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Stressed Out

byGeorgette Glass©

My place is small, but it is clean and comfortable. It is a duplicate of my next door neighbor’s place; it’s a duplex that I share with a very good friend, Polly. We both lead our own lives, but we have a tendency to share everything in the final analysis. My name is Maxine, and I am cursed with a peaches and cream complexion that I inherited from my mother’s side of the family. Polly, in sharp contrast, is of Negro decent and has a very light brown complexion. She is often mistaken for a Latino or a Polynesian girl.

As I said earlier, Polly and I are the best of friends. When one has a problem, the other has a problem. That takes us to the knock at my front door.

“Hi, Polly,” I said cheerfully, “Enter.” I could tell she hadn’t been awake for long. She was wearing an ex-boyfriend’s oxford shirt that was buttoned only at the center two buttons. Polly had a lot to hide.

“That son-of-a-bitch did it again,” she exclaimed rather heatedly as she pushed past me and into my kitchen.

“Relax, girlfriend,” I said in my best comforting tone. “What did the asshole do this time?”

“You got any coffee?” she asked sharply.

“You know where it is,” I replied. “Now what did Ramon do to get you so pissed off?”

She helped herself to a cup of coffee, and returned to the kitchen table where we had settled half of the world’s problems over the past couple of years. This was comfortable surroundings so she began to settle down somewhat.

“When I woke up this morning to the aggravating sound of the alarm clock I instantly realized that Ramon’s pecker was fully erect and lodged between my legs. It was resting snugly against my pussy, and my kitty was already getting wet. I wiggled against his body just as he was struggling to meet the world head on for the day. When he saw the time, he immediately quickly turned to the open side of the bed and dropped his feet to the floor. Naturally, he yanked his joy stick away from its resting place and me without even a good morning.”

“Poor baby,” I consoled.

“He dashed off for the shower with that big bad boy leading the way. You know me, Maxine. I’m not one to quit without exhausting my resources.”

“What’d you do?” I asked while my interest rose.

“I followed him into the shower. We’ve had some good times in that little closet.”

“And . . .” “He got all pissed off because of my actions and yelled at me. He said he was late for work, and that he didn’t have time for any of my pushy attitude.”

“Then what?” I asked.

“I noticed he had lost his erection before he pulled on his pants, so I stomped off back to bed. He left without saying a word. I lay there for a little while steaming about the situation. Then I got up and came over here. I hope you don’t mind.”

“You did the right thing, girl,” I said using my most pleasant smile. And by the way, I love your outfit.” She returned my smile with one of her own and absent mindedly put her hand to the gap in the shirt opening. “Don’t cover up on my account, Polly. I find the view very interesting.”

“I wished Ramon would say things like that sometimes,” she mumbled.

“Fuck Ramon,” I said sharply. “Let’s work on your problem.”

“How?” she asked with obvious interest.

“Finish your coffee and we will go in the living room where I can give you a good nude massage. It may sooth all that hostility you have built up in you, and I’ll get a kick out of playing with your body.”

“Naughty girl,” Polly said.

“But honest,” I replied.

Polly pushed her coffee cup away and said, “Let’s go. That sounds like exactly what I need unless you have a twelve-inch vibrator.” Both girls laughed as they headed for the living room where Maxine helped her friend remove her shirt and stretch out nude on the couch.

“How’s this?” Polly asked as she settled into position on the couch.

“Beautiful,” Maxine commented honestly. “I’ve loved the color of your complexion every since I met you. It’s golden and smooth like honey.”

“Really?” she asked in mocked surprise. “Do you wanna eat me?” she asked jokingly.

“I would love to, if you are serious,” Maxine said.

Polly slowly rolled from her stomach to her back and looked directly into her friend’s eyes. “Would you do that?” she asked.

“I would love to, Polly. I’ve been looking for the proper time to approach you, and now seems to be the ideal time.”

“I’ve never been with a woman, Maxine. I wouldn’t know what to do.”

“I would be proud to be your first, and I will show you what to do. It all comes naturally once you make the decision.”

Polly was silent for a while, but her eyes were still fixed on Maxine’s face. “You’re serious, aren’t you?”

I leaned over and kissed her softly on the lips. My gesture was nothing aggressive, just tender. “Kiss me,” I said in a whisper, “and then roll over on your stomach again.” Her kiss was tentative but sweet. She rolled over on her stomach and stretched her arms above her head.

My hands went to work on her silky skin. I was serious when I told her that her complexion fascinated me, and I’m sure that my touch as well as the pressure of my hands was relaxing.

“Feel good?” I asked with a whisper in her ear.

“Wonderful, Maxine,” she purred. “Don’t stop, please.”

“I wouldn’t think of it, Love. We’re just beginning.”

I worked my massaging techniques gently all over her back and downward.

“God, girlfriend,” she sighed. Where did you learn to do that with your hands? It feels so good.”

“Have you forgotten, Polly, I am a physical therapist at county general. The magic you feel is brought on by your beautiful body. There’s nothing clinical about it.”

“Whatever,” she sighed and squirmed her body in response to my touch.

My hands were working the small of her back and gradually inching on to her upper buttocks. I noticed more sighs and a slight hunching of her hips. My massaging was affecting her exactly the way I had intended. I moved my working hands lower reaching the lower part of her firm buttocks, the crack between her cheeks, and the area of her upper thighs just below her crotch.

I smiled approvingly when she parted her legs enough to allow access to her inner thighs. She was acting amorously to my touch, and moaning little tunes of desire as I worked her muscles and flesh. The moans faded somewhat as my hands traveled down her legs, so I reversed direction and returned to her butt. Occasionally I would allow my hands to stray and brush against her pubic hair and moist genitalia. “Lord have mercy on my soul, Maxine,” she exclaimed, “I’m getting hotter than a pistol. You feel great. You and your magic hands are really turning me on.”

