Stress Relief


This story and any others I may choose to write are similar to stories I would write for my ex. She loved them, I figured others might as well.


I come home after a long day at work, frustrated. We've texted throughout the day so you know I've been having a difficult day.

I'm dressed up wearing a suit and tie. I walk in and see you sitting on the couch. You, knowing what kind of mood I'm in, have dressed up in something which you know that I will love. A plaid skirt and a white button up top, no panties, no bra.

I sit down next to you, not looking at you immediately, stopping to close my eyes and take a moment to breath. You lean in close, reach over, putting your hand on my chest as I take a deep breath, and ask calmly, "are you okay, baby?" Swiftly, I turn to you, my hand on the side of your face as I kiss you deeply.

My hand slides to the back of your head, through your hair, holding on tighter as our tongue begin to slide around one another. My hand slides down your body, over your tits, slowly over your stomach, down to your hips, stopping at your thighs. My hand grips tight, moving up and down, with each movement upward, pushing your skirt slightly higher. I move my hand to your leg closest to me, now massaging up and down your inner thigh, your skirt now so high your a slight look down would catch a glimpse of your pussy as it is become more and more wet. I gently slide my finger over your pussy, teasing you, but also feeling just how wet I have made you.

I break the kiss only to kiss down to your neck, biting it hard. All the while playing with your pussy, rubbing your clit, circling it, teasing it, until finally you say, "I want you inside of me." I respond by sliding my finger up inside of your pussy, curling it up, slowly fucking you with it. "Baby, please," you say, "I want your cock inside of me."

"Well, then, I will give my angel want she wants."

I slowly slide my finger out of your pussy and I have you lick it clean. When you've finished, I sit back, I remove my belt, undo my pants, and as I pull them down my cock forces itself out, bouncing up. I grab you and pull you on top of me. I grab my cock as you kneel over me, you lower yourself down onto it, but to tease you, I pull it forward just enough to so that your pussy slides down the length of it instead of going inside of your pussy. I grab you by your hips, pulling you down, your pussy pressed against my cock, and I have you sliding you pussy up and down the length of my cock.

Finally you beg once more, "please, may have your cock inside of me?" I smile, pull you in for a kiss, grab your hips, guide them up, the tip of my cock now pressing into your pussy. I pull you down, sliding my cock all the way up inside of you. You take no time, you begin riding me vigorously.

I rip your shirt open, I slide my hands up and down your body as you continue to ride my cock. I pull you in, so I can suck on your tits. Circling my tongue around your nipples, Sucking harder on your tits the faster you begin to ride my. When you slow down, I take your nipples lightly in my teeth and pull on them. I lean back and start taking off my tie and shirt. As soon as my chest is exposed you place your hands on it. You begin to dig your nails into me as you near cumming.

I grab your ass, I lift you up off my cock. I stand up carrying you, your legs now wrapped around me. I press you against the nearest wall. I slide you back down onto my cock, I slowly begin fucking you, With each moan you let out, fucking you faster and harder. It's not long before I'm thrusting inside of you as hard and fast as I can. The wall now shaking. You digging your nails into my back so hard, I'm nearly bleeding. Your pussy, spasms, you tremble, you hold on tight as you orgasm with my cock all the way inside of your pussy. I've slowed down only for a moment, but I continue until I'm cumming, filling your pussy. Not stopping until the cum is dripping out of your pussy and around my cock...

I carry you back over to the couch, lie you down, and I lie down next to you. I wrap my arm around you as we begin kissing again, slowing down for a moment...

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