tagBDSMStrapped Into the Harness

Strapped Into the Harness


He had told her early in the week that they would be experimenting with a new kind of "punishment play" that weekend, but he hadn't given her any details. He told her in advance because he wanted her to have several days to think about what that might mean; to become more and more aroused and scared; to be distracted and preoccupied all week with thoughts of what he might have planned for her.

Now it was Saturday, and they had started the scene.

Wearing only a pair of faded jeans, his muscular chest bare, he smiled as he fastened the belt harness loosely around her thighs and waist first. She stood still for this, legs spread slightly, knowing it would be bad for her if she moved. He would find another way to punish her in addition to whatever he already had planned. She was naked except for the harness, a cupless black lace bra, and a pair of 4-inch black platform sandals. The shoes put her almost at the same height as him. Despite this temporary equality of height, she felt very small and vulnerable.

He was using a new harness on her today. It was designed similarly to a safety harness used for rock climbing, with adjustable straps around the upper thighs that connected to a belt at the waist, but it had an additional piece that ran between her legs. Two strips of leather came down from her waist, meeting in a low V directly below her clit, then the strap widened underneath her to come up from behind her ass and fastened at her waist.

That center strap had two carefully positioned holes designed to hold two dildos in place, one inserted in her pussy and one inserted in her ass. The harness buckled tightly at her waist and around her thighs, so neither device could come loose even when she thrashed and bucked. And he definitely intended for her to thrash and buck. She could feel herself getting wet at the thought.

But he hadn't yet inserted the two dildos and tightened the harness. He was making her wait, savoring her fearful anticipation. They both enjoyed drawing things out to heighten the experience.

"Hold out your arms," he told her, and she offered both wrists out towards him. He fastened strong leather cuffs around each wrist, held together by a short thick chain. Then he fastened metal handcuffs on top of the leather wrist restraints, ratcheting them down to a snug fit, and dangling the key in front of her face.

"I know how you usually try to unfasten the Velcro on your wrist cuffs when I use those, so I considered wrapping up all your fingers together in bondage tape to prevent that," he said teasingly. "But I'm gonna want your fingers available later, so you get the REAL cuffs today. Good luck getting out of these."

As she watched, he set down the handcuff key carefully on the nearby table, where all their other "toys" were spread out. She swallowed hard. He was right; she did usually start scrabbling at the Velcro fastenings if her wrists were close enough together for her to reach them. It was disobedient behavior for a sub, but she sometimes disobeyed him deliberately to see what he'd do. Usually the only way he could prevent her from trying to free her hands was for him to cuff her arms spread wide apart. But she knew he preferred her arms above her head rather than out to the sides.

She was excited that he had come up with a way to prevent her from trying to escape her wrist cuffs, but also nervous because it made her wonder what else he might have thought of. Sometimes he was surprisingly creative. Her breathing was getting shallow, as she was made more and more helpless. The less power and control she had, the more aroused she became.

She stood in the center of a sturdy metal box frame, which had heavy steel eye bolts positioned all around it. There were two parallel bars at the base, about two inches off the ground, connected by diagonal cross bars to prevent the frame from tipping over. Two tall vertical side poles extended from the base straight up and connected to one thick top bar over her head, approximately 7 feet from the floor. Her feet, in the unaccustomed high heels, were planted over the X where the two cross bars met beneath her.

He raised her wrists by the cuffs and pulled them above her head. He fastened the short chain between her wrist cuffs to the eye bolt directly above her, locking her cuffs in place with a thick carabiner. She felt her heart rate increase as it always did when she was bound like this. It was both frightening and erotic to have her unprotected breasts exposed, facing the man who enjoyed spending hours on nipple teasing and torture alone. She shuddered inwardly, feeling herself becoming wetter between the thighs.

To add to her sense of helplessness, he pushed a red ball gag into her mouth, buckling the straps tightly around the back of her neck. It was a large rubber gag with rounded straps coming off the ball itself, so it didn't cut the corners of her mouth like some of the hard plastic ones did, but it had to be pulled very tight or she could push it out of her mouth with her tongue. He didn't want her able to do that.

