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Stretched to the Limit


25 April 2012, 14:24
Headquarters Building, Fantastic Four Living Quarters

Well halleluiah. I just finished work on a new project. A little early. It does not happen often, but it does happen. Sue is out. Johnnie is out. Ben is out. Does anybody else have anything to do around here? Cripes, just because I have four PhDs, you would think that the government had no one else on the R & D payroll. And the upkeep on the jet and the shuttle. Does any one else know how to turn a nut?

Nut. Nuts. That would be my problem. I got my rocks off, gee, last month. It does no good when your wife can turn invisible when she wants to be left alone. It comes across really subtle Sue. At first I might not have picked up the hint. That would be where Ben and Johnnie are. Johnnie's a hotshot flyboy, not to mention hot in other areas, and Ben is hard as, if you will excuse the expression, a rock. Neither one of them has trouble finding company. That would be the plan. Hell it is New York. I have to be able to find action somewhere.

25 April 2012, 15:37
Headquarters Building, Justice League of America Recreation Area

This was a waste of time. Nobody home here either. Cripes look at the roster. Who are these people? Are any of the old enough to order dope in a restaurant? It would be like calling up Senator Clinton. Yo Chelsea. Want a party? I would have more luck with Mayor Limbaugh. Maybe I should open a school like Chuck Xavier. Look at all those teenyboppers he has to play with. He may be in a wheelchair, but I bet some of the equipment works. Maybe the Brits are home.

25 April 2012, 16:12
Crossed Swords Club, British Superheroes Branch, Pool Area.

Pay dirt. I knew the Brits would be in. They never go anywhere. Anywhere comes to them. Lets see, Zit Parade, I mean Cosmic Lass, Giggle Girl, I mean Growing Girl, the Red Witch—Damn Wanda aged well, and that is one hell of a suit. Too bad she has a steady guy. Mr Hollywood Superhero himself. And he would pull me like taffy if I crossed his path. What else? The twins Bit and Bet, who might be fun some time, but I am not in that big a need. Shocker, Black Cat, Green Goddess—come cover my salad baby—Tiger Lilly, Poison Ivy—when did she get out? —and Dazzler. Jeez girl, roller disco died 6 presidents ago. Get a life.

Well. Not much to choose from in the looks department. The twins would be too much right now. Shocker is out. I insulate too well for her taste. Wanda and Lilly have men standing around. Cat is too kinky. CL is too acne. Ivy is too tempermental. That leaves the GGs. No, Goddess is to full of herself to do any recreational flings. She wants worshipers. Gee does the name maybe suggest that? And here I thought I had a FUNCTIONAL brain. I guess I go big today.

25 April 2012, 15:51
Headquarters Building, Danger Room, Hong Kong Hilton Setting

"Well Gigi, you don't mind if I call you that do you?"

"No Reed. Everybody goes, except Carol, you know, the Green Goddess. She thinks it's cheeky. But I had it first, so pooh on her."

"Well Gigi, as you can see the danger room covers anything from Jungle and Desert to high class hotel. The beds even work as beds. Want to take a closer look?"

I flip on the safeties, and turn on Hank's make out service additions. I take her hand and lead her to the promised land. At least I hope so. What the hell. She wants to come. No one could be gullible to believe the shit I shoveled on her the last ten minutes. I extend a finger and goose her. She breaks into a bunch of giggles. If it were a pride of lions or a flock of geese, would there be a giggle of girls? I reach my free hand behind my back and palm her cheek. Huskier giggles. Oh yes. This is a mutual seduction.

Zip. Clip. Clip. I love these easy open uniforms. Damn. Nice tits. They get bigger when she gets excited. Cool. I step out of my uniform and put a lip lock on her massive mammary. Mmmmmm. Lets see. 14 inches ought to do her. Sue used to love my adjustable size cock. Why am I thinking of my wife at a time like this? Gigi has a hold of it. Not so hard. I'm rubber not steel. Try him if you like hard ons. If you can get the Boy Scout away from his mother, I mean wife.

That's better. Yes I can finger you all the way up. And your anus too. Maybe 16 inches. Lets go fishing. Damn that's good. Wait til you feel what nubbies feel like. Ooh you like that. How would you like a two footer. Hold on. There we go. Why am I only coming to your naval? Oh shit your growing. Well little Reed can grow too. This is great. Unhh.

Oh shit. Little Reed. Stop it. There is only so much of me to go around. Help. I'm drowning pussy juice. Get your hand off my face. I am not an animated dildo. I don't care what I look like. God that feels great. Eunhhhh.

Oh shit. I could suffocate in here. Turn on the lights. Oh there it is. How embarrassing. It's a good thing she won't tell any…

"Hello dear. How was shopping."

Did I ever tell you it's hard to cheat on an invisible wife? And what she can do with those damn force fields. Ouch.

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