Stress Relief


The pleasure again began to build. Her muscles tensed as she put all her remaining strength into fucking him. The sweat trickled down both of their bodies, creating a musky mix of scent. Her pussy was drenched with liquid arousal, the wetness provoked by the experience of once more sodomizing her husband.

The climb to climax made her hips buck harder, upping the pace, sending that strap-on to the base into his bowels. He moaned lewdly, his asshole clutching to the plunging plastic. Her hands now both gripped at his hips, squeezing hard, letting her drive forward with less and less restraint. The long and deep strokes became sloppier as the pleasure rose to orgasm, the rhythm falling apart, just rough jabs into his guts, the clit stimulator mashing into that sensitive bud to finally trigger the climax.

She cried out, her pussy seizing wetly, the pace stopping entirely. Body-wide shudders wracked her, accompanied by the fiery sensations. This time, he stayed still, peeking back over his shoulder to watch her as she luxuriated in the thrills.

The cry that she had loosed calmed down into heavy breathing, which became soft purrs as she stumbled back, the strap-on sliding from his insides, that distended asshole twitching weakly. Luckily, his desk chair was right behind her, letting her drop into the padded leather with a long, drawn-out sigh. The afterglow suffused her with a formidable warmth.

Before her, he remained unmoving, still waiting for instruction.

Lisa took a few more moments to relax, lounging in his chair, watching as his asshole began the process of closing back up.

"Hey," she called out after those moments, leaning forward to land a slap on his ass, "we're not done yet, come here to clean it."

With an obedient coo, he turned smoothly, dropping to his knees before her. Her eyes fixed on him as he closed a hand around the length of plastic and leaned forward over it. The strap-on was treated to the affections of his wet mouth, sliding up and down the shaft to clean his own flavor off, slurping enthusiastically here and there where it was strongest. The tip of the head was the focal point of that service, her husband drawing it between his lips, sucking happily at the fake cock, glancing up to watch her watching him.

"Yeah, that's good, make sure it's nice and clean..."

Under that gaze, he cleaned off the strap-on, going from tip to base and back again several times, doing his best to make sure that her command was carried out. One of her hands landed on his head, stroking at his hair.

"Good job," she purred, watching as he nuzzled against the agent of his own subjugation.

His eyes again found hers, taking a few moments to slide down her front, gazing at her round breasts, covered in a sheen of sweat. There was an unspoken desire in those eyes at that sight, so she nodded meaningfully, giggling as he leapt to his feet, leaning forward to kiss and suck at her chest, supping on her musk. That mouth slid its way quickly up along her collarbone, leaving light pecks at her neck on the path to her mouth, meeting it in a tender kiss. She wrapped her arms around him, cradling him closer.

Husband and wife stayed that way for a little while longer. Their lips were locked, their bodies squirming together, his cock rubbing against the strap-on.

She leaned back, breaking their kiss to stare into his eyes.

"You really needed that, huh?"

He nodded, a slight smile quirking the edge of his mouth.

"Yeah, I did. Thank you."

Her own smile appeared to match his.

"Anytime, babe."

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