“I told you I was going to eat your pussy, Love, so naturally I have to heat it up before I start.”

“Careful not to burn yourself, Baby” Polly mumbled as she rested her head on the pillow again.

I took that opportunity to rub my right hand the full length of her slit. She was already super moist from one end to the other. Her thighs were involuntarily squeezing my hand as it moved across her pussy. She moaned sensually and started to speak.

“Turn over, baby,” I said in almost a whisper. “It’s time to do your front.”

She flipped without hesitation. I could see signs of her labored breathing at her breasts and at her abdomen. And I could see the dew gathering on her lily. She had a full crop of pubic hair, but her arousal juices had worked to the surface while she lay on her stomach. The sight inspired me to push on with the seduction.

I squeezed her ample breasts gently bringing about open-mouthed moans from my new lover. She promptly placed her hands over mine either as evidence of her approval or to discourage me from removing them. I maintained contact with her breasts as I carefully spread my body on top of hers. We were face to face, breasts to breasts, and pussy to pussy. We were both breathing like long distance track runners.

“Kiss me,” I gasped as I moved my lips closer to hers. She needed no coaching at this point. She smothered my mouth with her full lips, and instantly darted her tongue between my lips. Naturally, I returned the favor.

“Holy shit,” Polly panted. “I’ve never had a woman’s body spread over mine like this, and I have definitely not had a pussy pressed against mine. I love it.”

“How’s this?” I asked as I slowly ground my pussy against hers just enough to create arousal. “I can make you come doing this.”

“I believe you, Sugar, I feel like I am close now.”

“Do it then,” I commanded. “We have lots of time, and I know you have plenty of love potion stored up. Let it flow.”

There was a low, passionate moan, and then several whimpers following close behind. Her pussy hunched against mine several times over a short interval, and then she relaxed as her leg from the knee down dropped off the edge of the couch. I continued to grind my pussy against hers, and she languidly pressed her womanhood against mine. Then I casually moved my body full length along her side, and whispered in her ear. “I’m going to make love to your titties now, Love, and I’m going to play with your pussy until you have another orgasm. You do whatever your emotions suggest you do.” With that I molded her boobs into sizeable peaks and suck the nearest nipple into my mouth. She gasped when I made contact, but at the same time she had found one of my breasts. She caressed it lovingly while I nursed on her rock hard nipple.

I had no trouble finding her swollen pussy, nor the abundance of her juices collecting everywhere. She was more than ready when I eased two fingers into her snatch. Her continuous sighs and moaning assured me that she was enjoying my every effort. I curved my fingers upward and groped around the inner wall of her vagina until I found her “go button.”

We both realized my discovery almost simultaneously. Polly bucked her hips high into the air and emitted a beautiful cry of rapture as my fingers went about their duty. There were no more sighs and moans. They were replaced my groans, and growls, and occasional squealing. She was gripping my wrist firmly in an effort to keep my fingers on her go button.

Her hip action never ceased until her second orgasm had completely run its course.

“Oh God, Maxi,” she gasped. “That was terrific. That was one of the best orgasms I have ever had. We’ll have to do that again soon.

“Again my ass,” I snorted in a loving sort of way. “I’m still going to eat your pussy, girl. Now spread your legs and pulled your knees up to your titties. It’s lunch time.”

Polly was astonished at her new lover’s demeanor, but she didn’t hesitate to do what she was told. I deftly moved down to Polly’s overly exposed crotch and assumed a prone position on my stomach where I could reach my target with ease. My neighbor/friend/lover met my advances with audible enthusiasm.

I ran my pointed tongue along her soft inner thighs, kissing here and there, until I reached where the thigh faded into crotch. Then I repeated the sensual journey several times. I could tell from Polly’s animated behavior that she was rapidly approaching the threshold to another gut wrenching orgasm.

I moved my probing tongue quickly to her slit; the crevice that was filled with her juices. I darted my tongue into her pussy hole as far as it would go a couple of times before traveling upward to where her clitoris was hiding behind her hood. As swollen as this little bud was, it was doing a poor job of hiding. When I sucked the engorged nub into my mouth I triggered another outburst of passion from my lover.

Doing my best to cope with her physical antics, I ran my finger from her pussy hole to her asshole. Once at the backdoor, I dipped my fingertip into the opening several times. Judging from feel alone, I imagined her asshole was actually snapping at my finger. About this time Polly’s commentary on this event began to change. She was approaching another climax. The moment of truth had arrived. I aimed the two fingers I had doused with pussy juices earlier at her dilating asshole and pushed them in to their depth. Polly screamed at my intrusion, but she also launched a devastating series of spasms and muscular contractions commonly referred to as an orgasm.

She lay almost motionless exuding blissful moans as well as a small rivulet of her pussy juices. There was a smile on her face beyond proper description. Adding to the allure of this scene was the fact that Polly was covered with perspiration from her sexual exploits that made her honey colored skin take on the sheen of bronze.

I was mesmerized by her moist beauty so I kissed her randomly all over her bronze body. I made sure I did not overlook spots such as her breasts, her snatch, and her asshole. Incidentally, her asshole did not snap back as much when I probed it again with my rigid tongue.

“Teach me to do you like you just did me,” Polly pleaded.

”Don’t worry, Love,” I assured her. “And like a dedicated teacher, I will make you do it until you do it right.”

Fuck Ramon. Figuratively speaking of course.

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