Strawberry - A Shanghai Girl in America Ch. 04


So hard to buy snow boots here in south of America where usually no snow. Online shopping so useful. Understanding from map that Canada even further north than Northern Minnesota. Understanding Canada has even more snow and even colder so making decision to buy snow boots online from Canada. Also lots of Chinese people in Canada for some reason, so correct size in winter boots so easy to find. Finding company called Canadian Tire*. So weird name. So interesting to see so impressive range of clothing and footwear for snow conditions. So buying delightful selection of winter boots. And winter clothing. So happy that FedEx delivery so fast from Canada to America.

Casual shoes. Outdoor shoes. Couple of extra pairs of casual shoes. Nice indoor shoes for parties and family dinners. Okay, only two pairs, Jimmy Choo of course, for parties and family dinners. So not overpacking. Bag already so jammed full. I zip up, look at Alan. I so proud at extreme economy of packing. I so capable of self-sacrifice when necessary. "Done."

Alan looking so impressed at minimal luggage, I can tell. I take bag of shoes. Shoes so unexpectedly heavy. So straining to carry. Alan pick up two of my suitcases. One in either hand. Muscles bulge. Alan sooooo strong. Alan so ripped. Looking at him, I so melting. I so wanting to push him back on my bed, take clothes off, examine muscles so closely; maybe play Cowgirl's and Alan's. Such a fun game. So exciting to play.

"God, Strawberry, stop looking at me like that. Stop right now." Alan grins at me. "We've got a long drive today and tonight. We need to leave right now." Alan so emphatic. So commanding. So much willpower. So surprised at Alan's willpower. He so strong-minded. I so admiring strength of will in man. So impressive.

I giggle. "Okay." My agreement so unusually meek and obedient. So not making fuss. We leaving now, Alan say he intend to drive all afternoon and all night so we get to his parents tomorrow morning. Driving more than a thousand miles. So far! So major adventure. I so excited. So venturing into the unknown. Like going to Tibet, except Tibet have so many nice Chinese people as well as so picturesque Tibetan people benefitting from so civilizing Chinese influence. So not sure who lives in Northern Minnesota besides Alan's family. So far in north, who knows? Eskimos? Indians maybe? I know we going through Minneapolis. Minneapolis has Somalis*. Gasp!

I read American news so diligent to learn all about new country of residence. National Enquirer so informative, so easy to understand. New York Post so full of useful tips. Alex Jones provide so great commentary, so articulate and passionate observer of current events. From so educational news outlets, learning so much. Puzzled by so much also but no doubt deeper understanding coming as base of knowledge expands with ongoing reading and viewing. Already understanding however that Somalis in Minneapolis so obviously not benefitting from civilizing influence of American people. So scary. Eyes so wide. I so brave to go through Minneapolis, even with Alan to protect me. So courageous of me. Feeling so proud of myself going through such dangerous city. So not going to any shopping malls in Minneapolis though, even though I so brave. I not that brave.

Alan tell me I can sleep while he drive through night. So not fair on Alan but so good of him. I so proud of Alan. So not wanting to make difficulties for him. I ready to go. Wearing so nice practical clothes to travel in. Jeans. Plaid shirt. So nice and warm. Carry my so nice winter jacket, Judy Hua* of course. Who else? I so proud to be wearing clothes of so talented Shanghai designer. So nice of her to design my outfits for Miss Shanghai contest. I so grateful, so wearing Judy Hua designs on all dates with Longwei. So ensuring mention of designer in gossip columns on almost daily basis. Judy Hua so thanking me, so designing nice clothes and gifting for me to take to America. So sad nobody in America know who Judy Hua is yet.

Pick up my winter coat, gloves, woolly hat, all bought from Canadian Tire online store so to aid in survival in remote icy fastness of Northern Minnesota. Such a wild savage place. Woods and bears and wolves and snow. So like Manchuria. So probably lacking civilized amenities like fashion clothing shops and dim sum restaurants and estheticians for manicures, pedicures and other essentials of life. Doing my own nails for whole week. No facials. No Brazilians either. I making so stunning sacrifices to improve probability of success of so blooming and beauteous relationship. I also feeling so brave and adventurous leaving civilization behind.

So thankful I have emergency Brazilian yesterday. Actually, I have complete emergency body wax yesterday along with facial, manicure, pedicure and also visiting hair stylist for little trim. Such a busy afternoon and evening. So anticipating lack of amenities in far northern wilderness. Daddy teach me to plan for all eventuality so well. I know my Daddy so proud of my foresight if he here. Although maybe not mentioning Brazilian to Daddy. Daddy so not understanding why girl needs to make herself so extremely attractive. Then again, Daddy having two wives plus mistress. Maybe Daddy is understanding need for attractiveness. But still, no intention of mentioning details to Daddy. Lots of things Daddy not needing to know.

