tagFetishStretching Peggy's Bladder

Stretching Peggy's Bladder


This story is fiction. It concerns an older woman who starts out to enact a solo fantasy, but gets caught and winds up paying a price to get out of the resulting situation. There is no hard sex, and the activity is all consenual (albeit reluctantly). It involves exhibitionism and watersports with a strong "hold-it" theme. MM/F, Exhib, WS

* * * * *

Chapter 1

She was on her way home, having finished a meeting with a client about sixty miles away. It was just after noon, and she had no appointments for the afternoon. Her route passed through a heavily wooded area, part of a National Forest, on a quiet road. She had deliberately chosen this route, for she loved the outdoors and especially the cool forest in the summer. It was a warm July afternoon, and her thoughts turned back to the days, many years earlier, when she had spent summers with her parents on a farm adjoining woods, not unlike those she was passing through. As an only child, and with few other children in the area, she had learned to amuse herself in the outdoors, exploring, climbing, watching the small woodland wildlife, and just enjoying walking through the forest and feeling the leaves brush her body, the grass beneath her feet, and the warm air on her body.

Margaret Morrison was no longer a young girl, but she still loved the outdoors and went for her hikes and walks whenever she could. Now she was fifty two, a grandmother with grown children and a husband who owned a store which occupied most of his time. He shared her enthusiasm for the outdoors, but there simply was little time in his life for him to share those outdoor adventures they had done together when younger. He was a good husband to her, and their life together was reasonably satisfying, but more and more she was learning to enjoy experiences by herself. She, too, was in the business world. She was a CPA, with her own practice and a small but loyal clientele, mostly small businesses within a radius of a hundred miles or so of her home. Often she drove to meet with clients at their own locations, and it was from such a meeting that she was returning today.

Margaret, or Peggy as her friends knew her, had planned this afternoon for herself. She was again going to take a bit of time for a hike in the woods. She still had her love of exercise and the great outside, and she had kept herself in good condition. To be sure, she had put on a few pounds since her marriage some thirty years ago, but at a hundred and fifty odd pounds and with her dark brown hair beginning to bear touches of gray, she was not an unattractive matron, she thought. The picture of professional dignity, she worked in business suits and carefully groomed hair, and this was the way she looked today. Her mind flashed back to a time when she was more carefree.

When she about twelve and thirteen, she made many hikes into those woodlands surrounding the farm, usually alone. A smile crossed her face as she recalled her more naughty activities, about which she never told her parents or her family. In fact, only one other person had ever learned of her very private activities there, and long ago she had lost track of him. She reflected, with that slightly embarrassed smile, what she had liked to do.

As a young girl, she loved to walk through the woods, enjoying the occasional wildlife, the warm summer air on her body, the grass beneath her feet, the feeling of complete privacy with nature. As a city bred girl, the special joy was the feeling of being alone in a big forest; not so big as to threaten her with getting lost, but big enough to shield her completely from the outside world for a time. In that very private green world, though, she had learned to enhance the feeling of the warm air on her skin and the leaves brushing against her. She had learned to experience those feelings without the insulation of clothing. Wandering alone into the woods, she had simply found a suitable secluded spot, and removed her clothes - everything she had on. Then, she would walk about in the woods, naked, feeling the leaves brush her body and the warm air on every part of her skin. She remembered it was a delicious feeling, with no doubt a bit of an erotic element, delightfully naughty. She would sometimes walk in forest for a hour or two with nothing on, knowing she was safe from prying eyes; before eventually returning to her cache of clothing and then returning, fully dressed, to the farm and her family.

