Stray Cats Ch. 02


This is chapter 2 of a reprint, of a story that I posted in 2015 on this site. I was rereading it lately and correcting some of the typos when it dawned on me that perhaps I should repost this story (in the original chapter format) for readers today. It's still relevant, well most of it is. I hope you enjoy it.

Oh, as a reminder, you might consider going back to read the opening chapter as much of who these characters are, and why they're together is established in chapter one, But, as always, it's your choice.

Please leave a comment when you've finished, feedback is the lifeblood of a writer.




It was Thursday and Alex drove home from his afternoon class. He walked up to the apartment house and paused before the bottom step. He smiled briefly as he looked up to his third floor window, squinting into the afternoon sun that reflected off the glass. He tried to imagine what was going to happen once he crossed the threshold into the apartment house. He knew that two beautiful women were about to change his life forever.

Hell, they had already changed his life; it was what came next that made him anxious. Alex drew in a big breath, and then let it out slowly. He walked up the front porch stairs and opened the door. It was going to be an interesting day, he thought, with those two around there was no telling where they'd end up.

Alex started up the stairs towards his third floor apartment when Tom Reilly poked his head out of the manager's apartment.

"Hey Wells," Reilly mumbled his mouth still stuffed with a chicken leg from an apparent late lunch. "You got some time this weekend to help me with the firepit? The city building inspector has a wild hair up his ass and I need to move it further away from the tree."

"Sure, no need to burn the neighborhood down," Alex replied watching Tom pick a piece of chicken meat from a crevice in his teeth. "I should be around Saturday morning before I need to go to work."

"Saturday's no good, do you have time on Friday?"

"I'll look and see," Alex replied as he started to climb the stairs. "I have a paper due online on Saturday. I'll let you know, okay?"

"Sure thing, thanks." Tom ducked back inside and closed his door. Alex heard a ball game blaring on the television in the background.

As he turned the corner on the third floor landing he looked up to see Amanda and Rachel sitting together at the top of the stairs.

"Uh-Oh, you're both waiting for me aren't you? This can't be good," he said, grinning and shaking his head. "So, what's up?" He added, trying to look innocent.

"You know full well what's up, babe," Rachel replied. "Get your little tushy up here now and take a quick shower. We have work to do before we go shopping."

"Aw, do I have too?" He asked, in a mock whine as he slowly ascended the last flight of stairs.

Amanda stood up as he passed by her and she swatted his butt with a big grin. She shouted, "scoot!" to propel him to his door. He opened his apartment door and dropped his book bag near his desk. Then he pulled off his coat and shoes and started undressing as he moved towards the bathroom.

"And don't forget to shave babe," Rachel shouted into the room as he closed the bathroom door. "Real close too!"

A couple of minutes later Rachel entered his bathroom and set a robe on the hook on the bathroom door. Alex was lathering up his hair as Rachel peeked behind the shower curtain. "Hey cutie," she said, "I hung your robe on the door. Don't put on anything else, okay?"

"Okay, thanks." He leaned forward; his eyes were still filled with shampoo, and kissed Rachel on the cheek. "I'll be out in a minute." Then he paused a moment and thought about what she just said. "Wait a minute! Why?"

Alex squinted as he peered around the shower curtain with soap dripping into his eyes. Rachel was already out the door.


When he stepped out of his shower Amanda stood waiting with another towel to wrap around his hair. Alex has had long hair since high school when he tried his hand at playing in a rock and roll band.

"What teenager doesn't?" He pleaded with his mom who eventually relented.

It was a short-lived moment; it was mostly because the girl he was currently infatuated with played the keyboard in a local garage band. But his talent and interest in rock and roll faded along with his interest in the keyboardist.

He did like the long hair though; it made him feel like a rebel, even if he really wasn't one. After that he just sort of stuck with the was easier.

After Amanda wrapped the towel around his hair she wrapped her arms around his neck and planted a deep kiss on his lips. "That's because I've been missing you all day today," she said with an impish smile. "Now come on, we're going over to Rachel's. That girl has more makeup than Walgreens!"

Amanda took his hand and led him across the hallway into Rachel's apartment. She brought him over to a small stool placed in front of a dressing table and he sat down. "Here you go Sis, he's all clean and dry." She turned around and started to rummage around in a makeup kit on Rachel's dressing table, looking for a foundation that might work on his skin.

