tagExhibitionist & VoyeurStrangers on a Train

Strangers on a Train


This is my first try at something different from incest stories. I hope you will like it. As always, any and all comments are welcome although I prefer to get comments without angry invectives *wink*


With a sigh I sat down on my seat, plugged in the power cord to my laptop and booted up. I had a 6-hour ride ahead of me so I wouldn't be home until well after midnight. On the other hand, there was nobody waiting for me as my wife left me a year ago when the company I work for moved HQ to another town and I had to commute. Every Monday morning I took the train from home and 6 hours later I was at my office. Every Friday evening I went the other way, back home. I made good money and I suppose I could have moved closer to my work, but I was planning to start my own business and I really loved my house so I took the pains of travelling. As I said, my wife didn't.

I'm James. 38 years old, single with no children. I'm 6" tall and weigh about 190. I try to keep in shape, especially since I was divorced. The competition on the meat market is harsh so you really need to do and look your best. I guess I'm alright in the looks department and I'd had a few lovers the last year but only one-night stands and nothing mind blowing or even worth remembering. Since the trains had started keeping a wireless internet connection I had at least found a way to spend my time during commuting; reading stories at a site called Literotica. I had even tried to write my own but until now I haven't published any of them. What's to say that my fantasies are as interesting to the rest of the world?

I was sitting in my seat with a second seat next to me, a table in front and two seats on the other side of the table, turned towards me -- almost like a lounge group. The car was empty except of myself, which was the way it always was this time at night. Suddenly I heard the click-clack of high heels on the floor of the isle and a woman walked by, looked at me, smiled 'hello' and found her seat. She sat down on the other side of the isle, a few seats away, but turned in my direction. I had a great view of this woman and suddenly my journey didn't seem as boring anymore! I've always been a bit of a voyeur, getting kicks out of watching almost as much as participating myself and this woman was well worth watching!

She looked to be in her early 30s with her jet-black hair cropped short, like a helmet on her head. She wore a dark red silk blouse and a short, brown suede skirt that ended just above the knees. It was very tight, enough to cause her some problems sitting down, and it made her ass look beautiful. It was perfectly shaped just as her long legs that ended in brown suede boots that seemed to be form pressed unto her stockinged legs. I couldn't keep my eyes off her! For a minute I thought I'd pick up my cell phone and try to take a picture of her, but decided against it. Our eyes met and I realised that she was well aware of my eyes roaming over her body. She only smiled at me, took a magazine from her purse, crossed her legs and started reading. My jaw dropped when she crossed her legs, as her skirt rode up so high on her thighs that i could discern her stocking tops. Not hose, then! I felt my dick grow hard in my pants. I put my hand down to put it right and when I looked up again, I saw her smile and avert her eyes. Damn, she had seen me! This was getting interesting.

For the next 20 minutes or so, I tried to concentrate on an erotic story I was trying to write, but my eyes kept wandering over her body. She kept crossing and uncrossing her legs showing me quite a lot of her thighs and as the skirt rode up even higher I could only just see something black -- her panties. She started teasing her hair and then her hand slowly caressed her neck and down to her blouse. She undid one button, then another, and slid her hand inside. She was touching herself! Her eyes met mine and I didn't even pretend I wasn't looking. I gave her an appreciating smile and she smiled back, removing her hand from the blouse and putting a long well-manicured red nail on her lower lip. I saw her nod to herself and then she stood up. Damn! I thought. She's mad at me and is leaving. I couldn't have been more wrong.

She took her bag and purse and turned towards me, took the three steps that brought her to my 4-seat part, looked at me and smiled.

"Hello. I'm Jessica Jones. I've seen you on this train a few times and decided to start talking to you since it seems that we're both travelling on this train a lot."

I rose and put out my hand.

"I'm James Gorth, commuter. Pleased to meet you, Jessica."

She looked me over, from top to bottom, noticing the bulge in my pants. I had forgotten my hard-on! She only smiled.

"Delighted. May I sit here? It seems idiotic that we sit apart since we're going to the same city and there's nobody else here, doesn't it?"

"Oh, certainly. Please sit down." I sat down quickly myself trying to preserve some self-respect and hoping my blush would fade soon. Jessica sat opposite me, our knees almost touching, and we started chatting about everything. She then nodded at my laptop and asked me if I was working.

"I don't want to disturb you if you've got work to do, James."

"Please, it's Jim. And I don't. I use it to surf the 'net a bit and pass the time. I get enough work during the weeks not to want to work during my time off as well."

"I know what you mean, Jim. What sites do you visit? Anything fun?"

Did I notice a suggestive tone in her voice? Was I only imagining? I don't know, but I decided to tell her the truth. What the hell, I'm a grown man. I can do what I want, right?

"Recently, I've found a site with some really erotic stories written by the community that visit the site. I find it a good way to pass the time. I've even decided that I want to try to write something myself, but I don't know what yet."

"Erotic stories? Mmm..." Jessica licked her lips. "That sounds really...'fun', I think. Do you think we could read some together? Or maybe you could read something for me?"

