The first of five stories written to please Phoenix, who awoke me to love, and to life. I had not known the meaning of either until we found each other.... what will I do without her?

Read. Please... I wish these stories to live in your minds, so our love will never fade.


My Phoenix.

Magnificent. Tall, elegant, lean and streamlined perfection from head to toe. Walking: a symphony of sensuous motion, eloquence, flow in every movement. Talking: intelligence, heart and wonder flashing from your sea-coloured eyes, now grey, now blue, now wreathed in the straight fall of your scarlet hair.

A grave, austere, pensive, mighty angel, veiled in a thundercloud, that is suddenly broken: by sunlight - mirth, the silver bells of your elven laughter.You are music, to me, and so, life itself.

Shakespearean actress, pole dancer (tournament competitor!), intellectual, paragon of physical strength, discipline and fitness, you embody and unify all contradictions within yourself.

Willowy grace, power and wisdom. All-wise in the ways of love... control, surrender. Top, bottom, woman, boy. You are everything to me. Before and after you: nothing. The be-all and end-all, alpha and omega. My beginning, when I thought all life ashes, and my living end: my love, the one great love of my life, love in human form: I revere you.

My Queen... my very life is in your hands.

You lead me naked to the pole in the center of your living room, and handcuff me, with my hands behind it. We lock eyes for one long moment, before you slip the blindfold over me. I am helpless and totally vulnerable. What's on your mind? Does anyone really know what their lover is thinking? If you wanted to, you could do anything to me now, without any consequences.... I rack my brain for anything I may have said or done to piss you off.... Love and fear, trust and suspicion, wage war within me.... then I:

Hear - the click of your heels as you walk away, and try to focus on my breathing.... I'm aroused but anxious... what happens next? I hear you walk back, slowly, feeling you stop in front of me, your warmth, your breath against my face... I arch my body to reach you, writhing, reacting, reaching out with the only thing I have, straining, pulsating.... to no avail, I touch only empty air as you twist away from me... I hear your low, throaty chuckle at my helplessness, then:

Feel. I gasp as the cold, sharp steel of of your Wartenburg wheel, a spiky spur designed to heighten skin sensitivity, traces my lips.... followed by:

Taste... A strawberry? Dipped in...... yes. Cognac. A violation of the sobriety I've struggled to maintain for decades. I am powerless against the warmth spreading through my body, down, outward from my belly, the power of it undimmed by time... and simultaneously, I feel a fatal sense of inevitability, finality, a premonition of doom. But suddenly, I don't care. I have already broken every vow for my overpowering love of you, of life... I can't help it, I want more and to hell with the consequences.... I suck the delicious hot liqueur from the fruit as you slowly push it into my mouth, then savagely bite down, the juices spilling, and hear your laughter as you trace the trail of sweetness with your tongue, down my neck, back to my mouth, with a deep lingering kiss... then:

Horsehair caressing my face, delicately drawn, hissing, then trailing across the skin of my chest, up, down, withdrawn... a whistling sound as smack! you strike, and the burning starts, drawing blood to the surface.... thence to my hips, my thighs, my ass... Then:

Shock as the spur crosses my chest, circles my nipples, rides across my ribs, my helplessly exposed throat, upper arms, face, eyelids, then straight down my belly to my cock, up the underside, then back down, around and around the rigid shaft, in spirals. I shudder from the intensity of the unfamiliar sensation, frightened but trusting you, literally with my life, loving you as I cannot, could not possibly, have ever loved another. Then:

Warmth as you slowly, lovingly, inexorably engulf the entire column with your mouth, taking me right to the back of it, and impossibly, beyond... your lips sliding all the way to the base, finally coming to rest gently on the flat surface of my lower belly. Staying. Rotating it slightly in your elegant, patrician throat, as you roll your head from side to side.... A groan escapes me as you slowly withdraw... then... again... then, faster, becoming rhythmic, a symphony of jungle drums builds in my head.... and I hear:

Pop! as my cock springs free, and you gasp for air. I'm shocked at the sudden absence of you, my inability to reach out. Everything I use is useless - eyes, hands, cock, I have nothing, I'm powerless. I cry out in hopeless despair... I hear your laughter, then I:

Feel your long, slender, beautiful fingers wrap around me, stroking, moving up the shaft, to smear my copious juices around and around the head, as your tongue probes my balls, suddenly sucking one into your mouth as I groan, helpless against the deep, deep ache that has begun there... a fire that can no longer be stopped, it spreads to the base of my spine... a long finger finds my opening, toying, exploring, sliding in, deeper, finding a place nothing has ever touched and awakening a sensation I have no words to describe...