She liked having the gag in her mouth, partly because she just liked having things in her mouth in general, but mainly because she suspected she'd need something to bite down on later. He was no longer so gentle or tentative when he played these games. Sometimes she wasn't sure anymore that they were games. They often felt more like tests...of her will, her stamina, her obedience. But she liked being tested, and wanted always to please him.

Now that she was gagged and had her arms above her head, he moved to her ankles. Slapping the insides of her thighs, he indicated that she should spread her feet wider. She complied, and he fastened a long spreader bar to her ankles using leather cuffs like the ones on her wrists. Then, to make sure her bondage was complete, he fastened the ankle cuffs to eyebolts at the outside bottom bars of the frame. This ensured that she couldn't swing her hips or legs outside the metal frame or otherwise adjust the angle of her position.

She was now totally in his power: legs forced wide and held in place; arms held above her head locked tight with handcuffs; mouth gagged. Her eyes, on him the whole time, were very wide. He decided she should be blindfolded, too, so he wrapped a blackout eye mask around her head, putting her in darkness, making her rely on her other senses. She quivered at the realization of how helpless she was, how completely she was at the mercy of his sexual whims, and was both excited and scared at the thought of what he might do next.

He stood back to admire the view. With her arms above her head, her delicious breasts were displayed at their best - and most accessible - angle. They rose and fell as she breathed heavily. Her legs were spread wide so she could not protect herself from the invasion he had designed for her. He had unrestricted access to any part of her he chose, and she couldn't see what he was doing or say anything to stop him. His cock throbbed inside his pants at this knowledge.

He remembered how he'd felt when she first told him about her fascination with BDSM. He had been ignorant of what the term meant and not particularly interested. At her suggestion, he had used neckties on her wrists once, and also used one as a blindfold, but he was reluctant to take it any further because he didn't think he could ever hurt someone he loved. Sex for him was simply not fun unless it was mutually enjoyable. He was both wired and socially conditioned to protect someone he loved, never to strike a woman, never to take anything by force.

He had mistakenly thought BDSM was a sadomasochism fetish, involving things like nonconsensual rape, practiced secretly by people covered in tattoos and piercings. How could he possibly ever enjoy spanking someone hard enough to leave welts? Or using a whip, for Chrissake? Deliberately making her feel pain? When all he wanted to do was cherish her and make gentle love with her? If a woman ever said "no" or "stop" to him, then that was it. End of story. An immediate barrier he would never, ever cross.

But when he realized how much it aroused her, he was eager to learn more about it. He discovered it was an unexpectedly mainstream practice, a lifestyle for many, many people (including those without any tattoos or piercings). She had been patient with him, explaining the psychology of a healthy D/s relationship, teaching him the critical difference between the words "no" and "red," and emphasizing the holy trinity of BDSM: Safe, Sane, and Consensual. She had also given him lots of reading material to help him understand that to her, the S in BDSM always stood for submission, not sadism.

The aspects she wanted him to embrace were bondage and domination. For her to be fully aroused sexually, she needed to be physically helpless. Not just FEEL helpless, but BE helpless. Maybe it was due to her alpha female personality (she sometimes described herself as an alpha sub); or her high-powered, high-income, high-stress job; or her upbringing and certain childhood events; but she no longer thought about WHY she needed this. She just accepted it.

Knowing how much he loved her gave her courage to explain all this to him. He was awed at the level of trust she placed in him, and flattered, and hugely aroused. He decided to throw himself wholeheartedly into whatever she wanted and needed. Once they were in a scene, she needed him to be stern with her, forceful, cold, even seemingly unkind. While she didn't want him to be a physical sadist, she needed him to be sadistic and controlling in his demeanor. She wanted - needed - to submit to him as her Dom.

He was very intelligent and a quick learner. She provided lots of positive reinforcement by her responses to his initial attempts to dominate her. At first, the hardest part for him was to keep his brain focused when his cock was inside her mouth or pussy, because once that happened, he had trouble remembering what he was expected to do next. It came as a relief to him to realize that in order to keep her turned on, he didn't actually have to hurt her beyond intense sexual discomfort. He just had to dominate and control her, give her orders, overpower her physically. The more helpless she was, the more she liked it. And the more turned on she was, the more urgent his erections became. Now he WANTED to dominate and control her, wanted to hold her in his power. He loved knowing that her thoughts of his dominance kept her in a near-constant state of arousal.