Follow Alan downstairs. Pull on winter boots. My brand new Michael Kors Wedges. So beautiful boots, so looking cool as well as warm. Warm? They so hot! My feet sweating already. Alan blink at my boots. Say nothing. I smile. So fashionable winter boots. So liking that admiring look at my boots from Alan. So kicking them off as soon as we in car.

So sad to part with housemates. "Bye Ramona, bye Linda, see you in January."

"Bye Strawberry. And Alan, you make sure you look after her really really well, or you're in deep deep doo doo." Ramona so sweet.

"Have fun Strawberry, see you when we're all back. Bye Alan. And you know what Strawberry's like. You really take care of her, okay, really really, or we're coming for you." Ohhhh, Linda so thoughtful. Loving my housemates so much.

I so smiling. My housemates so caring for me. So thinking of me. They hug me. Lots of hugs. Lots of goodbyes. So many Christmas wishes and Happy New Years. So wonderful housemates. While Ramona and Linda and I saying goodbyes, Alan so busy packing my suitcases and bags and boxes of presents for family and extra winter clothes in his car. So sad to leave so wonderful housemates.

So happy when Alan holds car door open for me, helps me into passenger seat, tucking me in so carefully. So looking after me. So caring. I smiling so happy, loving Alan so much. So looking forward to adventure of travel.

* * *

Such a long drive. Hours and hours on Interstates. Alan such a good driver, Challenger such nice car. Sound so good driving on Highway. We talk all afternoon while Alan drive. I asking so many questions. So wanting to know. Alan tells me about his family. Mom and Dad. Grandparents. Aunts and Uncles and cousins. Little Sister Gwen and Big Brother Patrick. So many friends. Growing up in remoteness of far north of state of Minnesota. Sailing in summer. Skiing in winter. Snowmobiling. Camping in snow. Working in family business of lumber. Lakes and forests and hiking and fishing and hunting. So much fun, so much adventure. So different from growing up in Shanghai where only hunting I did was for next boyfriend or good restaurant or club or karaoke bar.

Alan play nice music for me. Such good music to listen to. Alan have such good taste in Cantopop. Not telling him he bought Cantonese music from Hong Kong, not Mandarin music. Not understanding Cantonese dialect but I knowing from large selection of music that Alan work so hard to make sure I happy. Understanding Alan make such effort special for me, I so happy, even listening to Cantopop. North through Illinois on I57, mile after endless mile, I74 from Champaign to Bloomington. So interesting to drive on Interstate freeways. America have such good highways. So empty compared to China. So much land, so beautiful landscape, so scenic, so few people. America such a lucky country.

We stop for gas. Alan show me how to put gas in car. So exciting to fill my first gas tank. Opening gas cap. Taking hose from pump. So heavy, almost dropping on concrete. So squeaking. Holding handle with both hands so careful, placing nozzle in hole in side of car, squeezing, listening to gas pouring into tank. So hoping gas will stop when hand stops squeezing. So reassuring to know Alan beside me to help if something goes wrong. So much gas needed to fill tank in big car. So liking look of American Muscle Car. So relieved when I stop squeezing and gas stops coming out. Alan shows me how to put hose back on pump, how to put cap back on gas tank. So exciting! So jumping up and down clapping hands at success. Alan laughing so hard at me. I so smiling. So much confidence gained.

We eat at gas station stop. Subway. American fast food so nice. So much fun to order. Girl behind counter so not understanding me but so friendly. So smiling. Everyone smiling. Everyone so friendly. Alan translates order so happily. Sub so yummy. Hot chocolate with cream and sugar so nice. So loving travelling in America. Just like in movies except better. So feeling like brave explorer venturing into wild foreign land with handsome native guide. Alan laugh so hard when I tell him.

I asking man by next car to be taking selfie of me and Alan with big muscle car behind us. I so posting on Facebook. Photo will so impress my friends in Shanghai. Combination of Alan and big black Muscle Car with me looking so beautiful and charming sure to be hit. If Alan stripping to muscle shirt to show ripped muscles, maybe even going viral. "No way." Alan so emphatic. Man by next car laughing, saying "do it, dude." I pleading. I begging. Others at gas station offering encouragement. Alan ending up complying with request. So blushing as doing so. Everyone smiling as Alan pump up muscles and pose. I so ecstatic as cuddling up to so hunky guy for photos. I know my friends so going to be jealous like cats. End up doing group photo with guys at gas station. Americans so wonderful friendly people.

