tagFetishStretched Ch. 01

Stretched Ch. 01

byTim Smith©

This story is about something that happened to my wife April that changed our lives.

April is a small woman just five feet four inches tall and one hundred pounds soaking wet with red hair and a thirty six c-cup chest. She looks very young for her age of 35 and works out on a regular basis at a club near her work.

April I had noticed on a few occasions had been very flirtatious with women, especially when she had been drinking at parties. It all seemed innocent enough, and sure I had fantasized about scenarios involving her and another woman, but would have never guessed it would ever come true.

One evening after working late I had noticed the bed was a little messed up on my side and as well one of my magazines had not been pushed under the mattress all the way. I asked my wife jokingly if she had been reading it and to my surprise she cooed and replied, "Yes I was, and I have something I'd like to talk about."

Fearing the worse I settled in for what I thought would be some sort of ass chewing over a new magazine she found distasteful or who knows what. You could only imagine my surprise when April came right out and asked what I thought about swinging.

The first three words out of my mouth were, "What...I...Well," and then English kicked in for a very carefully sorted comeback, feeling as if I could be setting myself up at any time. Red faced, dizzy and into the conversation ten minutes or so, I sat quiet now as my wife April began to explain why she had brought it up.

As April spoke she asked very specific questions bringing answers from me like, "Yes I would like to watch you with another woman," and "No I wouldn't be jealous."

The long and short of it was my wife wanted to try sex with another woman to explore her adventurous side. April also explained she had what she called a bi side sense she was young and had decided now might be the time to explore that venue if I was ok with it. More so she wanted the other woman to be in charge so to speak, someone who new what to do and had done it before.

At this point I was all smiles as it appeared my wildest fantasies were about to come true.

I spent the rest of the evening reassuring her I was game and couldn't wait for the time to come.

From that point on I kept a distance from the subject thinking the time would come but perhaps sometime in the future when she felt more comfortable with the whole situation.

A week later I worked hard not to drop my mouth open when April announced she had been talking to a woman on the internet that she wanted to meet that weekend.

The week crawled but Friday finally came and we were off to meet this mysterious woman at a predetermined place. April had definitely dressed for the occasion with high heals, short skirt and a flimsy top that all but hung on her breasts, leaving her stomach just slightly exposed below. I swear I had a perpetual hard on from the time I saw her outfit to the time we got to the lounge located at a fancy down town Hotel.

The woman was older perhaps even fifty five years of age and to my surprise looked to have a knockout body for a woman her age.

The talk was just idle, seeing if every thing jived socially with the three of us and making sure I was ok with what they were considering doing, as well as my part.

"I want him to watch," April said quickly as if she had already worked out the details in her head.

I said nothing and smiled, knowing that I was lucky at this point just to be watching.

Several hours into the evening the older woman began to caress my wife's leg as they spoke and seemed to be sending me off more and more often so as to have more time alone and talk in confidence.

When I returned once more with another round of drinks the two announced we were going to get a room and just see what happened.

I was in another world as we entered the Hotel room, a large suite to boot. I quickly looked over the layout as the woman we now knew as Maxine asked my wife to go get freshened up and to take as long as she wanted.

April was pretty much drunk at this point and smiled while staggering into the bathroom then locked the door.

Maxine smiled and told me to sit down so we could talk and I did so smiling back.

"You know she wants to be dominated by other women, correct".

"Yes she had mentioned wanting to have the other woman in charge," I responded.

"I have called a woman I often work with to join us, your wife knows we will be in charge and calling the shots, you need just keep quiet and wait for us to ask of you what we require, when we require it."

Another woman I thought, this would be more than interesting, this was going to be practically an orgy, I thought to myself.

When my wife emerged from the bathroom wrapped in a towel Maxine asked she return to the restroom and put back on only her thong, high heals and then wait for her to call her out. My wife did exactly as she was told and disappeared again into the bathroom. Maxine asked I take her a drink, and make it a double. My wife was a nervous wreck when I entered the bathroom with her drink but the lust in her eyes was more than a sign she was right now living on the edge of her fantasy and couldn't wait for it to start.

"Oh hun, I love you so much for letting me do this, do I look ok?"