Rachel removed the towel and stood behind Alex with a hair dryer combing his hair. Once most of the dampness was gone, she began to pin it back so that it wouldn't get in the way of the makeup Amanda was going to apply. She looked at him in the mirror. "Before we go we have to get you ready, babe." Her eyes were twinkling mischievously.

"What do you mean?"

"Do you want to go shopping for girl stuff dressed like a girl or like a guy?" Rachel leaned down and kissed him on the cheek with a wicked grin.

"Oh, I see. A girl, I guess. But won't everyone know?"

"Not when we are through with you they won't," Amanda replied. "Now pay attention because there will be a test at the end of the lesson."

Alex blinked a bit shocked.

Amanda had a huge grin on her face as she leaned in and kissed him on the cheek. "Just kidding sweetie. But you should pay attention so you'll know how it's done and you can eventually do it yourself."

Rachel laughed as she reached down and pushed Alex's knees together. "And don't forget to keep your knees together when you're wearing a skirt."

"Rachel, I don't have a bra that will fit him, do you?" Amanda asked as she rummaged through Rachel's makeup tray again.

"I'll look in my dresser but I know the full cups will all be too big," she replied. "Maybe I can find a push-up." Rachel's size 'D' plus chest was considerably larger than Alex's 'C' cup but she looked anyway.

Perhaps a demi cup would offer just enough support, she thought as she searched through her drawers. "I think I have an old one in here somewhere that just might fit."

While Rachel dug through her dresser, Amanda started on Alex's eye makeup. A few minutes later, and at the bottom of her bottom drawer, Rachel found a matching set that looked like they might fit him.

She slipped Alex's arms through the straps while Amanda finished with the mascara and eyeliner. After she closed the clasp on the bra Rachel leaned forward and kissed Amanda on the cheek.

"You guys make a good team," Alex remarked watching the two of them working together so closely.

"Yeah, we do," Rachel replied, as Amanda tilted her head and smiled sweetly.

While Rachel adjusted the bra straps Amanda finished with the foundation and blush. The bra seemed to fit nicely. Alex leaned forward and adjusted his breasts into the cups like Rachel told him to. Then she walked into her bathroom and returned shortly with a long piece of adhesive tape. She had cut a hole in one end and she split the other end up a little more than halfway.

"Here, stand up a second," she said. "Sorry Amanda, this will only take a second."

Rachel reached around Alex and tried to slip the head of his cock into the hole on one end of the tape. But he was beginning to grow hard with all this attention and it didn't help that Rachel's mouth was only inches from his crotch.

"I'd love to help you with that babe, but if I do, the rest of the afternoon will be shot," she grinned.

Alex sat down as he tried to control his heart and keep his cock from overheating. Amanda stood back and giggled at his predicament. Eventually, trying to do a series of math problems in his head, things began to calm down. He nodded to Rachel that he was doing better.

"Okay, stand up babe, and let me slip this over the head." Rachel pushed his cock head into the hole she created on the end of the tape.

"Now reach under and push your balls into the hollow in your crotch," she said watching him closely. "Good, now pull the tape underneath and lay your cock against your perineum. Not too tight, just enough to flatten your front."

As Alex's cock pushed against his balls to hold them in place, Rachel pulled the two pieces of tape snuggly against his ass cheeks, on either side of his crack.

"This will keep you from standing up in the ladies room but it will still allow you to pee. Neat huh?" Rachel grinned as she admired her handiwork while Alex stood there blushing. She got up and walked over to her dresser.

"Here babe," Rachel said, tossing Alex a pair of her high rise lace panties that matched the bra, "put these on."

Alex stepped into the panties and looked down at his crotch. The bulge that had been there since he was old enough to notice was gone. It was a bit unnerving at first. He looked up at the girls and smiled awkwardly.

"Now those panties fit you better," she said with a grin and Amanda stood admiring Rachel's handiwork with a smirk. "We'll look for a gaff online tomorrow that will make it easier, tape irritates after a while," she said, with a knowing smile.

Alex turned bright crimson as he sat back down. He wiggled a bit to test how well the tape held. So this is how she does it, he thought, a bit amazed. Cool.

He was glad, for once, that the girls had taken so much care to remove all the hair from his body. Otherwise removing that tape would have been brutal. He looked up and turned his attention back to Amanda with a sheepish grin.