Everyone waving goodbyes. So enjoying calls of "yo, hot babe you got there, dude," as we climb back in car. So posting Facebook update from iPhone so immediate. So enjoying as watching Post go viral in Shanghai so instantaneous. Alan so embarrassed when I tell him already over ten thousand likes in first ten minutes from followers who so interested in life of self in America. So many comments about hunky guy. So many Shanghai girls thinking Alan so hot. I so smiling. So rude comments about what I doing with so hunky guy. So many Shanghai guys so jealous. So blushing at rudeness of wording.

Darkness now falling. So dark, so cold outside now. So happy with nice warm Michael Kors Wedges keeping toes so warm and snug. I so curled up in big comfortable passenger seat with blanket and pillow Alan so thoughtful to bring for me. So warm and cosy, so sleepy as night gets darker and darker. North on I39, cross into Wisconsin, change onto I90, drive towards so dangerous city of Minneapolis. Alan drive on, hour after hour.

I wake up in middle of night, still so dark, feel so sorry for Alan, wishing I could drive. Maybe when we get back I learn to drive. Cannot be too hard. Everyone here in America seem to do it. In past weeks I even see Chinese girls driving. Maybe American Chinese girls? Maybe not. I not sure. But knowing also I not to rely on Alan for everything. I in America now and needing to be independent girl, not relying on guys. So liking newfound independence. Sometimes. Maybe on return I buy own car. Maybe nice little Porsche but so thinking now that maybe not.

Porsche German car. So nice car but I in America now. I should drive American car. Not wanting Muscle Car like Alan's. Wanting cute car. Maybe nice little Jeep Wrangler. Always liking little two door jeep, so cool playful outdoorsy looking car. Pink Jeep Wrangler with big fat wheels and "Hummer Rescue Service" sticker would be so American. All my friends in Shanghai would be so laughing at Hummer Rescue Service sticker, appreciating joke when seeing. I not outdoorsy girl but who care, all my friends back in Shanghai not outdoorsy either but they so admiring of adventurous outdoorsy spirit displayed. Not needing to actually be outdoorsy. So unnecessary to expose self to sun and inclement weather. Outdoorsy spirit displayed so more than sufficient.

I knowing already all my friends in Shanghai so jealous seeing topless blonde blue-eyed Alan beside me as he sitting in passenger seat of pink jeep displaying so hunky muscles, so ripped body. Ohhhh, I so shivering with pleasure at so exciting thought. Already knowing so exciting photo no doubt going viral too. Mind so made up. So shopping for little jeep on return after Christmas Break. Little pink jeep with so hunky Alan fitting new post-Longwei media image so effective, so un-ostentatious and yet so cute. So perfect image of life in America for newly-arrived Shanghai girl. We stop again. More gas. More coffee for Alan. Walk around, stretch legs. "Almost at Minneapolis," Alan tells me. "Only a couple of hours to go."

I scared at nearness of so dangerous city in conjunction with so lack of necessary defensive firepower. So remembering words of wise and so distinguished-looking Peoples Liberation Army militia instructor Sergeant Han. He so experienced. Our High School senior girls' militia unit so listening with rapt attention as Sergeant Han recount his part in magnificent defense against so deluded and misguided Vietnamese enemies of glorious Peoples Republic by so heroic and skilled Peoples Liberation Army. So remembering phrase he use with regard to savage war fought against invading Vietnamese imperialists so long ago in 1979* when Sergeant Han so brave and courageous young soldier.

"As available firepower increases, the situation incapable of favorable outcome increasingly approaches zero." Sergeant Han so erudite in explaining how heroic Peoples Liberation Army blow crap out of so deluded and misguided Vietnamese enemies. We girls all so admiring of so tough-looking Sergeant Han. I so missing availability of personal 95 Shì Zìdòng Bùqiāng firepower with which to ensure high probability of favorable outcome of encounter with bad people if necessary while driving through Minneapolis. I so tired I sleep anyhow. Alan still wide-awake, drinking more coffee. Alan wake me if danger. Can always use bear spray if necessary. If bear spray working so effective on so horrible scary man-eating bears, must be working on bad people too.

I go back to sleep, curled up in passenger seat, so tired from trip. I wake up when Alan stops again. "Halfway to Duluth," he tells me. "I need a quick nap, going to sleep for an hour or so." I look outside. Shiver. Ground is white everywhere. Snow. But inside car so nice and warm. I so relief at passing scary Minneapolis-city safely. I look at Alan. He look so tired. I smile. I know way to relax Alan, help him nap better.

