tagNonConsent/ReluctanceStrangers Things Pt. 02

Strangers Things Pt. 02


Thank you again to Sexyvibe for editing assistance with my story!


Eric slid Alice's coat over her arms. She was feeling faint and leaned into him. He helped her cover up.

Alice was a smart girl and wouldn't mistake his help for kindness, but she also didn't question him when he guided her to her car. She was grateful that she only had a short drive to her tiny duplex.

Alice entered her home and ran quickly to her room. She tore off what was left of her clothes and ran a bath. As she poured the salts and oils into the steamy water, she couldn't help but question herself. She was mad. But was it at the men who had just violated her? Or was it at herself for enjoying it so much? Alice had a very vanilla sex life. She'd gotten herself off manually before, but never with another person. Now, she'd just done so in front of a half dozen people, to a man with dirty hands that she had sat next to for all of 30 minutes.

The hot water stung Alice's bare skin as she climbed in. She sank down as low as she could, leaving just her knees, head and nipples poking out of the water. She was surprised by how quickly she relaxed.

"What was wrong with me?" She wondered aloud. "Shouldn't I be calling the cops? Why didn't I scream?"

She grabbed a sponge. She wanted to scrub herself in all the spots where she had been touched. She reached up to her neck first and felt a sting. Looking over at the mirror, she could see deep purple spots starting to form. She imagined Eric holding her back again, while Carl penetrated her. Those dirty nasty fingernails working her private areas. Unconsciously her legs spread, whooshing the hot water over her twat.

She felt the heat on her ass hole immediately. No one had ever touched her there, before. The new sensation that Carl had given her, with that one finger, made her want more. She ignored the shame she felt and she slid her fingers through her pussy lips and onto her fanny. She thought of Carl's fingers, as she pressed her index finger into the tight hole. She imagined how his tongue would feel on her ass.

A low laugh erupted from the hallway, making Alice sit up with a start. She looked outside the room, and thought she could make out a tall figure. She rubbed her eyes and tried to focus harder. Alice jumped out of the tub, and slammed the door to the bathroom shut. She leaned back against it, trying to listen.

She could see her breasts heaving up and down in the mirror, water dripping off her nipples onto the floor. For the first time that day, she felt fear. A few minutes passed, but to Alice, it felt Iike hours. Silence answered her from outside the room.

She wrapped a towel around her and stared at her reflection again. She looked crazy. Her breathing gradually slowed down, and she noticed the time. It was well past midnight and she had work in the morning. She grabbed some pain pills that promised a PM effect so she could get some rest. She swallowed them quickly and headed to her room.

She took the towel from her body, wrapped it around her hair, and laid back on her bed. She let the rest of the water from her naked body soak her sheets, and tried to relax again.

She closed her eyes. She couldn't help but listen for movement in the house. Her eyelids felt heavy. Her breaths came slower. The lady from the bar came into her head.

She was no longer in her bed. Instead, she was stark naked in what looked like a locker room. The blue jumpsuit that the lady in front of her was wearing had "Lucy" sewn into the fabric. Drops of water were still rolling down Alice's body, as Lucy advanced towards her.

She was in front of Alice before she could think. Alice stepped back, but found her ass pressed against a cold, cement wall. Lucy grabbed Alice by the arms and stretched them far over Alice's head. She felt metal cuffs being locked on her wrists.

"Such a dirty, little slut. Letting those men play with you," Lucy purred at her. Lucy unzipped her own jumpsuit to the waist, and let her tits fall out. She lit a cigarette and took a long drag, while looking up and down Alice's naked figure.

Alice's breasts were full and well rounded. Her nipples stood hard against her pink areolas. Lucy looked down at Alice's legs. They were pressed tightly together, making a perfect little V where her bare pussy was.

Alice stared back at the woman in front of her. She had tan skin and her boobs were very large. Lucy's nipples became erect in the cool room, and Alice was surprised by her need to touch them.

Lucy took another drag and blew the smoke towards Alice. She ran her pointer finger over Alice's mouth.

"Such pretty lips. Open them up dear!" She demanded. She didn't wait for Alice to object. Lucy slid her finger into Alice's mouth and wrenched her jaw down. Lucy pulled the girl's head down and pressed their bodies together.

Lucy placed her left nipple hard into Alice's mouth, while simultaneously forcing her fingers between Alice's thighs.