"Okay sweetie, the trick here is to just put on enough to enhance not embarrass," she said, concentrating on her brushwork. "You're not doing a drag show."

Alex glanced over at the mirror and tried to watch what she was doing.

"You already have beautiful features so all I'm doing is giving them a little highlight."

He tried to keep an eye on what she was doing with his makeup but it was hard to watch every step, especially when the makeup was being applied to his own face.

Rachel pulled some of the hairpins out using a hairdryer. She began to finish drying and straightening his hair. Once that was done she walked back over to her dresser.

"Where are the shoes that you bought?" she asked. She was busy rifling through another drawer looking for clothes that might fit him.

"They're in my closet across the hall," he replied, pointing towards her door.

"I'll go get them, I'm through with his makeup now anyway," Amanda said, setting down a tray of blush and walking towards Rachel's front door.

"They're in the back on the left behind a box of papers."

"Okay, I'll find them," Amanda shouted, as she opened Alex's apartment door across the hall.

Rachel pulled a brightly striped scooped-neck tank top out from another drawer and handed it to Alex.

"Here, put this on," she said, as she turned back to her dresser.

"Doesn't this reveal too much?" he asked, nervously.

"Nope, it'll be just right. Those girls are lovely, babe, you shouldn't hide them. You just want to tease, not advertise. If you know what I mean."

"Do all girls think like this?"

"Not all, but a lot of them do. You've heard the phrase 'if you got them, flaunt them' haven't you?"

Alex nodded as Rachel turned to find him a pair of pants.

"I've got a pair of capris that you can probably fit into but we'll have to use a belt because your waist is narrower than mine, which makes me totally jealous."

She opened up her bottom drawer again and dug to the back. "Found them," she said as she pulled out a pair of peach colored capris and handed them to Alex.

By the time, Amanda returned with Alex's new heels, Rachel was back to his hair. She combed it carefully then pulled it back and up into a high ponytail. She used a curling iron to give the ends a bit of a curl and twist.

"It looks more feminine this way," she said, as she brushed his hair and shaped the curl.

Amanda set his new three-inch heels by his feet and dropped a pair of knee-high sheer stockings next to them. Alex reached down and pulled on the knee-high stockings then he stood up to pull on the Capri pants. Next he stepped into his new shoes.

Amanda and Rachel both stood back and watched as Alex slowly turned towards them. He was a bit wobbly at first. But he had a good sense of balance and within minutes he was standing tall in his new heels.

"Whoa," Amanda said, gawking at Alex. "I can't believe it's you, sweetie. Rachel those clothes look great on him.

Amanda turned to Rachel and asked, "Do you think the heels are too much for shopping?"

"Nah," she replied, shaking her head. "Besides, they make his butt even cuter."

Alex blushed brightly and rolled his eyes, which made both women giggle.

"You look good enough to eat, babe," grinned Rachel with a gleam in her eyes. "Your makeup is perfect, nice job, Amanda."

"Thanks, Rachel," she replied. "Now lets go shopping!"


They all piled into Alex's car and headed out to the local discount strip. Amanda drove, as it was too much to expect Alex to drive in heels, especially for the first time.

"I think Alex needs a new name," Rachel said, looking across the front seat. "What do you think Amanda?"

"I agree," she replied. "Hmm," she paused a moment in thought. "How about April? It's the month in which she was born," Amanda replied with a sweet smile.

"I like that, very springy," Rachel nodded her approval as she looked at Alex in the back seat.

"April, we're going to Target first to get all the basic stuff and then we'll head for the mall," said Amanda looking at Alex in the rearview mirror. "This is going to be so much fun!"

"Girls, are you sure about this?" Alex's voice had a bit of a quaver to it. The girls could hear the tension in his voice. "This isn't some sort of hazing to get into the 'all girls club' is it?" Alex's anxiety levels were continuing to climb.

"April, you'll do fine, sweetheart, the only thing anyone will notice is how beautiful you are," cooed Amanda.

"She's right, babe. Come on, we're here," Rachel said, "I call dibs on dressing room assistant."

"Not fair!" Amanda shouted as they scampered arm in arm into the store laughing and giggling all the way to the women's section. Alex followed behind them walking a little less sure of himself with every step.