No one had ever found out about these excursions she made into the woodlands, well, with one exception. She had never been discovered, and eventually her family no longer returned to the area and she grew out of the idea, or perhaps the opportunity simply ceased to be there. Anyway, it was indeed a peculiar kind of fun while it lasted. She did remember that there had been one tine she had shared her forest adventure. Once, a boy about her own age had visited the farm, and she had been with him much of the day. He was shy, not too used to being around girls, and they had simply taken long walks together. At one point they had gone into the woods, to the spot where she usually began her private activities. Somehow, they got to talking about their mutual shyness, and something was said about seeing someone without clothes. She finally got around to telling him that she liked to come to the woods, take her clothes off, and walk around a bit without them in the forest, and he responded with some interest. One or the other, she couldn't recall which, had suggested, in a joking way, that they might like to try it together; and, after a bit of discussion, it was no longer a joke. Both had shyly, slowly, disrobed as they watched each other; and then they had spent a few minutes (not hours, as she did alone, for both were fearful of discovery) walking naked through the forest. It was the first time she had ever let a boy see her naked, and the first time she had ever seen a naked boy her own age. They had done nothing but look, she recalled, and later he and his family left. She never saw him again..

But today, Peggy Morrison, 52, business woman, accountant, grandmother, was going to go for a private hike in these green trees of the National Forest. But that was not all she had planned. For today, she thought, she was again going to do what she had done as a young girl forty years ago - she was going to find a secluded spot, hang up her clothes, and, for a little while, take a private hike in the forest completely nude. And she wasn't going to tell a soul - not her husband, not her best friends. It was too, well, kinky. But she knew she was going to love it. The thought was just delicious.

As she drove through the wooded area, she sensed two feelings in her body; first, she was thirsty. It was warm and she was driving with windows open, to enjoy the summer air. She hadn't drunk much while at her meeting, not really being much of a coffee freak. She preferred healthful spring water, which she bought in gallon jugs, and kept one in the car to quench her thirst. She had a nearly full one with her, and she anticipated drinking from it when she stopped.

The other sensation was a signal from her bladder asking for relief. It wasn't really urgent, but it was growing stronger. She noted the time, close to one o'clock, and reflected that she hadn't urinated since about seven thirty that morning, when she left home. Peggy was careful and modest about bodily functions. She didn't mind using public restrooms, but she refrained from asking to use the ladies' room when she was in a client's office. She would use rest rooms there only if she could do it without being noticed, as when moving from one office to another alone, when she might stop in a ladies facility in a hallway. She was very sensitive to her professional image, and in her mind it detracted from her professional bearing if she asked a client, or even a client's female employee, if she might use the bathroom. Also, she was very correct in matters of language and personal dignity, and hated to use slang or colloquial terms in business situations. When with a client, she would not use terms like "go to the bathroom" and surely not "pee". She thus avoided using a client's rest room facilities and tried to use public rest rooms or gas stations when she had the need.

Her avoidance of restrooms did not apply, however, when she was in business situations not involving clients, such as in gatherings of her peers. Further, she hated the common terms and if she had to refer to relieving herself, she would more likely say specifically what she intended. Indeed, a few years ago, in a professional society conference room and in a meeting that had gone far too long, she shocked her mainly male colleagues by announcing "This meeting has gone on far too long. I'm taking a break because I need to urinate, and I suspect some of you do too!"

Today, however, she hadn't used a restroom all morning. When she found a place to stop for her woodland exploration, she would then relieve her bladder as well.

She came to a good stopping point. There was an open area along the road, adequate to leave the car, and then a grassy area perhaps fifty yards wide with the forest beyond. She parked. She locked her purse and briefcase in the car. Her keys she hooked onto a bracelet on her left arm, mindful that she was planning to do without her clothes. Then carrying her water jug in a small bag, she headed into the woods.

She walked into the forest perhaps a hundred yards. It was not thick forest, and the undergrowth was not dense. It was easy walking, but her path lay over a mat of leaves and small twigs. She continued on, perhaps another fifty yards, then came to a tree with some fairly bare horizontal branches at about shoulder height. A good clothes rack, she thought, and far enough from the road that it seemed very unlikely anyone would wander into the area. There was no evidence about of any recent human visitors. She looked at the mat of undergrowth and made a quick decision; she would keep her shoes on. She remembered walking barefoot when she was thirteen or so, but she decided she was not going to expose her bare feet to what might be lurking below the leaves. Shoes would not compromise her objective.