Alice sucked her nipple and rolled her tongue over the tip of it. She liked the way the little bud felt in her mouth. She flicked it up and down whirling it all over with her tongue. She slid her teeth down biting the bud gently, then continued to lick her. Alice could feel Lucy grabbing greedily at her cunt.

She spread her legs for Lucy, wanting to feel her fingers inside her. As Alice felt her pussy being spread, Lucy's fingers felt oddly hard and thick. Something was weird and wrong. Lucy pressed hard into her and Alice led out a scream. Those were not fingers inside her.

Alice's eyes burst open. She opened her mouth to scream, because where Lucy's face had been seconds before... there was a gruff five o'clock shadow. Eric was above her and the head of his cock was inside her pussy. He put his hand over her mouth.

"Are you going to be good?" he growled at her.

Alice shook her head no. Her arms were above her head, but bound by the towel, the one she had left on her hair. Alice cursed at herself. She had left herself a naked toy to be taken, and even provided restraints for him.

"I was hoping you'd say that, after that show you put on for me earlier. I just wanted to bring you the things you left at the bar. But, you insisted on teasing me!" Eric stared at her as he spoke. Alice bit down on his fingers hard enough for him to pull his hand back.

"Fuck you!" Alice managed to spit out.

Eric was unfazed. He ran the head of his dick up and down her slick snatch. He spoke low and directly: "You don't want this? Cause you were moaning a few minutes ago."

Alice was tingling already. Every time the head of his member hit the top of her mound, she couldn't help but press back. She didn't answer him. If this was going to happen, she was going to gain some type of control.

She extended her legs around his torso. She crossed her heels over his ass, trapping him between her thighs. She arched her hips so his cock entered her fully. While Alice had managed to catch him off guard, he wasn't willing to give in to her that easily. He let her ride his thick cock, soft "Ahs" escaping her mouth. Her hips banged against his, every time she pulled him harder into her.

He let out a low, menacing laugh, and pinned her hips to the bed. He quickly flipped her whole body over, forcing her chest and face into the comforter.

He smacked her round, plump ass hard with his giant hand and demanded, "Get your knees underneath you."

Alice drew them in, putting her ass and pussy on display for him. She was able to look back at the beast of a man behind her, through her bound arms. His cock stood out about nine inches, but the girth of it, had her dripping. She wondered if she could fit her hand around it.

"You like what you see?" Eric caught her staring.

"Just do it already," Alice sneered back.

Eric leaned in close, his dick pushing against her ass. He pressed his finger against her clit and very slowly batted it back and forth. He got right next to her ear, "Beg me."

Alice let out a low moan as the words "fat chance" formed in her head. But a barely audible "please," escaped her mouth.

"You're going to have to try harder than that," Eric curtly stated. He then ran his thumb from her clit, through her throbbing lips, onto her tiny back hole. He used the juice dripping from her to circle the tiny entrance.

"Please, please, fuck me," Alice squeaked out.

"Do it again. Call me commander," Eric instructed. He suck his thumb into her ass.

"Fuck me now, commander. Give it to me," Alice shouted back to him.

Drawing his thumb in and out of her he replied, "Say please."

"Please," Alice moaned.

Eric kept his thumb in Alice as he sunk his cock deep into her. Every inch of him pumped in and out of her with his thumb matching pace. Alice could feel his cock pulsating as he fucked her harder.

Alice's pussy clenched around him, she could feel the buildup in her belly. Alice screamed out as the waves of pure bliss began to rush through her. He quickened his thrusts. His shaft fully pressing in to base and pulling out to the top, with every movement.

Alice's pussy exploded. Her entire body shook, as he fucked her through her orgasm. Just as she thought it couldn't feel better, she felt him cum inside her. Every stroke sent another wave thru her. His throbbing cock finished her off, and Eric withdrew all at once.

Alice collapsed, and she felt him untie her hands.

"I left your wallet on the counter. Don't inconvenience me again by leaving your shit out. And don't forget where you need to be tomorrow," Eric boomed out as he redressed. She heard a zipper, and assumed it was over.

"What do you say?" Eric demanded, smacking her hard on her ass.

"Fuck! Ouch!" Alice exclaimed.

He hit the other cheek just as hard, "Try again!"

"Thank you commander," Alice reluctantly replied.

"Good girl," and with that he was gone.



(To be continued)

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