tagFetishStretching Pt. 04

Stretching Pt. 04


Circa 2004

There was a perfect storm brewing, and my little Amy was undergoing a transformation. While Amy was spending hours stuffing herself with the big dildo or both, I would now only watch big dildo porn. The more I watched girls stretching themselves with huge dildos, the more I became obsessed with it, and the more I liked doing it to Amy, or watching her do it to herself. You would think that your wife constantly getting off on a dildo bigger than yourself would bother most men, but not me. I fantasized more and more about the idea of Amy getting advanced enough to take some monster toys. This whole adventure had been over a good amount of time, and the repeated use of the toys and stretching was now starting to wear on her pussy.

At this point her pussy probably could have used a break, but she would even play on her period. The only time her pussy ever really got a break was the day or two each month when her period was at its heaviest, or after a rough session when she would be sore. It was noticeable bigger than when we had met a few years ago, and using the big toy was no longer a challenge. I could slip it right in with no warm up and fuck her hard with it. We advanced to ramming the toy as far as it would go inside her pussy, pulling it all the way out, and slamming it back inside of her repeatedly. I could not fuck her hard enough with it, and she would just beg for it "harder." There were occasions where there would be a slight amount of blood after from the abuse she had just begged for, obviously tearing her a little, and leaving her sore. We kept on abusing her pussy though. There was a masochistic side to Amy that was either starting to develop, or had always been there, and was now showing through. I noticed it with her nipples too. Most of the time they were sensitive and she liked them gently touched or sucked, but when she was worked up, she'd want them pulled on or sucked on very hard, to the point of pain.

Not only was her pussy getting wider, but she was getting deeper too. She could now take the entire 9 inches of the 2-inch thick toy, which I am sure was due to the way she would ride the toy and put all of her weight on it. Soon, our wedding day was upon us. By now, even fucking her hard with the dildo no longer caused any soreness. Needless to say, the toys came with us on the honeymoon. I saw a TSA inspection note in the bag that held the big toy, I can imagine what they were thinking when they saw it. We had not been on vacation in quite some time and this was the first time that we were constantly together for an extended period of time in a while. A lot of the honeymoon was spent with me ramming her pussy with the big fake dick. She was insatiable, and sex was easily 3-4 time per day. This was also the first time I had ever walked in on her and actually "caught her." You have no idea how hot it is to come back into the room after going down to the lobby to get something, and finding your little bride in bed working her pussy with a big toy saying "Sorry, I couldn't wait any longer."

Life moved on and Amy didn't slow down. One night at home after having a few cocktails at dinner, she was really wet and horny as I started licking her drenched pussy. I went straight for the big toy and was amazed that it easily disappeared almost all the way inside her pussy in one push. Slightly less than two years ago she could barely take it, but now her pussy greedily swallowed it and was looking for more. Granted, she had now fucked the oversized toy hundreds of times, and although it was gently at first, she was now getting violently fucked by it. I would fuck her a lot harder with the toy than I ever could with my own cock.

"Oh yeah." She said as she pulled her ankles up by her head. "Give me more. Harder!"

I do not think she realized the big toy was buried the full 9 inches to the hilt, with only the small plastic dial controller sticking out, so I started to push down on it while licking her clit. She tilted her hips up and pulled her legs back further, while I held the dildo down and forcefully stretched towards her asshole, and started to go crazy. "Oh, that feels good!"

I would learn over the years that this is something she would do when she wanted her pussy stretched further. She would tilt her hips up trying to get me to stretch her pussy down and towards the back. This same scene would happen again and again.

"You like it." I stated more than asked.

"Ughhh, yeah." She grunted, "It feels good, what are you doing?"

"Stretching your pussy." It was the first time I had ever said this, and I did not know how she would react. We had obviously been stretching her pussy for some time now, but we never really said it out loud.

"Mmmmm." She moaned in approval.

"You like that, you like your little pussy stretched?" I asked.

"Yes baby, I love it." She cooed.

"Yes!" She screamed as she further pulled her hips up, forcing her pussy to stretch even more.

She was going crazy. I had pushed down on the big toy enough to slip a finger in on top of it. She pulled her legs up further, opening her up even more, and I slid another finger in to her suddenly big pussy. I now had my two thick fingers in next to the 2-inch thick toy, and started to fuck her hard with it. She then flipped over and got up on her knees and was now taking it doggy style. I was soon plunging the dildo in and out of her, leaving my fingers in place inside her pussy the whole time, amazed at the gape I saw in her open hole as I withdrew the toy each time.

"Ahhh, ahhhh, ahhh!" She screamed.

"Am I hurting you?" I quickly stopped to ask as I was sure I was.

"Mmmm, no, a little, it feels good though, keep fucking me like that." She moaned.