She looked about, then slipped off her low heeled shoes. She pulled off her pantyhose, hanging the garment on the tree. After further careful looks about, she slipped off her suit jacket and her skirt., hanging them on the tree branch. Her blouse was next.

Now, she slipped her shoes back on. She was standing in the woods wearing only a bra and a half slip. The feeling was of marvelous adventure. Somehow, it was like being a girl again. She unsnapped the bra, hanging it up, noting that her breasts sagged a bit with their fifty two years, but, she thought, not bad for her age. Her breasts were never overly large, but her husband had seemed satisfied with them. She had not been showing them elsewhere. She slipped off the half slip, revealing her bare hips, a bit veined but still well proportioned, and her abdominal area; the lower part of which was covered by a rich thick growth of pubic hair, which she never trimmed. She thought trimming it seemed a bit immodest, because where would she go that anyone would see it? She was not given to wearing abbreviated clothing or skimpy swim suits.

Now she was nude, except for her shoes and her bracelet holding the keys. She felt the air over all of her body. Deliberately, she walked by some bushes and felt the brushing of the leaves on her breasts and hips. She was immensely enjoying what she was doing.

Her bladder reminded her of its need for relief. Now free of clothes, she squatted slightly and released a strong stream of urine into the matted leaves below her. Then she stood, and quenched her thirst with a long drink from her water jug.

Chapter 2

For a few minutes she walked deeper into the forest, absorbing the smells, the feeling of leaves and branches brushing her unprotected body, touching her in places usually well insulated. She was feeling very adventurous and enjoying her activity intensely.

After a few minutes, she retreated slightly in the direction from which she had come. She could see some distance through the forest, though she got only glimpses of distant objects. Suddenly she caught just a hint of something that didn't belong in the forest - something with a bright color, and moving. Her heart raced a bit - was there someone, or something, here she didn't expect?

She moved cautiously back to the area where she had left her clothes. Again she noticed the movement of colored objects. Then she stopped in horror, as she caught a fleeting view through the branches of what she had seen earlier. There were people; evidently two of them, and they were at the site where she had left her clothing. In something approaching terror, she quietly moved toward them.

When she got close enough to clearly see what was going on, she found she could also hear voices. What she saw and heard sent her into shock. Two men, dressed in bright colored shirts and darker pants, were at the tree where her clothes had been. They were removing the last of her clothes from the tree, placing them in a large bag. They were discussing what had become of the owner of the clothes, which they assumed was a woman. The men did not sound threatening, and appeared more curious than dangerous. One, appearing noticeably older, instructed the other to take the clothes back to their truck, and then return, while he looked for the woman they belonged to. From their discussion, they had considered that they might have come across a scene of foul play, and they were thinking if they should notify the police.

Peggy's heart skipped a beat. If they called the police, her little escapade was going to be discovered, and she faced giving out a public and very embarrassing explanation. The clothes could surely be traced to her; and even if she evaded the men and managed to get home without her clothes, she couldn't imagine what kind of a story she could give to explain this.

She decided on a gamble. The man remaining in the area was looking for a woman whom he suspected would be undressed. He did not look dangerous, and the snatches of conversation she had picked up did not indicate any evil intent on their part. Perhaps if she could talk to him, she might be able to get him to return her clothes and overlook the matter. It was worth a try.

Slowly she worked her way toward the man, who was scanning the area for an unclad female. Finally they both caught each other's attention, almost simultaneously. She stood behind a small bush for a shield, just as his eyes, drawn by her movements, caught her. She called out a greeting. He looked at her, surprised.

"Are you the one who left the clothes on that tree?" he asked. She responded affirmatively. She pleaded with him, saying, truthfully, "I was just walking through here for a while, and left my things on that tree. I know it seems a bit outlandish, but I was just taking a walk in-- , well, without clothes. I'd much appreciate it if you could just let me have them back."