And he discovered that he did enjoy inflicting a little pain on her, occasionally making her seriously uncomfortable. He grew to look forward to their scenes, gradually assuming the role of Dom until it no longer felt like a role. She had insisted that for this to work, he would have to push her out of her comfort zone. It required a lot of mutual trust: he had to trust that she genuinely wanted what she was asking him to do, and she had to trust him to do it while keeping her safe. The surprised yelps and involuntary grunts when he slapped her ass, for instance, now turned him on, because he knew she genuinely liked the feel of his large hand on her ass, striking her hard. The bright red warmth of her ass cheeks after he'd gone to work on them was arousing to them both.

As a gift to her the previous year, he'd turned their spare bedroom into a playroom, covering an entire wall with mirrors, and moving their exercise equipment into the room so they could call it a "home gym" when they had guests. Most of their BDSM gear was kept in that room, including the metal frame currently in use, which they blandly explained to their friends was used for pull-ups and similar isometric exercises.

After covering a large thick dildo with a lubricated condom, he approached her, saying, "okay, time for some fun to start. Hold still while I get these in place. Oh, wait," he added mockingly, "you HAVE to hold still, don't you. Guess I didn't need to say that." He moved the harness out of the way and slowly inserted the first dildo up inside her pussy, rotating it gently to ease it in, making sure the bent tip of the dildo was angled against her g-spot, until he could get it in her no further. She felt its thickness entering her, filling her deeply, as if she were being mounted on a thick post. It wasn't a bad feeling, but it was intimidating to not be able to see what was happening. He pulled the harness back up and secured the base of the dildo into the harness.

Next, he did the same thing with the other dildo, covering it first with a condom, then working it into her ass. He had selected one of the larger ones for her ass this time, wanting to make her uncomfortable by its size. She moaned around the gag at the tight fullness of having both holes filled at the same time. The two dildos inside her were taking up a lot of space, violating her - but in a strangely welcome way. She had begged him to take her beyond her comfort level, and even when it hurt, she loved it when he did. Once both dildos were securely fastened into the harness, he tightened the harness straps around her waist and thighs, solidifying the position of both dildos deeply inside her. She moaned louder and moved her hips in response to the double intrusion. Fuck, this was already intense.

"Comfy?" he asked her. She shook her head back and forth in the negative. "Really? That's too bad," he said, "since you're gonna be here for quite a while. Let me see if I can find something to make you feel better." He picked up the black metal clover clamps and put his mouth on her right breast, licking and sucking on the nipple until it was erect.

"Now...you might feel a little pinch here," he said, imitating a lab tech about to give a shot, then snapped one of the clamps down on her right nipple. He didn't do it gently, but let it bite right into the sensitive flesh. She gave a muffled yelp from behind the gag and her torso jerked, trying to move away. Of course, she had so little freedom of movement that moving away was impossible. God, that always happened with the clover clamps. There was no "warming up" period; those fuckers were too strong.

He had fastened the clamp on the top and bottom of her nipple, rather than on the sides, and he had made sure the clamp was as close to the tip as it could get without coming off. This was intentional, as he knew that clamping her nipples at the tips was more painful than clamping them at the base. He had also selected these particular clamps because their gripping surfaces were covered in tiny textured raised knobs. This meant they hurt more, and because they gripped tighter, they were unlikely to come off unexpectedly.

He started sucking and biting on her left nipple. "Symmetry, sweetheart. Symmetry is very important. You know we have to do both sides." With these words he roughly snapped the clamp at the other end of the chain to the top and bottom of her left nipple. She whimpered and jerked back again, not able to move away from the biting metal jaws on her tender skin, but her body involuntarily reacting to the sudden pain. Oh, shit, she thought, oh, shit. Pain and pleasure. It's not up to me. Oh God, yes. I am giving control to him. I want this. I need this.