"Well, I guess I could try to read you something, but I've got to warn you that the stories are pretty graphic! What kind of story do you want to hear? They've got everything, from group sex, to fetishes to exhibitionism to incest stories."

"Wow, some hard choices there. Let's start with exhibitionism. That sounds hot!"

She leaned back in her seat, the three top buttons of the blouse still undone and the black lace of her bra showing in the opening. Her skirt rode up to show half her thigh and I could barely keep my hands off her legs. My erection started to feel really uncomfortable by now but I didn't dare to do anything about it as she would see it from very close quarters.

I started going through the site looking for a good story and found the top lists. I picked the number one on the list and started reading. Very soon I got really embarassed reading this graphic story to this woman in front of me, but when I started to stutter she opened her eyes and looked at me.

"What's wrong, Jim?"

"Ehh...it's kind of embarassing to read this to a complete stranger, and a beautiful woman at that."

"Well don't be embarassed. I'm not. I can handle graphic language, don't you worry. In fact, it turns me on when someone talks dirty. I do it myself when I'm really hot."

The laptop visible moved as my cock twitched at her words. She saw it and laughed deep in her throat. I heard her mumble something to herself.

"I'm sorry? I didn't quite get that?"

"Oh...I just like what I saw..."

Her dark eyes were like wells I could drown in, her soft, red lips damp and made for kissing. I could almost not control myself. She asked me to keep reading. As I read on, her hands were starting to move over her body, slowly, barely visible at first. Then one hand slid inside her blouse again and I could see her fingers move over the nipple of one breast. My voice grew hoarse as I kept on reading. The story was scorching hot and so was Jessica. She looked up, her hand still inside her blouse.

"I love your voice. It gives me goosebumps to hear your voice reading this story. And the story is so hot, I can't believe it. If I'd known that we could spend our trips this way, I'd have contacted you long ago when I first saw you. Please, keep reading!"

She unbuttoned another two buttons on her blouse, displaying a black-lace bra and the tops of her beautiful breasts. Her left nipple was peeking out above the cup. It was big, hard and made for my lips and tongue. She reached behind her back, unhooked the bra and took it off. Her breasts were a perfect handful, probably a size B, and firm as a teenager's and the only thing showing that these breasts belonged to a grown-up woman was the size of the nipples, that stood out at least ½ an inch.

"I hope you don't mind? I get so horny hearing your voice telling this story."

"Of course not. I'll try to keep reading but it's not getting any easier. You're a damn fine woman, Jessica."

"Thanks Jim. You're not too bad yourself. Try to keep reading for a bit longer, please? It makes me so damn horny you can't believe it!"

I got back to the story and kept reading. While I read my eyes went to the sight not three feet away, this sexy woman caressing her breasts, tweaking her nipples and licking her fingers. She was almost writhing in her seat after a while. Then she slid down in her seat, put her one foot on the seat opposite (next to mine) and as the skirt rode up she put her hand on her crotch, rubbing her pussy outside the panties. She was moaning loudly by know. Next thing I knew she removed her panties, put them on the keyboard in front of me and sat back with her legs open. Her pussy was neatly trimmed, swollen and shining from her juices. I could see her clit coming out of it's hood and her labia were swollen with blood. This woman was horny!

"Smell my thong, Jim. Please!"

I looked at her, took the small piece of black cloth and put it to my nose. I inhaled deeply and almost fainted. Her sex smelled musky with a slight hint of a sexy perfume -- it was very much the scent of a Woman.

"Lick it. Taste my juices!"

I put the thong in my mouth and could taste her.

"I'd much rather taste you from the source, Jessica."

She looked me straight in the eyes, put 2 fingers in her pussy and pushed them as deep as they could go. Then she brought them to my lips.

"Taste me, Jim. Taste what you've done to me."

Her pussy juices were sweet, salty and almost a litte spicy. There was an explosion of taste in my mouth and I felt my cock grow even harder. I didn't care anymore so I unzipped my pants and took it out. I held my cock in my hand, a drop of pre-cum on the head, and pointed it straight at Jessica. She looked at it with large eyes, sat up then went to her knees and put her hand over mine. She started pulling my hand up and down on my cock. Then she took a drop of precum on her fingertip and put it in her mouth.

"Mmm...you taste great. I haven't tasted a man in 2 years. I really need this. Do you let me?"

"Do what you want with me, Jessica. I'm yours."

She swallowed half my cock in her first try, then started sucking and stroking it. One hand cupped my balls as I could feel her tongue swirling over the helmet. This woman knew what she was doing, that's for sure! It felt great, better than ever before and I quickly felt my orgasm approaching so I tried to push her away.

"I'm close, Jessica. I'm gonna cum!"

"I want you to cum. I want it in my mouth and on my tits! Shoot all over me!"

She was panting, I was panting and as she kept fucking me with her hot wet mouth I erupted. My sperm shot out of my cock in hot, long streams. The first 3 she took in her mouth, but then she aimed it at her breasts and I saw my cum splashing on her nipples and chest. When it finally ended she took my cock in her mouth again, emptying it of every last drop. Then she swallowed hard, looked at me and smiled.

