down.

I've seen this kind of thing on the Web a few times and thought what a mind-blowing turn-on it would be to suck off some anonymous dude. And, Jesus, was it ever. I have never done a more trampy thing in my life, and I've done some pretty freaky, pervy stuff.

So I did it, sucked off not one, but two total strangers -- true story -- and though this happened about three months ago, I still have no idea who they were. Just a couple of hours after the fact, I was walking downtown in the cute little college town where I live, and I would see a man here and there in a coffee shop or in the bookstore. And for all those who seemed to be a good mood, I couldn't help thinking, "Is that one of them? Is it his DNA cheese in my belly right now?" I tried to make subtle eye contact, to give a knowing smile. I fought the urge to sidle up beside some stranger just to say "Thanks for lunch," just to see how he would react. Of course, that's the whole point. Making sweet oral love to a nicely put together penis and having no idea who it is connected to is just fucking delicious. I can't wait to do it again.

It wasn't easy. Most glory holes are located in skeezy porn shops pretty far away from where I live, and I had no interest in blowing junkies and street people. Couldn't we find some place in a nice suburban neighborhood close by with a bunch of healthy, clean-living college boys? For months, I assumed that answer was no. Then, I had a conversation with my girlfriend -- let's call her Dizzy -- and a few weeks later, she called and said she'd found something I might be interested in.

Over coffee, Dizzy told me that she knew a guy who was willing to set up a nice little glory-hole arrangement at his house, just for me.

"Are you kidding?" I said. "Do I get to check it out first?"

"Well, if you want," she said. "But that would kind of ruin the whole idea, wouldn't it? Isn't it supposed to be weird, anonymous sex without any kind of preparation?"

I got her point, still I hesitated.

"Look," she said. "You can trust me, can't you? I promise you it will be nice and clean, no gas-station bathroom type of situation. And I won't tell you anything about the guys ..."

"Guys? Plural?"

"Well, there's a roommate too. Tough to leave him out. Anyway, I won't tell you anything about them, except that I'm pretty sure you've never met them before. And that they're both really nice, normal guys with impressive equipment. Believe me, I've done a test run on both of them."

She smiled devilishly and that smile, more than anything, sold me.

A couple of weeks later, I met Dizzy at her place. It was a nice Saturday afternoon. She told me everything was set. She gave me a legal-sized envelope.

"This is the names of the guys at the house, just for your security. There's other information about them in there, including a print-out of a recent STD test for both of them."

I took the envelope and gazed at it. But I wasn't even tempted. I handed it back to her.

"I don't want to know anything. If you say it's all good, that's enough for me."

With that, we made our plan. Dizzy suggested that I ride blindfolded, so I would have no clues about where I was going. The idea hadn't occurred to me, but it was just scary enough to be a turn-on. I agreed. As we were driving to my rendezvous with dick, my mind began to race. How well do I really know this chick?, I thought. Is she bringing me into some freaky slave situation? And if so, would that be so bad?

We stopped after 20 minutes or so of driving. Dizzy escorted me out of the car, into a house, down a hallway or something, then positioned me in a chair. She took the blindfold off.

It was a small room, 10-by-10 maybe. Carpeted, a chair, a desk with a computer, a couple of beanbags. Not bad. And yes, there was a hole in the wall at about groin level. I was really going to do this.

"The guys have a request," said Dizzy. She pointed to a camera mounted on the wall. "They want to see you get naked. But that's up to you."

"Why, Dizzy," I said in mock politeness. "I am a guest in this house. I would never refuse a request from my hosts. That would be rude."

Within a minute, I was naked. I handed my clothes to Dizzy, she fished my cell phone out of my purse and put it on the desk. "I'll be right out on the deck here," she said. "Call me when you want to leave. Do you really want me to take your clothes?"

I nodded, she left and I was alone, completely naked in a strange room being watched on a video camera by men I'd never laid eyes on. Kelly, one of these days, you're really going to get in trouble with this slutty behavior.

For a minute, I didn't know what to do with myself. I bent over to peer into the glory hole. Nothing but blackness. I couldn't communicate with my watchers, so I didn't know what they wanted me to do, or for how long. So I turned my back to the camera, got down on my knees and assumed the doggy-style position that guys like so much with my face buried in the carpet and my ass high in the air. I heard the buzz of the camera's zoom and couldn't help but laugh. My little cooch and anus were getting a pretty thorough once-over, it seemed.

This went on a bit too long and eventually, I turned around and sat up, playing with my titties a bit. Finally, I heard something on the other side of the wall, like a sliding door. Seconds later, out of the glory hole, came a gorgeous erection, slowly, like someone walking into a dark basement.