She had sensitive nipples, but they were resilient. He had learned that they could take a lot of squeezing and biting and twisting before it got truly painful for her, and he had also learned that the sensations in her nipples - especially when painful - increased the sensations in other, lower parts of her body. And he definitely wanted to increase her sensations today. He wanted her to feel all of this acutely, everything, everywhere. He wanted to overload her brain with sensation, to shut down all her other mental train tracks.

"Mnff!" she said through her gag, trying to breathe through her nose but panting hard around the gag instead, feeling the sharp pain in her nipples expand to a constant ache. "Mmnnff!"

He patted the top of her head as if she were a toddler. "Yes, I know these are your favorites. That's why I used them. Now, let's see...we're trying something new today," he told her. "Think of it as a leg exercise." Her heart thudded in her chest. When he said "exercise," usually that meant some form of predicament bondage. Shit shit shit. It was too late to try negotiating with him now. She was already stuck in place (literally), and she could tell he was getting into this. He was enjoying the effect his calm words were having on her...the very opposite of calming.

As he talked, he clipped a chain to a metal ring on the side of her waist harness, then extended it to an eye bolt on the side pole of the metal frame. He clipped a matching chain from the metal ring on the other side of her waist harness to an eye bolt on the opposite side of the frame. These chains at her waist were the heaviest he had, and he had fastened them tautly to the side poles of the frame. They were parallel to the floor, holding her harness rigidly in place at the exact height of the eye bolts.

"And now, here's where it REALLY gets fun," he said, kneeling back down by her feet again, then pulling off both her platform sandals. As her weight fell back onto her bare heels, her arms were jerked higher above her, and she shrieked and bit down hard on the ball gag as the harness forced both dildos more deeply inside her. Due to the chains at her waist, the harness was still locked in place at the height where her waist had been while she was wearing the platform heels. Now that the shoes were gone, the harness's position was agonizingly high off the ground. Unless she balanced on tiptoe, those dildos jammed so far inside her it hurt. She bounced back up on her toes as fast as she could, her pussy and asshole throbbing from the sudden assault.

"Hmm," he said mildly, "that looked like it hurt. Did it?"

She didn't reply, but struggled to stay balanced on her toes. This was made almost impossible by the spreader bar. She teetered unsteadily for a few seconds, then lost her balance and was forced to impale herself again on the two dildos locked into the harness. She shrieked again as they thrust unrelentingly into her, unmoved by her cries. Her shoulders were yanked higher again as her heels touched the floor. She pushed herself back up into her toes as quickly as she was able, panting and snorting around the ball gag as she tried to catch her breath again. Fuck fuck fuck!! She hadn't expected this! Christ! It was hard enough to balance on her toes at all while being chained, and being forced to do it while having her legs three feet apart was damn near impossible.

"Like I said, think of it as a leg exercise," he told her, "since you'll need to maintain that toe lift position unless you want to fuck yourself hard on those dildos. I hope your calf muscles can keep it up. Otherwise, you're gonna be in some pretty severe distress today."

She whimpered helplessly but couldn't reply. His words were fading out of her awareness. All her concentration was on maintaining her precarious balance on her toes. Suddenly she felt both dildos come alive inside her as he powered them on simultaneously. "MMMMNNFFFFF!" she yelled through her gag, assaulted anew by the high-speed vibrations in both her ass and her pussy. This made her lose her balance again, and she unhappily felt the two large vibrating dildos slam into her again as her heels hit the floor.

Quickly, before she could get back up on her toes, he grabbed the nipple chain and pulled it downwards as far as it would go, looping another long chain through its length, then fastening that one to a floor-level eye bolt. The result was that when she next pushed up onto her tiptoes, the chain yanked painfully down, pulling her breasts toward the floor by her nipples. When she put her feet flat on the floor, the two dildos impaled her and her shoulders hurt, but the pain in her nipples was manageable. When she pushed up onto her toes, the pull on her shoulders and the two dildos were less painful, but the nipple clamps tightened brutally and pulled hard, affixed by their chain to the bottom bar.

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