He blushed slightly as he looked at everyone he passed fully expecting each one of them to point and laugh. But no one seemed to notice. Still, his heart was racing. As he walked down the main aisle he passed the women's accessory section on the right. Alex glanced over and noticed a saleswoman behind the counter watching him. He smiled at her coyly and she smiled back. Not knowing what else to do, Alex raised his hand and meekly waved at her then he nodded at her at the same time.

Amanda came back over to Alex and grabbed his hand then she leaned up and whispered in his ear.

"What are you doing?"

"Nothing. The woman smiled at me and I smiled back. I think she knows!"

"Knows what?"

"That I'm not a woman!" he whispered through his teeth.

"Oh my God," Amanda replied in a forced whisper. "The way you were looking at her she probably thinks you're a lesbian!"

Alex blanched at the thought.

"Just act like you would if you were wearing jeans and a t-shirt," murmured Amanda. "Now stop being all weird and come on, sweetie."

A moment later they caught up with Rachel in the women's section. She was browsing through the clearance rack and Amanda joined her while Alex stood awkwardly fingering the texture of a blouse.

"Here," said Amanda handing Alex a couple of Capri pants and some camisole tops, "put these into the cart. You can try them on in a minute."

Rachel found a nice cotton sundress and one made out of a jersey knit and dropped them into the cart as well. "You won't need to try these on because I already know that they'll fit from what you are wearing," Rachel said, continuing to dig through another rack. Amanda found a long black knit dress that dropped daringly low in the back and had a simple scooped neck front. She held it up against Alex to check the fit. Then she tossed it and a similar one in red into the cart.

While the girls continued to rummage through the racks, Alex wandered over to the underwear section. He began to sort through the demi-cups for something that might fit.

"Hey sweetie," whispered Amanda, "we're going to Victoria's Secret after this, you don't need anything here."

"I know, but this would be for everyday wear," he replied. "Besides, they have cute matched sets."

Amanda's eyes began to sparkle. "That's the spirit!" She helped him pick out a few more sets. Then she tossed his choices into the basket.

"Come on," Amanda said tugging him away from the bra sets, "let's go to the fitting room."

"April, I've already got you set up in room three," Rachel said, with a wink towards Amanda.

"You can have Victoria's Secret," she whispered to Amanda as Alex entered the fitting room area. Amanda's eyes began to gleam with anticipation.

Alex glanced at the fitting room employee who stood near the front counter rehanging clothes on a restock rack. He wondered if the girl noticed anything odd about the woman who just walked past her. If she did, she didn't show it. Alex walked quickly back to fitting room three and ducked behind the door.

As Alex slipped off his pants and began to pull on the new ones. Rachel, wearing a wicked grin, couldn't resist the temptation. She reached inside his panties and touched him. Alex squirmed beneath her fingers.

"Oh God Rachel, you're killing me," Alex whispered hoarsely. "That strap is a torture device. It works all too well."

"I'll be happy to take care of it once we get home, babe," she replied, with a grin as she continued to massage his crotch. "I'm just checking to see if everything is still nice an snug. And it is," she giggled.

"You are a terrible tease!" His whisper was stressed by the tension in his panties.

"Of course," replied Rachel coyly. "But that doesn't mean you can't help me with my problem."

"What problem?"

Alex looked down and saw her cock begin to emerge. It tented her skirt as it continued to rise.

"How did you..." Alex whispered frantically.

"I brought the tape," she said, coyly. "There wasn't time before we left."

"But in a dressing room?" Alex listened frantically for any sounds that might suggest that the dressing room attendant was nearby.

"Don't worry babe, it happens all the time in here," she replied nonchalantly.

"It does?"

She kissed him hard on the lips then smirked as she pushed down on his shoulders, lowering him towards her 'problem'.

Alex peeled Rachel's panties down and looked at the cock that was pointed towards his mouth. All his former worries seemed to fade as he parted his lips and kissed the head softly. It was amazing to him that in such a short time the very thought of sucking Rachel's cock had become so natural for him. It seemed to be an act that now felt so completely normal, at least with Rachel. He could never imagine doing this with anyone else. He wasn't gay. He wasn't even bisexual, that he knew of. He just wanted to be with Rachel and Amanda, to please them as much as he could. If sucking her cock was how he did that, then so be it.

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