Alan eye me so suspiciously. "Strawberry?" he say.

"Mmmmm," I smile, undoing my seat belt. "Move your seat back, Alan. Lie back, close eyes." He does. I smile. Reach out, undo belt, unzip jeans as his eyes fly open.

"Huh? What? Strawberry?"

"Shhhh," I hush him, smiling. "I help you relax, Alan." Fingers so gently ease object of desire out from within concealing boxers. So yummy looking in dim lights of gas station rest area. So gently kissing tip, flickering tongue out to lick tip as fingers ease foreskin down, hold yummy diao upright, watching it turn into di diao before my eyes.

"Magic," I gasp, so intrigued. "So small one moment, so big next moment, how this happen?" I look at Alan, my eyes so wide, so enquiring. My mouth so greedy, so slipping down length of di diao, so wanting to see how much of him I can get inside mouth. So enjoying, So delicious. So exciting. Alan think so too.

"Ohhhh Jesus," Alan groan so enthusiastically as my tongue swirls on him, as I slide my lips up and down his length. Alan instantly so much more excited, his hands holding my head, brushing my hair back so he can see me. So liking Alan to see me, so moving my fingers down to the base of his di diao so he can see my lips sliding down him, see my lips sliding back up as I suck on him. See my tongue as I lift my lips and lick him instead.

No wasting time, Strawberry, no teasing. Alan need nap, not exercise. My hand stroke him fast, my mouth suck on him, my head bobbing up and down so happily. Strawberry's turn to work, I tell myself. This sort of work so much fun. So enjoyable. Not possible for me to drive, but this help Alan sleep so well. I lift my mouth for a moment to smile at Alan, my hand still stroking him. So hard. So wanting more but so thinking of Alan.

"Don't stop for fuck's sake," Alan groan, his hands pulling my head back down. So greedy of him.

So happy to satisfy Alan's hunger. My mouth plunge down. Tip of di diao all the way into throat. I so good. Do again and again, so fast, so enthusiasm. So yummy fun. So regretting no playtime. Alan groan so loud, hips jerking on seat. He going to shèjīng, I know. He does shèjīng, spurting out so fast, so much of it. So tasty to swallow. Swallow so greedily. Swallow and swallow and swallow. Not wasting any drop. Alan spurt and spurt and spurt. So much to swallow. Have to swallow so fast. Keep swallowing until he finish. Lick him clean. He groan one last time. I lick lips. Mmmmm, so tasty. Alan look so happy as I tuck him away, so carefully zip up. Not to make that mistake I make once with first boyfriend in Shanghai. So remembering screams of pain. So awful memory.

"Strawberry, I love you." His hand strokes my head, he smile, his eyes close. Instantly he fast asleep.

I look down at him, so big, so handsome, so caring, so mine. I smile so happy. Rest my head on his chest, close eyes. Feel so secure, so safe, so much love and happiness with Alan. So looking forward to meeting Alan's family. So nervous too, but Gwen will be there. Gwen so nice to me. Such a wonderful little sister. I so sleepy now too. So relaxed. So nice taste in mouth as sleep comes.

* * *

Wake up slowly, eyes opening. I still so tired. Lights from gas station light up inside of car. Car so cold, breath puffs out in big cloud, but I so warm and snug. Windows covered in white. Alan still fast asleep. Everything so white. Snow? Is that snow? So excited to see snow. Tiredness vanish so instantaneous. Snow in Shanghai so dirty, disappear so fast. This snow so white, so clean, so fresh, like Christmas Card snow. Ohhh, so beautiful snow. I lie half on Alan, head on his shoulder, big thick winter coats pulled over both of us to keep us warm. Not me doing that. Alan must have woken up and done that without disturbing me. So nice of Alan. I love him so much.

"Mmmm, Strawberry?" Alan stirs beneath me, yawning. Looks at his watch. Nice watch I buy for Alan of Ali Express as little present. Fiyta Extreme Skeleton. Made in Shenzhen. So cool watch. My watch Fiyta ladies model. Not expensive but so pretty. "Wow. That was some nap." He laughs. "You sure know how to relax a guy."

I smile, sit up, stretching. Alan right, I do. I so very good at relaxing guy. Alan relaxed proof. Look at watch. Wow. Eight am. We nap for four hours in car. So amazing. No wonder Alan so bushy-tale. Such a puzzling expression. How come a story is bushy? Why that mean you wide-awake? English so puzzling. Whatever. We park in gas station rest area. Food. Hot Chocolate. Washroom. Especially washroom. After washroom, food. Priorities. I so hungry. Also so urgently needing washroom.

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