The man moved toward her. "You'd better let me see you so I can tell if you're really the one who would fit into those clothes we found. You sure there's nothing more to this than taking a walk in the woods?" He was skeptical. "And is there anyone with you? Look, we're not trying to harm you, but this is a mite peculiar, you know."

"Believe me", she replied, "I'm telling you the truth. And I don't have a stitch of clothes except my shoes. You don't have to see me to tell that."

"I think", he called to him, "that we need to meet and talk this over. My name's Harry, and my friend is Jim. He'll be back shortly, just went to take those clothes to our truck, where they'll be kept safely. We're not going to hurt you; we're just not into that stuff, but I think you owe usa good look at you if you want the clothes back. How about coming out here, shake hands, and let's talk a bit."

"You promise no harm - promise you won't touch me?" Peggy asked, almost pleadingly. Harry reassured her. "We're law-abiding citizens. We not into attacking women, or mistreating them. But this is a mighty funny situation, and if you want us to help you out of it, you need to give a little. I promise you neither Jim nor I will harm you, and we won't touch you, beyond a handshake, if that's what you want. But, after all, we've apparently found an undressed woman in the woods, and a little look won't hurt any of us!"

Reluctantly, with her hands in front of her breasts and pubic area, Peggy slipped around the bush and approached Harry. Somewhat gingerly, and blushing a deep color, extended her hand to him, exposing her breasts when she did so. "I'm Peggy", she said, "and I was really just enjoying a solo walk in the woods, whether or not you believe me! Now, please, take your look but I'd like to get my clothes back!"

He shook her hand, smiling. Behind him, she could see Jim returning. Harry heard, too, and turned to meet him. He introduced Jim to Peggy, with a kind of casual nonchalance, seemingly oblivious of the fact that Peggy was standing in front of the two men, completely nude.

The two engaged in a bit of conversation. The two men had been returning from a work project, and were going into the woods looking for the possibility of game, anticipating a hunting trip later, when they came upon the tree hung with women's clothes. Peggy acknowledged that she, too, was coming home from work. The men really didn't seem aggressive or threatening, but were obviously enjoying looking over Peggy's naked body.

After a few minutes, Harry proposed, "Well, it seems none of us is in a hurry, and frankly, Jim and I are enjoying this. We'll agree to get your clothes back for you, assuming they're really yours, if you'll stay with us a bit and play a bit of a game with us - we promise we won't touch you or harm you. But you are a bit of an eyeful, and there is a little something we'd like to watch."

He winked at Jim. "Peggy, both of us would like to watch a woman pee. How about you doing it for us now?"

Peggy was a bit taken aback. That kind of display wasn't going to involve touching, but she knew she was going to have trouble doing such a private function in front of two men. Besides, it was just too embarrassing. And, she recalled, she had just done it.

Falling back on her dislike of slang, she answered, "I really don't think I could. You see - I just urinated back there. My bladder's empty now."

"Oh?" Harry replied. "Sure you're telling the truth?" She nodded, "Girl scout honor! I couldn't do it now. Come up with something else, if you have to, but I won't be able to do that for a while!"

"Well, we just might. And maybe it'll give you time to fill up so you can do it a bit later." He turned to Jim, "Jim, remember the water torture thing we read about? Like to have her give it a try?"

At first, Jim seemed hesitant. "It would be a great, but she's kinda, well, older- do you think she could do it? Any where would we get the water?"

Harry observed, "Look's to me like she has a water jug with her - probably enough for the job! And it would be interesting at least to see her try!"

Jim lit up immediately, "Let's get her to do it! I've never seen a woman do it. And she'll sure be able to pee afterward!"

Harry turned back to Peggy. "OK, we'll believe you, for now. But we still want your company for a little while, as a condition for getting the clothes back. " He continued, "We just want you to spend a couple of hours walking in the woods with us, and letting us look at you. We'll ask you to pose in certain ways for us; nothing you won't be able to do easily. We'll agree that we won't take any photos of you, and neither of us will touch you. You won't be harmed, and we will all three just have a good walk through the trees - about what you planned to do, anyway.

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