I was worried I was hurting her because I was pounding her pussy with the dildo and pulling hard with my fingers in next to it to stretch her pussy wide. She was begging for me to continue, so I went for it and was now aggressively pounding her pussy as hard as I could with the toy while I pulled her pussy open even wider with two fingers. She went crazy and had a huge orgasm. I slipped my fingers out but left the big toy in place until she finished. She collapsed on the bed and flipped over on her back. When I pulled out the big toy, it slid out easily with no pop or resistance and had some blood on it. I looked down and saw her pussy gaping open for the first time ever, looking raw and red. We had obviously just torn her pussy a little. Why didn't she have me stop? What a sight her gaping pussy made though, as her lips stayed open and you could see the inside of her glistening pussy. It made me so hot, that I was on top of her in seconds. My cock seemed to float in, barely touching the sides of her used hole. She complained that her pussy stung a little, but I was so worked up I was soon adding my load to her loose hole. She was sore the next day, but soon we were back into our regular toy using habits.

It was some time before I was that hard on her pussy again, but she started regularly telling me "more", which meant adding a finger or two next to the dildo. At first it was once in a while, but we progressed to doing this more and more. There were plenty of times when she was sore, and we tore her a little, but it often progressed to that when we were having sex. I even started to talk about stretching her pussy on a regular basis while I was doing it. Her pussy was gaping on a regular basis after the stretching sessions, but only for a little while, and would eventually close back up. I loved the look of her pussy when it was used and gaping open after a good starching session. As the months went by and we were regularly adding fingers in next to the thick toy, I noticed that her pussy was not as tight around the thick toy, and definitely had more room. Even the large 2 inch by 2 ¼ inch knot of the smaller toy easily slid into her pussy now.

One night after playing with both toys for a while, her pussy was relaxed enough that my fingers were easily slipping in next to the big toy. I thought her pussy was now big enough to attempt a double vaginal penetration. We had done plenty of double penetrations with one in her pussy and one in her ass, but never both in her pussy at one time, although I had seen some porn with girls taking two dicks or toys in her pussy at one time. It was a tight fit at first, as I started with the big toy buried deep and just the head of the smaller toy. As Amy built toward an orgasm, I worked the full length of the other toy inside her until both were deep in her pussy. What a sight. Amy had a 2-inch thick toy next to a 1 ½-inch thick toy inside her widely stretched pussy. True to form, Amy loved her pussy getting stretched as I was slowly fucking her with both toys at once, and her thinly stretched pussy lips strained against them. Her massive orgasm showed how much she loved this, but this one made her pretty sore the next day. It wasn't long before we were double penetrating her pussy again, and this soon became regular practice. I started double fucking her pussy too, first with the small toy and my cock, and then advancing to the bigger toy and my cock. We both enjoyed the feeling of fucking her pussy when it was already stuffed with a toy, and this was something that would become standard in our sex life. It was the same cycle, a little soreness, even a little blood sometimes, but her pussy just slowly kept getting bigger. As her body adjusted to the new size, it became more and more frequent.

As the months and months went by, the double toying and fucking in her pussy did not even make her sore anymore. No matter what we were doing to stretch her pussy, whether it was some fingers next to the big toy, or both toys in her at once, I would always make sure she was well stretched when she would orgasm. I am not a psychologist, but I do understand the cause and effect of behavioral conditioning. Amy now associated the feeling of having her pussy stretched with having an orgasm, and this made her crave it more. The domino effect had begun. Her pussy stretched to the limit equaled a strong orgasm, and achieving that same stretched feeling eventually takes a little more stretching. I also constantly told her how good her pussy felt, even as she was getting looser. I wanted her to know how much I enjoyed this, and did not want her to worry about stretching herself out, or how she "felt" to me.

This type of sex was tricky to say the least. I was often worried that I might be hurting her, but when Amy was building towards orgasm, and really feeling it, she would beg for it harder. Sometimes though, if I was stretching her too much, or was too rough on her to early, she would get sore before the orgasm built, and we would have to stop sex. This could be confusing. She would beg for me to abuse her pussy, but sometimes it would be too soon and it would kill all sexual desire. We ended more than one sex night with her tending to a sore pussy, and neither of us getting off. I asked Amy about it and she said, "It's hard to describe the feeling. It's a borderline pleasure/pain thing and a little pain feels great, but not too much. The hurt I get from my pussy being stretched is so intense that it makes me want to explode, but if you go too far, or I'm not quite ready, it can ruin everything."

Like I said. Complicated. We did not stretch Amy's pussy to the max every time we had sex. After all, after an aggressive session, she might be out of commission for a day or two. We did stretch in some manner though, even if it was just by multiple fingers in next to my cock, every single time we had sex.

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