tagGay MaleStrangers: The Kino

Strangers: The Kino


A Kino is a place in Germany known as a theatre that can seat as little as six or up to fifty, sometimes even more. After polishing my cock-sucking skills and learning the art of deep throat from Johann, I decided to venture out on my own. He and Helmut were still my lovers, but I needed to know for myself that I was able to please another man. So, I took the train to the city that was about twenty minutes away. I went to a place that I knew was a sex shop that had a small kino inside that seated no more than a dozen at a time. The pornography was shown on a big screen TV. The place was called the 'Sex Pavilion' in the downtown area about a ten-minute walk from the train station.

As I de-boarded the train and headed down the stairs towards the exit, I saw the toilet where I was slipped a note requesting in German that the sender wanted to suck my cock in the Parkhaus. Out of curiosity, I headed into the toilet and looked around but I could tell it was a bit early for the prowlers to be out, so I left.

I walked into a small café located inside the train station, found a table and sat down. The waiter was an older gent in his mid fifties approached my table with a menu. I decided to flirt with him but he seemed too pre-occupied so I just ordered a beer, lit a cigarette and left it at that. I had two good German beers before I paid, got up and left the café and train station altogether. I headed towards downtown and the Sex Pavilion.

The Sex Pavilion is a small business housed between a pharmacy and small kitchen-appliance store. It has two display windows on either side of the door that serves as the entrance to the place. Today the window on the left featured a sexy piece of lingerie in red complimented by an advertisement in German that stated, 'for the fire inside of her burning to get out.' The window on the right featured another outfit, all leather complete with a horsewhip. I walked up the two steps and opened the door.

As I opened the door, a small bell announced my arrival and a small gnomish looking woman sitting behind the counter looked up at me. The look on her face told me that I was just another young guy in there to look at the magazines, get a hard on and leave without buying anything. I set out to prove her wrong.

The Sex Pavilion has a simple set up; left and right walls filled with various sex magazines and books and a few calendars and posters. The middle of the floor has two racks; one filled various vibrators, dildos and other pleasure toys and the other with sexy lingerie and videos for sale and rent. On the opposite side of the door is a counter complete with a cash register and a few small pocket-sized 'mini mags' and a deck of erotic playing cards. Behind and to the left of where the woman is sitting is a small square cut out in the wall. On the right side of the wall is a floor to ceiling curtain, behind it the kino. I looked back to the cut out square and noticed that it was dark except for the light from a TV.

I slowly walked through the Sex Pavilion glancing at various magazines getting very aroused. I love the extreme close-ups of a mouth around a thick cock, the way it gleams from the saliva, the lips wrapped tightly around the shaft. I set the magazine down and strolled over to another section, transsexuals. Now I'm extremely erect and even hornier. I looked through a few pages and decided on purchasing a few different magazines featuring trannies.

I walked up to the counter with four different magazines and set them on the counter. The gnomish lady looked up from her newspaper and was a bit surprised by my small stack of magazines. She started ringing them up on her register and was giving me a sideways glance as I looked at the cover to a VHS tape on the wall next to the sign announcing that it was the feature film being shown. Then she asked me in German if I'd like to go into the kino and watch a movie. I played along with her and ask what was the price for admission to which she responds free since I made a huge purchase. I nodded in agreement and paid her for the magazines. She then asked if I wanted her to hold onto my purchase behind her counter. I agreed.

She directed me to the curtain that was behind her counter and to the right. I reached and grabbed the curtain and pulled it to the left, opening it. Inside the room was small and had ten chairs of various sorts set in a horseshoe pattern off on the left side. To my right and in front of me about five feet away was the large screen TV with a hot scene of a gorgeous gal sucking on a short but thick erection. She really had to open her mouth to get it inside.

I pulled the curtain shut but stood there for a moment to let my eyes adjust to the darkness. When they did I surveyed the room and looked to my left and saw two gents sitting in opposite corners from one another. The one in the right corner had his leg crossed over the other, it was apparent that he had had his cock out and was stroking it but was hiding it. From where he was sitting was a small ledge that had ashtrays. I walked over there and excused myself for crossing in front of him, grabbed an ashtray and chose a seat in between him and the gent in the left corner, which was now on my right as I sat and faced the TV.

The pretty gal on screen was still sucking off Mr. Thick Dick as I lit a cigarette and took a deep drag from it. The loud slurping sounds and the great close ups from the TV screen were arousing me once again. I kept my eyes glued to the TV when I noticed that the gent to my left still had his legs crossed but had started to stroke his cock again. Suddenly the gent to my right got up and walked out of the kino. I heard him mumble a good bye to the woman at the counter and then the bell ring as he exited the Sex Pavilion.

I figured the gent would relax now and uncross his legs so I could check him out and see if he was interested in me sucking him off. Nope. His legs were still crossed, so I had to figure out how I could get him to drop his guard and feel at ease or else I was not going to suck his cock and be very disappointed. So as I watched the scene on the screen where Mr. Thick Dick was ready to cum, it came to me. I was trying to hard; so I settled down and watched as the huge cock on screen unleashed a flood of cum on the pretty lady's face.

Before I knew it, I was sitting straight up in my seat clutching my own raging erection that was pointing down the right leg of my jeans. I was also moaning a bit as he kept cumming and cumming and.... I was entranced. After Mr. Thick Dick finished coating the pretty gal's face with a gallon of cum, she started sucking his cock that was growing flaccid but still tremendously thick.