"Wow! That was so fucking hot! I never came without touching myself before! I came when I felt you cumming. Oh, how I missed this! I can't believe I've made do with my vibrator for 2 whole damn years. I want you to eat me now. I want to feel your tongue on my hot pussy!"

I quickly lifted her and sat her down on a seat, knelt in front of her and started kissing her all over her pussy and the insides of her thighs. She was dripping wet and tasted very much like woman. I lapped, licked and kissed her clit, labia and pushed my tongue deep inside her pussy when she suddenly, without warning, came with a scream.


She slowed down, grabbed my head and kissed my pussy soaked face and then our lips met, our tongues met and we french kissed. The kiss went on forever and her tongue was running wild in my mouth. She withdrew but kept sucking on my tongue. Looking deeply into my eyes, she let go of my tongue with an audible "plop" and straddled me. My by now limp cock was aimed directly at her wet slit and she started grinding her pussy on my cock. Happy with the attention, my cock soon started to swell again. At three-quarters mast, she took my member in her hand, lined it up against her swollen, soaking labia and sat down on me. Every part of my rapidly growing cock was pressed against the soft, velvety, wet insides of her pussy and as she started riding me I could do nothing but settle down and enjoy the ride. And how I enjoyed it!

Jessica really meant what she said about talking dirty when she was horny. She let out a constant torrent of dirty talk as she rode my rock-hard cock in a steady rhythm.

"Oh yes! Fuck my pussy. Oh you're so hard, your cock feels so good inside my wet snatch. I'm gonna cum all over your fucking cock! I feel completely filled up by your hard, beautiful cock. It's been so long since I had a cock inside me. Fuck me! Grab my ass!"

I grabbed her ass in my hands and lifted her up and let her slam herself down as I squeezed her great ass hard. I made the tip of my index finger wet in her pussy juices that almost splashed as our pelvises met and pressed my finger into her asshole. That made her scream out loud!

"Oh my Goooood! I'm cumming. Oh fuck, you've got your finger in my ass! I can't believe how great it feels. I'm cumming...AHHHHhhhhh!"

I could feel her pussy contracting as her orgasm hit her with the force of a freight train. She pushed hard down on my cock that was buried inside her completely. I could almost feel the head press against her cervix and her entire body was vibrating. Slowly she came back to herself and kissed me with her soft, full lips.

"I want your cum inside me. Please let me get you off."

As she said that, she started moving up and down slowly on my hard cock. Then she stood, turned her back to me and with a hand on my cock she sat down again, riding me again. She took my hands in her and put one on her breast and the other on her pussy.

"Rub my nipple and my clit while I ride your big, beautiful cock until you come hard deep inside my aching pussy. Fuck me hard now!"

I pinched her hard nipple with one hand and rubbed her clit with the other while she grabbed my balls and started massaging my scrotum, still riding me. I felt a tingling sensation in my spine as my orgasm started to close in.

"I'm cumming in your beautiful pussy, Jessica. I can feel my seed getting close to explode inside your hot cunt!"

"Oh yes, Jim. Fill me with your hot seed! Fuck me hard and empty your balls inside my wet pussy! Cum for me, baby!"

With an inarticulate moan, I shot a huge load of semen inside Jessica. Spurt after spurt of hot seed shot up into her womb. As I came she orgasmed too and her pussy's contractions milked the last of my cum out of my balls. I don't think I ever came that hard or that much. And I had cum just half an hour earlier! This woman made me so horny it was unbelievable.

She remained sitting on me with my limping cock inside her tight pussy and leant back towards my chest. Turning her head towards me, our lips met in a soft kiss that promised more heat a little later.

"I want to sit here and keep your cum inside my pussy for a very long time, Jim. I haven't felt my insides being sprayed by a hot cock in two years, as I said earlier, and I want to hold on to this feeling in case it takes another two years until the next time." She looked afraid as her eyes met mine.

"I really don't want this to be a one off, Jessica. I don't know about you, but I'm a single man whose only attachments are my work. I would really want us to keep seeing each other as much as possible. To me, this is only the first time of many. You're a beautiful, sexy woman and I have never met anyone whose body fits me so perfectly. I really don't want to lose you already."

"Do you mean that, Jim? Because I'm single too and I agree; your cock, your tongue, your hands, all of you seems to be made for me, made to bring me pleasure. I want us to keep at this for as long as we can. I love the feel of your cock inside me, even now when it's not hard, and I want to keep this feeling for as long as I can."

As she spoke, she tensed her muscles and I felt her pussy contracting around my limp cock. A soft tingle told me that I probably would be able to fuck her soon again.

"Do you want to come home with me tonight, Jessica? And we can go to your place tomorrow and get you some clothes or whatever you need. I want to do this over and over again, all night if possible."

"Yes, Jim. I'd really like that. And tomorrow, maybe we can go shopping for some really hot outfits I can wear for you? I'm an exhibitionist and nothing gets me as hot as showing myself off while knowing that they can look but only one can touch...you. I hope that doesn't put you off?"

"Jessica, the thought of seeing you showing your body for the world to see and knowing only I can touch makes me so horny it's incredible. I'm in on anything you suggest."

The train ride finally ended and we came to my house at midnight. What happened there and later is for another story, though.


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