I crawled like a lioness over to the hole and came face-to-face with my adversary. It was very nice, circumcised, surprisingly long. After the long build-up, I was ready for some sucking. At that moment, even if a fire had broken out or the cops had broken down the door, nothing was going to stop me from tasting this cock.

I rubbed it on my cheeks and across my lips. I kissed it, like it was a little kitten. Then I ran my tongue from the base, slowly up the shaft to the pee hole. Then, it was in my mouth.

Wow, this felt good. I put suction on it and allowed it to pop out of my mouth. I worked it a bit deeper every time down, letting my throat get used to it, then going a bit further. Finally, I was able to touch the wall with my nose. I don't think I've ever had a cock that deep in my throat before.

Through it all, it was a surreal experience. There was no body to hold on to, no groaning, no cues at all that I was making him feel good. On the positive sign, there was no big hands grabbing my hair and pushing me deeper. I was in total control, and I loved it. I pulled off and let the wet cock just hang in the air for a few seconds, just to feel my power. But I couldn't resist for too long. I'm only human.

Finally, I did hear a groan, but it was muffled and sounded very far away. I pulled off again and stood, positioning my ass toward the whole and guiding the cock into my pussy. I hopped up and down on it for a while, but fucking was not nearly as satisfying in this situation as sucking. When I'm getting fucked, I want him to do the work. I want to feel his hands on my pelvis and feel his thrust. This didn't quite feel right. So I jumped off again and put the little soldier back in my mouth.

Without a guy attached, it was hard picking up on the cues that he was ready to cum. So, the ejaculation took me a bit by surprise. But I felt the warm semen fill up my mouth and I kept sucking till the little spasms stopped. I had the presence of mind to crawl over closer to the camera where I opened my mouth to show my prize, before gulping it all down.

Man, that felt great, like taking a shot of tequila or something. I had almost forgotten about the other guy when I looked over the hole and saw another cock there. Apparently, Bachelor No. 2 wasn't interested in giving me a quick break. He was rarin' to go.

To my delight, this one was different. First off, it was a black guy, which thrilled me greatly. It was no longer than the first guy's; both of them were pretty fuckin' well-hung. But it was thicker. I could feel my lips stretching just a bit more with this one as I started to work my way down the shaft.

Pretty soon, I realized there was no way I was going to touch the wall with my nose on this guy. It was just a bit too thick to go beyond a certain point. But I enjoyed the hell out of it anyway. It tasted a bit different too. The first cock was soft, as if the guy regularly applied lotion or something. This guy had a more leathery feel. I heard that far-away moan a couple of times with this one, deeper and longer, plus I could feel a little vibration in his cock every time he moaned. God, I would marry this bastard on that alone.

Whenever I swallow a big load of man seed, it gives me a bit of an adrenaline burst, so this second guy got me at full speed. I plunged him in my pussy for a while, again for a less-than-satisfying experience. But soon, I was pumping him hard with my hand, my gaping mouth waiting for the payload.

When he came, it was like a big wet spitball on my cheek below my eye, though most of it landed on my tongue. It was hot and salty and I slurped it all down.

When he withdrew, I collapsed on the floor in exhaustion. I imagined millions of little black spermies and white spermies swimming around in my stomach, from the cocks of men I had never laid eyes on. Holy shit, what a rush.

Still, my pussy felt slighted. I was lying on the bean bag for a good while, expecting Dizzy to show, but she didn't. I pulled myself up and reached for the phone. No answer. Damn, Dizzy.

So, I slipped out of the room, resisted the temptation to go into the other room to my left where my unknown lovers presumably were comparing notes, and walked down the hallway to my right, still stark naked.

I stepped into the kitchen and saw Dizzy through the window on the deck. I went out in the sunshine naked, with a bellyful of cum, my two favorites states of being. I felt invincible. Dizzy smiled brightly, I sat with her and told her about my experience and how I wish I could fuck them now. Dizzy grabbed my hand, dragged me back into the room.

She turned out the lights and told me to assume "the position." I stuck my ass in the air, waited for what seemed like 10 minutes. Then the door opened, and there in the dark, with the lights out, two somebodies fucked me silly. Big hands grabbing my ass, thighs slapping thighs, the whole works.

When they left, as quietly as they arrived, I pulled myself up, completely exhausted and feeling that high you only feel after mind-blowing sex. When I turned on the light, a mystery that had crossed my mind was cleared up. They didn't come inside me and I didn't feel them shoot on my ass or anything.

There on the desk was a wine glass, filled about a third of the way with fresh semen. Pretty cool little trick in the dark, I thought. I picked up the glass, liked the outside of it -- some of the spunk didn't quite make it inside -- raised it to the camera, and tipped it to my waiting mouth, feeling the contents slide like an oyster down my throat.

Boy, I never get tired of that.

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