I slide to my knees as you release me... and feel the caress of your hands in my hair, as you pull me close to you, rubbing the plane of your flat, firm belly against my cheek, feeling your hands on my face, tilting it upward to gaze sightlessly at you, slipping your fingers into my mouth... i clean them, avidly, tasting myself on you... then:

Smell: the unmistakable, delicate, clean scent of your sex... the impossibly fine, satiny-velvet touch of it, tracing the bridge of my nose, then, down, brushing my lips. I reach out with my tongue to find you already deliciously wet. I probe, gently explore the small, delicate folds of it, my favorite place on earth... I know what you like, and I do it well, thankfully, givingly, like a Spanish conquistador crying with joy to be finally granted the sight of what he has sought, sweated, sacrificed, prayed, suffered, died, killed for, El Dorado: the shining city of gold...

You withdraw, and suddenly I feel the smooth mounds of your incomparable hindquarters slide across my face, back and forth, up and down, you are bent over, backing into me and... what's this? In between your cheeks - another strawberry? I pluck it out with my lips and tongue, take it into my mouth, rolling it around, lubricating it, then push it back into the opening, tip first, holding the leaves between my teeth.

I rotate it against your sweet, tight, perfect rectum, caressing the rim, pushing the tip slightly in, as far as your taught, resisting flesh will allow, rubbing it up and down your cleft, the nubbled surface of the berry stimulating this most intense and loaded area. Then pulling it back into my mouth, cleaning it, taking it back in my teeth.

Sliding the strawberry down to your fragrant flower, I use it, teasing and parting the petals, pushing it in, farther this time, rolling it, coating it with your juices, hearing you start to breathe deeper, heavier. Only then do I pull it back, and eat it, crushing and swallowing it whole, then using this best of all angles to clean you, everywhere, completely, to the limit of the reach of the very roots of my tongue.

You turn around and take my head in your hands... I gently suck your sweet, tiny clitoris into my mouth and hold it there, between my lips and teeth, feeling it swell as I flick my tongue back and forth across it, then releasing it, sucking it back in, releasing, over and over, quickly, rhythmically now, as you cradle my head with your hands and pull me into you, gently, then as your arousal heightens, roughly, pulling my hair...

I don't mind, it doesn't matter if I did, I'm at your mercy... this is what I was born to do. I am in a trance, time has stopped and I can do this forever, if I can't live this way, I don't wanna live.... feeling your breath and pulse quicken, writhing, taking your pleasure from me as you slip into wonder, are pulled into the widening, spiraling gyre of your orgasm, gasping and shuddering, and are transported, utterly. And then suddenly:

You're done - you release me, my headbangsagainstthepole-I-see-stars: you pull me to my feet, rip the blindfold from my eyes, and I see you! All of you at once, a rampant lioness, fully alive now, flushed with pride, love, and lust, magnificent, as you:

MOUNT ME, all at once, suddenly leaping, one endless leg thrown around my back and the pole, then the other, pulling yourself up with your long, powerful, graceful arms, and slowly lowering yourself onto me, gazing into my eyes and releasing all your breath with a long, drawn out, hissing, shuddering sigh, feeling every ridge and fold of the length of your sweet, hot, tight, slippery, delicious channel, until I am completely and fully within you... all of your weight coming to rest at the base of my fully erect, rock hard cock, resting at my core, my/your/our center....you lick your fluids from my face, kissing me deeply, biting my lips... then up, then:

DOWN, then up, faster and faster, writhing, grinding, bruising, abusing me, I don't care, use me, kill me, grind me up, eat me, consume me, utterly, anything, anything, to be more deeply inside you, deeply, completely, one with you, part of you, of you, in you, you, you, you, my love, my love, my beloved, Astarte, Ayesha, Kali, Scarlet Woman, destroy me elevate me take me to the highest mountain, ride me right off it into the abyss of heaven, into the infinite, fasterandfasterandfasterfasterfasterand OH MY GODDESS YOU'RE COMING as I flood you with hot spurts of my essence, my very being and that of all my relations since the beginning of time, united with you fully, fully, fully.... complete.

Then we're human, again - mortal. Breathing. Silence. Still. But still, divine.

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