"You look great, sweetie," I said as I now could hear Maxine calling for me in the other room.

When I entered the other room again Maxine pointed to the door and asked I answer it.

When I opened the door I found another woman waiting with a suitcase in her hand and a serious look on her face, as if she was going to a meeting. I smiled and let her in and Maxine introduced her as Maggie, a friend and business partner.

Maggie was for lack of better words the equivalent of all that could be perceived as a Dyke, from head to toe. She had very short hair, pale in complexion, five eight tall perhaps and slim as a rail with no sign of a chest. She had dressed the part as well in what looked like a men's business suit with black polished flat shoes. She had only a brief smile for me then locked eyes with Maxine as she carried her suitcase by me towards Maxine.

Maxine asked I now sit down on the couch and stay there for now as Maggie and she went into the large bedroom with the suitcase while whispering back and forth.

Maxine re emerged from the room, closing the door behind her leaving Maggie alone.

As Maxine walked in front of me towards the bathroom she stopped and looked seriously at me and said, "Your wife April has asked that certain things be done to her tonight, things you may not know about. I need to know now that you won't interfere."

Looking at Maxine, not quite knowing what she was talking about I said, "No I will not, I promise". As I answered I noticed Maxine was carrying with her a small gym bag in one hand as she made her way into the bathroom where my wife April waited.

I swear I could hear myself swallow when moments later Maxine emerged in front of my wife, leading her with a leash attached to a collar around my wife's neck.

April was as well wearing a blindfold and cuffs on her ankles and wrists, struggling to walk slowly behind Maxine in her high heals. Maxine led my wife to the center of the room and said, "Stop slave, stand here and do not move."

Maxine then knocked on the door of the room and Maggie appeared to my surprise totally nude except for a long slick shinny pair of tight black gloves extending to her elbows.

Her breasts were as small as I had imagined only with long brown nipples and her ass was small, well rounded and muscular.

She walked towards my wife then began to circle around her, all the while taking liberty to reach out and run her vinyl covered fingers over various parts of April's body, causing her to jerk and shudder nervously.

The two women immediately went to work on April, one in front and one in back of her, kissing caressing and giving her orders to hold her arms out, to spread her legs more. Before long my wife began to shake and call out for me, "Honey, ...Oh god, oh god, sweetheart are...you...OH Fuck...good oh so ,...I ...want...oh please."

This was the most erotic thing that I had ever witnessed, having my wife sing out to me as I watched the two women grope her young body.

From the side I could see only that each of the two women had one hand disappearing between my wife's legs, one in front and one from the rear. The fact that things were getting serious with what their hands were doing became apparent when the familiar sound of sloshing began to emerge from my wife's crotch area and she began to heave foreword in uncontrollable jerks. It was then the woman stopped their digital assault and Maxine held my wife's arms firm behind her as Maggie took each breast in hand, massaging, squeezing and pulling on my wife's nipples one by one then finally at the same time.

The longer Maggie played with Aprils breasts the rougher she got, pulling, squeezing, slapping and ever so often biting down on one nipple then the other, making my wife sound out, "Oh, oh, oh, oh, hurts, Eee, oh, oh, oh, oh, Eeeee, Oh oh, oh, oh, oh, Fuck, fuck fuck."

Maggie then pulled hard on both nipples, up and out and said, "Good slut, take it...Take...it, that's a good girl," as she pulled even harder coaxing my wife April's mouth to come open as if to speak but say nothing.

All at once Maggie let go and April's Tits bounced down and free as she exhaled out loud in relief.

"Ok let's sit her down," Maggie sounded out as the two women led my wife to a chair by the table. As April turned around I could see the mess that had formed between her legs leaving the thong soaking wet and rolled up into her pussy. Her clit was red and swollen, pushing out along side the black thong.

Maggie disappeared into the bedroom returning with the suitcase she had brought with her as Maxine placed April on one of the fancy padded wood chairs, now facing me.

April's red hair was already a mess and fell about her face in a provocative erotic way I had only seen several times before in our most heated love making sessions.

The blindfold was still and place but it appeared my wife had no use right now for the outside world as she struggled to keep her wits about her while being positioned by Maxine in the chair.