That's when I caught the gent out of the corner of my eye. He was watching me get into the scene I just saw and he knew, or at least suspected that I was craving cock. I was a bit unsure of what to do next but he helped me along, he whispered to me in German.

"That was a very exciting blow job, don't you think?"

I turned and faced him and made sure we had eye contact before I deliberately looked down and gazed lovingly at his erection for a long moment and then back up at him.

"Excuse me? I'm sorry what did you ask?" I replied in German pretending not to hear him. He leaned towards me to repeat what he just said, but I stopped him by raising my hand and got up, picked up my ashtray off the floor and sat in the chair next to him, replacing my ashtray back on the floor. I turned my ear towards him as he repeated his statement and I gazed intensely at his cock that he was gently stroking. Still looking at his cock I replied, "Oh yes. That was so hot the way she was gobbling his cock and then when he came!" I gasped, covered my mouth and looked at him. He was watching me carefully as I smiled at him from behind my hand.

"I noticed that you liked that the most of all." He was openly stroking his cock; knowing I was watching him from the corner of my eye.

I pulled my hand from my mouth and placed it on his forearm, "My god! I didn't think he was going to stop cumming!"

"Me either. That was a lot of cum. I thought she was going to drown." He said with a chuckle.

"Lucky gal!" I said as I raised my eyebrows at him and then turned away to watch the next scene on the screen. I don't remember what was on as I was waiting to see what he was going to do. I could tell he was looking at me then to the TV screen and back to me. I reached in my cigarette pack and lit another one.

"So, do you like?" he finally asked.

"What?" I blew smoke out, "Sucking cock?" I asked still looking at the TV screen.

He surprised me when he said, "No. I know you like that. I meant my dick!"

I looked at the TV screen a moment longer, took another deep pull from my cigarette before I finally turned to him. I looked down at his cock which had his hand firmly gripped around it causing the head to bulge and pre-semen ooze out. I let the cigarette smoke escape through my nostrils, bent at the waist and put my cigarette out in the ashtray. I turned back to him and stared into his eyes.

"Well?" he asked as he stared back at me.

I let a small smile crawl on my face and started to slide off the chair, still staring at him. He opened his legs and I got in between them on my knees, still looking at him. He never took his eyes off me either. I looked at him a bit before I placed my mouth over his cock and swallowed it in deep, closing my eyes. The head of his cock touched the back of my throat; I moaned deeply, he shuddered. I kept his cock inside my mouth, gently squeezing his shaft with my lips, still moaning softly. He mumbled something inaudible.

I started bobbing my head up and down on his cock as I reached up and rubbed on his thighs. I kept a nice, steady pace of sliding my mouth on his cock when I reached with my hand and grabbed onto the base of his cock. I slid my mouth up to his cock head and sucked hard as my hand stroked his shaft at the same time. I opened my eyes and looked at him. His eyes were watching my mouth work on his throbbing tool.

"Oh that feels good!" he moaned.

I kept my eyes on his and continued to bob up and down on his cock. I slowly slid my mouth completely off his cock and started lapping at his fore skinned cock head as if it were a melting ice cream cone. He moaned even louder as I stroked his cock covering it with my saliva making it very slippery. I kept my eyes on his, smiled seductively at him. He knew he was in for a treat. I placed my mouth over his cock again, still maintaining eye contact. I swallowed the head of his cock and started to slide down on it again. With my lips wrapped loosely around his shaft I slid his cock into my mouth even further. When I could no longer watch him, I closed my eyes and gobbled his cock all the way down.

I barely reached the base of his cock when he quickly moved his hand onto the back of my head as I felt the first hot glob of semen shoot deep inside my throat. I felt his cock quiver inside my throat, but I stayed relaxed as Johann taught me. Another thick glob shot from his cock, he was moaning out and mumbling again. I started to slide up along his shaft and he shot another glob but not thick or as much as the first two. His legs trembled as his cock head was slowly making its way out of my throat and into my mouth. I grabbed the base of his cock once more and held it steady as I slid my mouth off.

"My, you're good!" he managed to groan out. He twitched as I gently kissed his cock head and then started kissing it up and down on his shrinking shaft. When I was done kissing his cock, I gently laid it on his unbuttoned pants. I sat back on my legs, smiling at him extremely proud of myself. I reached for my half smoked cigarette and lit it. I gently slid my hand up his pant leg and onto his cock. I leaned forward kissed his flaccid cock again and stood up to leave.

"Do you come here often?" he asked.

"No." I replied as I took another drag from my cigarette. I looked up and blew smoke towards the ceiling. I looked at him and leaned close to him and whispered, "If you tell me what days you come here, I'll be here. If you want me to suck your cock again, I'll gladly do it."

He smiled and told me that he would be back again at the same time and day the following week. I told him I would be here waiting to service him again and any other time after that. With that I turned and exited the kino. I stood at the counter to retrieve my bag from the woman who still had her nose buried in her newspaper. Without a word, she reached for my bag and handed it to me. I thanked her and started to leave when she called after me, "Are you coming by again anytime soon?"

"Yes." I replied.

"Good. Next week I will have another shipment in of new magazines and movies."

"Thank you. I'll be sure to be here then, good bye."

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