Strapping Stress Relief!

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"I am responsible for you, not for Amy." Smack Smack Smack Smack continuously, steadily. "Now tell me who is responsible for the way sarah behaves?"

"Me! Owwww....owww....sooooo...." I was thinking revenge. "you need to call Rick then and let him know that Amy has been provoking me!"

"Maybe I will, " and he was serious. hehe. He stopped and it felt like a thousand bees had stung me all over my backside. "Are you going to taunt her anymore?"

Well, I couldn't lie could I? Now how was I to answer such a trapping question? There was no way in hell that I would give Amy the satisfaction of no retribution. "I won't do it to her if she doesn't do it to....heeeeeeyyy....owwwwww......" he had started spanking me again cuz, obviously, he wasn't thrilled with my truthful answer. "It was an honest answer! Do you want me to lie??"

He stopped. "Yes, honesty is a good thing."

I grinned. That was easy. No promises made. HA! He stood me up had me bend back over the couch and took a few more pics. Then he stood me up and made me hold up my skirt. Hate that! Then he got the straps, sat back down on the couch and patted his lap once more. I looked at him warily. My bottom throbbed and was HOT and I was far from being ready to stop this little play session but the straps? Again? Both of them? Hmmmm....

Being primarily obedient in nature (yes, it is true!) I lay over his lap, making sure to clasp my hands and plant my feet on the floor. He started with the belt doubled over and I was surprised that the pain was not anywhere near what it was when he first spanked me with it cold. I could sense, though, that he was struggling with it as using a regular length strap otk is a bit awkward. I then spied the two CB's within reach as well and swore to myself.

After quite a few with the belt, he picked up the heavier strap. I braced myself, recalling the fiery effect from it earlier. But once more, while it stung more than the belt did it was not anywhere like before. I guess the warm up made the difference and my endorphins had kicked in, although it still was enough to have me wiggling quite a bit. I am sure I was gasping and making all sorts of sounds, but I wasn't concentrating on that. I was zeroing in on the leather that repeatedly kissed my cheeks. The tawse-like slapper was picked up next and made the rounds on my bottom. I do love that thing, it has such a wonderful sting to it. The heat from it radiated first on the surface and started to move inward. My legs bent, my feet flying up a few times.

"Keep those feet on the floor!"

"I am tryyyyyying!" I whined and I was. There is only so much punishment you can continue to take in the same spots and not move.

Then it was the little bunny CB again. Now really, this paddle is not really all that bad unless used to spank very rapidly, which is what he was doing. I did kick a few times. Gads, I tried not to move my feet but I couldn't help it!

"Keep those feet on the floor young lady! Do you understand me?"


"Yes what?"

"Yes Sir!" Easily I said it although it did not escape me that this was the very first time that he had required me to use 'Sir' when addressing him. That bunny paddle hopped swiftly over my red hot glutes. If I didn't know any better, I'd say he was deliberately trying to get me to kick my feet!

He stopped and then lightly traced the flaming sensitivity with his fingers. I squirmed from that almost as much as from the spanking.

"Whassamatter?" I could hear the amusement.

"Mmmm...." I wasn't about to give an actual verbal answer to that question when he knew damn well what was the matter.

Again he had me stand and he arranged an armless chair in front of the camera. I eyed him suspiciously, hoping he didn't plan to use it to spank me. I hate being spanked otk in an armless chair but I was just about to find out that there was an even worse position that I was going to hate even more.

While he did all of this I rubbed a little. I never rub, ever. My bottom was not warm, it was very hot. But it was a good hot.

"Okay," he positioned me in front of the chair. "Bend over and place your hands flat on the seat."

I did. Picture pose, right? Well, yes and no. He picked up big CB and went to town on my already flaming rear end. And I couldn't kick! I couldn't do anything at all in that position so I started bending my knees, kinda bouncing.

Then he took a picture. But was that enough? No. He picked up the strap next.

"Noooo...I don't like this position!"

He paid me no mind. Whap! Oh my, that really hurt. It didn't feel like this otk. Again the strap came down and I bent my knees slightly. Did I actually like this thing? My mind went back to suzyQ, telling me about her encounter with the heavy leather strap recently. Now, suzy can take one hell of a spanking. She had said that the strap had her screaming each time it struck but that she loved it. She swore I would too, if only I'd try it. Did I? It did hurt but it was a deep down hurt and in a weird way, was very satisfying.

I was hoping very much that he would not spank me anymore in this position. I hated it. It immobilized me totally.

He had me stand up and then he sat in the chair. Now my hands were on the floor but so were my feet. The last time I was in this position I was capsized completely and my feet were nowhere near the floor. I had been practically upside down.

I don't recall what he used at this point. Big CB? I think that is what he used and when he finally stopped he told me, "I think we need to stop now. Your bottom's looking a bit swollen and looks as if it is going to bruise."

Well hell, there was a bruise forming after I got that second strap cold. But seriously, I know from past experience that my bottom will look real bad and then an hour later it improves in appearance dramatically. Nonetheless, we stopped anyway.

I got up, grinning from ear to ear. I coulda kept going. Bruising be damned, I had arnica. Swelling be damned, I had plenty of ice.

"Now," he said. "You are going to make a public post clarifying that Amy is not at fault for you being on the computer, that you are and that this has been addressed properly."

"What? No way!"

"Yes. And that you should not be taunting her."

Grrrrrrrrrrr. "Maybe," I started, enunciating very slowly. "you should actually read through the threads before making me do that."

"Yes maybe I should but," he said. "that does not change the fact that it was your actions that caused your schoolwork to be put off."

Damn. Don't you hate it when they're right?

"But Amy will gloat if I have to do that."

"Yes maybe," he said. "but maybe I will write a note to Rick or make a phone call. Do you have the number?"

Oh goody! My face brightened. "No but...I can get it. We are meeting next month when I go to Florida and I am sure I can get it." HeHeHe.

"Then you do that. Or get Rick's e mail" mental to Kris "And we'll get Amy taken care of as well for her part."

Yes that sounded like a plan!

Quickly, we hooked the camera up to his laptop and reviewed the pictures. Did you know that we went through 3 sets of batteries while taking these pictures? I found that I was not as thoroughly disgusted as I thought I'd be considering that I was exposed and in some compromising positions. We did a few corner pics before he left and I sat on the A/C vent to cool off my bottom and he snapped a picture of that too. He presented me with the heavy strap as a gift for doing so well with my smoking and with school but also told me that it was to be available on demand.

He stood by the door and hugged me. I thanked him. He asked if it was an effective stress relief spanking that I had been saying that I needed and it was and I told him so.

One more hug before he walked out the door and I stepped out onto the porch, smiling and waving, forgetting that I still had my schoolgirl uniform on. I chuckled to myself as he left that I had still been the one to pay for the pizza.

Until I walked inside and saw the money on the counter.

Soooo...I guess we can say he paid to spank me!

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