Maxine placed April's arms behind the chair and secured them together, cuff to cuff as Maggie tied each ankle cuff with a short piece of rope to the back legs of the chair.

Once my wife's ankles were secured Maggie pulled from the case a black bar with straps on each end and extended it as it snapped solid. She then placed one strapped end of the long bar to April's right knee then both women forced her legs wide apart until the other strap could be placed around her other knee, spreading my wife's legs further apart than I had thought possible as she groaned and arched her back.

Next Maggie took another strap and placed it beneath my wife's breasts, pulled it tight then buckling it secure, then did the same with another strap just above her breasts, pulling it tight as well. The two women then began to lace and pull small black cords through holes in the straps, one to the other, forcing the two straps together while at the same time pulling as much of my wife's breasts through as they went.

This immediately caused my wife's breasts to become cut off from her chest and heave outward as they were trapped in-between the two straps.

My wife was moaning and groaning as Maggie winked at Maxine and said, "We better put the gag in now, she may get vocal." April began to say, "Oh god, Hun are you here, their going to hurt my tits, those slut tits, oh god honey," and then she was silenced by the gag as Maggie pulled the strap tight behind her head. April was now either testing the gag or seriously had changed her mind as she sounded out, "Ugh, Ughhhhhhhh, Eeeeeeuhg..."

This made me nervous as the two women now ran one more long cord from the strap below her breasts to the long spreader bar, pulling it tight, causing my wife bow her back and force her tits straight out in front of her.

Maxine now told me to come forward as I could help them for a moment. I was asked to lift my wife up out of the chair and hold her as the two women worked below her.

Struggling to peer down along side her I saw they were lubing up a large tapered butt plug with a flat base on it. The plug also had a tube and ball coming from it, its use I was to find out soon enough. Once the large plug was lubed and flat on the chair Maxine had me lower my wife back down onto it slowly.

April moaned, coughed and whined as Maxine and I slowly lowered her over the tapered plug while Maggie stayed below to guide it home. April tensed up, shook and tried to talk around the gag as the plug now found its home deep in her ass, her bottom coming in full contact now with the chair.

Maxine then took me back to the couch and sat next to me as I looked at my wife April struggling to accommodate the large intruder in her ass, her nostrils flaring as she breathed through her nose. As Maggie knelt in front of April between her wide spread legs Maxine approached me and began to speak quietly.

"You're wife completed a form on our group's page online and placed it in her profile, here is a copy of that form. The object is to make sure as women we give and get what we want."

Maxine handed me a printed out page and I took my attention off my wife's plight for a moment to read what she had handed me.

As I read I was floored by what I had not known about my own wife and what she really wanted. I could now think back at remarks she had made at times, half joking, "at least I thought" when talking to people at parties and other functions.

One particular situation came to mind when April and I had been talking to some friends that had been into swinging for some time. I remember April joking about them using her as their house slave for a week as I my self laughed never thinking for a moment she could have been serious.

What troubled me more was thinking back on the chain of events shortly there after when my wife had taken a few days off from work not feeling well and had not answered the telephone on both days when I had called to check on her.

There were also the marks on her that appeared mysteriously at the same time when she had claimed she had attempted to do some work on the end of the house I had put off and had fallen on our large rhododendron bush during the attempt.

My mind was drawn back to the checklist on the printout as I read it carefully.

Light restraint, Yes

Heavy restraint, Yes

Blindfold, Yes

Gag, Yes

Breast play, Yes

Rough breast play, Yes

Being dominated, male, yes with a female present, female, yes, more than one female, YES!

Ass play,Yes Insertion, Yes fingers, Yes toys, Yes finding limits in stretching, Yes

Pussy play. Yes fingers, Yes Toys, Yes finding limits in stretching, Yes

Safe word if yes to finding limits, No

I had read enough at this point, my wife April wanted to be dominated in the worst way by other females and it was happening right in front of me, right this minute.

Almost totally forgetting about Maxine sitting next to me as I read I almost jumped when she touched me on the wrist and spoke again quietly.

"Maggie is a professional Female Dominant and has her own site on the internet. She belongs to our group and is very good at what she does. I'm a dominant woman but tend to leave the rough stuff to Maggie. Your wife will experience most of what she has asked for on her profile in front of you".

"Uhg, Uhg, Uhg, Uhg, Uhg, Uhg, Uhg, Uhg, Uhg, Uuuuuuuhhhhhhhhgggggg...Eeeeeeeeeeee, Cough, cough" came from my wife as she shook in the chair. My view was blocked by Maggie for the most part, but judging from the position of her right arm and the slow movement to and from my wife's open crotch I could only speculate she was using a number of the gloved fingers inside her pussy.

No imagination was needed in the use of her other hand as she plainly pumped the black ball attached to the large plug in Aprils ass.

Now for the first time Maggie turned and made eye contact with me and smiled saying, "I'm giving her what you couldn't, Husband,... she'll have the time of her life here tonight."

Maggie then moved to the side and reached into the suitcase as I received my first good view of what was happening. As my eyes sent the information to my brain, my brain struggled to come to grips with the sight I was taking in.

My wife's ass was full enough with the expanding plug beneath her that she held herself up off the chair a good two inches, every muscle in her body shaking as they worked to hold her. I could see plainly the front half of her stretched ass ring, struggling to accommodate the girth of the expanding plug.

My wife's pussy lips were swollen to twice their usual size, as was her pink clit as well.

The thong had been cut free just above her pussy, the material left dangled free over the small patch of short hair above her clit, shook in time with her movements.

As Maggie rested her black vinyl gloved hand on the front of the chair while searching the suitcase I could see all four of her fingers covered in my wife's own lubrication, knowing now they had all been inside her pussy at one point or another.

Somehow I knew Maggie had much more planned for my wife in that area.

As I stared at my wife's convulsing form I couldn't help but wonder what sort of things were done to her by the young couple we had only briefly known in Las Vegas.

I couldn't help but want to get up right there and then, pull the gag out and pump the ball with one hand while slapping her tits with the other, forcing her to tell all that she had done with them those two days. "Eeeeeeeeeeee, Eeeeeeeeeee, Cough, cough," drew my attention back to my wife as Maggie again smiled at me as she positioned herself off to the side as if to give me a view of what she was now doing.

My eyes strained to make out the devise that had been attached over April's clit. It was a clear cup attached to a tube and a hand pump that was in the hand of Maxine, who now knelt on the opposite side of my wife. As Maxine pumped, April's clit was drawn deep into the clear cup and was now approaching twice the size of its already swollen state. My wife was definitelty reacting to the clitoral assault as she shook and flexed. "She's having her first of many orgasms," Maxine stated as she squeezed the hand pump one last time while caressing my wife's thigh with her free hand.

As Maxine let lose of the hand pump and produced a set of odd looking clamps, Maggie was whispering something in my wife's ear while reached around with her vinyl gloved hand again to my Wife's pussy. Whatever she was telling April was bringing on quite a rise from beneath the gag, "NNNNnnnnnnn, Nnnnnnnnn, NNNNNNnnnn."

Maggie then forced all four fingers into my wife's open sex the rotated her palm upwards, expanding her fingers and palm into a flat formation, spreading my wife's pussy wide open. She then worked her hand slowly up inside until her thumb came to rest near the suction cup. Maggie then with the other hand poured a large amount of thick liquid from a bottle onto the palm of the slick black glove, moving her hand about to transport a good amount of the liquid inside my wife's pussy. The process had started out slowly but quickly grew in pace as Maggie raised and lowered her elbow while cupping and un cupping her hand in April's pussy, eventually creating a slurping sound once a large amount of what I assumed was some sort of lubrication had been worked up inside her. Watching her hand closely I could see she was at the same time stretching and massaging my wife's pussy to a more open state as well.

Maxine had placed the odd clamps on April's nipples and now worked on pulling through more nipple and flesh before tightening them down one last time. Maxine then attached a small chain connecting both clamps and pulled up on my wife's deformed breasts then attached the chain to the collar around my her neck. Maxine then brought up to them a large white vibrator that was buzzing louder than any vibrator that I have ever heard. As soon as Maxine touched the vibrator to the under side of my wife's tits they literally appeared to dance ever so slightly upon contact with the whirring plastic monster as my wife, Panted, choked and coughed while at the same time sounded out, "MMMMMmmmmmmmm, Mmmmmmm."

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